From Diane's World — in Albuquerque

 Coast to Coast had a very interesting guest, his web site is;
Originally my connection to my Hopi Grandfather Spirit Guide had given me the vision and information on a solar flare and the Grid going down in the near future, part of why I felt inspired to begin the NM PREPARE group.  It is always with great interest that I listen to these programs because I can glean a great deal of insight from them.  Tonight-or shall I say this morning, during my listening and taking notes I was surrounded by numerous crystal skulls, all different energy, sizes, shapes kept appearing in my room, (I was once told that in a former life time I was in Tibet as a keeper of the Crystal Skulls, and now at various times I have a single crystal skull that shows up here and often it arrives with the large white whale, an octopus, and Poseidon.)  Tonight these  various Crystal skulls, would show up in my room, look at me and fade out, some independently and at times several together appeared maybe 8 or 9 total were present.  Two looked very odd to me-very ancient/alien–I know they all are-but these were different and had a very different energy-.  My thought was this, I suspect that if someone would start to measure the frequency or energy of the skulls during the active time of solar activity and then again during no-activity, we may have a tuning in to allow us more time to get to designated areas-our bug out plan.  At best with what was being conveyed during this program we may have 4 days.  Part of what the guest spoke of was that they are just recognizing that the Sun itself gives us messages when the flares are to come, 2 days prior to an eruption–which is usually the energy I start feeling, and then once the eruption happens it is another two days to arrive to earth.
I encourage each of you to listen to this show, it was quite good.
I welcome any insight on what you may feel the crystal skulls were here to tell me.
PS- for all of us who purchased the mobile solar panels-we need to keep our inverters in Faraday bags.
Abundant Blessings,