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Coming Home to Egypt

      The Unexpected Adventure

My adventure to Egypt changed my life forever. Sometimes lessons are learned when we least expect them or when we aren’t looking for them at all. With this being said, this is my story of the unexpected adventure that turned my life topsy turvy into the realm of the Priestess.   

      Egypt is the mysterious Mistress of magic and ancient knowledge. She’s the elixir of times not forgotten but kept secret behind closed doors surrounded by sand and desert. Moments in our lives come and go but the memories linger on beyond our lifetime into the next, just as the sands in an hourglass turn over and over again.  

     I realized the moment I stepped foot on Egypt’s ancient sands, I had truly for the first time in my life, come home. The Priestess in me awakened to the sounds of morning prayer and the belly dancer’s drums, summoning a night of dance. My soul shouted in delight and my spiritual quest began with a vengeance that was foreign and scary all at the same time. It was the first time I was in the presence of Source, the old ways, or as some call them, the Ancient Aliens. 

     As a dancer, yes, I was in my element but as a Medicine Woman, in some ways, I was in way over my head. Let me explain. 

     Before I ventured to Cairo, Egypt in 1991, I was told by two of my mentors that Egypt could be dangerous for me because I was open, meaning I was already learning the old ways of ceremony and prayer. As a young Medicine Woman, there were things I was already experiencing that were a bit dark so my teachers stressed that I rethink my plans. The 28-year-old in me didn’t listen and to this day I am forever grateful to her that she didn’t but that doesn’t mean they weren’t right. 

     My ex-husband, a medicine man named Thunder Bow gave me an amulet to wear to keep me safe and a friend made me a small hand made knife that I hid in my boot in case I needed to protect myself. But how does one protect themselves from an archaic and highly intelligent Source that has been around since the beginning of time? I sensed “them” before I stepped aboard my plane and they made their presence known in subtle ways such as nonsensical dreams and knots in my stomach that seemed to never go away. 

     My trip started out as a belly dancer’s dream but in actuality, it was a coming home to my Priestess roots.  I didn’t know beforehand that I had been a Priestess many lifetimes in Egypt. Past life memories came back to me in vivid dreams, vibrant and emotionally riveting. They came non-stop, a young girl of 14 or a boy of 10 at first. Then my memories flashed and changed to me being a woman of high importance, priestesses surrounding me in the moonlight and a ceremony being performed to the Goddess Isis. Some of the past lives were in interesting times, such as the upheaval of Akhenaten’s priests fighting with soldiers and overtaking the inner sanctum of one of the pyramids. The vengeance of the old Gods was terrifying!  I had a flashback of Tutankhamen coming to Luxor for the Sham el Nessim celebration. I was shocked and in awe as these memories flooded into my waking state. It was as if I never left. 

     I was remembering so much so that I sensed someone or something was not happy that my memories were coming back. Throughout the many months I was in Egypt, 2 attempts were made on my life and the third and last attempt which happened back in New Mexico, almost succeeded. 

Double Trouble

     The first attempt happened one morning when I was visiting an indoor market underneath an apartment complex. It was probably 20 stories high in a crowded area by Maadi a suburb of Cairo. I had walked in for some groceries and when I bought all I needed, I walked back out into the street. Within seconds, a woman suddenly yelled at me in English, “Watch out!”

     An area rug about 10 feet long came crashing down, barely missing me by a few feet. If I hadn’t jumped back, I don’t think I would be telling this story. My legs became weak and I felt as if they were going to collapse under me. I was in utter shock when people came running over to me from all directions. Everyone was asking me if I was okay while I looked up, seeing multiple balconies but no sign of where the rug came from. I pushed my way through the crowd and walked away with shaky legs and somewhere inside of me, I sensed that was a warning. 

     Later that day in the afternoon, I was walking down a street by the little apartment I rented. I was weary but had calmed myself down from the morning’s close call.  The butterflies in my stomach had just left me and I was feeling more assured that it was just a coincidence when all of a sudden, a white van full of people came rushing up behind me and hit me from my left side. My left elbow saved my life because it made me bounce off the van. If I hadn’t bounced off the van, I would have been knocked under it and it’s back wheel would have run me over.  It all happened so fast, seemingly in a split second, within a blink of an eye. 

     I yelled at the driver who stopped the van and again people came running towards me to see if I was okay. I looked at the driver and yelled, “Majnoon!” which means crazy in Arabic. The driver had a strange look on his face as he tried to calm me and the crowd down. People were yelling at him and I realized that if I didn’t leave it would have turned into a chaotic scene. I left the crowd, went to my apartment and realized something was either trying to kill me or get my attention. 

     The bruise on my arm was only the beginning.


     The nights were alive with magical scents such as jasmine and other flowering smells that will forever stay with me. But within all of this enchantment there was always a reminder that this is where time truly began, and if I forgot to remember where I was, the ominous silent night constantly reminded me that there were hidden eyes watching … always.  

     I awoke one night with startled and panicky breathing, like I had been running in my sleep. I was on my stomach with my head turned which wasn’t my normal position because I’m a side sleeper. I realized immediately that I was completely paralyzed accept for my eyes. I was panning the room trying to figure out what to do. I felt pressure on my lower back as if something was holding me down. I tried to turn around but to no avail. I thought I had come down with some weird disease and I started to panic and perspire from my adrenaline and fear kicking in. I was literally wet from head to toe like I had just stepped out of a shower. 

     I remembered, Thunder Bow teaching me how to focus so I could calm my mind. I knew it was just a matter of remembering where my inner sanctuary was, so I closed my eyes and tried to push off whatever was holding me down. It felt like an eternity but in reality, it was only 10 minutes or a little more to fixate on my 3rd Eye. When I was able to calm myself down, I felt the pressure on my lower back instantly disappear and I turned over literally overcome with relief, and within seconds, I jumped out of bed. I looked all around the room trying to figure out what had just happened and what could have possibly held me down. 

     I had a hard time going back to sleep but slowly I drifted off and awoke the next morning sore all over, especially in my lower back. I got up and checked my lower back in the mirror and saw about 5 or 6 small brown circles, like burn marks on me scattered around within a 6-inch area. They didn’t hurt at all and within 2 or 3 days, they were gone. 

Missing Time

    I became friends with a guy I’ll call Jimbo. We were hanging out at a club called Club Thirteen. Out of the blue, Jimbo asked me if I wanted to climb one of the Queen’s Pyramids. Now, it’s forbidden so I don’t recommend anyone doing it but at that time in the early 90’s, they didn’t have as much security around the pyramids as they do now. It was around 12:30 am so I was intrigued and said yes. We hailed a taxi and within 30 minutes we were in an area just below the Queens Pyramids. We got off in this location so we could go in a back way where we wouldn’t be seen. We walked by old burial chambers dug in the side of rocks of the workers who supposedly built the pyramids or so the story goes. It was eerie and I could almost hear them whispering to us, asking us what we were doing there. 

     Once we walked past the burial chambers which took about 20 or 30 minutes, we found ourselves at the foot of one of the Queen’s Pyramids. I can’t remember which one but it was at night and I was a willing participant partially because I knew it was taboo.  Jimbo asked me if I was sure I wanted to climb up and I said, “Absolutely!”

     We started our climb and within a short time, we were at the top. I remember clearly the mosquitos, millions or should I say billions of them buzzing around us! I mentioned to Jimbo that I just couldn’t take the mosquitos anymore when all of a sudden, puff, we were gone and then back again! It was like a time glitch had just happened. When we came to, and it was around 6 am because we could hear the morning prayer on all the loudspeakers throughout Cairo. It was eerie to “wake up” to that sound and realize that we had been up there for a long time, at least 2 to 3 hours with no memory of what happened. Interestingly enough, I had no mosquito bites on me at all!

     We climbed down the pyramid freaking out that we would be discovered and made a mad dash back towards the small village. We hailed a cab and went to get coffee and breakfast. I was a chatty Kathy and Jimbo was silent and moody. No matter how much I prodded him, he wouldn’t talk about what had just happened to us and after that incident, he never wanted to go out or do anything with me again. 

     Was the paralysis and the missing time connected? I can’t be certain but I have come to realize that with magic and mystery, nothing is a coincidence. 

      The third attempt on my life happened when I came home.  

Uninvited Guest

     I’m 5’3, but at that time, I weighed only a hundred pounds when I finally arrived home and my feet touched the New Mexico ground.  I was exhausted and tired beyond belief. Interestingly, I ate like a horse and never felt full. I ate as carefully as I could in Egypt so I didn’t venture out into the odd and weird world of exotic foods. I know what you may be thinking, parasites and that was exactly what my family and me thought too but when I went to the doctor, he tested me for a variety of parasites, but didn’t find anything.  

     I was slowly dying and my ex-husband knew it. He saw a dark, black mass attached to me from my upper right shoulder. I felt off balance and I was walking as if I had injured my back. 

     Thunder Bow took  me to another medicine man named Thomas One Wolf. When I went to meet with him, he sensed that something came back home with me. He told me I had to do a Vision Quest and with his help, he would take care of the “uninvited guest.” 

     I made sacred tobacco pouches, praying and asking for help as I made each one of them, connecting them together making a circle with twine. They closed me off to the outside world during my Vision Quest so that I could find answers and “see” what this thing was. Three days and three nights became a blur. I mostly remember that I laid in the sun during the day and crawled into my tent at night. I knew instinctively that the sun was going to help heal me. I could feel it’s warmth and somehow I felt its rays go into me, pulsing, targeting this dark mass attached to me. Thomas One Wolf, came and went as if he was a dream, praying and doing ceremony, asking the Ancestors to help.  The moment the entity let go of me, I felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off of me. I felt light as a feather, light headed and I had to learn to rebalance myself so that I could realign my back and straighten it out. I was no longer hunched back, carrying a weight that was not mine.   

     Thomas One Wolf said I had only a few months to live when I came to him and that this thing was feeding off my life force. He said it knew I was a medicine woman in this life and that it saw my  past lives in Egypt. It was connected to the Djinn and I was lucky I remembered to go to the sun God Ra to help me get rid of it. 

     The priestess in me came alive and helped me heal and it was with this remembering that my greatest lesson was learned. I brought the memories back to New Mexico with me and with the help of Thomas One Wolf was able to get rid of the attachment. 

     Egypt is a portal to other worlds that have been apart of our world for a millennium.  Did the Ancient Aliens take me somewhere during my lost time on top of the pyramid? How did that black mass find me? Even today, I know something was altered in me during that lost time. 

    Most importantly, and probably the greatest gift of all, is the fact that all those past lives in Egypt are alive and in me and they are apart of the medicine woman that I am today. Magic is real and when you become apart of it, it lives on in you, reminding you, you are so much more than you think you are. It’s going to sound cliche but to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before, one only has to go to Egypt. There’s no place like home no matter how many life times we live. 

Nan Madol— Reef of Heaven- Land of GIANTS—-Is it all True Series # 336

Mu Giants

Nan Madol-
All this is on an island called Pohnpei in Eastern Federated Micronesia. Here there are strange structures built out of basalt stone up to 250 tons, with a combined total weight greater than the Great Pyramid of Giza. All of the small islands that are part of a large lagoon on the east sideof the island were artificially made by someone in the distant past. The area to the west of the lagoon has over 800 stone basalt structures that are one story, but 15 feet tall.Can we say Giants? All of these structures are connected by 85 ft. deep underground caves and corridors. Many of the smaller blocks range from 5 to 50 tons; it seems that these huge stones were quarried on the opposite end of the island.

In a Discovery Channel special in 1995,it was speculated that the huge stones were floated around the island to the building site in bamboo boats. But all attempts to duplicate this feat failed, as the bamboo boats quickly sunk. These structures were built on a coral reef, and it seems that all food and fresh water had to be bought into the island from some kind of outside source.

Under Japanese rule before World War II it was said that they carried out caskets made of platinumfrom an underwater location called House of the Dead. During the German occupation, the German governor of the time in the 1900s discovered tombs of 9ft tall Giants. He died that same day.

The Pohnpei people have said that the Giants were the native peoples of the lost continent of Mu. The native people have said that there were three races of Giants: one group was human-like and able to fly, another group was Simian-likeand could fly and live under the sea, and finally the Mega Giants were worker drones wholived and worked under the sea asslave-types.
Regarding the huge rocks floating to the other side of the island, in reality the ships were likelyairships that lifted the stones and flew them to the construction sites. Other stories claim this island of strange structures isaweather machine that was activated in 2012.

And finally, the Russian Geographical Society went to the island a few years ago to study the structures, and to this day no word has been published about their findings.

Sleep tight – Reality is not truly what it seems and Giants are real.


Basques, RH negative, the Neanderthals and the Alien Gene -Is it all True Series # 301

Basque -NeanderthalThe prime question here is what is the origin of the people called the Basques, who live in an area on the border between France and Spain. Could they be direct descents of the Neanderthals? Here is what recent DNA testing of mitochondrial DHA from the bones of a very dead Neanderthal revealed. The major conclusion of this study was that Neanderthals were a completely different species from modern man, not a sub-species like many scientists once believed.

Now the Neanderthals range of habitation was Western Europe, which includes the present day home of the Basques. The present day Basques have distinctive body features such as, long straight noses, strong chins, very long earlobes and crazy thick eyebrows. Their skulls were thicker and wider through the brow area of the head. This is quite similar to the Neanderthals of the past obtained from archeological- forensic depictions.

Next is the blood factor, 55% of the Basque population is blood type O – (the oldest blood on earth). The Basque have the highest % of this blood on earth, like the Neanderthals, who seem to have all been O’s. Also the Basque have the highest levels of RH (-) blood of all present day humans. There is evidence that the true Neanderthals had no RH factor in their blood. This means that they have no primate mixing of their blood like all the other people on earth who have positive RH (Rhesus monkey) factor. So what does this mean–are the Basque people a Pure Blood – separate race maybe from a separate alien origin? Maybe, but somehow there are other pockets of O, A, B, AB blood types with the RH negative factor, and they are not Basques.

Let’s remember we are now finding that the Neanderthals were probably smarter than Homo sapiens, (modern man). With this smartness come other abilities. I believe that in the future we will find out the direct descents of the Basques still walk the earth, and they are called Bigfoot, an alien being not so alien, at least to the Basque people.

Sleep Tight – wisdom is power, but always be ready for truth and wisdom to change, for that is the ultimate truth, wisdom is constantly evolving.


Graham Hancock and Ancient Civilizations

Author, Graham Hancock traverses
the world and explains his controversial
theory that an ancient civilization of highly
intelligent people who sailed the planet
as early as 10,500 B.C., spread advanced
astronomical knowledge and built ancient

Skeptics may scoff, but Hancock earnestly
points out similarities in giant stone
structures in the Egyptian desert and
Cambodian jungles, and on Easter Island
and in Micronesia, he points out what he
considers evidence of an ancient society
of seafarers. His ideas may seem utterly
bizarre at first, but Hancock presents them
in an understated and good-natured manner,
and he also makes clever use of computer
graphics and aerial photography to illustrate
the startling similarities in ancient structures
found from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific.

Hancock raises some puzzling questions, and
even if you don’t buy his arguments, bolstered
though they are by mathematical equations
and astronomical diagrams, the ‘Quest for the
Lost Civilization’ is an entertaining mixture
of archaeology, astronomy, and speculation.

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 36 – JimTurner

This newsletter deals with the Mayan God L in the guise of B’olon Yokte’, the patron god of Period Endings. The topic recently flared up in the news as the media spun out some more 2012 info-tainment as the dreaded year approaches. Apparently, the “experts” assure us the world will not end in 2012. Whew!!

There are 340 days left until the eclipse on Robinson Crusoe Island, and the Spanish-speaking media have begun to chatter about the island….


Click on Blue Link below
The Ahau Chronicles Volume 36

Lead Codices From Jordan?Is it all True Series ? #195

I was reading an interesting post from my friend, Colin Andrews, about an amazing discovery in Jordan, 70 lead/copper-ringed books. Some were normal book size while others were the size of credit cards; some were sealed and others could be easily opened. The writing was in a form of archaic Hebrew script with ancient messianic symbols. Some seemed to be written in a code. An Israeli farmer said his great-grandfather originally found these books about a century ago and hid them in the cave.
The farmer recovered them and smuggled the items into Israel. Some are saying these items are 2000 years old; a piece of leather found with the items was carbon dated to the first century AD.

Like all new discoveries, many are crying fake, which is always possible, because in the black market of the antiquities world, major money can be made. However, the director of Jordan’s Department of Antiquities said these items may be a major discovery into the years of Jesus after his crucifixion. It is quite interesting that these types of sealed books are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It talks of a sealed book that only the messiah could open. Also there are other texts that talk of sealed books of wisdom, and Jesus used to pass formation [DID YOU MEAN A DIFFERENT WORD like “information”?] to his closest disciples using these sealed books.

But again many of the images are unfamiliar to many of the experts, and so here is where my interests come in. As I was browsing the images I noticed some of them looked like images I had collected from my interviews with UFO contactees and abductees over the past 40 years.

Are these books from a very non-human, non-Jesus source? Or is Jesus and his followers just another group of interdimensional beings who have visited our realm, to interact with us strange-but-interesting humans. If so, the Jesus group is somewhat rare because most of these ET-type groups have no desire to get too close to us, but rather choose to instead observe us from a distance, like looking at the animals in a zoo. I truly believe these artifacts are something very profound, not just to Christians, but to all mankind. They are speaking to us, and we better listen.

Sleep tight – discovery and wisdom never stop amazing our world.