Nan Madol— Reef of Heaven- Land of GIANTS—-Is it all True Series # 336

Mu Giants

Nan Madol-
All this is on an island called Pohnpei in Eastern Federated Micronesia. Here there are strange structures built out of basalt stone up to 250 tons, with a combined total weight greater than the Great Pyramid of Giza. All of the small islands that are part of a large lagoon on the east sideof the island were artificially made by someone in the distant past. The area to the west of the lagoon has over 800 stone basalt structures that are one story, but 15 feet tall.Can we say Giants? All of these structures are connected by 85 ft. deep underground caves and corridors. Many of the smaller blocks range from 5 to 50 tons; it seems that these huge stones were quarried on the opposite end of the island.

In a Discovery Channel special in 1995,it was speculated that the huge stones were floated around the island to the building site in bamboo boats. But all attempts to duplicate this feat failed, as the bamboo boats quickly sunk. These structures were built on a coral reef, and it seems that all food and fresh water had to be bought into the island from some kind of outside source.

Under Japanese rule before World War II it was said that they carried out caskets made of platinumfrom an underwater location called House of the Dead. During the German occupation, the German governor of the time in the 1900s discovered tombs of 9ft tall Giants. He died that same day.

The Pohnpei people have said that the Giants were the native peoples of the lost continent of Mu. The native people have said that there were three races of Giants: one group was human-like and able to fly, another group was Simian-likeand could fly and live under the sea, and finally the Mega Giants were worker drones wholived and worked under the sea asslave-types.
Regarding the huge rocks floating to the other side of the island, in reality the ships were likelyairships that lifted the stones and flew them to the construction sites. Other stories claim this island of strange structures isaweather machine that was activated in 2012.

And finally, the Russian Geographical Society went to the island a few years ago to study the structures, and to this day no word has been published about their findings.

Sleep tight – Reality is not truly what it seems and Giants are real.


Basques, RH negative, the Neanderthals and the Alien Gene -Is it all True Series # 301

Basque -NeanderthalThe prime question here is what is the origin of the people called the Basques, who live in an area on the border between France and Spain. Could they be direct descents of the Neanderthals? Here is what recent DNA testing of mitochondrial DHA from the bones of a very dead Neanderthal revealed. The major conclusion of this study was that Neanderthals were a completely different species from modern man, not a sub-species like many scientists once believed.

Now the Neanderthals range of habitation was Western Europe, which includes the present day home of the Basques. The present day Basques have distinctive body features such as, long straight noses, strong chins, very long earlobes and crazy thick eyebrows. Their skulls were thicker and wider through the brow area of the head. This is quite similar to the Neanderthals of the past obtained from archeological- forensic depictions.

Next is the blood factor, 55% of the Basque population is blood type O – (the oldest blood on earth). The Basque have the highest % of this blood on earth, like the Neanderthals, who seem to have all been O’s. Also the Basque have the highest levels of RH (-) blood of all present day humans. There is evidence that the true Neanderthals had no RH factor in their blood. This means that they have no primate mixing of their blood like all the other people on earth who have positive RH (Rhesus monkey) factor. So what does this mean–are the Basque people a Pure Blood – separate race maybe from a separate alien origin? Maybe, but somehow there are other pockets of O, A, B, AB blood types with the RH negative factor, and they are not Basques.

Let’s remember we are now finding that the Neanderthals were probably smarter than Homo sapiens, (modern man). With this smartness come other abilities. I believe that in the future we will find out the direct descents of the Basques still walk the earth, and they are called Bigfoot, an alien being not so alien, at least to the Basque people.

Sleep Tight – wisdom is power, but always be ready for truth and wisdom to change, for that is the ultimate truth, wisdom is constantly evolving.


Graham Hancock and Ancient Civilizations

Author, Graham Hancock traverses
the world and explains his controversial
theory that an ancient civilization of highly
intelligent people who sailed the planet
as early as 10,500 B.C., spread advanced
astronomical knowledge and built ancient

Skeptics may scoff, but Hancock earnestly
points out similarities in giant stone
structures in the Egyptian desert and
Cambodian jungles, and on Easter Island
and in Micronesia, he points out what he
considers evidence of an ancient society
of seafarers. His ideas may seem utterly
bizarre at first, but Hancock presents them
in an understated and good-natured manner,
and he also makes clever use of computer
graphics and aerial photography to illustrate
the startling similarities in ancient structures
found from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific.

Hancock raises some puzzling questions, and
even if you don’t buy his arguments, bolstered
though they are by mathematical equations
and astronomical diagrams, the ‘Quest for the
Lost Civilization’ is an entertaining mixture
of archaeology, astronomy, and speculation.

The Ahau Chronicles Volume 36 – JimTurner

This newsletter deals with the Mayan God L in the guise of B’olon Yokte’, the patron god of Period Endings. The topic recently flared up in the news as the media spun out some more 2012 info-tainment as the dreaded year approaches. Apparently, the “experts” assure us the world will not end in 2012. Whew!!

There are 340 days left until the eclipse on Robinson Crusoe Island, and the Spanish-speaking media have begun to chatter about the island….


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The Ahau Chronicles Volume 36

Lead Codices From Jordan?Is it all True Series ? #195

I was reading an interesting post from my friend, Colin Andrews, about an amazing discovery in Jordan, 70 lead/copper-ringed books. Some were normal book size while others were the size of credit cards; some were sealed and others could be easily opened. The writing was in a form of archaic Hebrew script with ancient messianic symbols. Some seemed to be written in a code. An Israeli farmer said his great-grandfather originally found these books about a century ago and hid them in the cave.
The farmer recovered them and smuggled the items into Israel. Some are saying these items are 2000 years old; a piece of leather found with the items was carbon dated to the first century AD.

Like all new discoveries, many are crying fake, which is always possible, because in the black market of the antiquities world, major money can be made. However, the director of Jordan’s Department of Antiquities said these items may be a major discovery into the years of Jesus after his crucifixion. It is quite interesting that these types of sealed books are mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It talks of a sealed book that only the messiah could open. Also there are other texts that talk of sealed books of wisdom, and Jesus used to pass formation [DID YOU MEAN A DIFFERENT WORD like “information”?] to his closest disciples using these sealed books.

But again many of the images are unfamiliar to many of the experts, and so here is where my interests come in. As I was browsing the images I noticed some of them looked like images I had collected from my interviews with UFO contactees and abductees over the past 40 years.

Are these books from a very non-human, non-Jesus source? Or is Jesus and his followers just another group of interdimensional beings who have visited our realm, to interact with us strange-but-interesting humans. If so, the Jesus group is somewhat rare because most of these ET-type groups have no desire to get too close to us, but rather choose to instead observe us from a distance, like looking at the animals in a zoo. I truly believe these artifacts are something very profound, not just to Christians, but to all mankind. They are speaking to us, and we better listen.

Sleep tight – discovery and wisdom never stop amazing our world.

Bosnian Pyramids and why were all the ancient stone structure built ? Is it all True Series #189

There are five pyramid hills near the town of Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo. Some say they are over 10,000 years old and could be the largest such structures in the world. But there is a lot of debate on this one, and it will probably take years to sort it out. But the excavation continues on with a group of international archaeologists. The History Channel recently did a special on these pyramids and what they showed, was evidence of the possibility of some amazingly old structures. There were also series of tunnels that went on for miles possibly connecting all the structures. Special sound radar equipment showed manmade structures under the layers of earth and vegetation. The structures underneath have a concrete layer – the concrete was heated to 500 degrees and was made of material not found in today’s concrete.

These are similar to the stone structures of Peru and the molded stones that fit together like tight pieces of a puzzle. Scientists say these fitted stones make excellent anti-earthquake structures.

So who is responsible for the dozens of amazing stone structures around the world? More are being discovered on a monthly basis. And consider there are probably hundreds of structures under the oceans still undiscovered, which will expose incredible secrets of our past civilizations. I strongly suggest the responsible party are inter-dimensional beings that came here to build them with very little help from the locals. They were used as religious ceremonial platforms and star observatories. Also the locations of these structures were on energy grid lines, so they were possibly trying to harness some type of global free energy. Another possibility would be these structures were beacons for inbound ships to lock on to and be drawn in through a vortex portal. And lastly the pyramid structures could be a large cover for a vortex opening, keeping the general public from seeing the strange activity as stuff moves in and out of a vortex area.

But as time passed the non-humans left as quickly as they came and the locals started using the stone structures for their own agendas. These structures are all amazing and many present day scientists have stated we could not duplicate them today; even with what our 2011 egos tell us is the greatest technology ever. Which is truly so much BS. Human man didn’t create these structures, someone or something did. And we for the most part can’t ever perceive the possibility; we are living in a multi-dimensional world, where beings can move easily between worlds.

Sleep tight – our potential is endless and the layers of strangeness are infinite.