UFOs and the Romantic Connection- Is it all True Series #282

Romantic ConnectionFor over 45 years, I have witnessed some amazing experiences involving inter-dimensional beings and their influence on humans. There is an agenda out there, and I would venture to say that sometimes they can even influence our day-to-day lives. But most of their influence is in an indirect manner. And one of these indirect ways is by matchmaking with powerful means to create cosmic-mates.

To put a male and female together as cosmic mates, or as we call it soul mates, creates powerful energy, which the beings can draw from and they do. This energy can come in the form of emotional, fear-based or non-fear-based and/or sexual energy. Many of these inter-dimensional beings draw on all three forms of energy and we, as humans are truly energy generators.

There are many beings that interact with us over the course of our lifetime. Most of us don’t realize there is an interaction that is happening, but if one pays attention and approaches the happening with no fear, the beings will gladly share with us their agendas. Remember since they probably created us, they all have the right to interact with us.

Many of these soul mates are brought together to amplify the frequency of the earth because raising the earth’s frequency will bring betterment to all that live here. Our relationship with these inter-dimensional beings is truly a give and take. They give us life and the means to live, and we give back our vast range of emotional energy, which they freely collect.

Presently, I believe there is a reconfiguring of human couples going on, for the final push to save the earth. These power energy-couples will create renaissances that will sweep the planet and end the wars that are destroying mankind.

Sleep-tight, we all have a cosmic-mate who will join us in the very near future, be prepared, life is a mental game.


Jesus Jr. comes to the April Meeting of the NM UFO/ Paranormal Forum– Is it all True Series #278

MV5BMTM5NzExODUwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTA0NDc0OA@@._V1._SY314_CR16,0,214,314_Jesus Payan, Jr., an American adventurer of Mayan/French/Italian heritage, has been in the amazing world of Non-Myth, Legend and the Paranormal since his birth in Spain in 1976. From birth on, he has had the connection to the other realm. At the age of four, his family took him to Scotland to study and find Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. His 20 years of study of Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, Aliens, ghosts, demons, and much more have made him into a very well rounded student of our real reality.

His main focus at our meeting was ghosts, but since the paranormal is a connected phenomenon of many subjects, he did venture out to show some of the connections. As a kid, he had many ghost-type experiences. Once in a house he was staying in, he noticed in a back room tiny twisted prints that looked burned into the floor. He later was told that his grandfather who had Polio (twisted legs and feet) had lived and died in the house. Later in his life, he had a tattoo parlor in an old hospital, so there were many sightings that creeped out many of his customers as they tried to get their tats. When the customers walked back to the restrooms near the old bone-filled crematorium, many would only get about a third of the way and they would come running back to ask Jesus to walk them back and wait, to have a safe anxiety-free return to the front of the shop.

Jesus Jr. was from a military family so he traveled quite a bit from base to base with his parents. And on many occasions he (with a family member or a friend) would see a misty cloud mass with form and features. Sometimes this misty cloud mass would morph into little shadow people who would interact with Jesus is many benign ways.
Jesus Jr. possesses an amazing grasp of this other worldly stuff, not to mention his amazing acting and producing career, which he hopes to use to produce documentaries to teach the public the ways of our real reality.
Sleep tight,

It is good to know there are people out there with the courage to find and express the truth.


Why the Interdimensional World? Is it all True Series #276

magical universeI have spent 45 years exploring the paranormal and the inter- dimensional realms including but not limited to UFOs, Bigfoot, vortex photography, and everything in-between called the paranormal.
I have asked myself for 45 years, why me, why do I have a powerful passion for this unique strangeness? I must tell you there is a bit of courage that is needed for this journey.

Well looking back I realize that from early on I had strange encounters most of which presently are locked deep in my mind only to surface occasionally to keep me motivated on my journey. I know I have been directly involved with UFOs, Alien Being contact (up to eight different types), underground military/alien facilities, fairies and other forest being types, cryptid creature types, Bigfoot and the Montauk project and its assorted strangeness.

So back to “why me.” I believe it was random luck or as some would say unluck. For me though I would have it no other way. I truly live on the edge. The edge is between the normal (whatever normal means) human world and the expansive Interdimensional universe, with its layers of great mysteries. I have told my children to embrace the unknown and just go forward without fear, for humans are very powerful and only fear can trigger their demise.

As I have developed groups of like-minded people, our combined knowledge has helped raise the global awareness that our world is hugely more complex than anything we could imagine. We humans live in a sea or soup of frequencies, where each major band of frequencies holds another world of uniqueness, another world of unique beings with unique cultures. These frequency bands are called dimensions, and there are times when one band will increase or decrease slightly in frequency and so there is a bleeding effect that allows dimensions to view each other. And that causes the event called the paranormal.

Sleep tight, may your journeys be safe and productive, but stay on the edge, it’s where reality lives.


Beyond Fear of the Allies- Reptilians -Is it all True Series #274

RepOne of my all-time favorite books is Beyond Fear by Don Miguel Ruiz; I try to read it every six months for a total mind cleanse. Miguel is a bringer of the knowledge of the Toltec culture. He talks about beings called Allies. Allies, in Miguel’s world, are beings that I would call Reptilians. These Allies form a spectrum from benevolent to malevolent, sometimes even possessing human beings bodies. This Allies group has been present alongside humans from the beginning of our creation. And note some of the human cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, have called these Allies, gods.

The Allies lack a normal human-type brain, so they can’t create emotions, and they need emotions to sustain their lives. So that is where we humans come in, we create their food–emotional sustenance. The emotional substance they like the best with is fear; the more fear humans create, the more food for the Allies to live and flourish. The Allies control over us is in our dreamtime, which note in the Toltec thinking is 24 hours a day. So we are their cows, giving food, to some extent, around the clock.

Now the trick for humans is to awaken to this fear/ food arrangement, stop projecting fear and turn to love. By projecting love, it would force the Allies to use our love emotion or they would perish. They would have to evolve to become a more loving group, and not creating drama and deadly wars. According to the Toltecs, this destructive influence led the ancient people of Mu and the Monkey nation (Americas) to destroy Atlantis with a massive Nuclear War.

If the Allies perish, most of our negative drama in the world would end. Peace and prosperity would reign.

Sleep tight – I vote to end the fear-based reign of the Allies, it’s time for humans to be totally free, and be God .

Why Personal Contact is Right for 2013 – Is it all True Series # 267

This is our year, 2013, to make our personal contact with some group of interdimensional beings. It’s our year because the earth as we know it is changing rapidly before our eyes and the vast majority doesn’t realize what they see. The future will change in every way. As I have said in past postings the horse is out of the barn with the rest of the animals and the barn just burned to the ground. The bottom line is there is no fixing our climate disaster, we can only prepare.

Once you personally come to grips with that concept, (and please do your own research) you will be ready to make contact. In reality, fear is the only thing that keeps from making contact with these beings.
So if you can come to peace with our not-so-happy future, which probably includes total or near extinction of the human race by or before 2100, then and only then will you be ready for your personal contact with them. You will be at peace and fearless and accepting of what is to come.

I believe they (non humans) have known for many years that man would finally destroy himself, through all the vices humans had at their disposal. I also believe the beings probably could have forced us to stop our destruction several hundred years ago, but earth is a big classroom; we’re here to try to learn how to peacefully co-exist with them and the vehicle we ride through space. As we will all realize shortly, we all failed the class. But the hope will be that we take from this failure some wisdom and on our next adventure, get a little closer to the truth, and do a lot better on New Earth.

If you sit in fearless peace they will come; they are not like angels or demons. They are nothing we have ever perceived. They have always been in our minds and our hearts, waiting for this day. And our lack of fear will allow us to pass into their world, until our New Earth is ready for our return.

Sleep tight – dream hard, the challenges going forward will be great, but our ending / new beginning will be bright.

Climate Change and Hybrids— Is it all True Series # 263

The Greys have been hanging around us for at least a few hundred years or more based on worldwide stories of encounters. Egyptian wall paintings have shown the Greys, so maybe 5000 years ago wouldn’t have been out of the question. They have for the last 60 years or more been involved in the abduction scenarios.

So why the abductions by these Grey ones, and I am talking about the larger 4 to 5 ft. Greys (with the small tiny eyes) who control the robotic Greys (i.e., 3 to 4 feet with the big almond shaped eyes, who do all the dirty work, in the abduction process). The large Greys have had an agenda to develop Hybrid beings– part human and part Grey. A being made in their own image (nearly) but with the durable characteristics of the human race.
Next part of this relationship is climate change. The world is heating up, record air temperature for the last 20 have been building, sea temperatures have increased, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, droughts covering 40 % of the USA and a strange storm called Sandy invades the most densely populated part of the US. Something very big and dangerous is happening. There are now several major studies showing a 4 to 8 degree rise in the average temperature by the end of the century. On the low end 4 degrees would be a major game changer – we could easily lose 50% of the earth population through famine and wars over water and food.

If the worse case happens an 8-degree rise, this could mean human extinction if man remains on the surface of the earth. I would guess that even if we stopped today 75% of all the CO2 going into the atmosphere and the remaining in 10 years, we may keep the scenario at the lower range of a 3 to 4 degree rise. The problem is humans don’t have the political will to fight the fossil fuel industrial complex. So the long-term future is not bright.

Back to the Hybrids – for they will inherit the earth. That I believe is the plan.

leep tight – and plan on enjoying your next 5 years – because beyond that…

Vortex Photography and sometimes seeing maybe believing Part 8- Is it all True Series #247

Reality isn’t what it seems.
About 3 years ago I came across by accident an amazing discovery – there are these wonderful vortexes in and around this country (USA) and probably all around the world . I have been very lucky to have an incredible person who map dowses for these vortexes and I go out with this dowsed TOPO map and take random digital photos with Cosmic/brilliant results. If you would like to have a map dowsed for UFOs,Bigfoot or Vortexes or others things contact Kewaunee Lapseritis directly at 425-844-8409 please note there is a charge for his services. Also note when I take the photo the vast majority of the time I do not see the beings but only after in view screen in the back of the digital camera these strange beings are seen. So over the next year I will periodically share with my website visitors these photos of what I feel are inter-dimensional beings. These postings will be posted on the weekends under the headings ” Is it all True Series” ? . I will under each photo describe what I see and please feed-back to me what you see. Either as a comment on the site or a direct email to Mike@truthseekerforum.com Enjoy—

Center — two grays small one in front of a large one.– look closely

Center Being– stick splits its face /eyes

Left center- Being against truck of tree two large eyes, holding smaller gray type.

My most magnificent journey — Diane Camillo

Hello everyone,
Once again I have had the privilege and miracle of being taken to an amazing journey;

12-11-10, approx 2:20 am A magnificent purple flame radiates and fills my entire ceiling, a large round table with a large crystal skull in the center, the skull morphs into an angelic type being and tells me my change is now!

at Dowsers meeting same afternoon, psychic medium Sharon Cheney tells me many insights about me and my grandchildren. My information was that in ancient times I once lived in Tibet and was a keeper of the Crystal Skulls. I am also very connected to ISIS and that I currently am no longer in the 3rd dimension but now from the 4th and 5th. I am soon to make a Big League transition.

12-14-10 at 12:20 am, A woman surrounded in blue energy seems to be an Alien being has come to tell me that soon a space craft will crash and it will be in a public area, not in a desert setting with one or two witnesses but more public with many witnesses, A female being will be found, all of this is very intentional and planned, all will be OK, The female being is not a victim or martyr, her spirit will continue on, I will be given more information later.

THE MAGNIFICENT JOURNEY– I am now walking into a temple, I fell that it is very Egyptian, I continue walking further in, I see ISIS, She gives me personal information about myself and tells me about stronger action I now need to take. I continue walking in, I feel as if I am descending into this Temple, and I enter in to large room many others are in there, As I enter I see Jesus and the ascended Master who I believe is Beloved Lord Maha Chohan, I also see many others who I believe are also Ascended Masters, I am still walking and I am surrounded by fish, sea life and water, yet I do not get wet, I see a very large Crystal skull with brilliant illuminations from it, I continue walking and descending further and now I have entered into a massive hall, there is a space craft in there, I see a woman with a light almost white shawl covering her head walking towards me, she is very unusual looking I see she is oriental, I feel she is Mongolian, as she gets nearer to me she also appears to be alien, together we walk to a craft, there are many other beings around us, perhaps 200 in this large room, I see 2 smaller alien beings a bit funny looking with very large ears –I have been told these may be Hathors. ** after processing this I believe perhaps they projected the laser energy to the kiosks to program the space craft.
One is standing in front of what a appears to be a stone or earthen type of kiosk, his eyes send green laser energy up and down this kiosk, the next being is also in front of a different kiosk and send blue laser energy from its eyes up and down as well, I am invited to enter the ship, and I am seated by a window, the window is down perhaps at 18 inches above my feet, the seat is comfortable and has arms on it. I see we are moving, we are lifting, we are ascending through all the levels I had walked and continue rising. It is actually very quiet, not alot of noise or any commotion, all who are on this ship –I see 5 but sense there maybe a few more — are very quiet and very calm. now we are ascending very quickly and I see we are in space, I recognize some of the areas where Grandfather and St Germain have taken me, I do not see them but I do feel their presence with me. I have a sense that most of those on this ship are female, not that they have specific shape or breasts but the energy feels very feminine, I feel very safe, comfortable and well taken care of. I now want to write all this down, as I shift to reach for paper, half of me is in my bedroom and half of me is in the craft, I feel some pressure on my head, not painful or uncomfortable but some pressure, my notebook is too small so I move to get a larger notebook and now I am out of the craft and fully in my room.

I feel I am going to see them again, I felt as if on some level they had some reverence for me.
The shape of the window I looked through was approximately 12 inches in diameter, convex and round with a mullion vertical and one horizontal, like a cross.
There were no seat belts or special clothing on me or anyone else, the entire experience was extremely calm and quiet, it almost was as if everyone were in a meditation with their eyes open.

As the craft was flying further into deep space I saw brilliant and beautiful colors.
Please note, I was fully awake for this experience, I had just come into my room to go to bed when this began, I was fully conscious.

This is clearly one of the most amazing and spectacular journeys I have experienced, I am still processing all the meanings and significance of what has manifested during these past several months. I am aware that many changes are coming this 2011 for me and I am open and embracing of them, I am inspired to structure an outline on ideas to proceed. I feel more public out reach will be made. If anyone knows of someone that I should connect with please share their name and number with me.

Abundant Blessings,

Are Bigfoot Sightings the “In Thing” – or is BF Disclosure Near?—Is it all True Series # 228

Well that’s what it seems from my world. I have been getting an increased number of reports from people having Bigfoot sightings/experiences. Are the thousands of creditable sightings over the past hundred years finally creating the tipping point that the mainstream media can no longer ignore that they (BF) are a real phenomena. The theories on the how and why are solidifying – and I believe from my own personal experiences and great insight received from my Bigfoot Guru Kewaunee that BF are inter-dimensional beings and their movement between the dimensions create their stealth abilities and provides an explanation to some of the questions that humans have had over the years.

So let me share a wonderful BF story that I heard just a few days ago, from a somewhat unlikely source, a Native American from the Four Corners. I have worked with Native Americans on the BF mystery before. But normally it would take me years to develop a relationship with a Native American to share this type of information about the Bigfoot. But I was at my doctor’s office the other day and the doctor’s assistant, a Navaho woman, and I struck up a conversation about her Bigfoot experience when she was 8 years old. She was on an outing with three of her friends and an older chaperone. They were having a picnic in a small cave next to a mesa, when they looked out of the cave down the trail and there was a big chocolate creature carrying a lamb. The young girls all started to scream over the amazing but scary sight. The older girl, who was watching over the younger ones, quickly covered their mouths so as to not bring attention to their group as the Bigfoot pasted by. The Navaho women said she has never forgotten the incredible event. Since the Navaho raise thousands of sheep every year, there are been rumors of many lambs/sheep taken on a yearly basis off the Navaho Rez in the four corners area by the big furry ones. I guess its better than eating people.

I believe the world of Bigfoot will come to mainstream before the UFOs. But remember as my friend and colleague Kewaunee has said there is an UFO / Bigfoot connection.

Sleep Tight – Maybe a Bigfoot will smile upon you.