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13 February 2014 0 Comments

February 2014 Knowledge Newsletter by Sharon Cheney

SharonWith the holidays behind us, many people are focusing on getting their body back in shape. While this is a good idea, my focus today is on what we store in the cells of our bodies. Ever wonder where all those negative thoughts and emotions go that we experience? Even though they may not be visible, they remain right in the cells of our bodies and can show up as aches, pains, stress or medical problems.

Healing Our Bodies

When we have leg pain and can’t walk, we usually visit a doctor and ask for a pill or some treatment to relieve the pain. Medical treatments work on healing your physical body. They do not address what is stored in your emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies that create and support your physical form. More than likely you do not ask yourself “Why am I having this pain? You just hope that the pain will go away quickly.

That our thoughts create our realities is a well-known universal law. But do you know that your beliefs and emotions create the body you have including any pain or illnesses? This fact was made apparent to me when I tried to discover why I was still having pain in my hip and leg following a car accident I had eleven months ago. In spite of the fact that I went to many excellent therapists and doctors, the pain remained. In my attempt to clear my body of pain, I decided to take a different approach and ask “What was the pain trying to tell me?” and “What was stored in the cells of my body?”

In order to access this information, I had to meditate and ask each painful spot what it had to say. I discovered many parts were still holding onto negative emotions and fears from childhood. Even though I tried to assure my inner child parts that they were safe and that I would take care of them, they were still not fully willing to give up the pain. After these meditative sessions, I noticed the pain was less but not gone completely so I knew I had more work to do.

Our bodies act as our alarm system bringing our hidden emotions and thoughts into our awareness through pain, stress and assorted medical problems. It does this so we will address the cause rather than just seek quick relief. Please understand that I am not suggesting you do not visit your doctor and seek treatment but that you need to go deeper that just treating the physical body.

Each disease has a thought form associated with it. You can discover this by looking at what that part or organ does physically and symbolically. For example, your back supports you so if you have back pain ask “Where is there a lack of support in your life?” You can find this information at the back of Louise Hay’s books Your Can Heal Your Body or You Can Heal Your Life. I also have an online class called Listening to Your Body and a guided meditation CD to help you access what your body has to say.

In order to rid my body of any negative beliefs and feelings, I called upon my mother and father, who are long gone, my sisters, and others with whom I had relationships where I experienced anger, betrayal, lack of acknowledgement and love, etc. What has subsequently happened has been a generational healing that began when I decided to tell my family members and others all the feelings that I had held within myself for many years. Following this, I felt much better.

I know not everyone believes they have the capacity to speak with the deceased but the truth of the matter is we all have these abilities. To do this, get yourself into a meditative state and invite a deceased relative close to you. Then pay attention to what feels different when they are close no matter how subtle it is. Then ask them to go away and then come back again as they will always come to you exactly the same way each time. If you still believe this is not something you are capable of, then look at a picture of the person or imagine they are standing there in front of you and tell them all that is in your heart. I do have a guided meditation to do this on my website if you need further help or I can help you personally.

I am sure everyone has experienced and stored some negative thoughts and emotions in their body at some point in their lives. Even if you are in good health, this is still an excellent exercise to do. We are entering a new year and in order to make 2014 a great year for you, it is necessary to let go of any old stuff that no longer serves you or is holding you back.

When my pain was still not completely gone, I asked myself what else I may be holding onto that I was unaware of. Some of it was past life stuff. I know not everyone is aware of their past lives but you can access that information through meditation or hypnotherapy. I managed to rid myself a lot of old stuff and now feel much lighter, at least energetically and the pain is getting less. Since we layer negative emotions and beliefs from childhood right into adulthood, it may take some to clear all the layers from the cells of our bodies. So don’t expect that you will do this in one time.

Again meditation or hypnotherapy is necessary to be able to listen within. If you have difficulty to meditate or quiet your mind, do deep rhythmic breathing where you breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose to the count of five, hold it ten seconds, and then breathe it out slowly through your mouth to the count of five. With each breath you breathe out, let go of whatever is in your mind. Continue to do this until your mind is a blank screen.

Another thing to be aware of is that some people have a tendency to blame their bodies and themselves when they don’t get what they want like finding love or being successful. Some believe their lack of success is because they are too fat, too thin, are not good looking enough, etc. Others may tell themselves they are stupid, unlucky or a victim of circumstances. In doing so, we judge ourselves and find ourselves lacking. This blame stays in the cells of our bodies.

Some people have a tendency to blame others for their misfortunes. When they do this, they can never heal themselves because they put the responsibility for their problems outside themselves and don’t take responsibility for the part they played in whatever has occurred. The cells of their bodies are then left with the task of holding onto anger, self-hate and judgement, and so on.

When we blame ourselves or others for our lack of success, we see ourselves as victims. There really are no victims. There are only people who do not take responsibility for their soul choices of people they have invited into their lives for their own learning. We need to honor our bodies as our temples instead of using them as storage devices for all our negative thoughts and emotions.

Commonly, many people compensate for their feelings of anger, depression and lack of success by over eating, drinking too much and smoking to fill in the emotional hole they feel inside. Usually what we put in our mouths fills our emotional needs while taking recreational drugs is more of an attempt to escape from our current reality. The better option is to love and accept yourself completely rather than looking outside yourself and being dependent on others to fulfill your emotional needs. Remember all those negative emotions stay in your body and will potentially make you ill.

If you need assistance to more fully understand what your body is holding onto, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and Skype readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

7 February 2014 0 Comments

Sandy Penny Speaks

sandyIn the past 20 years, my meditation showed me many future visions. One of the impressive meditations indicated that temples, pyramids, underwater cities and livable caves, previously unknown, would show up as a confirmation that we have moved into a fourth/fifth dimensional reality. Throughout the years, I have watched for these signs and confirmations. Now I can share a few of them with you.

I lived mostly in New Mexico from 2005 through 2012. There are many wonderful magical places to visit there, and I visited many of them. My first power connection with New Mexico was Ojo Caliente, a complex of hot springs just north of Santa Fe and south of Taos. The cliffs there offer up a variety of waters with different mineral contents and healing properties. It is said that the Native Americans called this sacred land, and that no one was allowed to fight when sharing the hot springs, and it was also considered to be an area of opening to the inner earth realms. Geronimo negotiated many treaties while sitting in the peaceful healing waters. My friend and spiritual teacher, Kip Davidson, lived there for 10 years and taught me many things about the angels and elemental kingdom. I loved visiting there.

As I drove down that road often while living in Taos, I noticed these ancient rock formations that reminded me of the temples of Atlantis in my past life memories. I knew that those temples still exist at higher frequencies, and that if we can raise our vibrations to the right level, we can enter these temples, and they will once again become the power sources they used to be. No one I know shared that belief or memory except me, and I seldom spoke of it as it sounds far fetched and fanciful to most people. Eccentric, to say the least.

Last week, I saw an amazing listing online that confirmed my beliefs and reminded me that I need to share these experiences with others as confirmation of their own strange and wonderful experiences. Unknown to me, in all the years I lived and traveled that area, carved underground cathedral caves exist, and now they are available for us to live in. Check out the link below and the photos. I know that these were not available to the average person five years ago, but now we have made a dimensional shift that allows us access.

Certainly, it has been big controversial news that a large complex of pyramids have been found in Bosnia,

larger than the Egyptian ones, hidden under green hills, and no one thought anything was there until a few years ago when Semir Osmanagic, acting on intuitive information, began to explore them. Now, the unearthing is gaining support and has been confirmed by Egyptologists and archaeologists as a legitimate site. This totally changes the history of the area, as no one had any knowledge of the pyramid building culture in this part of the world. This supports my memories that Atlantis was “the world as we knew it then,” and not an island or a city or a single culture. It was a time period in our earth history where temple/pyramid cultures were the norm. I believe these have only been recognized since we have shifted dimensions so we are now vibrating at a frequency where we can see them. Energy has been detected radiating from the pyramid of the sun. Previously, these structures would have been solid rock to us.

Fantastic underwater cities are surfacing now, some that have been supposed for a long time, but never found. It is said that underwater cities now being found can rewrite our history and change many religious beliefs. My sense is that we are expanding to enjoy a greater understanding of our past, present and future, in all directions. The following ink has some great photos and comments about this.

In addition to all these unusual findings, crop circles, snow circles, stone circles and all kinds of mandalas are being created by humans and unknown sources. A 13 mile construction went totally unnoticed even though it was frequented by government airplanes for years. This ancient mandala is only now being publicized. We think we just didn’t know about it, but I can tell you that we were not capable of seeing it previously. Now we are. This is deeply etched in stone/dirt in the desert. How did that go unnoticed?

Anyway, as 2014 begins, I want you to know that the world is changing fast and furiously in ways we don’t even understand or remember that they are different now. So, when you notice these anomalies, jot them down, share them, be weird, be aware and know that all is well, and we are evolving.

5 February 2014 0 Comments

Amazing Crop-Circle

13.3 miles of lines were carved into a
dry-lake bed in Oregon. What was
discovered looked like a Crop Circle
in the middle of the Desert…This
Geoglyph was a perfect “Sri Yantra
Mandala Formation”.

This ancient symbol was so precise it
was flawless…Each line was 10 inches
wide and 3 inches deep carved into
extremely hard compact dirt that is
very difficult to dig in…

No cars where seen for miles, no tire
tracks were seen for miles…No
footprints were seen at the site or
anywhere around it…No apparent signs
of tools were used…And no one was
seen in the area…

I don’t see any dirt from the 13.3 mile
long 10 inch wide hole that was carved
into the desert at a depth of 3 inches…
There must have been a lot of dirt so it
begs the question where is the dirt?

The close up-photo of the 4 lines looks
clean, with no extra dirt laying around
outside the ditch that was made from
each of these lines being dug out of the
desert…The whole formation is about a
quarter of a mile wide…This happened on
August 10, 1990…

23 December 2013 0 Comments

Roswell — MSN Strange — Series Part 2

13 December 2013 0 Comments

Eugene Duran – the Kennedy Connection- November Meeting UFO/ Paranormal Forum- Is it all True Series” #305

jfkIn my world, everything is connected, so there would be a connection between the Kennedy assassination and the UFO phenomenon. But unlike the presidents Truman, Reagan, Carter and Eisenhower, the Kennedy UFO comments and adventures are much clearer. During this month’s meeting of the New Mexico UFO/Paranormal, our speaker, Eugene Duran, made a statement related to UFOs and Kennedy I had never heard. Eugene said that President Kennedy had requested high level UFO-related briefings from government agencies, and not just one briefing but two. This would leave me to believe that the first request didn’t satisfy Kennedy’s curiosity or needs so there was a second request. Now the results of the briefings are not known, at least to any UFO researchers, I presently know.

I had been told that the recent US presidents have all had interests in the UFO phenomena; this comes from a source in the Secret Service, but he gave me little to no detail, regarding his statement.
Eugene’s main reason for his talk at our November meeting was to add new details to the ever-fascinating saga of the Kennedy assassination. Eugene has demonstrated that there was without a doubt, a large complex conspiracy with probably many layers. From Eugene’s talk the leading candidates were LBJ, (he had the motive – wanted to be president, badly), the CIA (Kennedy wanted to reduce their power), the military industrial complex (Kennedy wanted to get out of Vietnam fast), the American Mafia (Kennedy was hot on their heels and the Mob felt betrayed because they helped Kennedy win the election). Russia was also a suspect in the assassination because of the Cuban missile crisis, along with Big Oil in Texas because Kennedy wanted to reduce the oil depletion deduction, which would have cost the oil barons billions. And finally the big suspect—the Mossad, the Israeli top intelligence branch as they are always involved in all big happenings in the world that are manmade. So Kennedy had many enemies, and note above is just a partial list.

There is also a lot of evidence of multiple shots being fired (more than the original three from Oswald). Oswald was the true patsy in all this.

One more interesting UFO comment about Kennedy–it had been rumored for years that one of the reasons JFK’s mistress Marilyn Monroe was murdered was because Kennedy told her the big truth about UFOs and she was going to spill the beans on that conversation with Kennedy, exposing the affair and opening up the UFO subject to the public.

Sleep tight, we as humans love conspiracy and conspiracy can be the seed of the elusive thing called “Truth.“


29 October 2013 0 Comments

USO and an underwater base===== off Cal. Coast

24 October 2013 1 Comment

Must see from

Last month, Secretary of State,
John Kerry and President Barack Obama
declared that they would soon begin a
limited bombing attack on Syria.
Two weeks later, there was a Shutdown
of the US Government, related, in part
to the fiscal non-viability of the US
Government’s operating budget.

Something simply does not add up in
this equation!

And now, we are hearing rumors that the
2-week+ Government Shutdown was a
ruse to halt NASA from capturing images
of very large spacecraft which are now said
to be hidden behind the Moon and of others
which appear, here in footage allegedly
provided by a Chinese Orbital Telescope
Tiam Lian 1, to be “steering” the incoming
Comet Ison:

14 October 2013 1 Comment

Cave Creatures — for Real ??????

RepSir – this is the 1st time I am disclosing my experience to the public. My family has been previously informed of the details. At the time, I owned a small business which I had started after I finished a 12 year stint in the military. I was then living near Eldridge, Missouri and was raised in the general area and knew the terrain fairly well. I had spent time at the US Army Engineer School in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and some of the training included spelunking. When I left the Army I continued to explore caves as recreation.

In 1993 I helped form a local group of experienced ‘cavers’. We would get together on weekends and explore some of the cavern systems throughout Missouri and Arkansas. The experience I am about to describe took place in the Summer of 1995. I was on my own that day, which was not uncommon.

I had decided to check out a cave in Camden County, Missouri which was part of a fairly large system in the area. From what I could tell, this particular cave had not been explored for a long period of time. The entrance was very narrow and well hidden. After squeezing through the opening I descended another 50 feet or so before the cave began to open up into a series of chambers. I moved through several of these chambers taking my time to examine the area for possible artifacts and formations. I finally reached, what I thought, was the end of the cave.

I started to hear a rustling sound that was echoing from a small opening near the top of the chamber. I assumed the sounds were bats and didn’t pay much attention to it. But after awhile I heard motorized sounds and talking. I stood and listened for several minutes wondering what was on the other side of this chamber. The opening was about 10 feet above me. I maneuvered my way up to the opening which was flat and narrow but big enough for me to get a decent look into it.

As I positioned myself to the front of the opening I started to see light at the other end. The passageway was only a few feet long but it was just too narrow for me to move through. As I looked through the opening there was a very warm draft of air hitting my face. As well, the air had a very acrid vinegar-like odor. There was a very large and well lit ‘room’ with limestone walls. I noticed a small vehicle that looked like a golf cart but was very low to the ground and without wheels. I continued to observe until I started to hear voices that were getting louder and nearer. Something was making its way towards the vehicle. I had to rub my eyes because I didn’t believe what I was looking at.

This ‘creature’, because it was not a man, stood about 7 foot and had brown scaly skin. The face and head were shaped like a human with a flat nose but there were no ears or hair. The top of the head had a slight scaly ray or ridge that extending down the back of the neck. From what I could see it had lips and regular sized eyes. The arms were very long and muscular with human-like hands. It also had a massive 4-5 foot tail that tampered to a point. It was dressed in a gold metallic outfit with long pants and shoes. It also carried an oval pack attached to its back.

I watched as this thing was looking at something on the vehicle. I had a high speed camera which I use to document my cave explorations. I was able to obtain a few distorted images of the being. For some reason while I was taking photos the creature stopped and turned, looking in my direction. I’m not sure if it heard me but it definitely knew of my presence. It then made a terrible ‘hissing’ sound as it continued to look in my direction. That was enough for me. I quickly started making a beeline out of the cave. When I reached the entrance I was shaking and hyperventilating. I finally reached my vehicle and drove home.

I continue to explore caves in the area. I have heard stories of people encountering strange underground beings but I have never disclosed my experience. A few years after my experience I went back to the cave but was unable to get near it since the area is now government property. I can assume that I witnessed something that I was not supposed to see. It pains me to think what secrets are being kept from us. To those who say that there are no non-humans living among us, well, think again. They are here. I do have the aforementioned evidence of the experience but I do not wish to release this at the present time. Jerry

NOTE: the witness forwarded the image above and states this is a close resemblance of the creature in the cave. Though I was unable to contact the witness he does offer a bit of credibility. This report is somewhat similar to another incident in Missouri – ‘The Underground’ Reptilian Encounter – Carthage, Missouri.

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Theory on everything — Long but worth it………..ENJOY……….

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CNN — Food — travel show meets — UFOs and Aliens in New Mexico

Norio and Jim are members of the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum — here in Albuquerque