Along the Road to Dugway Proving Grounds … Continued Is it all True Series #410

Michael and I went back to Skull Valley after the snow stopped towards the beginning of February. In my mind, I was eager for the same type of photos and yet at the same time, hoping that our one special day was unique and not repeatable.

My wish came true since the photos didn’t pan out or show any type of images remotely similar to the previous trip. It was kind of a bust in a way but then we did get a few anomalies in some photographs. rscn4515


Like dutiful researchers we went back but to be honest, nothing seemed to be pulling us to go back there. It was almost like intuitively, we knew the plasma photon vehicles wouldn’t be there. We followed the same steps from our prior trip so I am convinced high strangeness wasn’t in the mix that day. The paranormal equation in some instances has to play a factor to at least effect the outcome of certain experiences or circumstances. It was nowhere to be seen the day we went.

There is one thing that I am interested in though, in the area of the mountains where the summit is along old Lincoln Highway, I always get a sense of an intelligence similar to Sasquatch but much, much different. We are interested in checking out this particular area which is where we got the photograph of the reddish looking plasma photon vehicle. We both feel it’s worth a look to see if we can make some sort of contact in the near future.


Today it snowed, so I think we will be waiting until April to check this area out. When we do and if there is anything to report, we will let you all know.


Archons, : Among Us But Not For Us- Part 2 – Is it all True Series # 340

archonsPlease read Part 1 of this series, posted about 10 days ago. These Gray/Reptilian groups, who eat our emotions, have been among us, through surrogates and mind-controlled humans. These surrogates are humans in high-powered places, among the very elite of our societies. The best way to gain control over a culture is to do it in a stealth fashion, because it is so much easier to manipulate and accomplish your agenda. And this is what the Archons have done for thousands of years.

They move about in the old secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones and the Vatican Elites and there are many other groups that harbor the ones who do the will of the Archons. There are also rogue cells in government agencies such as the US- FBI, CIA, DIA, ATF, DOD, DOE and many others from other western Christian countries. But I must mention that there some good guys in those groups as well who are resisting and fighting the Archons and their surrogates. Now from the corporate world there are the psychopaths, the leaders of some of our companies who would sell their mother’s soul to make a buck. They would also pollute and destroy their own planet to advance the Archon’s agenda of creating an environment of as much suffering as possible to feed their enormous appetite. Besides the emotional energy, they have a great interest in human souls and try to capture them as they are released at the point of death. I guess we could call them soul catchers. And the energy from the body is said to be the super nectar of the human existence.

After 40 years of working with abductees, I heard that greys and reptilians were very much against the use of nuclear weapons even though nukes do cause amazing suffering, they also cause death to the human soul, which is the caviar/truffle on their plate.

Part 3 will discuss what we can do to defeat the Archons.

Sleep tight, Hope is not lost – lack of fear, makes us strong.


Area 51’s Not-so-Big Announcement —Is it all True Series # 295

Area 51Last week, our government made an announcement declaring the existence of the infamous Area 51. This announcement about this enigmatic military base, turned out to be less spectacular than most UFO theorists would have liked.
The conspiracy world has made many claims on what exactly is happening at Area 51. The following would be a summary of some, but not all, of the claims.

1. Downed UFOs are stored and re- engineered there.
2. A place to meet with extraterrestrials.
3. The facility that develops exotic energy weapons.
4. Time travel.
5. Weather modification.
6. Host MJ-12 meetings.
7. U-2 /Spy-plane development.

Well, I would feel comfortable saying number 7 is the only item I would be 100% sure happened at Area 51. Around 1954, the military and the CIA were looking for a location to develop and test a high altitude spy plane, and it came to be known as the U-2. To the employees there, the area/facility was called “the Ranch,” to make it seem like a more inhabitable place. In reality, it is one of the most barren areas of the US, located about 80 miles north and west of Las Vegas. It gets less than 4 inches of rain a year and some years gets less than one inch, an area of zero vegetation, except for a few cacti.

So why now tell the world about this secret facility? Maybe because it has little meaning now, since most everyone who can walk and talk at the same time knew of the facility long ago. Since our government provided no earth-shattering details of what has happened or what is happening out there, we can only hope that this is a positive step to open up this most secretive country in the world and I mean more secretive than North Korea and China combined.

Sleep Tight – Area 51 is exposed – I know I will sleep better.


Don't forget Fukushima -Hydrogen buildup at Fukushima? What does it mean & why does it happen?

TEPCO recently discovered hydrogen buildups within the containment buildings in Fukushima Units 1, 2 and 3. Could there be another explosion, and if so how? Fairewinds conducts a laboratory experiment to show that if oxygen is present with hydrogen in a nuclear power containment, a deflagration explosion might occur.

Hydrogen buildup at Fukushima? What does it mean & why does it happen? from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Man-made Earthquakes – Is it all True Series #212

Are we causing earthquakes? High intensity electromagnetic (EM) waves can be slowly introduced into a fault line and cause an earthquake. It’s called a scalar weapon or an interferometer. These weapons can definitely cause small quakes and just maybe huge ones. It has been rumored that the Haiti quake in Jan 2010 was accidently caused (let’s hope so) by the US playing with a scalar weapon. Please check out additional information about scalar weaponry in our posts 1/16/10, 1/23/10,1/30/11,and 2/13/10 (use search box upper right corner). There are thought to be about 10 countries that have these scalar weapons and possibly one or two terrorist groups.

As far as the US Haiti quake rumor is concerned, Venezuela believes we totally did it, but that’s President Hugo Chavez’s theory. But now let’s talk science and gas/oil fracking, which is injecting water and a cocktail of chemicals deep into the earth to release gas and oil to be recovered back at the surface, to keep the oil companies fat and rich. There is a county east of Oklahoma City, which a few years ago averaged about 50 small quakes per year, going back a hundred years, but since fracking started a few years ago this last twelve months 1050+ quakes occurred including, a 4.6, 4.8 and a 5.6 (a damage maker). Similar situations have happened during the last few years in Virginia, Arkansas, the UK, and British Columbia.

Please note there are thousands of square miles of potential fracking land throughout the US. The National Academy of Sciences is studying seismic effects of fracking and they will issue a report in Spring 2012. And note we have not mentioned the ground water contamination caused by fracking, which is another problem just as tragic as the manmade earthquakes.

Sleep Tight – and create beautiful dreams.


Potential Fracking areas in Red