Research with Care – UFO/Paranormal -Is it all True Series # 314

other-worldI have been doing research in the strange but real world of UFO and the Paranormal for over 40 years, and one thing I have learned is that you need to practice some form of self-protection, especially when doing field research. This is because we are dealing with entities like reptilians, ghosts, forest beings, and dark entities of all shapes and forms.

The problem here is since the researcher is going into other powerful beings’ territories, it is truly best to put some protection around your physical and energetic body. For these entities can attach themselves to the unaware researcher and cause havoc after the person leaves the field research area and re-enters his/her home base.

So what can happen if you are not careful and don’t protect yourself? Here are a few examples. First, many of you have heard of Skin Walker Ranch, a vortex in Utah where strange entities come and go through a portal area on the old ranch. The volume of strangeness became so great that the government took it over to watch over this alien invasion. Back before the government took over, a man came out to meditate on the ranch to make contact with the alien entities, but through this process his mind got invaded by frightening beings, and that ended his meditation career.

I personally was meditating in my house in Georgia when three reptilian beings wanted permission to enter my house and possibly do harm to me and/or my family. I confronted them outside my home and they vanished. A fellow researcher had been doing field work in a forested area in New Mexico searching for Dogman and Bigfoot and some entity attached to her and may have been responsible for a push down the stairs and a broken arm.

All of these bad outcomes could have been avoided with a little common sense and protection. The researcher should simply clear himself as he leaves his home either with a clearing mantra or smudging or both, and then when leaving the research area he should thank the entities for allowing him/her to occupy their space. Then the final protection would be to recite a mantra before the researcher enters his/her home base stating that no entities may enter your sacred place now or ever. It’s quick and it works.

Sleep tight, you always need to protect your mind and soul, because they have infinite cosmic value.


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 125

AlbertLocation. Ongwediva, Namibia
Date: early October 2010 Time: various
There were stories of unidentified
creatures that attacked animals at night. On the early morning of last Friday a
puppy that belonged to Lukas Fotolela, a local resident, died after it was savagely
mauled by an unknown creature. The creature allegedly entered the house
through a small gate that was not properly closed.
“I was sleeping with an open window, when I saw a big white animal, with a black
or brownish head forcing its way underneath the corrugated iron sheets where
the puppies were sleeping. I tried to scare it away
by hitting on the window but
instead, it jumped towards me, wanting to attack me, but I quickly closed the
door,” explained witness, Monica Simon. According to Simon, the creature
looked like a dog, but was bigger than a dog. She explained that the ‘animal’exuded a very bad strong odor.
“After I closed the window the creature went back to the puppies and killed my
favorite puppy. I heard it making sounds as if it w
as chewing something. I
thought it was eating up the puppy but when we woke
up the dead dog only had a
bit of blood coming from its mouth. I guess it sucked its blood,” said Simon.
The owner of the house, Lukas Fotolela, who worked
until late that night came
home to find his dog dead. Fotolela said he searched his yard but could not find
the animal or its footprints. For years now stories
of unknown creatures that kill
animals in the north, especially in the Oshana region have been reported.
Livestock, especially goats and chickens have reportedly fallen prey to
these creatures. They only suck their victim’s blood and eat the fetuses from
expecting goats.
HC addendum
Source: Helvy Shaanika
Type: E

Beyond Fear of the Allies- Reptilians -Is it all True Series #274

RepOne of my all-time favorite books is Beyond Fear by Don Miguel Ruiz; I try to read it every six months for a total mind cleanse. Miguel is a bringer of the knowledge of the Toltec culture. He talks about beings called Allies. Allies, in Miguel’s world, are beings that I would call Reptilians. These Allies form a spectrum from benevolent to malevolent, sometimes even possessing human beings bodies. This Allies group has been present alongside humans from the beginning of our creation. And note some of the human cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, have called these Allies, gods.

The Allies lack a normal human-type brain, so they can’t create emotions, and they need emotions to sustain their lives. So that is where we humans come in, we create their food–emotional sustenance. The emotional substance they like the best with is fear; the more fear humans create, the more food for the Allies to live and flourish. The Allies control over us is in our dreamtime, which note in the Toltec thinking is 24 hours a day. So we are their cows, giving food, to some extent, around the clock.

Now the trick for humans is to awaken to this fear/ food arrangement, stop projecting fear and turn to love. By projecting love, it would force the Allies to use our love emotion or they would perish. They would have to evolve to become a more loving group, and not creating drama and deadly wars. According to the Toltecs, this destructive influence led the ancient people of Mu and the Monkey nation (Americas) to destroy Atlantis with a massive Nuclear War.

If the Allies perish, most of our negative drama in the world would end. Peace and prosperity would reign.

Sleep tight – I vote to end the fear-based reign of the Allies, it’s time for humans to be totally free, and be God .

Crypto Four Corners meets Albuquerque — NM UFO/Paranormal Forum – Feb. Meeting – Is it all True Series # 222

JC Johnson is the man behind a courageous group of individuals who track down and research the scariest stuff on the earth, like incidents where several hunters in the southeast US were dragged down from their hunting tree stands and shredded to death. Of course being a bit of a Bigfoot researcher myself they (BF) are not that scary, just big and strange but generally friendly, as long as you give them space and not try to hurt them or their families.

JC bought several people from his group and I can honestly say I liked them all. JC had impressive photos of two Bigfoot, both very tall say 12 to 16 ft range. One of the BF was fishing and the other standing on a hillside just watching the small humans watching him. There seems to be much Crypto activity in the four corners area.

Some of the strangest activity moves around creatures they call Skinwalkers, they seem to take many forms, from witches, to werewolf types, beautiful humanoids, to the wee people. Many seem to have a transparent quality to them and red glowing eyes. The most dangerous are the ones that go beyond the scare, they kill farm animals and maybe just maybe people.

I speculate that these creatures including the more human Bigfoot are passing through the numerous vortex/portals that exist in the Four Corners region. They come out of their dimensional portals, to play and raise hell. And sometimes it goes a little too far.

JC has developed a great relationship with the local Navajo people and many of them understand the true nature of these creatures, because their folklore talks of the Crypto types for hundreds of years. Leonard Dan told an amazing story about these little people who wander around the four corners. They are 1 to 3 ft. tall and have been known to come to people doors asking for food and if you don’t give them some, they could and would mess with you. Leonard had an amazing photo of a little humanoid creature sitting on a rock by the San Juan River. Suddenly the little human type creature jumps in the water and starts swimming, but not in a manner of a small human being, but like a fish.

One of the most interesting things JC is involved with is working alongside other researchers and scientists and taking possible Bigfoot DNA samples to verify its existence to the world. All of details of this project are basically Top Secret, and there was a handler there at the meeting especially flown in to keep an eye on him (JC).

Well JC, good luck on your project, I hope the world will handle their (BF) existence and not drive them (BF) to extinction, like we have done to hundreds of thousands of other creatures on earth. But remember the BF and the other Crypto beings can hide in another world where humans cannot go.

Sleep tight; remember the scratching on the wall is just your imagination, but the Red glowing eyes are for real.


Chupacabra Sighting: Mysterious Minnesota Roadkill Prompts Alarm

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials are scratching their heads over an unidentified dead mammal that was first spotted July 31 on a Douglas County road.

The creepy-looking all white creature with five claws on its front paws, long toenails and dark tufts of hair on its back has prompted speculation that Minnesota is home to the legendary chupacabra, KSAX-TV reports.

Lacey Ilse was driving close to her home on County Road 86, near Alexandria, when she first saw the dead carcass.

“We saw something in the middle of the road, and we knew it wasn’t a dog or a cat, because it didn’t have hair,” Ilse told KSAX-TV.

“It had a clump of hair and all the rest was just white skin. Its ear was all mis-shaped. To me, it looked half-human,” Ilse said.

DNR area wildlife supervisor Kevin Kotts said the animal closely resembles a badger, although the creature’s tail is longer than a typical badger.

“It’s got five long front claws on each of its front feet, which would be characteristic of a badger,” Kotts told the TV station. “I ran the pictures past a few other DNR folks that have a lot of trapping and/or furbearer experience, and they all said it’s hard to be 100 percent sure what it is … but if it’s a Minnesota animal, it’s probably a badger.”

Chupacabras, or “goat suckers,” are creatures said to live in Mexico, Puerto Rico and in different parts of the United States. The animals, described as something between a dog and a wolf, reportedly kill and suck the blood out of livestock.

Last month, a Texas teenager claimed to shoot and kill a chupacabra. Results have not yet been announced from hair and skin samples taken of the animal.

Most wildlife experts believe the weird-looking animals are coyotes afflicted with mange, caused by an infection of tiny parasites that results in their hair falling out and leaving them with shriveled skin.

The body of the Minnesota chupacabra suspect has been frozen at the Glenwood DNR office and officials may soon do a DNA test to hopefully identify the mysterious roadkill.