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My friend Kewaunee is Host of this one – great -Bigfoot Special Announcement and going forward Etc — enjoy (This segment is about white buffalo and some Bigfoot stuff )



Kathleen Jones Show —
Next Thursday – April 9th @ 7:00 pm , Every Thursday going forward


Georgia Powerball, and a Bigfoot in a Box–Is it all True Series #45

I lived in Georgia for 15 years, and I met many interesting people. I also have a child going to college there. But I have also met several people who would rather prank you then say –Hay! Now, let me say, there is no doubt in my mind that there are Sasquatch. But I am having a problem with this Bigfoot in a Box. First its looks quite fake because the head looks like a typical ape costume head. The body looks like an old fur rug thrown in a pile, with a couple of pig entrails lying on top of the rug. I truly would have thought that if this was in fact real that a more credible picture would have been in order. This doesn’t look like any witness drawings I have seen over the last twenty years.

So I called my dear friend and colleague Kewaunee Lapseritis BA, MS, MH, a field researcher of Bigfoot and their relationships in our world and other worlds. Kewaunee has 52 years of interacting with Sasquatch and over 950 contact events over the past 29 years. He sized up the possibility of a Bigfoot being captured or found dead as an extremely rare event. I would say it is like winning the powerball lottery 2 weeks in a row. Kewaunee said the Sasquatch move in family groups or clan and are extremely protective of each other and have the ability to move between dimensions, making it impossible to capture. Only hair and stool have been found. Mr.K continues that Sasquatch are a highly evolved group of beings and they know their environment very well.

The man leading this Bigfoot in the Box show is Tom Barcardi, a man with it all on the line. Unfortunately his creditability has been damaged due to past indiscretions. I remember when George Noory chewed Tom out on his show for not being straight with the public on some Bigfoot information and a money issue. Also Matt and Ric, the Georgia peaches who found the Bigfoot or whatever it is, have worked for Tom Barcardi in the past according to another researcher who was with Tom, Ric and Matt hunting Bigfoot in the Rockies last year. There are some strange inconsistencies in this case. I would move forward cautiously. This may be a further test of man’s integrity and his understanding of other beings among us.

Lastly Kewaunee did say that Bigfoot isn’t infallible, they can be, but have rarely been, caught off guard.

Was this that rare time? Time will tell. In this infinite universe even a guy like Tom Barcardi could get lucky and hit the jackpot!


Post Script,—- I originally wrote this 08/15/08 the Friday before the famous or not so famous news conference , on” Bigfoot in the Box”. Now we all know it was a very bad hoax. Maybe one good thing has come out of this—- no more Tom Barcardi to embarrass the real Sasquatch researchers and there are some real good ones of high integrity.


If you see one , looking like this- you may have something.

Lets talk Alien Types a few more , Is it all True ? part 5

As stated in a previous posting (09/29/07) there are probably 125 to 200 alien being types on this wonderful earth. They come in all sizes and shapes- sort of like the bar scene in the movie “Star Wars”. So here we go again into a strange bar scene, 2007 version – planet Earth.

Reptiloids – Average height, weight, body temp, pulse, blood pressure and life expectancy as compared to humans. Female life expectancy is 23 years and in some cases less. They are cold-blooded, flourish in warm climates or artificial warm environments, such as caves. Some are friendly to humans but most are on the mean side. They mostly look like a reptile with some human features (e.g., two legs and two arms, bipedal).

Insectoids- two types, Masters and Servants. Compared to man, they are shorter, lighter, have a higher body temperature, pulse rate and life expectancy (130 to 150 years). Masters have insect and human combined features (bipedal). The Servants, who serve the Masters, look like large four-legged stand-up bugs. They both have amazing visual and auditory ability.

Deviants – Scary guys (here comes the legend of the demon race), very dangerous and primitive guys. They would rather rip your head off than say good morning. They look like the meanest and ugliest monster you have seen on any sci-fi show.

Meta-terrestrial beings are from our possible future, time travelers, a mix of say humans and Zeta-Reticulaes. They are tall with long necks, have a peaceful look about them, and peaceful in the way they react with humans (unknown to this author).

Mooks are funny-clothed, small bipedal creatures with long beak-type noses, three digits on each hand and foot, and they are always eating. They are neutral to man.

Bigfoot –the missing link? We (humans) may be a hybrid between a Bigfoot type and another Nordic type being. BF are extremely intelligent and passive. They are wonderful beings and want just to save the earth from its destruction. They have been seen on alien ships and also seen doing guard functions around bases, so they do coordinate with other alien groups. Some humans have developed close relationships with BF and their families.

This has been a brief description of some of the more common groups hanging out around us. Of course if all they were doing is “hanging out”- there would not be issues or problems with their presence.

New being types are observed yearly- of course we are depending on the perception of the observer and their cultural slant to make a good description.

Enjoy, life is short.


Your friendly? Rep. Love his/her purple coat.

Dispatch from "Mr. K"

Over the last year I have received emails, letters and phone calls from people claiming to have paranormal experiences with the psychic Sasquatch. Some of those who wrote to me were housewives,a road maintenance worker, a supervisor at a private company, a hypnotherapist, a forklift operator, a factory worker, mechanical engineer, and most recently, an attorney. I interpret this to mean that this is the Sasquatch people’s way of slowly coming out publicly. All of these “contactees” experienced mental telepathy and for five of them it is ongoing. The Sasquatch select people they feel they can trust and it’s not uncommon for them to tell the experiencer to contact me since I have been researching the phenomenon for 51 years now. The beings want us to pray more, store food, water, and supplies and to move into the country because they sense war, and devastation on some level over the next 5 years.

Kewaunee . kewaunee-picture.JPG

The Native American and Celtic Code.

What does the title mean? As I have stated, I have chatted with and interviewed hundreds of people on a variety of paranormal subjects,including contact (alien type) and special abilities. These special abilities I speak of are things like “the Sight ” see things such as ghosts , alien types, talking to the dead, etc.These abilities can also involve healing, mainly of others, not themselves. These people have contact with spirit beings throughout their lives. So who are these people? They are individuals of mixed heritage of Native American and Celtic blood (Irish, Scottish and maybe some select English). It seems to work best at a 50/50 split NA/Celt , but 25/75 seems to also work. But if there are other bloods mixed in, then the abilities seem to drop off quickly.
I lived in Georgia for many years and was in contact with Cherokee/Celts individuals in the North Georgia Mountains (hills). Interesting stuff in those hills: Bigfoot,many UFO sightings and much contact. Anyone who had this blood mix has had a very full strange interesting life and will until they die (and I suspect also in the otherworld). The contact and abilities start young for them 3 or 4 years old, but some remember as small babies, these beings coming to them and teaching wonderful things along with a warm feeling.(They all consistently describe it that way.) Several years ago,I had lunch with an ex-CIA guy (ha, ha once company always company) and he said the CIA had studied this same phenomenon. (And I thought I had discovered it.) He wouldn’t give me much detail, but it is real.

If you have or know of someone who has this NA/Celt bloodline please contact me anonymously at mike@truthseekerforum.com or post a comment here.

Thanks MWiz.
Mix creates beauty and strengthhref=’https://truthseekerforum.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/beauty-in-the-snow.JPG’ title=’Mix creates beauty and strength’>

The BigFoot Question – Why???

Mr Big It has been asked a thousand times , why haven’t we found a body or why hasn’t a madman shot one? I used to ask the same question and then I met Kewaunee Lapseritis (check out his page on this site ) . After his many years of research he shared with me some of his BF knowledge . According to Mr. K ,Sasquatch are very much an inter-dimensional group of beings. They move between worlds very easily . Mr. K told me a story from a reliable source (a bear hunter) that he came across what he thought was a bear (but not) bending over a stream and looking at something. The BF (as the hunter discovered later) was distracted by a fish or something in the water. The hunter shot the creature and it started running and it faded into thin air in a manner of less than 30 seconds . Also its footprint impact on the ground became (muddy river bed) lighter and lighter. Per Mr K, BFs can communicate telepathically with each other at long distances (they don’t need cell towers ), thus watching each others’ backs. Also interesting, they use and work with other animals . Like maybe an eagle is flying high in the sky and communicates (telepathically ) with a BF if any danger is near.
Bottom line, we will have to get to the a higher level of intelligence and other abilities before we can play in the sandbox with Bigfoot/Sasquatch . Presently it is his sandbox.
MWiz Comments Please.

BF Video– Walk in the Park

Interesting but hard to believe the Bigfoot two at that, would have allowed so much film time. I guess you could say they are shy and don’t want to be bothered by their low-end cousin the human. These are long shots , but form looks quite reasonable. I am leaning towards hoax .
But what do you think — comments please .


Thanks to You Tube

My Adventure with Kewaunee – "The Vortex".

I periodically go on a Bigfoot search ,with my wonderful friend Kewaunee who is a master at dowsing ,Bigfoot chasing and herbs and healing. This time we went to one of our favorite spots outside of Missoula , an amazing place with plenty of Bigfoot . But for the moment I will talk about Vortices (places where this world meets the others) and where strange things happen if you are patient . This particular day was cold, cloudy,and windy,with snow in the air . We were on the hunt for the super vortex .Only one of a dozen such areas in the world. So Mr.K dowsed the area near a beautiful stream surrounded by grassy rocky hills. He found the vortex which was about 150 feet across . So we set up our folding chairs near the edge of the vortex and we waited Even though I felt something watching me as we sat quietly , we saw nothing. The weather was getting colder, windy and very dark and overcast. I leaned over and asked Kewaunee, Where is the action ?
He smiled and said “wait”mountain-reflection.jpgand then he seemed to fall into a meditative trance . Suddenly the sky opened up and a huge circle appeared overhead and a column of warm sunshine fell to earth . We immediately had to remove our heavy coats . The circle in the sky was perfect and lasted until we went back to town. This is one of many memories of my Kewaunee trips,– more to follow.