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2 April 2011 0 Comments

For Seekers Only – Frank Wolak presents at New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum’s March Event – Is it all true Series ? #178

For Seekers Only – Frank Wolak presents at New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum’s March Event

Frank Wolak is a man of diversity; the highlights of his career path are as follows: second Lt. US Army Engineer, West Point Graduate, Master of Science, Nuclear Engineer MIT, oversaw construction of a nuclear reactor in Alaska, and over the last 30 years he has studied and researched the positive side of life and all its possibilities.

Frank discussed the concepts that affect our personal life and all its challenges and the intense positive energy of the Universe and its role in granting the answers to what we desire. He walked us through the 24,500-year cycle and the present movement between the third and the fourth dimensions. If you are a seeker and you take advantage of the opportunity that the Universe will offer, you can move on to the next dimension.

Frank spoke with great knowledge about how we all have free will, how we obtain it and how we need to keep it. The theme I enjoyed the most was that we are all God. You are a creator, and you are a God. Love of everything makes us as I say “Big”, and Fear is humanity’s biggest issue – as I say it makes us very small. We as humans have been in a brainwash mode since we were babies. We have been fed fear to keep us in a sub-potential role here on earth.

Frank spent a good portion of his discussion on the role of the right and left-brains. Frank is saying as we shift in the next year or so, we or some of us will start shifting more into a right brain world, a God consciousness world. The shift to 4th dimension will be an era of no time/space, only energy.

And to the infinite only ask what you agreed to, and you will be satisfied forever. And one last thing: Frank made us do an exercise – make a list from your heart of the things that you desire and give it to the infinite. Put the list in a safe place and forget about it. Wonderful things will happen to you and when you get the list out of that safe place, you will see the infinite spirit has lived up to the agreement it made with you, when you came to hang, here on earth.

Sleep Tight – in the future you will not need to sleep, for energy doesn’t sleep. Oh and one more Frankism – Don’t reject anything that is put in front of you.



28 March 2011 0 Comments

This Big Event is getting Closer – jump on Board

Event dates: April 29, 30, & May 1, 2011
Location: Albuquerque, NM, Santa Ana Star Casino, Bosque Convention Ctr.
Contact Info: Nancy Wallace, 505-966-5017,

Albuquerque Wakes Up in a Big Way
The Wake Up Now! Conference engages cosmic truths, UFOs, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and re-evolution, while supporting new educational options for children. It is now obvious that our children are changing dramatically and that our educational system is struggling to meet their needs and achieving minimal success. This is a Wake Up Call.
So, what do cosmic truths, UFOs, conspiracies and the paranormal have to do with our children? Our minds are expanding. Our world is changing. Our level of input from TV, computers and other sources keeps growing exponentially. Our kids need to be prepared to handle the onslaught of information and the challenges of the future while maintaining a sense of order, balance and joy.
The primary purpose of the Wake Up Now! Conference being held at the Santa Ana Casino’s Bosque Conference Center, April 29 through May 1, is to bring new and emerging information to the public through highly regarded speakers who represent decades of experience and research on the linked subjects of Cosmic Truths, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories, the Paranormal, & Re-evolution. Re-evolution is defined as the changes in the human population being seen firsthand through earth’s youth. Changes in consciousness and mental function are being reported in children and adults. Humanity is clearly perched on the precipice of something big.
The funds raised through this conference benefit the building fund for The School of Now, a project of A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc, a 501C3 not for profit corporation. The School of Now is a radically new support and education system designed for the children now arriving into our human family.
A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc. was founded by Nancy Wallace who says, “We draw upon new and advanced approaches, to consistently explore knowledge, remedies, and relief to aid and assist parents and children who have been labeled ADHD, ADD and/or problem children.” It is the organization’s goal to heighten school performance and personal growth. The organization uses alternative methods, tests and techniques, along with nutritional changes, emotional counseling and intuitive counseling to address the challenges.

28 February 2011 0 Comments

Last night ( 02/16/11) Happenings – from D Camillo

Hello all.
Last night was full of activity, many people, many masters, many crystal skulls, many beings, many creatures. Some seemed very animated, like they were hyped, (reminded me a bit of when I saw the vehicle disappear), some were calm, I spoke to them for a while and I listened a lot, much communication took place and of course I was so tired I did not write everything down.

Earth changes, the need for finances, water and food will all be amplified soon. Many warnings happening to prepare us about earth changes. They say that we already have known and do know, so those who are “Awake” will move and many, many are going to perish. Stock up on water and food, more than 2 weeks worth, have enough information back up manualy so we can function with out cell phones, computors, TV. Good time to have a bike. Car issues from electronics.

Cooking as if we are camping. Time to look at planting, fruit trees, vegetables etc. Move out of flood zones to higher elevations. Those who can accomodate horses may prepare to get them. Radios needed.

Learn skills, be prepared. It sounds frightening, but does not have to be, it is about being together in communities and anticipating, do not be the weakest link. Have materials and items set up to be prepared. Have cash handy. Try not be dramatic, this will all be OK, we will be OK where we are here. This is a big shift coming, and it is needed for improvement.
I was told over and over, I will be OK, I just need to be prepared. Read up and have plan for basic needs. We will be helped and protected. The high politico’s are not going to take care of us, they are going to take care of themselves. Start talking to those who you can build a community with, everyone watches out for each other.

I did not get a specific timeline, one of the beings said it is happening already, slowly and now coming closer here. Grandfather and St Germain were present and they were encouraging I was told I would be fine and to have a plan ready. Some of us may not experience any glitches at all, and some may only experience a few days, anticipate, be prepared and not reactive.
Many untruths will be told. Look within, meditate, trust self first.

Abundant Blessings,

5 February 2011 0 Comments

Dreams from Disaster-land – what does it all mean?- Is it all True Series #170

I had a recent unusual vivid dream – one you never forget and feel it is real. I have only had a few, and directly or indirectly they all came very true. So this time it was about a group of people out in a mountainous-forested area, maybe out in the Western US.

We seemed to be getting ready for an event, that we had to react and prepare like survivalists , but strangely although no one in the group was talking about this potential disaster, we were getting ready for something. Sort of like if we talked about it, it would get there quicker and we needed the time to get fully prepared.

As we got ready the instructor/leader told us we needed to dig an underground room in the valley and not in the mountainside like in a cave or something similar, which at the time I thought would be the easiest, best way, and safest to provide shelter.

Well I shortly found out why the underground valley shelters were needed, because as the disaster hit, the mountains around us were being liquidated and taken away by some force. I had never imagined or seen anything like this; the mountains and everything on them were gone. It happen is 10 to 15 seconds, and as we got out of our shelters and walked around, like deer in headlights, we could not comprehend the scope of what had just happened.

Next, word got out to the urban areas around the disappeared mountains and within a few hours chaos erupted, and civil disorder was everywhere, no law and order. There is nothing worse than a crazy mob of humans, as things can get very ugly.

So back to the waking world -Well, so I was curious if other people during the last few weeks were having similar dreams, so I send emails to other groups I knew in this part of the country and the answer seems to be yes, similar, though not exact; some involved different disasters such as huge fires, many volcanoes going off together, and civil unrest, similar to Egypt and Tunisia.

So now what could this say about our future – huge natural disasters? Will there be disasters on a magnitude never seen before? I say probably not, but what I do think is changes are coming and coming quickly, but they are more along the lines of mental and emotional shifts.Though for some people mind change is the hardest, and they need to be prepared: moving into the right brain, re-centering oneself and knowing and believing change is coming. We need to be open to this frequency shift and be in the flow with it, not against it.

If you have had something like my dream lately- please comment on the site.

Sleep tight – our dreams are playing a wake-up call.


6 January 2010 2 Comments

Diane Camillo– Speaks – New Experiences from New Mexico

Hello everyone,
Once again I have had the privilege and miracle of being taken to an amazing journey;

12-11-10, approx 2:20 am A magnificent purple flame radiates and fills my entire ceiling, a large round table with a large crystal skull in the center, the skull morphs into an angelic type being and tells me my change is now!

at Dowsers meeting same afternoon, psychic medium Sharon Cheney tells me many insights about me and my grandchildren. My information was that in ancient times I once lived in Tibet and was a keeper of the Crystal Skulls. I am also very connected to ISIS and that I currently am no longer in the 3rd dimension but now from the 4th and 5th. I am soon to make a Big League transition.

12-14-10 at 12:20 am, A woman surrounded in blue energy seems to be an Alien being has come to tell me that soon a space craft will crash and it will be in a public area, not in a desert setting with one or two witnesses but more public with many witnesses, A female being will be found, all of this is very intentional and planned, all will be OK, The female being is not a victim or martyr, her spirit will continue on, I will be given more information later.

THE MAGNIFICENT JOURNEY– I am now walking into a temple, I fell that it is very Egyptian, I continue walking further in, I see ISIS, She gives me personal information about myself and tells me about stronger action I now need to take. I continue walking in, I feel as if I am descending into this Temple, and I enter in to large room many others are in there, As I enter I see Jesus and the ascended Master who I believe is Beloved Lord Maha Chohan, I also see many others who I believe are also Ascended Masters, I am still walking and I am surrounded by fish, sea life and water, yet I do not get wet, I see a very large Crystal skull with brilliant illuminations from it, I continue walking and descending further and now I have entered into a massive hall, there is a space craft in there, I see a woman with a light almost white shawl covering her head walking towards me, she is very unusual looking I see she is oriental, I feel she is Mongolian, as she gets nearer to me she also appears to be alien, together we walk to a craft, there are many other beings around us, perhaps 200 in this large room, I see 2 smaller alien beings a bit funny looking with very large ears –I have been told these may be Hathors. ** after processing this I believe perhaps they projected the laser energy to the kiosks to program the space craft.
One is standing in front of what a appears to be a stone or earthen type of kiosk, his eyes send green laser energy up and down this kiosk, the next being is also in front of a different kiosk and send blue laser energy from its eyes up and down as well, I am invited to enter the ship, and I am seated by a window, the window is down perhaps at 18 inches above my feet, the seat is comfortable and has arms on it. I see we are moving, we are lifting, we are ascending through all the levels I had walked and continue rising. It is actually very quiet, not alot of noise or any commotion, all who are on this ship –I see 5 but sense there maybe a few more — are very quiet and very calm. now we are ascending very quickly and I see we are in space, I recognize some of the areas where Grandfather and St Germain have taken me, I do not see them but I do feel their presence with me. I have a sense that most of those on this ship are female, not that they have specific shape or breasts but the energy feels very feminine, I feel very safe, comfortable and well taken care of. I now want to write all this down, as I shift to reach for paper, half of me is in my bedroom and half of me is in the craft, I feel some pressure on my head, not painful or uncomfortable but some pressure, my notebook is too small so I move to get a larger notebook and now I am out of the craft and fully in my room.

I feel I am going to see them again, I felt as if on some level they had some reverence for me.
The shape of the window I looked through was approximately 12 inches in diameter, convex and round with a mullion vertical and one horizontal, like a cross.
There were no seat belts or special clothing on me or anyone else, the entire experience was extremely calm and quiet, it almost was as if everyone were in a meditation with their eyes open.

As the craft was flying further into deep space I saw brilliant and beautiful colors.
Please note, I was fully awake for this experience, I had just come into my room to go to bed when this began, I was fully conscious.

This is clearly one of the most amazing and spectacular journeys I have experienced, I am still processing all the meanings and significance of what has manifested during these past several months. I am aware that many changes are coming this 2011 for me and I am open and embracing of them, I am inspired to structure an outline on ideas to proceed. I feel more public out reach will be made. If anyone knows of someone that I should connect with please share their name and number with me.

Abundant Blessings,

2 January 2010 0 Comments

The Blue Basin, Dream Central or Reality Control? Part 2 -Is it all True Series #115

Last week I started (12/26/09 posting) to relate a dream sequence about a place called The Blue Basin. This beautiful, mostly underground facility, housed a control center, which was run by a group of entities including humans who managed all the energies of the Universe.

Another surprise in this huge facility was their enormous nursery of hybrid babies, a mix of all types of combinations and some were human. Some of these beings were from very advanced civilizations and from different dimensional planes. This nursery was the big delight of the whole facility. It was considered a great privilege to be able to see and be with these hybrids.

The babies that were part human garnered the most interest because they were the only ones that cried. Crying is a sign of feeling alone. For most of the non-human civilizations of the Universe there is a very strong connection to each other being, a sort of a hive network, a Universal mind, you never feel alone. We (humans) are quite different in our emotional make-up. Our independence as an entity makes us at times alone in our conscious world.

Non-humans have a constant telepathic connected to the group all day and all night. Crying is unique to the human world. Human babies need the matrix touch to satisfy the loneliness they feel. It is almost like the non-human beings long for the feeling behind the crying. There is a widespread feeling that it is a great honor for the group in The Blue Basin to love the hybrid children.

There was a group of Hybrids called the Sheylla, part human – part other, They had big heads, fine hair on their skin surface. These Golden Children as they were called were not particularly beautiful by human standards but they could cry and it was like music to the ears of the beings in The Blue Basin.

I will keep the world informed of any more dreams –encounters my friend has with The Blue Basin. I believe this is a real place; I have in the past-heard similar stories from other sources during my past 40+ years of interviews.

Sleep Tight – honor our human children for they are special to the Universe.


a child - a special child

26 December 2009 0 Comments

The Blue Basin, Dream Central or Reality Control? Part 1 -Is it all True Series #114

A close friend of mine many years took a mini-expedition to Peru with a group lead by a shaman type character. The Shaman on one part of the trip took them to an underground cave area, which had strange writing at the entrance of the cave. Next they walked deep into this underground chamber, there she and her fellow trip mates fell into a trance like dream state. They seem to all have some type of paranormal dreams, with otherworldly beings, in strange and sometimes very beautiful places.

My friend was taken in her dream state to a place she calls the Blue Basin, a vast underground city/ community of great beauty. Her initial visit seemed to be a general tour, to get her comfortable with her surrounding; little did she know this was just the beginning.

My friend we can call Arielle has had on going dream/real trips to this Blue Basin. What she has derived from these adventures is as follows, this basin area was enormous with many different beings all working together for some positive agenda, (at least that is the feeling that was projected). The beings seemed to be from many different places other worlds, dimensions, and other hyper-dimensions, sort of a Star Wars bar scene situation.

This basin area was controlled by a council of twelve groups of three beings each- a triad a total of thirty-six. The members of each triad were all different types of beings and they worked in unison. Arielle was in such a group, her other two legs of her triad were, one a very tall beautiful being with a human shapes. The other leg (partner) had no shape; it was a sound (like a high pitched crystal). The triad wore medallions around their necks and the sound being’s- it just hangs in mid-air .The medallions were made of exotic metals in the shape of three concentric circles.

This Council was not a governing body, as we humans would think, they were managers. They used holographic technology to zoom-in and zoom-out to see all parts of our universe including all dimensions. Their main mission was to plan, monitor, and help in a positive way to control the flow of all types of cosmic energy. They were proud and passionate about their jobs.

Our dreams can carry us to amazing locations in this universe and beyond and more on the Blue Basin next week in part two.

Sleep Tight – dream long.

blue basin
Area above the Blue Basin.

14 November 2009 0 Comments

The David Icke Show Part III– Is it all True Series# 108

As the Icke show is ending let me share some of his final thoughts for the day. During this entire event Icke emphasized that only energy is the building blocks of our universe. We play in our world of holograms and our reptilian handlers will use them more and more to manipulate us humans.

David speaks that China is the blueprint for the future of the rest of the world. It is the laboratory where the methods of control are refined. China is a prison without the bars. The Reptilian Cabal feels it has the divine right to rule, since it feels they were part of our creation (the reptilian brain). It’s that property thing I guess.

Icke reveals that the headquarters of the controlling bloodlines are in Old Europe in the City of London. These bloodlines live in a low vibratory field so that means if you (us humans) can hold a high vibration the reptilians cannot harm us. Tapping into the esthetic field (the zero point) is where higher vibration can be found. David told an interesting story about tapping into field. Someone from Utah who lived near Salt Lake City and who had developed some type of “Free Energy device” would consistently tap this zero point field, but never during Mormon church services, for their praying draw much of this energy vibration away from his equipment.

Next David talked about three important and somewhat profound books two of books about the coming (maybe already here) new world order- 1984 – George Orwell and The Brave New World by Aldrous Huxley. Both men came from the Fabian Society – an infamous group noted for its social movements and maybe the One World Movement. And Orwell and Huxley were probably sounding the warning to future generations. And the other book was Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan about the evolution of Man with reptilian and more.

David closed the show with positive hope and a path to keep us free; we must override the lizard brain, for it is the barrier to our godliness. Do right brain thinking- no more fear. Stop conforming stand up to the controlling system- take responsibility back. Icke continues- raise your vibration- use the power of intent. Watch your life signs, we are here to break the spell. Infinite love is the only truth everything else is an illusion. Know thyself – open your consciousness and follow your intuition.

Sleep Tight – and always “ keep your Eyes wide Open- not wide shut. “


icke 015

Not a Good Look for Mr. Icke. Santa Fe 2009

23 October 2009 0 Comments

Law of Attraction- Talk radio – interview-Jill Bolte Taylor PhD.

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor ” brain scientist ” , after 8 years after the mind blowing stroke — here we are – an amazing and insightful interview.

19 September 2009 0 Comments

Thoughts from Anastasia- Saucer Propulsion and more-Is it all True Series #102

I started reading this book about this Russian woman. Since I am part Russian I thought it would be of some interest. It turned out to be mind expanding, filled with profound wisdom from very old times, and secrets projecting into our future.

As I continued to read my mind wrapped around the fact that this Anastasia was something more than an ordinary human being. She speaks as though she has firsthand knowledge of things men and women only dream of. She talks of the propulsion system of a flying saucer as based on the energy created through the generation of a vacuum. This is an implosion process, the process of nature, a non-destructive mode.

She said that saucers get the propulsion vacuum via microorganisms. These specialized cells are located on the inner surface of the upper part of the flying saucer. These cells are positioned between the double walls, which make up the ship’s skin. The upper and lower surfaces of the outer walls have micro-holes and the microorganisms draw in air ahead of the ship and create the all-important vacuum. She goes to say the ship is organic in nature, like a fungus substance.

She also talks about the power of the collective mind and its ability to create this ship with the mind power of a dozen or so humans, much like bees creating a hive, one cell at a time. Anastasia feels the earth has everything the Universe has as a whole to create this ship and the microorganisms to propel them.

She claims the beings in these ships are not as smart as humans and that they are actually afraid of us. She believes that there is no one stronger than Man in the Universe except God.

Well its an interesting thought that Man may be the smartest being in the Universe; I will have to digest that one. Her ideas about eco-technology are compelling, and it is probably time for man/woman to imitate nature’s role in the balancing of planet earth.

Sleep tight – your dreams will come to rest your mind.



Maybe the organic being Anastasia is talking about — I spotted this one east of Albuquerque looking out of a tree- high in the mountains.