Thoughts from Anastasia- Saucer Propulsion and more-Is it all True Series #102

I started reading this book about this Russian woman. Since I am part Russian I thought it would be of some interest. It turned out to be mind expanding, filled with profound wisdom from very old times, and secrets projecting into our future.

As I continued to read my mind wrapped around the fact that this Anastasia was something more than an ordinary human being. She speaks as though she has firsthand knowledge of things men and women only dream of. She talks of the propulsion system of a flying saucer as based on the energy created through the generation of a vacuum. This is an implosion process, the process of nature, a non-destructive mode.

She said that saucers get the propulsion vacuum via microorganisms. These specialized cells are located on the inner surface of the upper part of the flying saucer. These cells are positioned between the double walls, which make up the ship’s skin. The upper and lower surfaces of the outer walls have micro-holes and the microorganisms draw in air ahead of the ship and create the all-important vacuum. She goes to say the ship is organic in nature, like a fungus substance.

She also talks about the power of the collective mind and its ability to create this ship with the mind power of a dozen or so humans, much like bees creating a hive, one cell at a time. Anastasia feels the earth has everything the Universe has as a whole to create this ship and the microorganisms to propel them.

She claims the beings in these ships are not as smart as humans and that they are actually afraid of us. She believes that there is no one stronger than Man in the Universe except God.

Well its an interesting thought that Man may be the smartest being in the Universe; I will have to digest that one. Her ideas about eco-technology are compelling, and it is probably time for man/woman to imitate nature’s role in the balancing of planet earth.

Sleep tight – your dreams will come to rest your mind.



Maybe the organic being Anastasia is talking about — I spotted this one east of Albuquerque looking out of a tree- high in the mountains.

The Trip Part 3 Inter-dimensional with the Angels-Is it all True Series #87

The thought of angels begins up a somewhat uncomfortable vision of a somewhat scary winged creature. Some people like my mother are very comfortable with angel things; she loves to collect them, not real ones but statues and paintings. Maybe that is why she called me Michael – after one of the famous archangel captains of the angelic realm.

So what do we know or what do we think we know about these beings. First they have appeared in the religious writings of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. They have unique vibratory signatures. So if you start vibrating in bed one night, a particular angel maybe near, embrace it. Many human religious figures have claimed to have profound encounters with angels, these angels make humans a bit enlightened, but only a little, since we are still killing and maiming each other in the name of God and religion. I have also heard there is a whole angelic society divided into divisions Angel, Archangels, Principles, Cherubim, Seraphim and billions of light workers to do the heavy lifting.

Angels I believe are between an area of pure energy and solid matter, so they appear in a partial hazy state in this physical plane. Further more I believe angels have something to do with Crop Circles either they directly manufacture them (in a New York minute) or some other being makes them for the angels as a temporary portal into this world. Angels by definition are messengers, could the Crop Circle be their messages to Humanhood. If so we better start looking and listening to the messages being presented.

So what does all this have to do with my trip to Washington State with Kewaunee? Well as I was taking pictures of the vortex areas, I snapped a picture of a hazy figure with golden hair and a flowing gown surrounded by other beings, my first thought was an Angel.

As I explore the realm of inter-dimensional beings and photograph portal/vortexes I will watch for those beautiful Angel Guys and their vibratory signatures.

Sleep tight – some beings are most definitely watching.

A small one in the middle—- see it ??? Look closely other beings are hanging out in this photo.

Sharing my experience in Santa Fe New Mexico – Sister Wolf

Many of you know me others don’t.
but I wanted to go to Sedona AZ gathering but due to the Snow fall we had I didn’t..
but my trip to Santa Fe was a greater gift from God.
Little Grandmother- Native American Shaman . presented one of the most powerful gatherings I ever been to.
A while back on the Internet- I met Little Grandmother like I have many of you.
what surprised me we are from the same home town in San Luis valley Colorado
we both have had experience with UFOs and spiritual world.
our teachings have been some different yet we are so much alike.
I’m also a Shaman by gift, my grandmother was Apache my Grandfather was Spanish,
I was raised in two different cultures and learned to balance my life as I got older.
Little Grandmother added me to her list of guest speakers for Monday April -20 -09 …
But the Great Spirit had other plans.
On Sunday Morning April 19-09 I was dreaming I as in a room with five other women shamans.
I could hear the drumming.
I noticed a door that was closed in the room- there was a crack on the bottom and light was coming in and there was a medicine woman on the other side of the door.
I tried to go under to see who she was,
but at that time a voice woke me up in my room and I could see a spirit of a woman.
she called out my name “Priscilla”
I got up and mentioned it to Steve and told him I don’t know who she is- but she called my name out..
that day it was totally changed– I felt like we should go to Santa Fe and meet Little Grandmother.
it was a 80 mile drive there closer to Espanola, NM .. West of Santa Fe, out in the sandy hills.
when we got there I could see the rock circle and people there and a white tent-Teepee.
just beautiful sight, and we walked up to the circle and asked who was Little Grandmother?
they pointed to the Tepee.
so we walked up to it. Little grand Mother greeted us and when she spoke! “I told her I heard you call my name” this morning, at 5:25 am… She told me in front of her friend, I dreamed you this morning about the same time walking up to my tent, and I told my friend :Sister Wolf is coming. amazing how two Medicine women from same town in San Luis Valley, Colorado had this great connection. we believe there are other door ways, or gates to other worlds in the Southern area of Colorado. and Northern New Mexico. a Spiritual world.
the gathering and praying was great, the healings that took place.. by Little Grandmother was a gift from Heaven…
when we were in the half moon circle the force of all the people there created a green energy force -that when I opened my eyes because I almost fell, I seen (witness) a green energy force around all of us and no sight of rocks, trees or hill. only the people and the green energy force was around us. it was a thank you from Mother earth. this was my experience- Little Grandmother. I’m so grateful and so full of love for you my sister. may you share all the experiences for your web site, mine was a powerful gift from God. so happy I met you. I had left a town I never wanted to go back -yet- Mother Spirit brought us back togather for a reason. and for that reason we shall serve her we great honor. you did your learning on the south side of the river and we did others on the Northern part of the river. How sad and yet wonderful how we were able to keep our ways being Indian,…. remember what god created will never die, for he does not create junk. for those who have not met us , your day will come for we are closer to becoming one with our Creator. we all must change and become spiritual one with God. only you can do it… love and blessings Sister wolf- Little Butterfly

Whitley Speaks- Marrs and Henry 2 of 4-"what is It " = Truth, the Ultimate Truth ?

The vibratory rate of the Universe is increasing– holy spirit , Mana , dew , eats or just “what is it” as the ancients would say. Amazing wave of energy coming over the planet — 2012 . Pineal gland ( Philosopher Stone) – the power maker – stimulate it and it all opens up- DMT for a tune-up.Are we being dumbed down by drugs ? 2012 super increase of sunspots means — super quakes? The substance will fall — the white powder — Mono-atomic Gold- “The Eats”.

12-21-11-11-2012 MWiz.

Whitley Speaks -again Jessie/ Travis – the Unified Program

Jessie Long and Travis Walton and their terrific abductions ,what is our future ? A bit scary ? So hold your seat. 1. Implant removed amazing object – with very abnormal composition 2. Sperm extraction 3. Cross- breeding 4. Major traumatic experience .After hearing thousands of these , these are quite typical , but well documented as part of a unified program.

How Can One Live? By Mary Muñoz© March 15, 2009

Over the past several weeks I have been uncertain of what to write about. My days seem to run from one to the next, without any resolve to my questions to, “Why all of this is happening and what does it mean?”
Individually I believe all those who have had the opportunity to experience have found themselves wondering what it is about too. Some will follow one path and others another. There is no single direction that one will go because we each come from different outlooks on life. So how do we individually go on day-to-day knowing the things we do?
Initially I began to question reality, specifically my religion. Then I went from there to questioning my family and wanted to lay blame on them for what was occurring. How could they! How dare they! Then I gave up and didn’t know what to do or what to believe. What was my purpose here on Earth?
So what could I do or not do to resolve my lingering questions? Then I met a fellow experiencer, and after a year of communicating I realized I was in a box of questions that had no real answers. It seemed as though I was making this up as I went. I began to learn that there is so much more complexity to this pondering question that even those who are in the know would not have all the answers themselves. They would like to think they do, but even they have to admit there is more going on than they have technology for; whether it was from Extarrestrial or Time Jumping, it didn’t matter they were and are lost too.
So what have I learned? I have learned that life is okay when you learn to not allow the things we don’t understand to take full command of who we are. It is okay to wonder and experience, but it should not be the ultimate resolve in life. We need to see the beauty around us and experience the things this holographic life provides to us.
By living life out of fear I made myself more afraid of the things that would be presented to me, whether Extarrestrial or by those who are part of the club of knowledge, call them what you want. This group is good at trying to destroy and they would use my knowledge and experience to bring me down, shut me up, and keep me fighting myself within that box of reality. And you know truthfully I had an event over a month ago that did that exact thing. Do to that moment in time I now have disassociated myself with them and will not play their mindless games of fear anymore. It is not worth the energy. So for now I will spend my time writing, when I feel I have something to write about, and I will enjoy all the things that I can manifest in my reality. I hope that all who read this can do the same for themselves.
So how can one live life? For me it is easy; keep breathing in life, do not allow the questions of the situation overtake you, just see it for what it is, go on, and follow your dreams. For isn’t that what this reality is? A dream manifested. So what do I want to dream? For me it is love and light! For the rest of my family, it is up to them. I don’t choose their paths, they do and so do you.

Priscilla Wolf -part 3 of Cloud UFOs and my Grandpa Antonio

One Step beyond our imagination. How beautiful how our minds create and except the unknown.
Grandfather use to say; when you see something unknown and you speak about it, there is always those who try to say its not true until it happens to them, this world is full of mysteries. When you except it opens doors to the unknown.
It was Feb-1962- 2 months after Grandfather expired, I had been outside chopping wood, and bringing wood in for our fireplace . I was so exhausted, I joined my grandmother, Mother,and Aunt Frances in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, then I went into the front room to lay on the sofa and rest a bit. I seemed to fall into a deep sleep. It was the most vivid experience, and I can recall it all in enormous detail. There is no way it was a dream. Call it whatever, but I felt I was lifted into this cloud formation with such a force, Suddenly I was in a huge room, but outside was a white cloud. There was no windows- I saw my grandfather Antonio enters the room and greeted me with happiness- We talked a lot about everything at home. He wore a white robe and he glowed, he looked younger and complete in good health.
“He said; my Patricia ” I have bad news for you.
Two of my daughters are very ill and will join me soon. They will die a week apart in March (of 1962.)
Please let them know I’m here for them. he gave me other messages, I felt myself moving down from the sky. until I was back on the sofa. I woke up and walked into the kitchen and Mom asked me if I was ok? I was very pale they said. Did you see a ghost? I sat down and told them, Grandpa just came to visit me. And he had a message for you all. He has came back for two of his daughters . Mom said; I hope its me- I been so sick, Aunt Frances said; he can go to hell, I’m not ready to go. Grandmother made the remark it was just a dream- don’t worry. A week later in March of 1962- My Aunt Frances got very ill and we took her to Alamosa, Colorado hospital. The day they released her, we went to the hospital to get her, I went into her room and she was sound asleep. but she wasn’t asleep she was dead. it was March-12-1962.
Aunt Helen became very ill same month and was taken to Denver Colorado hospital. The day she was released she also died asleep, it was march-23-1962. Aunt Helen never knew her sister Frances had died.
They say death spirits take three, December 29-1962 grandfather expired- and in March 1962 both Aunts expired. Remember chances are you will never know your death time, but you can drop by one step beyond if you dare. In this particular story it may have been because there was a strong bond between grandfather
and grand- daughter where communication was entirely positive, comforting, and reassuring….

UFO Religions and their Founders: Part 4 of 4—Is it all True Series #74

I believe that the source of most of these UFO religions is the one and only Madame Helena Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society – the Golden Dawn. She was born to Russian aristocratic parents in 1891. From a very early age, this lady with the charismatic personality and powerful psychic abilities, traveled the world to learn more about life from various occult organizations. (Note: I am using occult as not necessarily a negative concept. All religions by definition are occults.)

During her world travels she met a group called the Masters or Secret Masters and they made her their earthbound representative. She claimed they provided her with amazing wisdom and knowledge. She spoke of planes and sub-planes or dimensions and sub-dimensions of existence.

She was the founder of theosophy and the mother of the New Age thought. Remember she lived in the early part of the 20th century when non-ghost dimensional beings were unheard of in those days. The Madame was many different things to many different people. It is written that to the New Agers she was the channeler, to the shrinks she had multiple personalities, to the Christians she was possessed by bad spirits, and to others she was just a crazy con woman.

She wrote five powerful books and claimed they were auto-written in a trans-state from these Masters (of the Universe). Blavatsky said that her writings were not attributable to her, but rather that they were the writing of her Masters, her dimensional beings. She wrote of things, which seem impossible to know, in her time since there was no TV, Internet or vast databases. Had she tapped into that Cosmic Library I spoke about before (See posting Cosmic Library Card from 09/06/08). She was one of the first contactees with a higher dimensional power or so she claims. Her books are a complex enlightening read, well worth the time. Her/their books provide a sneak peek into another time and another world. She was the pioneer in the virgin business of alien beings and UFOs of the coming 21st century.

Sleep tight and dream Big, enjoy these sub-planes of our existence. Those secret Masters will assist in your journey.




Second part-Beyond and back, quest for the unknown-by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

One of the most profound
mysteries confronting any human being is the possibility of surviving after death.The existence of a very different dimension to the world we already inhabit.
One step beyond! Antonio, my Spanish grandfather who was from Spain, was an extraordinary man, no adult in my life had so great and influence over my imaginations like he did.
Living in his world was beautiful to me, he was a great believer- we did not live alone -God had created all over the universe. If this was not true why do we speak of Heaven.
It was December 1961 when my grandfather passed from this world we know of and we have created.
That winter was one of the worst- coldest-snow fall over six feet in the San Luis Valley, Colorado I had ever known.The ground was frozen and digging my grandfathers grave was a job.
Three weeks after he died, he kept his promise to me, if there is another life and world, he told me. I will come back and visit you! I was very close to my grandparents, the Spanish and Apache life to me was heaven. Understanding the culture and ways of life, was a gift, we never lost our ways.
Quest of the unknown.
Grandfather Antonio believed the closer you are to God and spirituality, the veil open’s up to you. And the door to other worlds- open up- to good or bad and communication.
Surrounding my grandfather death, I was with him till the last breath he gave. I was so heart broken, I cried and the man next to him, told me lets pray. We prayed the Rosary, since we are Catholic.His face was disfigured from a kick of a horse when he was in his 30’s. He use to tame wild horses for a living. So his right side was disfigured and he couldn’t close his eye. The moment he died as he spoke my name Patricia! his face returned back to normal before my eyes. I knew his life in this body was over. Or was it?
Many Hispanics and Mexicans believe The Spirit roams for 40 days and nights on earth…Three weeks later. My family left back to Cheyenne, Wyoming for two weeks. My cousin Maria stayed with me so I won’t be alone. Maria was very superstitious, I think she was scared of her shadow. I loved to tell ghost stories and she would ask me not to say anything. One night the Snow blizzard outside was real bad- we already had over six feet of snow. And it was about 30 below zero. The fire from our fireplace was so beautiful as it seemed to dance when the wind would blow hard against our farm home. Maria lived in our Adobe house south from our main home. I don’t remember if there was a full moon- but it was very clear outside that night. Our Collie dog Pedro> dog. Grandpa’s dog howled like a wolf every night since grandpa died. Grieving for his master. Would not eat, Grandmother said: the dog would die cause it broke his spirit when he died. That night he barked normal like real happy and half scared. So I looked out the window to see who or what was out there. I noticed a bright light ascending down from the sky. From the South of our farm toward Maria’s home then I noticed a Dark shadow of a man passing the fence, like it wasn’t there. Walking toward her house but on the dirt trail one block away. As it moved closer toward the main house. Maria!– I called out her name– come here quickly there’s someone walking toward our home. She got real scared! and started to pray, its evil she said; its not normal. I had the shot gun next to the door and knew how to shoot a gun. The man walked slowly looking around as he moved on the path way, toward the main house. Pedro-Dog kept barking- yet -sounded happy and scared- so we knew who ever it was the dog knew him. as the man got closer the dog went into his tepee dog house and whined like a cry , didn’t hear the dog no more. We had the outside light on so we could see a tall man, He wore a cowboy hat, as he got closer, I Hollered at Maria! its grandpa! he’s not dead!…. I told Maria- he promised me he would come back. He walked clear to the wood steps outside and went to the door, and tried to open it. He is coming in I told Maria! In God’s name No she hollered! I went for the door and grabbed the shot gun, and opened the door. There was no one there just foot prints on the snow all the way to the door. Pedro-Dog died that night. ( having a gun- can be dangerously.)
I knew there was another world after that, and some stay on earth as ghosts, others as human as me and you -are. life is beautiful when some of us have the power beyond means to come and go with no more pain or suffering — Life has taught me so many things, and I accept and don’t question what is One step beyond,
Angels come in every different forms. until next time part three The Ghost and life of Antonio My grandfather who lives in two worlds. enjoy and remember our loved ones never leave us, if you believe.