Giant Secrets from the Early Americas Part 1– Is it all True Series #233

During my years of exploring the Western US for evidence of Bigfoot existence, I have several times crossed the historic Lewis and Clark trail. I even stayed at a campground in Idaho named in their honor. I wondered as I sat by my campfire what it was like to see these amazing lands all those years ago. Lewis and Clark were probably not the first non-Native American guys to travel west of the Mississippi, as some people believe. History now shows very early Spanish settlements in southern California, a possible Chinese expedition in the Northwest, a Polynesian group in the Oregon/Washington/Nevada area hundreds of year before L & C even planned their trip. Meriwether Lewis was considered a giant figure in American History, and he may have had an encounter with Giants of another kind.
Some of the first giant stories were from the Spanish exploring America. The Conquistadores found some amazing evidence proving the existence of giant males 8 to 9 feet tall and a few even taller. There actually may have been Giants here in America as little as 500 years ago. In 1519, as Alonzo Pineda was mapping land along the Gulf coast, he ventured up the Mississippi and encountered a race of Giants. Luckily the Giants were good hosts to the Spanish visitors. Pineda also made detailed drawings of these Giants, which can be seen today at Archivo General de Indias in Seville Spain.
Coronado also ran into a tribe of Giants during his quest for the Seven Cities of Gold or El Dorado. In Mexico there were also similar reports. Friar Diego Duran was a writer of early Mexican culture history; his first contact with Aztec Indians started his education into the giant tribes that once flourished in Mexico. But he finally met the Giants himself during a processional at the feast of Corpse Christi. As the Giants died off only their bones reminded, and the bones were in the procession of the conquering tribes. These bones became valuable currency for trading between the tribes. One of the few great things about the Spanish Conquistadores was that they constantly recorded what was happening as they traveled on their adventures.
Sleep tight, within the next five years I would expect the truth will come out on the existence of the Giants – more to come in Part II.

Crypto Four Corners meets Albuquerque — NM UFO/Paranormal Forum – Feb. Meeting – Is it all True Series # 222

JC Johnson is the man behind a courageous group of individuals who track down and research the scariest stuff on the earth, like incidents where several hunters in the southeast US were dragged down from their hunting tree stands and shredded to death. Of course being a bit of a Bigfoot researcher myself they (BF) are not that scary, just big and strange but generally friendly, as long as you give them space and not try to hurt them or their families.

JC bought several people from his group and I can honestly say I liked them all. JC had impressive photos of two Bigfoot, both very tall say 12 to 16 ft range. One of the BF was fishing and the other standing on a hillside just watching the small humans watching him. There seems to be much Crypto activity in the four corners area.

Some of the strangest activity moves around creatures they call Skinwalkers, they seem to take many forms, from witches, to werewolf types, beautiful humanoids, to the wee people. Many seem to have a transparent quality to them and red glowing eyes. The most dangerous are the ones that go beyond the scare, they kill farm animals and maybe just maybe people.

I speculate that these creatures including the more human Bigfoot are passing through the numerous vortex/portals that exist in the Four Corners region. They come out of their dimensional portals, to play and raise hell. And sometimes it goes a little too far.

JC has developed a great relationship with the local Navajo people and many of them understand the true nature of these creatures, because their folklore talks of the Crypto types for hundreds of years. Leonard Dan told an amazing story about these little people who wander around the four corners. They are 1 to 3 ft. tall and have been known to come to people doors asking for food and if you don’t give them some, they could and would mess with you. Leonard had an amazing photo of a little humanoid creature sitting on a rock by the San Juan River. Suddenly the little human type creature jumps in the water and starts swimming, but not in a manner of a small human being, but like a fish.

One of the most interesting things JC is involved with is working alongside other researchers and scientists and taking possible Bigfoot DNA samples to verify its existence to the world. All of details of this project are basically Top Secret, and there was a handler there at the meeting especially flown in to keep an eye on him (JC).

Well JC, good luck on your project, I hope the world will handle their (BF) existence and not drive them (BF) to extinction, like we have done to hundreds of thousands of other creatures on earth. But remember the BF and the other Crypto beings can hide in another world where humans cannot go.

Sleep tight; remember the scratching on the wall is just your imagination, but the Red glowing eyes are for real.