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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 12–Jim Turner

Volume 12 August 16, 2010 Subscribers: 302 Long Count: Expedition Overview The Apocalypse Island 2010 Eclipse Expedition was an incredible experience that continues to generate new ideas and revelations about the island Sun God monument. This newsletter will be a short overview of my activities while I was on the expedition and a visual

“The Board”: an instrument into the Otherworld or vehicle to the Void? – Part 1 Is it all True Series #143

Sometimes on a Friday night as I get ready to write an article on something UFO/Paranormal I have a bit of an old brain fart. But luckily that doesn’t last long, for I ask the cosmos for some direction and it has me push random words into the Google search bar. And guess what, interesting

A Man in Black and the Georgia Mystery celebrates 30 years- Is it all True Series # 128

I lived in Georgia for over 14 years and I frequently visited the Georgia Guidestones about 100 miles northeast of Atlanta near the small town of Elberton, Georgia. Many call these guide- stones America’s Stonehenge. The nearly 20 foot tall slabs were honed from Elberton area, which has blue/ green granite quarries. First, how did

Are the Mut Makers back in Colorado?

Information from: The Pueblo Chieftain, BizarreCalfMutilationsonColoradoRanchMystifyOfficials SAN LUIS, Colo. (AP) – A creepy string of calf mutilations in southern Colorado has a rancher and sheriff’s officials mystified. Four calves were found dead in a pasture just north of the New Mexico state line in recent weeks. The dead calves had their skins peeled back

Reality is not what it seems

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