A Relook at RH – negative Blood Part 1

The below was one of my most popular posts with many comments. The story of mysterious blood sub-type – RH negative. Some researchers including myself feel this blood sub-type is an alien connection – maybe a tracker vector or maybe the humans that possess it are compatible with an alien species. Enjoy again

There have been some interesting theories about Bloodlines. These theories range from how it can affect the human race to how it can determine your life role and even your status on this planet. As you may know, there are four blood types in the world. O type is the oldest and most common and A-type is second common, B third and AB least common. The Rh factor, which can occur in all blood types, is related in a strange way to the Rhesus primate (monkey).

The majority of the world population has the factor (RH), meaning they are positive. But 15% of the world is negative – lacking the factor completely. At this point, let me mention 33% of the Basque population is Rh-negative. And 55% of the Basque population is Blood type O, which is the highest in the world. The combination puts a lot of O negatives folks in the unique Basque country. I will write more about the Basque people in Part 2

A Blueblood is a term that the Royal European family has been called because many are RH negative and their blood is slightly blue. RH negative blood does not oxidize the way Rh-positive blood does hence the blue color (less oxygen).
For many years the UFO community has whispered that Rh-negative humans are quite the prize for the alien groups that have been abducting people around the world over the last hundreds of years or more. I have not seen a conclusive study on this but after talking to several thousand abductees and contactees the Rh-negative folks could be a special targeted group. My guess is that people with this bloodline- factor have abilities that are created and passed down from genetic contact with non-humans.
More in future postings –

Sleep Tight, Our blood is our cosmic signature, and it is important to know if you are negative or positive for many reasons.


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  1. Hello my wonderful friends,
    I’ve known for some time that the RH Negative blood line was highly sought after by ET’s and that most with the Rhesus Neg gene are more psychic and tend to have higher than average intelligence but what is the connection to why this is so coveted? Is it the tie to the Annunaki? I am RH Negative and I just can’t seem to wonder what the specific trait or lineage they are after!

    1. Hi K ( dear friend)

      Yea, one of the most popular subjects on our site here — Both Rainbow and I have done some quite extensive research on the subject and plan to do a video on our Youtube channel Dimensional Walking – a paranormal journey., in the not to distance future — one tidbit — first intended as enhancement — but the birthing issues stopped that.

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