Thomas Costello of Dulce base—Real or not , man of much mystery "Is It all True Series" #304

t costelloMany years ago, I heard about Mr. Costello while reading the wild and crazy Dulce papers. The Dulce papers are amazing stuff based around the premise that the aliens have underground bases in various locations around the world, including one of the most famous ones called the Dulce in far northern New Mexico.
Thomas Costello is most likely a factitious name of a security guard who saw some interesting things as he guarded the underground facility in the Dulce area. He claims Dulce is an underground hub of alien being activity in the western US.

I would probably agree with that statement because of my conversations with construction workers who worked on building tunnels going in various directions out from Sandia Labs, Kirkland AFB and from Los Alamos National Lab. These workers have also seen glimpses of strange beings moving about in these tunnel systems.
Thomas has said that Dulce was started in the late 30’s by Army Engineers; I have personally heard that the starting dates were more like the late 40’s because of our atomic bomb activity, and the alien interest in our genie in the bottle release. and the destruction of thousands of human souls. I also believe we had to agree on underground accommodations for the aliens “or else.”

Costello also talks about tunnels from New Mexico connecting to Mt. Shasta where it is rumored that the mountain is the home or was the home of an Elder/Reptilian race. This statement also seems to hold water, for I have had personal communication through meditation on Mt. Shasta several years ago, with some alien group.

Thomas also talks heavily about Reptilian activity in and around Salt Lake City and possible Mormon connection. Although I agree there is some pretty strange stuff going on in Utah, I worked with Mormons in the Salt Lake area for several years and never felt they (Mormons) had direct involvement with any alien groups.

If Thomas Costello is real or not, he sure told an interesting story of what might be. And I can confirm not all his conversations are sheer folly.

Sleep tight, one path of conspiracy is truth.

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  1. LMAO. “His statement holds water… cause I.. some weirdo from the internet went and sat on a mountain and heard voices in my head.. HAHAHAH

  2. LMAO stfu ok and learn to read this shit is real I’ve seen them I’ve seen people appear from nowhere following huge storms ok just cause you don’t believe it doesn’t mean you have to give your 2 cents cause no one cares about it

  3. I’d love to hear more about that story or any experience with aliens, if some of you could contact me and letting me know about it 🙂 I’d love to hear your story Killjoy!

  4. The Dulce papers seems not to be unreal. I have seen the twelve reports and lost them years ago.
    There are other documents, that the US Government is dealing with extraterrestrial beeings. See also SETI, cropcircle answers.
    I think,it is the wrong way. We will pay for it. There is another force, who warned the government, not to deal with these species. Now I think, it is too late to withdraw from the ‘business’.

  5. If you study Alesiter Crowley and other infamous occultists, they too communicated to aliens while meditating. I, believe what people consider aliens are really jinn/demons who are interdimensional beings. Just as the leading UFO experts in the world believe that the UFO’s are interdimensional and not intergalactic, as it would take great time and energy to come here from another planet. It is more likely that they simply shift dimensions.

  6. I live in Dulce and have been my whole life and this is true about the base,for holidays that there are many lights up you can see flying saucer hovering above the sky and then it will fly very quickly back into the side of Archuleta mesa,just so happens that a few nights ago there was a low flying plane that supposedly wnet into the side of the mountain to drop off “supplies”.that’s only one of the many strange things that has happened here.

  7. To concur with the statement above about seeing strange things out of nowhere following storms, these strange anomalies I’ve seen during strong thunderstorms with lots of lighting strikes. Orb type crafts look to be recharging inside the electromagnetic storm clouds. Get out of the fake matrix and open your eyes…

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