Quick one from San Luis Valley – Strange World

I heard a good one about a man on a airplane a few weeks ago flying home from another state back to Colorado San Luis valley, Colorado. . on his drive home to San Luis, he spotted a bright head lights toward him thinking it was another car he slowed down. but it was a UFO. that controlled his car to a complete stop. and two aliens appeared in front of his car. they stared at him had four fingers on their hands, one put his hand on his hood of the car. leaving his print on it till morning and vanished. he said, they were grays- big head -big eyes- except the legs were like a dog’s legs —standing up

Weird stuff in that valley when did this happen– May 09 or at least that’s when the story happened.

Sister Wolf.

Mr J – Speaks Part 1

I am born Native American as well as some Irish as well I work as a spiritual teacher… So basically I have seen just about everything in both worlds yet nothing like this has ever crossed my path… When I saw it that night it sparked something inside me and I wanted to see more so I started brushing the land where I placed the food ( bait ) and of coarse I took photo’s of its foot prints… This thing has some intelligence also because I watched the wind in reference to how he approached the food and he like most animals that have the awareness to stock their prey used the wind to locate everything beyond his meal… Also he covered his tracks somewhat by not walking on the soft sand as much as the hard surface… This speaks of his connection to Mother Earth in ways of understanding things that most would simply overlook… When I would place the food on the ground he would eat it on the spot but when I placed it on a dish he would take the bait under the brush of a tree and eat it their where he would be more hidden… Basically if it were a wild pig or a bear they would just eat it no matter where it was with no concern for onlookers so this thing is very smart…

More next Thursday.