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My name is Evan Cecil and I am working for Indigo Films on a television show for Women’s Entertainment channel (WE). This show is focusing on the Abduction stories of 6 different women. Specifically women that have explored their experiences with Hypnosis.

The show is being produced without any counter point, there will be no debunking; simply story telling of these women’s experiences.

We are looking for women that are open to participating as well as Hypnotists that may have patients that are Experiencers.

Please get in touch with me for more information on the project.

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Evan Cecil
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#Disinformation# — IT Runs the World.

It is everywhere, in the Media, in Big Business, from our Government, in our religious and academic institutions.
It is there preying on Truth. The main reason why I developed this site was to find and preserve the great Cosmic truths. I figure for each truth there is a dozen lies, to cover that one truth. But why do humans enjoy disinformation? Is it an easier road to follow? Is truth about life is too hard to understand? Disinformation gives us the vehicle to justify hell on earth. It gives us the ability to change history. To Hell with truth, its too hard to swallow. Disinformation can be molded into great feeling lies. Disinformation has killed millions and millions over the ages.
Gregg Bishop wrote a wonderful book about disinformation it is about a scientist and our government and how they destroyed this man with disinformation,(Project Beta). Paul Bennewitz was looking for the truth, he trusted our government to help him find this truth, he was open and straight forward, but they were not. They killed him with crap (disinformation). They lead him on a smoke and mirrors campaign.You know, if Paul’s truth is true the whole world will end because of disinformation (read the book).

In the Movie “A Few Good Men” 1990 Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson
Goes like this – Kaffee: “I want the truth.” reply Colonel: ” You can’t handle the truth”.

Can we handle the truth? We have no choice or we will become extinct?
To find the truth is a purpose of life

Below — The House of Disinformation

The House of Disinformation

Cooper- Part -9 JFK and Big Secret , plus water to the Moon.

Brother Bill, more excitement Drugs, Aliens and JFK. An SS guy named Greer according to Cooper killed Kennedy as he rode near the famous Book Depository. JFK the “Outsider” was ready to spill the beans or Aliens whichever. Alternate “3” – a whole story in itself. The Bilderburgers, the Bilderburgers, and on and on. Ending with plants and water to the Moon. You heard of Area 51 check out Area S4.

More Excitement – enjoy MWiz
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Flying Humanoid Entities -What-up ??-In the Sky??

FHEs -(Flying Humanoid Entities) they have been hanging or flying around for at least 100 years and probably more. But now we got videos to prove it, or sort of. Quality of the videos is less than perfect. But the accounts are very interesting and at times very creditable. Starting with one ,125 years ago a “winged figure” flew over Brooklyn NY and than about 3 years later a man with bat-wings was seen flying to the Jersey coast, this one had multiple witnesses. Then in the early 1900’s in Spain a woman, dressed in white, with no wings was sighted by hundreds, singing as she flew by. Also in Russia about the same time a barefoot man-creature takes a flight over a river. In the 50’s in Brazil reports of bird/men creatures about 6 ft. tall beings are sighted flying near the seacoast. And lets not forget our Moth-man sightings by hundreds between 50’s thru the 70’s in Ohio and West Virginia.
A dear artist friend of mine when he was a teenager in Columbia was walking to a relative’s house in the jungle and suddenly a high-pitched sound started getting louder, and louder and there it was, a Brujo, (witch) dive bombing him, not once but twice. He said she was the ugliest thing on the earth and it was determined to harm him. He was afraid for his life. And 40 years later he hasn’t forgotten any detail of that event.
Now Mexico has exploded with many multiple eyewitnesses’ sightings during the last five years.
In March 2000 a dark humanoid was video over a neighborhood in Mexico City. Similar sightings occurred in 2002 and 2003. In January of 2004 a quite famous scary encounter of a hovering witch-type being by a police official, something he will never forget. The next month three flying entities interacting together were spotted also over Mexico City and more sightings continue to the present.

The interesting thing is that most of us in our dreams, dream about flying. I guess some of us have our dreams come true.
Enjoy Your life – its shorter than you think. MWiz.

Drawing of a flying being.
Keep you EYE in/on the sky. MWiz.

Cooper, William part 8 –Fatima -Wow stuff — or not.

Fatima- true -not- or alien manifestation. Cooper talks about our choices we had,1) Nuclear thinning, 2) Underground cities 3) On to Mars. Our religions created to control us (can’t be).
Bush family and drugs, good guys- got to love them, (that’s an editorial comment from me). Aliens may bring Christ back in 2011, truly speculation I am sure. And to finish out this wild 8+ minute segment Cooper discusses- our bases on the Moon and Mars.
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50 years later – Wilhelm Reich- "Timing is Everything".

On November 3 2007 it will be 50 years since the Reich documents were sealed from the public, as Wilhelm implied saving them for the right generation. He was hoping we now could handle this profound research. Wilhelm died in prison 50 years ago, a man who may have discovered an unknown energy which with further research could solve today’s energy/oil crisis forever and just maybe Global Warming. This Energy he called Orgone -the creative force in nature. It exists in all humans and in all nature. He developed a device called a Orgone Accumulator. The structure could focus and concentrate this energy for potential positive uses- free energy or maybe cure common diseases- purely speculation for now.

Wilhelm Reich died in the hands of the US Government (supposedly of a heart attack). He was innocent of any crimes against society. So what was our government’s agenda against Reich?
Shortly we will get a better look at Wilhelm’s research and its potential to help mankind, and (we need a lot of help), I hope just in time. On November 3rd this year they will open Reich’s archives on his research and our best scientists will judge him in this time of more open mindedness and maybe more wisdom. MWiz

Reich’s Cloudbuster —



I’ve mentioned hybrids previously. Most likely if you are a female abductee you know about Hybrid babies, children. Apparently when a young abductee girl starts her menses I believe the extraterrestrials wait until the female abductee is over the age of fifteen? I’m not sure at what given age the extraterrestrials will begin to impregnate a young woman. I’ve had just a couple of now older women clients who through hypnosis was guided back to a time in their early teen years when they experienced giving birth to an “unusual looking baby”. I constantly hear the familiar words as this baby is being described. A baby that is the size of or a little bit larger than their hand. “A baby who looks like them, and looks like me”. Normally this baby will have the large shaped almond eyes, scraggly hair, and a very thin small body. On its hands you will notice either three long fingers without the thumb, or the baby may indeed have all ten fingers and toes. Normally you are awake during the birthing, while male and female Grey’s are delivering this baby. As soon as this baby is born, this naked baby is given to its human mother to hold and cuddle. Then after a while this little baby is taken to a nursery.

Now imagine if this was your daughter between the ages of fifteen say to seventeen years old, experiencing having an “unusual looking baby”. Oh yes, gestation of hybrid babies is only three months as hybrid babies grow fast in a human mother’s womb. These hybrid babies are seemingly full term babies when they are removed from the human mother. After the third month of pregnancy the “new mother” is once again abducted to give birth to this baby.

So a young human female who has never been pregnant with a human baby and now she is producing hybrid babies. What does this do to her psychic?? This can be a very traumatic experience for the young woman. Normally with this type of experience the young mother will not ever talk about the experience providing she is given the memory of the birth when she is brought back to her home (normally by the Greys’) and put into her own bed. If memory of the birth is allowed by the Greys’, the young mother will normally conceal the information within her own unconscious mind never to let the information be revealed to anyone, as she tries to succeed to suppress the experience, making the experience feel “unreal” to her…..until the process is once again repeated by the Greys’.

Therefore a human woman can give birth to many hybrids during her life time. A fifty plus year old woman still can be impregnated by these Greys’. If the woman has had a full hysterectomy, the Grey’s I am told will use the stomach area as a womb to hold this hybrid baby. If the ovaries are left in a woman after her hysterectomy then ovaries still produce human eggs thus taken the substance producing from a male Grey can still produce a hybrid baby using the stomach as a womb. When the human ovaries are removed, then using human female eggs from another female abductee are mixed in a Petri dish with the substance from a male Grey and implanted into the incubator of a human female so that the baby can grow for three months in its human mother. See you soon with continuation on this subject.

Cooper,William part 7 –A Witness and our Constitution

This part of William’s famous lecture deals with the Jason scholars- the study group. Rockefeller built a compound for this group to meet called “The Country Club”, where the boys hung out. He talks about how Henry Kissinger became quite strange after his encounter with them (not the boys). Will the coming out the of Aliens collapse society as we know it? And there is our diplomatic relationship with these beings until we can build a bigger weapon to destroy them. More fun from Mr. Cooper.
Truth or no truth – that is the question.

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B.Wizo's Quote of the Week 05/27 -06/02/07

” You have the power to create . Your power is so strong that whatever you believe comes true. You create yourself, whatever you believe you are.”

Don Miguel Ruiz from his book- The calendar for Wisdom and Personal Freedom.