Cloud UFOs & the travels of Antonio on UFO Clouds. by Priscilla Garduno Wolf‏

Grandfather use to talk about Cloud UFO’s when I was a child, I was about six years old in the first grade, in Southern Colorado, raised in the far, with my Grandparent’s.
My Apache Grandmother talked about the Star people, and the Birds they came in from the sky. Some colorful birds that landed on rock, water, mountains, some just sit still in the air, silent birds.Out of their body’s came the Star people. Grandfather was from Spain and was very religious ( Catholic). He believed in the supernatural, paranormal, and in space crafts. It was neat living with them because all was normal. So much existed around us. In San Luis Valley, Colorado is well known for the paranormal and UFOs. My friend Author Chris O Brain wrote about me in his third book. “Secrets of the Mysterious Valley”. I was going to school first grade, school was hard on me I didn’t know how to speak English, hardest language I ever had to learn. On my way home past the Skin Walker tree. I noticed a pure white cloud on my grandfathers farm, it just laid there on five acres of land. Never seen a cloud on the ground, and the color white was different then any white I ever seen. As I got closer to home, it was still there. Suddenly like a door opened and a small girl my age walked out and started to walk toward me, she was beautiful! gold blonde hair and blue eyes and dressed in a yellow dress. I called her Nancy we were friends until I was eight. she taught me art and English and showed me places I never been too. for those reading this- she was not a imaginary friend. She was real as me and you. but she came in a Cloud ship. I have wrote a lot about her in my writings. She was a Star Child. Grandfather seemed to know a lot about Cloud UFO’s. Till the day he died. He claimed he traveled in them. it was 1961 winter was very cold and we had a lot of snow. Grandfather had a heart Attack and died a week later. But the day of his heart attack he laid on the sofa. He asked me for a glass of water. ( I was 17) grandfather was in his 80’s.
So I went into the kitchen to get him a glass of water. When I came back he had his hand reaching for something, he was calling out to his two friends that had died a year before. Grandpa I said: wait for me? I’m coming! I asked grandfather who are you talking too? He replied my friends, they just came to visit me, look outside he told me see how they came? I looked outside and to the South same five acres I had seen Nancy come in a Cloud UFO, there it was once again. The UFO cloud shape like a egg, all pure white, it just laid there. Except this time it laid on the snow- but a different color of white then the snow. It was amazing beautiful. It just sit there for one day, once we moved Grandfather to Alamosa, Colorado hospital it vanished.
Grandfather told me I will come back and visit you and show you there are other worlds beside our own. A promise he kept. The Travels of Antonio On Cloud UFOs, until second part ” The Return Of Antonio in a Cloud UFO” Three weeks later. Enjoy They are real.

Religions of the UFOs and their Founders: Part 2-Is it all True Series #71

George Van Tassel, contactee, ufologist and paranormal researcher, was born in Jefferson, Ohio in 1910. He dropped out of high school, got a pilot’s license and moved to California. He worked for his uncle as an auto mechanic and befriended a loner named Critzer, who has quite a story himself. Critzer was doing some prospecting near Landers, California and near this amazing huge freestanding rock (maybe the largest in the world). It is 7 stories high and about 6,000 sq ft on the ground. After Critzer’s death, Tassel leased the land next to this giant rock, and built a home, a cafe, an airstrip and a dude ranch.

George would meditate by the rock and one day it happened; the all-wise “Council of Seven Lights” came for a visit. He claimed they were from Venus, were very friendly and suggested to him to build a device to extend human life for many years. George spent the next 25 years of his life building this structure called the Integratron. Many people have visited this dome-shaped wooden structure over the years, but many feel it is incomplete and not functioning as it was intended to. George died in 1978, at a not-so-ripe age of 68. I believe the dome was in fact incomplete in that it needed to have an overlapping counter rotation to activate the rejuvenation process.

George was credited with the term “channeling”; he wanted to distinguish his communication from “mediums”. George said his communication was something called a tensor beam, like a TV, with different channels and different frequencies. One of George’s first channeling was from Ashtar. Ashtar’s message, through George as his channel, said to stop playing with splitting the hydrogen atom, and that hydrogen is the giver of life to this planet. If the initial explosion is large enough, the chain-reaction could/would destroy the whole earth into tiny subatomic particles, basically vaporizing everything we know into nothingness.

With that happy thought in mind, George went on and founded two groups, one called The Ministry of Universal Wisdom and the other called, The College of Universal Wisdom.

So have these warnings from another dimension been heard? George tried. And another George, George Adamski, who was probably one of the most famous, did attend Van Tassel’s Giant Rock Conventions. More on Adamski next week.

One final thought, we need to get down close to the ground and listen.


George’s Vehicle – to youth

To Be Or Not To Be a Conspiracy? By Mary Muñoz © February 8, 2009

Over the months I have written various situations that family, friends, or even I have experienced. I have always slid through the subject of conspiracy theories and the idea of a dark side working against us. I have played on my situation not telling all; leaving just enough out to make one wonder. I do that for a reason.
Imagine being part of, yet separate from, something so out of this world that to share it could bring great pain and destruction upon ones soul or a soul of one you love. Fear is something that can bind one to eternal torment on this plane of existence. Leaving them to always wonder why it has to be as it is?
I once saw a psychic that told me, “Why do you keep saying here we go again?” I was amazed at the response I had received, because those were the exact words that I had been stating for months, if not years. I would try to exclude myself from the phenomena, but no matter how hard I tried it would come back to me face to face. And in the same breath I wanted to share what was happening, but the warnings were quite clear. “Don’t do it!”
I have friends who have shared their point in case with the phenomena and each one has had a significant loss due to their participation. And that loss hasn’t always been upon them, but upon the ones they love. So with that, “Do I believe there is a conspiracy out there?” I believe that there is so much more than we can begin to understand. The more we see the more complex it gets. I am not out trying to solve the question of the century, “Do UFO’s and ET’s exist?” No I am trying to understand why they exist in my reality. Is it a genetic link? Is it even more complex? Or was it just a fluke of nature?
So if I venture further into my writings I will begin to share a new way of observing something that I don’t fully understand, yet I seem to be a part of on a daily or weekly basis, and depending on the time of the year, because really there is no pattern to this situation, for it comes and goes, like the wind. I will not assume that any have to do with any conspiracy theories or dark force realities, because I think we all know they do at some level. I will just continue to share how I view the things I see, how I am learning to understand that which I don’t know, and the tools I am using to find my answers to my own dilemmas; in a more enlightened way.

Autistic Children -“ Children of the Gods–Is it all True Series #64

I was watching a 60 Minutes special about 6 weeks ago, and there was a story about an amazing blind boy who was a prodigy and had autistic characteristics. Early on his communication skills were minimal at best, in the form of small bursts of screaming. Then on his second birthday he started playing the piano only from hearing other music. It was quite a sight to see. He converted sounds into instant strokes on the keyboard.

By definition autism is a brain disorder, which has the characteristics of impaired social interaction and often-strange repetitive motion/behavior.

So what is the cause? Some say autism is the result of an inter-cellular brain mutation or excess gray matter in a particular region of the brain, which cause the neurons to malfunction. Now recently researchers have been debating that the possible cause could be mercury and other heavy metals in vaccine compounds, which are increasingly forced upon parents by government agencies. A more sinister cause is the possibility that it is a nano-technology being using to create or modify human children.

Over my many years of working with abductees and contactees I have heard similarities between autistic humans and some Gray-type aliens. These similar traits include lack of socializing, lack of emotions, and bursts of short strange sounds. Both groups also have high levels of intellect. One astounding similarity is that neither group can button a shirt or tie shoes.

So the question is–is there some sort of causal relationship between abductions and autism. I have talked to abductees who have had autistic children, but I have not done a true study. These are truly special children. We may be watching their evolution playing out in front of our eyes. In February 2007, the CDC stated that one in every 150, 8-year-olds has an autistic spectrum disorder, and it is developing in more children each year.

It is a mystery, and maybe only the children themselves know the answer. And they are not ready to tell us or we are not ready to hear them.

Have a great holiday season! More strange and enlightening stuff coming in 2009. It will be a year to remember, I promise you. “Be prepared and keep your socks up” (from a buddy in Tucson, AZ.)


Obama's Transition Team Under the Hood at NASA–Is it all True Series #63

Lori Garver is her name, and she is looking under the hood at NASA for president elect Obama. So what will she find? First, a nervous group of people hoping their jobs are preserved during this time of financial turmoil. Next, she will find an out of control administrator named Mike Griffin, who is promoting a project called Constellation, which could have costs over-rides in the billions. The word on the street is the New Moon rocket program is under performing and well over budget, and Constellation is the next-generation to the Moon project. The Apollo project was over 30 years ago. Then came the Shuttle Program, an earth orbital project that lost its public excitement over the last 10 years, not to mention the lives of several astronauts. And of course we have in this strange mix a contractor (the military industrial complex) looking for billions of more contracts. Mr Griffin has put out the word to his contractors to chill-out with the transition team to preserve their future grace with him. The excitement is building.

So what could be under that damn hood, something or just nothing? Some fairly intelligent people actually say we have never gone to the moon and that it was all done on a Hollywood-type stage in the California desert, but this posting is not to debate that. But I do believe Obama knows something is wrong in NASA-ville. So lets looks at America’s manned space travel timeline- 1958: US first satellite into orbit; 1961: Alan Shepard, first American in Space; 1962: John Glenn, first American in orbit; 1969: Moon landing for Armstrong and Aldrin. So 11 years from first satellite to the Moon landing there were some amazing accomplishments, but then during the next 39 years we have been just floating around the earth, what is going on here?

Have our Alien buddies stopped our progress; I say YES. We have been trapped on this planet. Look, at the minimum, considering the first 11 years of progress in the manned space program, we should have, at the very least, landed a man on Mars and had a permanent base there by now, or I will boldly say we never went to the Moon period.

NASA is a place of Dreams, space travel to the moon and beyond. Obama knows or he will know the truth. Lori Garver said, “There is going to be a change.”

There is something very interesting about Obama .More to come.



Would This Be It? Past and Future Collide Part 1 By Mary Muñoz © December 14, 2008

After that moment in the house; where I had an actual memory brought to reality through the use of the black light and opening up of my subconscious mind one would think that this would be the ultimate knowledge to what is happening around my life. I could only hope, but soon truth turned to frustration showing me that I was only peering through the keyhole of a life long forgotten.
Growing up as a child I always approached life differently than my other siblings. At four I had an imaginary friend. At six, I had a reaction to a dentist that would throw my mom into a lifelong embarrassment vowing to never take me back. There was the incident with the doctor, the unexplained cut in private places, and the classic nosebleeds that would be diagnosed away as allergies to dust, because there were no other explanations to what was going on. I was considered the black sheep of the family no matter how hard to fit in I didn’t. And for the majority of my life I always felt out of place at family gatherings. No one understood me and the dynamics of what I had gone through and was going through at the time. Even today I still go through many incidences, but I have learned that there is a time and place to bring up discussions, but I think I have mentioned that before.
I never could understand why I didn’t agree with everything that was thrown at me. I tried to do things right, but things went wrong. So now that I had approached the phenomena through hypnosis I knew I was not totally crazy and I began to understand that there were rational explanations to my past that had never presented itself. I just had to find my direction through it all. Remember this is a big huge complex mess that has many variables. It is just putting everything into the correct sequence to find the path to truth, which was something I was now doing.
Imaginary Friend
I don’t remember my imaginary friend, but my mom told me at first she was concerned, realized at some point it was a phase, and that I would grow out of it. Today I have often wondered if that friend had something to do with my experiences. She appeared when I had moved to Bloomfield, which is linked to my earliest memories of ET involvement. Was she one of the ET’s? I don’t know…yet.
It simply goes like this…even today I still have the ability to see and interact with others from other realms including ET’s. The situation in the hallway was a prime example of many unusual events from my past and my present, but for some reason it just doesn’t have the same dynamics that it had back then. I am a firm believer that it is all due to the conditioning of my life over the years. Bumps and bruises can take away the innocence that we have as children. One of the most precious gifts we have as a child is the ability to see things without question or judgment. If you see a ghost, talk to a spirit, or communicate with an ET; they are real, alive, and remembered.
Life can be a conditioning tool. We can be led to not believe anymore and there for a time I wanted to not believe, but circumstance always has a way of reminding me, but more on that next week.

Human Belief: God versus Aliens-Is it all True Series #61

We love our polls; polls on politicians, polls on the best restaurants, polls on the sexiest people in the world and now polls on God versus Aliens. I am usually skeptical of polls, especially ones I don’t agree with (Ha, Ha). Now in a poll of 3,000 people from the general population, 58 % say they believe in Alien beings/the supernatural, while a separate poll said that 54% of people believed in the existence of God. Of the college students who said that they believed in Alien beings, 23% were freshman, 31% were seniors and 34% were graduate students. Does more education lead to more open-mindedness? Or are more open-minded people just the type that would want to further their education. In any case, I know many Ph.D.s who believe in UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, alien beings and this includes my daughter, who is currently in a Ph.D. program, and she is as sane as they come.

According to the New Testament, faith is “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. So to have faith, to believe, to trust is to believe in something for which there is no evidence to support its existence, thus blind faith.

So why are people who are deeply into their religious faith standing on the opposite side of the room when it comes to the paranormal? And often times vice versa– I don’t have the statistics handy, but I do find it interesting that a large number of those people in the science fields are often not religious people (Think about Creationism vs. Evolution). There is some evidence that strong belief in religious doctrine would make a person less open to the possibility of paranormal beliefs, since religions, like Christianity, have strong biblical sanctions against paranormal beliefs. Some would argue however that these beliefs are like two peas from the same pod; both are based on no or minimum evidence of their existence. (And come on, Jesus supposedly walked on water and turned water to wine—that’s pretty paranormal…)

Do people just want to believe? Do they have to believe in something to be human and sane? And if we don’t understand something, does our mind make up bizarre stuff to calm our senses and give order to our world, even though in the long run these justifications could be considered irrational thoughts.

To quote a famous all-knowing person with amazing abilities, “They are only people and they (humans) will believe in anything” – Monk (the TV show) 11/28/08.

Enjoy – life is short.