2015 – Poor Man's Prophecies # Is it all True Series# 341

Prophecy as I always say is for amateurs, but it makes a fun posting and our viewers seem to like it.
So here we go for 2014- How did I score? — The below is from my 2014 predictions and the results –I originally posted the predictions on Jan 05 2014.

And here are the 2014 predictions — and My Results

1. Pope continues on his People’s Pope Agenda until a huge event shakes the Vatican. – True he is continuing his reforms ,, and the people are liking him, but nothing huge shakes up the Vatican , just some of the same issues plaguing the Vatican.– I get a 1/2 pt.
2. Severe drought in the Southeast will redevelop in late spring– No wrong
3. A bad January for US weather will welcome a February Spring – No fairly Bad to Average balance of the Winter

4.There will be unusual large meteorites entering the earth atmosphere- Yes there were several ,, including a Monster in Russia which injured a thousand people

5. There will be a huge unknown explosion in Brazil. No wrong

6. Winter Games will not go well for Putin. — Generally the games went well, But Putin got major Heat from the huge price-tag of the Games – 1/2 pt.
7. Japan will suffer another 7.5 or larger earthquake , further damaging Fukushima. Nope- wrong
8. A very powerful hurricane season will fully make up for the passive 2013 season in the Atlantic basin.- No wrong extremely light season
9. Unexpected temperature drop ( world average) surprise climate change scientists, but its just part of the Change, yes sort of right — cooler than it has been especially Midwest and the Eastern part of the US. — say 1/2 right
10.I finally predict we will make it to see 2015- 100% right , unless something huge hits the fan in the last 10 days of 2014.

Final Score for 2014 3.5 right and 6.5 wrong — or a correct % of 35–well that sucks

Now the new predictions for 2015

1. There will be a huge scandal in the world of American Lottery — The criminals won’t probably surprise you.
2. Hacking on the internet will stop millions from buying products on-line and banking on-line will sharply decline.
3. Warm- wet winter for US ,, following by a very cool spring and hot summer.
4.Three bigger than life movie stars will die within weeks of each other.
5.Because of the decline in Oil prices – Russia’s economy will start to fall apart , and a world-wide recession will start the end of 2015
6. War drums will start sounding — players will be Russia, China, Iran , Israel and of course the US.
7. More large meteors will continue to hit the earth. One will hit close to major world city and kill two thousand people.
8. World knowledge about the damage Fukushima has done to mankind will continue to grow.
9. Chicago Cubs will win the World Series
10. Ebola will start spreading again around the world moving into India and Southeast Asia. Maybe a new and more dangerous strain.

Well sleep tight – I predict you have a 100% chance the sun will rise tomorrow.


Broken Arrow incidents and UFOs – over 60 times since 1942 –Is it all True Series # 225

A serious incident is created when nuclear material is released by accident and humans are exposed to dangerous radiation levels, which can/will either cause death and/or injury. The earliest known event was in 1942 in Nazi Germany when an experimental reactor exploded and probably injured or killed several people. The first such incident in the US was at Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1945, when a scientist accidentally dropped tungsten brick into a plutonium core, causing critical mass and the scientist was fatally irradiated.

There have been over 60 such incidents since the first two and experts believe there were probably many more unreported. Of course there were the widely publicized incidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and the most recent, Fukushima. Reactors can be dangerous, when releases are massive like Fukushima, thousands have and will die within 5 years and maybe a million will die worldwide from cancer deaths over the next several decades. So it is not an understatement to say that nuclear materials are super dangerous to living things.

An event called “broken arrow” is the military code name for aircraft with nuclear weapons on board or nuclear submarine that is in trouble. Amazingly no major disaster have occurred, even though with that many Broken Arrow incidents chances were high that a detonation should have or could have occurred. These incidents have occurred all over the country from Albuquerque, New Mexico (2); Lebanon, Ohio; Golden, Colorado; Savannah, Georgia; and several other locations around the US and Canada.

And of course there is the not so accidental nuclear war, which has not yet happened since we (the US) killed thousands, many innocent civilians, in Japan. There are eight known countries with nuclear warheads – totaling about 10,000 warheads – enough death and destruction to destroy the entire world one hundred times over. So will it happen? I say absolutely never. And the answer is simple they will not let us destroy our world. They being several alien groups (non-human) that share this planet with us. The Japan nuclear bombing was the first and the last in the modern times. There always has been rumored in ancient times there was a nuclear war in the Middle East and/or the Indian sub-continent; however, the bottom line here is that they will stop it. They have stopped it in the past. One example was in the 60’s several well-documented incidents where firing codes at the SAC nuclear missile locations were mysteriously changed. To keep missiles from firing and signaling to the US that they were in charge. It has also been said that the Russians have experienced similar intrusions in their nuclear missile bunkers system codes. Good for the world – finally someone with more sense than us.

Sleep-tight – there is someone (non-human) looking over us


Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed

Original estimates of xenon and krypton releases remain the same, but a TEPCO recalculation shows dramatic increases in the release of hot particles. This confirms the results of air filter monitoring by independent scientists. Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen explains how hot particles may react in mammals while escaping traditional detection. Reports of a metallic taste in the mouth, such as those now being reported in Japan and on the west coast, are a telltale sign of radiation exposure

Hot Particles From Japan to Seattle Virtually Undetectable when Inhaled or Swallowed from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Go Arnie Go -The Implications of the Fukushima Accident on the World's Operating Reactors

Arnie Gundersen explains how containment vents were added to the GE Mark 1 BWR as a “band aid” 20 years after the plants built in order to prevent an explosion of the notoriously weak Mark 1 containment system. Obviously the containment vent band aid fix did not work since all three units have lost containment integrity and are leaking radioactivity. Gundersen also discusses seismic design flaws, inadequate evacuation planning, and the taxpayer supported nuclear industry liability fund.

The Implications of the Fukushima Accident on the World’s Operating Reactors from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.