Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 111

Location. Gallipolis, Ohio
Date: August 2010 Time: 19:30
Two witnesses, Megan and her friend Kyra had travel
ed from Columbus to Ravenswood
West Virginia on business and while there they decided to make a side trip to Gallipolis, in order
to visit relatives, Megan had not seen for awhile.
Around 7:30 pm they decided to get dinner at
a local restaurant and when they finished, Kyra need to go to the store and pick up a few items
that she forgot to pack. They then headed to a Wal-Mart that was near the restaurant. After
they finished shopping they were walking to the car
when Megan noticed a woman running
through the parking lot. When she reached the car,
she looked back in the direction of the
store and then hurriedly got inside the car. Megan
then looked again and saw what looked like
a large bird flying above the roof of the store. It
was difficult to see but when it swooped
downward the parking lot lights would shine off of
it. It looked like it was either oily or had
shiny leather-like skin. Whatever it was it had a wide wing span. She guessed it reached 8-10
feet across. It circled above the store for about a
minute then just disappeared. They drove
back to the hotel and decided to call it a night so
they could get an early start on the drive
home in the morning. Megan got ready for bed but thought she’d watch some television first, it
was around 2200. She must have dazed off fairly quickly because the
next thing she remembers was a frantic
knocking on her door. She stumbled out of bed and checked to see who it was. It was Kyra and
she was obviously upset. She rushed into her room a
nd said, “It’s here!” “What are you talking
about?” asked Megan, a bit perturbed. Kyra said tha
t she had been lying on the bed when she
heard something in the hallway. She got out of bed,
walked to the door and listened to what
she thought was ‘scratching’ sounds. After a few minutes the sound stopped, so she went back
to bed. Not long after, she lay down and heard more
scratching sounds but, from outside her
window. Again she got up and peeked through the curtains. This time something looked back at
her. Their rooms were on the second floor in the rear section of the hotel and both looked out
onto a small parking lot and a large field beyond that. She could see what she described, as a
“bald ugly man with wings” who was looking directly
at her with “large bulging eyes that lit up
bright red.” It was there for only a few seconds. I
t then spread its wings while running at the
same time towards the end of the parking lot and lifted off the ground like a bird. The next
morning they woke early, checked out and drove back
to Columbus. Kyra didn’t mention the
incident from the previous night during the ride. In fact she has still yet to speak about it again.
HC addendum
Source: Phantoms and Monsters Blogspot

Why the Interdimensional World? Is it all True Series #276

magical universeI have spent 45 years exploring the paranormal and the inter- dimensional realms including but not limited to UFOs, Bigfoot, vortex photography, and everything in-between called the paranormal.
I have asked myself for 45 years, why me, why do I have a powerful passion for this unique strangeness? I must tell you there is a bit of courage that is needed for this journey.

Well looking back I realize that from early on I had strange encounters most of which presently are locked deep in my mind only to surface occasionally to keep me motivated on my journey. I know I have been directly involved with UFOs, Alien Being contact (up to eight different types), underground military/alien facilities, fairies and other forest being types, cryptid creature types, Bigfoot and the Montauk project and its assorted strangeness.

So back to “why me.” I believe it was random luck or as some would say unluck. For me though I would have it no other way. I truly live on the edge. The edge is between the normal (whatever normal means) human world and the expansive Interdimensional universe, with its layers of great mysteries. I have told my children to embrace the unknown and just go forward without fear, for humans are very powerful and only fear can trigger their demise.

As I have developed groups of like-minded people, our combined knowledge has helped raise the global awareness that our world is hugely more complex than anything we could imagine. We humans live in a sea or soup of frequencies, where each major band of frequencies holds another world of uniqueness, another world of unique beings with unique cultures. These frequency bands are called dimensions, and there are times when one band will increase or decrease slightly in frequency and so there is a bleeding effect that allows dimensions to view each other. And that causes the event called the paranormal.

Sleep tight, may your journeys be safe and productive, but stay on the edge, it’s where reality lives.


Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 106

AlbertLocation. “La Horqueta”, Chascomus, Argentina
Date: July 19 2010 Time: 22:30
The wife of Luis Antonio Pavoni notices that the do
gs were barking in an obvious distressed
or nervous state, he tells Luis and he goes outside
to investigate, armed with a flashlight.
Outside he notices that the dogs appear to be in a
very excited state and while looking around
with his flashlight notices that the bravest and me
anest of the animals had not accompanied
him, remaining behind apparently terrified. Only one
of his dogs, the friendliest of them all,
accompanies him. Walking towards the downed oak tree
about 100 meters away he shines the
light towards it and notices a pair of red eyes
surrounded by an external orange halo and about
80cm from the ground and very near the downed tree.
Thinking it was a hare he walks back to
the house and grabs a shotgun. Returning to the same
spot he now sees two additional pairs of
similar eyes, apparently standing behind the first
one. He is unable to see anything beyond the
eyes and does not hear any noises. The dog that had
accompanied him would not stop barking.
After three minutes the “eyes” vanish and Pavoni re
turns to his house.
On June 19 2009 a powerful wind of unknown origin
had tore the huge oak tree by its roots.
According to witnesses, at the same time a very
strong sound was heard as the gigantic tree fell
to the ground. At the same time a nearby eucalyptus
was also knocked down. The area has
been known for other strange incidents such as
cattle mutilations and UFO encounters. Strange
ground markings were also found by the team of
HC addendum
Source: Luis Burgos FAO

Giant Wings of Those Giant Birds: Part 3– Is it all True Series # 255

Please read Part 1 posting from 09/29/12 and Part 2 posting from 10/13/12. Central and South America have many giant bird stories. Many of these birds reportedly have wingspans of well over 30 feet and beak to the tail upwards of 12 feet.
One story out of Panama was of a 21-year-old who had a close encounter in his backyard while feeding his dog. He heard a large branch snap in a nearby tree and this huge bird, nearly 12 feet tall with a hooked beak landed in front of the young man. They stared at each other and then it suddenly left in a big gust of wind.
In the middle 70’s there was a vampire legend in Puerto Rico. These strange winged creatures were appearing everywhere on the island. These giants looked like pterodactyls. One encounter in 1975 a man saw a large bird creature in a tree near his house. He quickly ran inside for safety. The creature then landed on the man’s roof and hung there for about 10 minutes and finally took off. These Puerto Rico giants would occasional grab a chicken or two during their flights and they give out a very large strange noise.
There were other descriptions of these giants with dense plumage, a thick neck, and piercing eyes. And the strangest feature was a wolf–like muzzle, instead of a beak. These sightings went into the 1990’s.
There was another special event that came along with the bird sightings – time warp/lag. Everything around the giant encounter was in slow motion until the bird’s presence left the scene.
I had one more personal experience; I lived at about 8500 ft. in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. One day I was on the front porch sweeping the leaves off, and in the distance I saw what looked like a small plane flying quite low in the sky. But as it got closer I noticed it was a huge bird flapping its wings and it was coming directly toward my house. And as it got over our house it dumped enough bird poop to fill a Home Depot 5 gal bucket – which coated the front of our house; it was steaming hot but I quickly hosed it down.
Sleep tight – If you wake-up with something white coating your house, you can blame the giant winged beasts.

Giant Wings of Those Giant Birds: Part 2 -Is it all True Series #253

Big-winged bird sightings have been with us for hundreds of years, but interestingly enough there have been thousands more UFO photos. The reason is that most of these birds are night flyers (with no lights).
Besides my personal experiences in Part 1 posted on September 29th , many other people around the world have had amazing sometimes very scary “Big Bird” experiences, unlike the friendly yellow one on PBS.

In April of 2004 a man in southern Mexico sighted a bird with an 80 meter wingspan, which is the same as a DC-9. The man had worked for an airline so he was a very good judge as far as a comparison to an aircraft.
In Guatemala a few hundred years ago there were stories of children being taken as they were playing or working in the fields. The villagers started putting large baskets on their children’s heads to keep them from being taken. That helped for a while but finally the villagers had to find the large nests usually in caves and seal it off with large rocks to entomb the birds and end the threat.

In the middle 1800’s in the Chilean desert, miners spotted huge birds covered with gray feathers, with heads similar to lobster with large glowing eyes. In the 1970’s in Argentina miners there unearthed large remains of a flying
creature, which has never been identified to this day.

In New Mexico there has been a persistent story about a super large Stingray-looking creature flying between the Gallup area and the Four Corners area. If you have ever seen a Stingray in the water, it looks the same flying in the sky with its beautiful waving wings, big and very black, truly an unbelievable sight. I have personally heard of at least 5 sightings in the last 10 years. The witnesses were very shaken as they told their story.

Sleep tight – one more interesting posting will be coming your way about these truly amazing, scary and beautiful big-winged creatures.

Giant Wings of Those Giant Birds: Part 1 -Is it all True Series #251

I was maybe 5 years old, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was lying on the grass at my grandparents’ home looking up at some beautiful puffy clouds when I saw this very huge bird flying high in the sky between two of these very white clouds. It is something I would never forget as I still remember it 58 years ago. It was as big as an aircraft, which is what I first thought it was, but when the wings started to flap I knew it was a bird.
I lived in Tucson for about three years and I knew a pilot who would fly the border between Arizona and Mexico for a government agency, I guess for drug recon. He told me on one particularly bright sunny day, he was flying a small single engine and off to his right there was a huge bird nearly the size of his plane. It turned and looked him in the eye and then veered to its right into the cloud deck. He thought he was flying about 175 miles per hour at the time of the incident. He was visibly shaken even as he told me the story weeks after.
I have talked to many different American Indians over the years about their thunderbird legend. And the description is quite consistent between the tribes. The bird has a 12 to 20 foot wingspan, dark in color, very large beak and fierce red glowing eyes. The eyes have an almost human quality to them. These thunderbirds would take a sheep or two, a dog and legend said a child or two would go missing never to be found.
Another personal encounter with these huge creatures was about 3 years ago while I was doing some exploring east of Albuquerque in the mountains. I was in a dense forest canopy, and I walked into an opening and started hearing this strange loud flapping noise and looked up and saw this huge dark figure passing over the clearing. It was quick, but I could make out the size and shape, the size of a small plane flapping its wings.
Sleep tight, for 99.8% of the time our bird encounters are of the small kind, but it’s the .2% of the time that makes life quite exciting

Giant Secrets from the Early Americas Part 1– Is it all True Series #233

During my years of exploring the Western US for evidence of Bigfoot existence, I have several times crossed the historic Lewis and Clark trail. I even stayed at a campground in Idaho named in their honor. I wondered as I sat by my campfire what it was like to see these amazing lands all those years ago. Lewis and Clark were probably not the first non-Native American guys to travel west of the Mississippi, as some people believe. History now shows very early Spanish settlements in southern California, a possible Chinese expedition in the Northwest, a Polynesian group in the Oregon/Washington/Nevada area hundreds of year before L & C even planned their trip. Meriwether Lewis was considered a giant figure in American History, and he may have had an encounter with Giants of another kind.
Some of the first giant stories were from the Spanish exploring America. The Conquistadores found some amazing evidence proving the existence of giant males 8 to 9 feet tall and a few even taller. There actually may have been Giants here in America as little as 500 years ago. In 1519, as Alonzo Pineda was mapping land along the Gulf coast, he ventured up the Mississippi and encountered a race of Giants. Luckily the Giants were good hosts to the Spanish visitors. Pineda also made detailed drawings of these Giants, which can be seen today at Archivo General de Indias in Seville Spain.
Coronado also ran into a tribe of Giants during his quest for the Seven Cities of Gold or El Dorado. In Mexico there were also similar reports. Friar Diego Duran was a writer of early Mexican culture history; his first contact with Aztec Indians started his education into the giant tribes that once flourished in Mexico. But he finally met the Giants himself during a processional at the feast of Corpse Christi. As the Giants died off only their bones reminded, and the bones were in the procession of the conquering tribes. These bones became valuable currency for trading between the tribes. One of the few great things about the Spanish Conquistadores was that they constantly recorded what was happening as they traveled on their adventures.
Sleep tight, within the next five years I would expect the truth will come out on the existence of the Giants – more to come in Part II.

Crypto Four Corners meets Albuquerque — NM UFO/Paranormal Forum – Feb. Meeting – Is it all True Series # 222

JC Johnson is the man behind a courageous group of individuals who track down and research the scariest stuff on the earth, like incidents where several hunters in the southeast US were dragged down from their hunting tree stands and shredded to death. Of course being a bit of a Bigfoot researcher myself they (BF) are not that scary, just big and strange but generally friendly, as long as you give them space and not try to hurt them or their families.

JC bought several people from his group and I can honestly say I liked them all. JC had impressive photos of two Bigfoot, both very tall say 12 to 16 ft range. One of the BF was fishing and the other standing on a hillside just watching the small humans watching him. There seems to be much Crypto activity in the four corners area.

Some of the strangest activity moves around creatures they call Skinwalkers, they seem to take many forms, from witches, to werewolf types, beautiful humanoids, to the wee people. Many seem to have a transparent quality to them and red glowing eyes. The most dangerous are the ones that go beyond the scare, they kill farm animals and maybe just maybe people.

I speculate that these creatures including the more human Bigfoot are passing through the numerous vortex/portals that exist in the Four Corners region. They come out of their dimensional portals, to play and raise hell. And sometimes it goes a little too far.

JC has developed a great relationship with the local Navajo people and many of them understand the true nature of these creatures, because their folklore talks of the Crypto types for hundreds of years. Leonard Dan told an amazing story about these little people who wander around the four corners. They are 1 to 3 ft. tall and have been known to come to people doors asking for food and if you don’t give them some, they could and would mess with you. Leonard had an amazing photo of a little humanoid creature sitting on a rock by the San Juan River. Suddenly the little human type creature jumps in the water and starts swimming, but not in a manner of a small human being, but like a fish.

One of the most interesting things JC is involved with is working alongside other researchers and scientists and taking possible Bigfoot DNA samples to verify its existence to the world. All of details of this project are basically Top Secret, and there was a handler there at the meeting especially flown in to keep an eye on him (JC).

Well JC, good luck on your project, I hope the world will handle their (BF) existence and not drive them (BF) to extinction, like we have done to hundreds of thousands of other creatures on earth. But remember the BF and the other Crypto beings can hide in another world where humans cannot go.

Sleep tight; remember the scratching on the wall is just your imagination, but the Red glowing eyes are for real.