Phil Schneider – Man with a Cause -Part 2

A man ( Phil) with 17 years of black project experience. He estimates that black budget projects are probably about 500 billion per year. Much of the money to support the 135 underground bases where the strange and amazing stuff happens. Most not good for our future per Phil.

Enjoy — if true very amazing.

Phil Schneider – Man with a Cause Part 1

I will do a three part series on this quite interesting individual. Engineer and geologist who for a time, worked for our wonderful government building underground facilities where strange stuff took place. In this part he and a group other engineers, worker and military, are directed from the military elite to dig down in a place in the Four Corners Area, which turned into a hornets nest of alien beings. For that mistake Phil gave up some fingers and toes. That crazy day 66 people died in a battle with the aliens. So Phil says.

Interesting stuff enjoy.

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Drones – Why, where and How ?

Recently one of the hottest subjects in the UFO World has been those Drone craft. They have been sighted in California, Washington, Georgia , and China to name a few. Some feel it is a sign of a near future ET. landing, -scout ships.

There is a guy who posted an article on the Coast to Coast AM website saying they were probably real technology gotten from past alien artifacts and back- engineered. These ships he is saying are normally invisible, and maybe, just maybe have been switched on by mistake making them visible for a short time. He worked on similar tech. for a military/ industrial group called CARET( Commercial Applications Research for Extra-terrestrial Technology) – in Palo Alto Ca. for many years. If CARET (see- is real its an amazing story in itself.

These man-less, being-less craft – are strangely beautiful in their own way. Hovering silently, then moving like on an axle- straight consistent and then to instantly disappear. And the very unusual writings on the underside of the craft. Is the writing an advertisement for alien toothpaste or something?
Now that we know they are probably a vehicle of some sort, origin unknown, we will see more, because we visualized them in our mind-eye. And we will be waiting.

Keep your eye in the sky. But Enjoy –
Have you awakened ? – I am



Russia’s Roswell — Part 3

Our CIA was in the 50s tracking UFOs in the Soviet Union and the strange things happening at Kapustin Yar deep underground , bodies, engines, ships. In the UFO cellar they were reverse engineering a Cigar shaped craft, and maybe trying to use the technology- to destroy the US.
The Russians were putting crop circle type patterns on the ground at Kapustin Yar to attract the UFOs.
And of course Big eyed Stanton Friedman (mean that in a nice way) is teaching UFO 404.
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Enjoy — its fun, and maybe true.

"Aliens(ETs) are coming", No, actually they are here, have been here.

For a very long time, thousands of years, they have modified us, many times.
And here we are, waiting for the next wave of change. David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. says we are in the middle of a major “threat” to the very existence of our humanness.
We are going through a hybridization period with a group of Greys. They are using our good gene pool to strengthen their weak one. I fully agree that this group has been at it for 50 to 60 years.

Now a great linguistic/historian researcher Zecharia Sitchin claims his group of beings has been visiting earth for thousands of years and creating and recreating us periodically as their planet Nibiru gets close to earth every 3600 years or so because of Nibiru’s very wide orbit around the Sun. And I also think this could be true.

There are perhaps 100 plus groups of beings that are presently among us. They live on our same dimension and on several other dimensions; some only cross over occasionally to interact with us.

We have been changed, molded and modified since our very beginning; so does Professor Jacobs believe it is really a threat? Or are we just an “Alien Harvest” as Linda Moulton Howe has said; just like we harvest fish from the sea. Each group of beings perhaps has their own separate reasons to need us, want us, and maybe even harvest us.

So who can judge if this is all bad? We are the product of our history, of our modifiers, and our Gods.

I will make the small prediction that in 50 years our type of humans will be extinct.
The new type will be smaller, less emotional, less aggressive and more obedient.
The BIG question will be- will we know we are less HAPPY or will that even be important anymore?

More on this stuff coming– in our modified future.
Enjoy – Sleep tight – You are being changed.


Russia's Roswell — Part 1

I am going to start a 5 part series with my comments about a Russian event similar to our Roswell. Part One: 60 years of strangeness over the Soviet Union, the KGB in the middle of it all. Their most secret base Kapustin Yar equal to our Area 51 – Making Secret Stuff. Over the base a Soviet MIG encounters a cigar shaped UFO and shoots it down, also the MIG crashes and the pilot is killed – maybe from a UFO Beam weapon. What is interesting about this series is that people in the interviews are ex-KGB and high military folk, no turnips falling off the truck-types,
Enjoy Part One. MWiz.
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Abduction in Brazil -Linda Moulton Howe Part III

Linda , brings more evidence to experts — cloth, fabrics , pillow cases, and banded stones .
Conclusion –Something strange was part of this abduction situation , proof of strangeness.
And maybe proof of an Alien abduction. If you want to watch part 4 go to,- Linda Moulton Howe.

Enjoy MWiz.

My View – Lights over Phoenix March 1997 – Mini- Invasion

For about a 2 week period in March 97 — it was a strange world for most of southern Arizona.
I was walking out to my car to go to work about 7:00am on a sunny bright day in Tucson and there in the northern sky were at least 7 or so white balls of something moving rapidly east to west. Then several evenings/nights around March 13th the big wave hit the Phoenix area. Lights, huge craft,even strange little beings were reported. The City got crazed and thousand witnessed the event.
Symington the Governor of Arizona at the time, on the 10 year anniversary of the event admitted he saw the Huge Craft and said I quote “the craft I saw was enormous, it just felt other-worldly.” At the time the Governor put on a mock news conference about the capture of the Alien who caused all the roar. One of Symington adviser dressed up like a large Grey, it was a lot of fun. But inside he knew different.
In Casa Grande AZ. located between Tucson and Phoenix there was a daylight sighting by several reliable individuals who saw this huge ship the size of several football fields slowly move across the sky, they described it as awesome and very scary at the same time.
And of course there were plenty videos of the event. Some of the objects did truly look like flares lighting up and burning out is a sort of formation, even though the Military denied any aircraft or flares in the area. There were other videos which were quite amazing, orbs of light moving from the ground to the sky and back. Large craft with no lights blocking out the sky –stars/moon etc.
Conclusion : The flare lights were – military disinformation to cover the main event- something the military can’t control but knew it was there. It was a wonderful two week period I will never forget – lots of light ,action and crazy fun. The Mini-Invasion worked.


See above “The Lights” – Flares anyone ?

Linda Moulton Howe – Brazil- 2002 Incident "Abduction" #1

Over the next few weeks I will present Linda Moulton Howe in an interesting incident she researched in Brazil. And I will throw in a few of my own comments as I view the video , related to my research on similar abduction interviews.

Part 1 . There is a violent flash, he ( Urandia Oliveira) heats up and floats up thru the ceiling, he feels stretched as he passes thru the ceiling’ but no pain. He leaves burn marks on the ceiling and the bedding. I feel as Linda felt this maybe a known first,(the burn marks left behind).

Enjoy another interesting journey, in the world of HIGH STRANGENESS.


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