Moon Dust + Blue Fly = C Stone

Cliff StoneC Stone equals Clifford Stone who presented at the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum for our April meeting. Cliff is a special UFO investigator because for most his life he has been in the thick of the phenomenon. Beside his our personal ET experiences, he spent 22 years with an elite military group to recover UFO, ET bodies and anything else of strategic importance. After he left the military, he started his hard research, using a fearless approach to the subject matter.

Clifford was motivated to bring the truth forth by the passing of Paul Benerwitz, who (Paul) basically gave his life to get the truth out about ET visitation and government involvement.

Clifford’s research confirms that our government recovery program helped Corporate America and the Military Industrial Complex make advances both good and bad for the world. Clifford believes that the information about ET and other inter-dimensional beings should not be kept secret; he did feel that 95% of the truth could be release without de-stabilizing the world, but 5% should be kept secret for now.

Cliff presented page after page of government documentation backing up his truths. He spoke of the time the ETs were quite interested in direct contact with the White House as 68 UFOs hovered around it on July 26/27 1952. He noted all the secrecy around the UFO conspiracy has a higher clearance than the making of the H-bomb known as the Manhattan Project, actually the UFO truth is the highest clearance of any subject matter, in the history of the USA.

Clifford talked about how some of the bodies looked from the crash sites, pale skin, no noses, no lips, big black, small eyes. There were several different species involved in the crashes.

Cliff didn’t seem to want to talk much about his contact with the living beings that were basically captured after the crashes. These experiences seem to be too strange and maybe too painful to express and convey in human terms. The human mind seems to want to shutdown to avoid reliving the experience.

Sleep Tight, thanks Clifford for sharing truth about your life’s journey. Note Moon Dust = the recovery team for a non-human alien craft, Blue Fly = the act of recovery of a non-human alien craft.


More Danger Falling from the Skies -Is it all True Series # 349

filament diseaseThe assault on humanity continues as new things are added to the arsenal of madness. I have written several posts on the generic chemtrails that how been used to modify the weather , maybe even stem the tide of global warming, which in reality has made it worse., as they had miscalculated the greenhouse effect the heavy metal also creates. This process pretty much negates any positive reflection of solar heat back to space. And this leaves us with barium, cadmium, aluminum and other bad stuff for living things to deal with.

But now there is more, a deeper walk down the path of darkness, an aerial vaccination delivery system, maybe more correctly called a nano gene delivery system. Fibers –filaments are falling from the skies, some too small to see with-out a microscope, and others forming large web-like filaments that covers trees and cars around the country. These are not natural, they can be cultured in a lab, they are or very similar to a strange skin disease called Morgellons, lesions that grow fibers out of them and don’t seem to harm the person or animal but look like hell.

The more frightening element is that some of the filaments that have been recovered contain human red blood cells. If these cells are modified and laced with a deadly microbe or even a straight out toxin, goodbye us, a way mankind could thin their own herd. The first samples of these filament particles in the mountain close to my home in New Mexico – Land of” strange” Enchantment .

There is another source theory of these filaments, one strangely could be a new way an alien being race could modify our DNA, hopefully for the better. If we inhaled these tiny filaments they would embed in our lungs and drop off their cargo, (DNA replacement strands or add-on particles) carried in a human blood envelope. Once the delivery is made into our bloodstream, the remaining empty filaments turn into a lung irritation and the empty carriers are coughed out of the body. It would be possible that not all the filaments would release their cargo and some of the coughed out particles (like a virus) could be spread to other humans.

Sleep tight, Hey remember – these cargo filaments could make us better, smarter and happier – the New Earth Human.


Chem-trails caught on Video — from

If you have been on the fence about
the existence of Chemtrails, this video
should settle the issue for you, once
and for all.

The first case involves three near head-on
collisions with a FedEx cargo jet, as the
pilot requests for permission to find an
altitude where he can evade them – only
to be faced with another near-miss.

Then, several other instances showing
massive gobs of dense material being
dumped from the wing ducts of KC-135
Tanker planes at commercial altitudes,
without the awareness of Air Traffic Control
are shown, including one hair-raising
daredevil stunt.

The obliviousness of ATC could have been
achieved if the military planes had shut off
their transponders. Also, it appears that the
Air Force planes were not detectable by radar.

Hands down, this is the best chemtrails footage
that I have ever seen!

Video (about 7 mins):

John Wheeler: the Man that helped create the Vietnam Memorial and much more.Industrial Complex – Is it all True Series #176

John served three US Presidents and served his country very well. His life ended in a garbage dump, killed by blunt force trauma. About 48 hours before his death, he was wandering around a parking garage, confused and in a daze. To this day there are few leads to the killer according to the local police.

Why would someone want to kill this man? He knew something very big and very dangerous. First it is important to know that Wheeler wrote a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons, and he was strongly against using either.

He probably knew the following: our military had moved 60+ tons of one of the most deadly poisonous gases in the world, Phosgene. It was brought from Iraq to a weapons arsenal in central Arkansas. If you are exposed to Phosgene it causes your respiratory system to explode. And the Russians probably also knew we had this big cache of Phosgene. So the military, knowing the Russians were in the know, needed to dispose of the deadly gas very quickly, so they pumped it deep underground, which probably caused 500 minor earthquakes.

Phosgene is a substance that cannot be made anymore because of a worldwide weapon treaty. There was also another malfunction in the transport of this gas in and around central Arkansas. One of the tanker aircrafts carrying the gas accidentally released some in the air, probably killing those now famous 4000+ redwing blackbirds. They died of internal lung trauma. A second accident occurred as they (military) flew over the Arkansas River and there was another mishandled release killing 100,000 fish.

John Wheeler was going to tell the US and the world about what was going on and the extreme dangers of Phosgene gas. It looks like John Wheeler paid the ultimate price for being an American hero. Sadly few people know this amazing story, of this man’s desire to do the right thing. I salute you John Wheeler. John, as I mentioned in the title, also helped create the famous War Memorial honoring the Vietnam vets in Washington DC.

Sleep-tight, just sleep tight.