Cooper,William part 7 –A Witness and our Constitution

This part of William’s famous lecture deals with the Jason scholars- the study group. Rockefeller built a compound for this group to meet called “The Country Club”, where the boys hung out. He talks about how Henry Kissinger became quite strange after his encounter with them (not the boys). Will the coming out the of Aliens collapse society as we know it? And there is our diplomatic relationship with these beings until we can build a bigger weapon to destroy them. More fun from Mr. Cooper.
Truth or no truth – that is the question.

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Cooper,William part 5 –"Dark Side of the Moon"

Cooper continues his (and maybe our) strange journey. The Redlight Project and its not about hookers either, it’s about us flying alien ships or at least trying. There are places here where even our Presidents can’t enter (I am glad some couldn’t or can’t). Here he talks about up to maybe 100 underground facilities doing a bunch of interesting stuff (this little fact I believe is very true). Last but not least Peanut Island and the Kennedys.

Wrap your mind around this — if you can.

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William Cooper #4 part "Path of Self Destruction"

Continuing his famous interview- this part talks about the 1954 Alien meeting at Holloway AFB. the Ike and Alien Treaty at Edwards AFB, the Pluto project. It also introducing OH Krell, the first alien diplomat to the world and looks at the struggle for our nukes and the alien wants. Parts #1,2,3 –posted 4/18,4/25,5/02

Go figure , truth or silliness ? You judge and let us know.

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The Native American and Celtic Code.

What does the title mean? As I have stated, I have chatted with and interviewed hundreds of people on a variety of paranormal subjects,including contact (alien type) and special abilities. These special abilities I speak of are things like “the Sight ” see things such as ghosts , alien types, talking to the dead, etc.These abilities can also involve healing, mainly of others, not themselves. These people have contact with spirit beings throughout their lives. So who are these people? They are individuals of mixed heritage of Native American and Celtic blood (Irish, Scottish and maybe some select English). It seems to work best at a 50/50 split NA/Celt , but 25/75 seems to also work. But if there are other bloods mixed in, then the abilities seem to drop off quickly.
I lived in Georgia for many years and was in contact with Cherokee/Celts individuals in the North Georgia Mountains (hills). Interesting stuff in those hills: Bigfoot,many UFO sightings and much contact. Anyone who had this blood mix has had a very full strange interesting life and will until they die (and I suspect also in the otherworld). The contact and abilities start young for them 3 or 4 years old, but some remember as small babies, these beings coming to them and teaching wonderful things along with a warm feeling.(They all consistently describe it that way.) Several years ago,I had lunch with an ex-CIA guy (ha, ha once company always company) and he said the CIA had studied this same phenomenon. (And I thought I had discovered it.) He wouldn’t give me much detail, but it is real.

If you have or know of someone who has this NA/Celt bloodline please contact me anonymously at or post a comment here.

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Alien Interview Part 4 ( Part 3 posted 03/21/07 )

More comments from more experts , one from a person I have great respect for- Whitley Strieber
His amazing comments I would take great notice of his comments, if anyone knows, Whitley knows . This video is as much about Victor as it is about the Alien, ( Victor the guy spilling the beans). Is Victor for real ? I am starting to warm up to him, at least a little.

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The Virus ( Alien ) friend and foe.

I have experienced an invasion from the smallest alien in the universe, It invaded me and used my DNA and my RNA as it marches across the galaxies. Why are all these Aliens always interested in DNA material ? The pure stuff must be worth billions . The Greys love probing and taking DNA samples from us and they have been doing that since the beginning of our time. Other Alien types chase our bloodlines (again DNA ).

Well Mr. Virus , he has been a wonderful visitor causing me aches and pains , my nose and sinuses are about three times the normal size, super wonderful hot chili pepper throat , I think you got the idea. He also takes over the mind and slows it down. Its like observing our world through the eyes and mind of some very foreign strange creature. I was at one of my favorite shopping holes (Costco) with my friend Mr Virus and everything was in slow-mo , wow,cool. And Mr Virus said through me “you got a lot of obese people here. ” I had not noticed before, but he was right . He said typically the obese ones have difficulty breathing and will quickly fall victim to his super cousin Mr Virus Plague who makes his rounds every 80 to 90 human years. He thinks he does a service to the planet by culling out the herd . Mr. Virus said this type of consuming society is great. Everyone is worried about their ability to keep up with the Joneses ( as we Humans say ) leaving little time and effort to watch their earth vehicle and their soul (both could keep them safe and happy ) . Per Mr. Virus your stay on this earth plane is very brief , but important , so you need to take care of the vehicle and the soul. So I asked one question to my charming guest , “why DNA? ” His answer: “Why not? We have given it to you to use, just to use during your stay here . My other cousins and relatives , monitor it and improve it. I mutate it and fine tune it. Although there are some terminations in the process , but as we say , for universal progress there is always a price to pay.

As I am writing this, I am thinking he has over- stayed his visit. Please move on Mr.Virus .


Analysis #3: “A Warm September Night”

Are family, extended family, friends and perhaps yourself questioning your sanity? Do you feel they are laughing at you? Are you experiencing disbelief on something that is so extraordinary that might be happening to you or your family? You don’t have to be closed-minded in regard to what may be transpiring in your life, past or present time. If a human is open-minded about this phenomenon I have found out they can be just as astounded as the closed-minded human to the fact of “Why me” “Why did ‘they’” (meaning the universal extraterrestrials) or for a lack of a given name you may be calling them “Creatures” or in a spiritual sense “Creatures from hell” (meaning creatures coming from the realm of Satan). If you are sitting in a bedroom chair questioning your own sanity after a “weird dream experience,” that felt as real as in the sense of what “real life” means to you. Most of us call this a “real life dream experience” that has left unexplained bruises, cuts, needle marks on your body, if you are an adult female alien abductee you might find yourself feeling pregnant noticing the movements of a fetus, then after three months of pregnancy, finding yourself no longer pregnant? Is your mind in such of an upset that you are just spinning around in the safety of your own home? At least you thought your own environment was safe until these weird happenings of real life dream(s) began. There is help for you! You can start by getting back into “life” and learning more about these Universal Beings, providing if you don’t know about them already? If you do, and need more information on what is transpiring with you and/or your family or if you are closed-minded in regard to this phenomenon, hey…I’m here for you and that’s just a beginning to get yourself back to a “normal” state. Yes, you were “chosen” by these Universal Beings. You are not the “Only One” living through “weirdness” of a different type of life. If I have percentages correct about 80% of our world’s population is experiencing alien abductions. There is no particular single group of humans who are chosen. I myself have guided through hypnotherapy, schoolteachers, high ranking military personnel, doctors, children, husbands, wives; my list goes on. I have confirmation of known world leaders who are leading this type of life. Just because of Genetics?? Below are some pictures/drawings of just a very few different universal extraterrestrials that may be preying upon you. They may present themselves to you normally at nighttime but an abduction experience can occur in the daytime as well. I’ve seen through my client’s drawings, many different types of universal extraterrestrials coming from different home planets throughout the vastness of the universe. The norm of extraterrestrials that I hear about firstly is the extraterrestrials pictures I have included below. Abduction experiences are not always horrific, many abduction experiences are good experiences as they teach us about their technologies; teachings about themselves and their worlds.