Alien Involvement – Disclosure has happened Quietly– Tompkins has died

Last November 2016 a three-part interview on a website called ‘” Search 4 Truth Reality “ got very little notice. The two main players here were Robert Wood Aerospace engineer with Ph.D. from Cornell, he is a retired Deputy Director at McDonnell Douglas – and worked in Aerospace for 43 years. Next Bill ( William ) Tompkins retired Aerospace engineer worked Douglas Aircraft and TRW for many years included working at two famous top-secret facilities Skunk Works and China Lake in Southern California. And both worked at or with TRW a major think tank for many years which sat on the cutting edge of all stuff related to alien technology.

These two gentlemen are the real thing and highly respected by their peers. Not to say that there were not some who were unhappy with them turning whistleblower. Note, Bob and Bill are high-level thinkers with a ton of credibility and probably not much to lose and the desire to put truth and our planet first. They are both late in life Wood in his 80’s I believe and Tompkins is 92, maybe the timing is everything.

At the very least, this is extremely complicated and quite dangerous for these two gentlemen who I would consider definitely heroes. World governments and the military-industrial complex have much to lose and cover-up on this subject, if you only consider the abduction trade for technology which was hatched and carried out since the late ’40s. The concept where probably millions of humans were subject to kidnapping and more at the hands of alien groups and our military. Even though Bob and Bill don’t speak to this particular subject in any detail, once they help open the box of truth, all the wildest past conspiracy theories are now looking pretty damn real.

This is why I believe a serious path has opened up to the amazing mind-numbing destination called Alien/UFO disclosure and the real History of Planet Earth.

Sleep Tight – watch the three interviews – a new paradigm is here for us all to try to absorb.


“Selected by Extraterrestrials” – A Review – Is it all True Series #412

So I just finished Bill Tompkins’ book – rest of the Title is “My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think tanks and Nordic Secretaries. That “secretary part “is a bit strange but quite important to Bill as you will see if you read his book. For the most part I enjoyed the book and I learned a few new things about UFO etc. even after my 50 years in the business.

Bill by all the sense of the word is a whistleblower, but what is different here is it is like he was given the okay to blow the whistle by elements of the government. If you take Bill’s book as 50 % true it’s amazing and a true disclosure of alien influence in our world. I feel at least 75% of the book is an accurate view of our human existence in an Alien controlled world.

So Bill is painting a picture that some groups of aliens are helping us with technology to protect ourselves against the bad guys (alien groups) and we are giving resources to the white hats for their battles with the Black Hats. I have done business in the aerospace community and I have confirmation about Bill being the real thing and also confirming similar trues about alien cooperation in many fields of human science and medicine.

Though the flow of the book wasn’t the smoothest, the book kept my interest. At times I thought he got too technical with his reading audience. Also at times his near obsession with his Nordic secretaries and sexual beauty got a bit strange, because it would pop up in the middle a whole another idea he was explaining and at times was quite explicit with a strong R – rating.

One final thought – Bill might have been selected, but like his secretaries I had a feeling by the end of the book that he had a few alien genes in his body, going beyond a normal human intelligence capacity.

Sleep tight, knowing “Reality is not what it seems”, will give some of us joy and a little hope.


From – Ben Bradlee – must read

Ben Bradlee

Ben Bradlee, the lifetime Editor in Chief of the Washington Post, was a man of amazing charisma, courage and guts. He was the backbone to the Watergate scandal and the Pentagon Papers that broke wide-open two high-profile historic events. He gently rode Bernstein and Woodward to greatness. Bradlee did what few would ever achieve, he un-covered two of the most profound conspiracies in modern times. And with Bradlee’s, Woodward’s and Bernstein’s hard work the result created the only resignation of a President in the history of our country.

So if Bradlee was alive and a younger man and he had the amazing evidence of the thousands of professionals, in the fields of engineering, architecture, pilots, law enforcement, firefighters, demolition experts, we are talking of 5,000+ of the best brains in the world, when it came this one profound event would he believe, would he act?
The event I am speaking of is 911, the most powerful brain screw ever. Why has only 3 % of our population here in the US fully awaken to the greatest tyranny of our times? People in trusted areas of our government conspired and killing 3000+ people here in the US and hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Mideast based on total known lies.
This event is 100 times more impacting than Watergate and the Pentagon Paper combined. This group of dark creatures stole part of our souls, as a result of their corruption, and lies. This one event will slowly kill our country, but we cannot bury the truth. Only the truth will make us whole as humans and Americans.

Ben Bradlee is the type of man we need to push the facts to show the truth and get our country back from the tyrants who stole it. Bradlee’s credibility could have been the catalyst to a new world truth. If this lie goes untold, the next horrific event will be 1000 times more impacting and will end humankind as we know it.

Sleep-tight, Like Ben Bradlee (who died last week) a larger than life truth seeker will ride into town – the facts are every-where, we await the catalyst to ignite the truth in the hearts and minds of all Americans and save our country.

Disclosure Mission Impossible- But Enlightenment is Coming to Some.

Area 51Well another year is coming to an end, and UFO/ Alien disclosure again hasn’t happened… or has it? In my travel around the country this year, I have found that acceptance of UFOs and other beings is becoming more and more of a possibility in people’s minds. Many people with whom I have talked are willing to entertain the idea that maybe; just maybe, they (the other beings) have been here for thousands of years.
I have been into UFO/Paranormal study for most of my life. Chances are most of my encounters have been forgotten or suppressed. Many people around me share my belief that this is a multi-dimensional universe. I truly believe this situation exists here on earth. The Universe is a vast realm of 13 dimensions or veils. Note all of these veil travelers cannot penetrate all the veils. The amount of vibrational shift individual beings can create determines their ability to move between dimensions.
There is a deep gut feeling inside me that some type of massive enlightenment will prevail on earth. One of the reasons for this feeling is my profound knowledge that global climate change has passed the tipping point and the acceleration of global warming is entering the rapid stage of no return, the point that mankind cannot stop. Of course this begs the question, will one or more of the other dimensional races step it and stop the total destruction of this beautiful blue planet? I am going to bet they will, but at a major cost to the human race. There will have to be a reduction of humans in this surface dimension called the 3th dimension. But good news there is room in other dimensions if the humans are willing to do the work and raise their personal vibratory levels to match one of the higher dimensions. For many it will be a mission impossible and unfortunately their souls and human essences will have to be recycled.
Sleep tight, the dimensional universe is the ultimate adventure and with some work, we can all enjoy its splendor.

June Meeting UFO/Paranormal Forum – Sharing- Is it all True Series #285

Seven Wise TruthseekersWe typically do about 1 to 2 sharing sessions per year. This is the opportunity for our members to release to the group their inner experiences from their world of UFO/ Paranormal realms. These sharing sessions have produced some of the most interesting and amazing revelations and have turned out to be as interesting as some of our best past speakers.

This meeting was no exception; one member spoke of being in a “beehive” alien ship, with beehive compartments with human-looking beings looking out of the compartments.

Another member spoke of being shrunk to a few inches to fit into the tiniest alien ship. The craft was a living ship, and as you entered it you also become part of this organic vehicle. Once in the ship, he was directed to a room with a council of four gray aliens where they communicated telepathically. They asked him ‘what is human humor,’ and ‘How are your leaders’? There was no apparent light source in the ship; the walls just glowed with a yellowish light. Then the aliens asked our member if it would be Ok to implant something in the roof of his mouth; they said it would help them with some sort of project. He was feeling very good in some strange way so he agreed. Though the implant or whatever it was made his two front teeth separate there were no other negative effects.
Another woman spoke of her encounter with bird beings, and she was told there are whole solar systems with these bird-looking beings.

And very last, there was a woman who encountered a large sandy area in Florida where there were many hundreds of strange footprints and other shapes, which looked like landing gear.
The group had a great time sharing in the strange world of UFOs and other paranormal events.

Sleep tight, we have all had these experiences at some time in our lives, and sharing is a way to complete the experience.

Sirius Documentary Update: The Million Lights From

Alexandra Bruce
June 29, 2012

The Disclosure Project has been financing and producing a documentary called ‘Sirius,’ about the reality of UFOs and the alternative energy and immense intelligence implied by their existence.

‘Sirius’ contains an unprecedented amount of new disclosures from high-level officials, never-before-seen UFO footage and vital

It is the collective awareness and participation of the numerous individuals who’ve gotten involved, what Dr. Steven Greer calls the
“Million Lights,” that he says “Keeps us safe.”

Why The Greys Will Not Disclose Their Identity? Is it all True Series #205

The Greys are made up of probably four groups of sort of gray-colored beings. There are what I call the Type B Greys, which are about 5and ½ feet tall and have triangle-shaped heads, pointed chins and dark black pupil-less eyes. They need food to survive, and prefer dairy products. There are the Type C Greys, which are around 5 ft tall, with more human-like eyes with pupils, but a small nose, mouth and sort of ears with a rounder face, and they can speak with verbal words. They are more human in appearance, might have some human DNA in their make-up. Type D are similar to Type C but their skin is reptilian in appearance, maybe a “C” with reptilian DNA in the mix. The Type A Greys are the most well known and are about 3.5 to 4.5 ft tall and about 40lbs. They has large heads in proportion to their bodies with huge almond black eyes with no ears and a slit for a mouth and nose. They have a tannish, pinkish gray body color. Their nourishment is absorbed directly into the skin (rubbed on animal membranes). They are probably more robotic than bio. And they have done the vast majority of the human abductions and human material gathering.

All the Greys have an agenda here and probably have been here as long as or longer than we humans have. They have been messing with us for thousands of years. We are their cattle. Types B, C and D have had minimum interest in us, occasionally showing up for a curious look at us, maybe hanging around the exam table watching what the Type A Greys are doing. There have been sightings of the B types working along with human scientists in underground bases. Types C and D are rarely sighted or at the least they are not remembered.

I believe the Type As want to be more like us, in every way, some even say they want our souls. So they will continue to use humans until they get what they want. They will also fight and keep any other non-human groups from disclosing their presence, because that would probably expose and end the sinister agenda of the Greys.

So unfortunately we are going to have to wait for a government whistler blower to spill the beans and also at the same time we would have to have one crash a saucer in the middle of the Super Bowl.

Sleep tight – and if you have an encounter with a Type A, just say “No” – these Bio-bots seem to listen, you have the control, don’t give it up.


THE MINOGUE TIMES – OCT>2011 from Trends Analyst Gail Minogue

1) October and 2011 Wind Down

2011 has gone very swiftly. I feel like I am ending summer out here in Southern California. It brings me to the old

Trick or Treat

truism, you cannot manage time; you can only manage yourself. I keep up the beat about cleaning up the year and harvesting what you planted back in February and March. Focus now on the connections you have made, the seeds you planted and do be industrious. October was originally the 8th month of the year and a month of harvest.

Once we get to the middle of November, the hibernation period sets in. I should say the body would like a bit of hibernation but our culture frowns upon this. It is customary to hibernate through January. Our body needs the time out from all the work and stress it experienced in 2011. Make sure you do not make time or technology your master. Use it wisely and know what you value. Technology will outrun us and if you try to stay on top of it, it will detach you from some of your deeper needs. Be discerning.

2) Question and Answer:

What is the significance of the New Moon, Full Moon and Void of Course Moon?


The ancients knew that cycles of time begin on the New Moon. Those who planted at this time knew they had the best opportunities for growth up until the full moon approximately two weeks later. The same is true in our lives. Our new ideas are best planted at the New Moon and the days following it. After the full moon—approximately two weeks later, you can tend to the details of what was planted or other mundane activities.

It is best to follow this rhythm in your own life. We need all the help we can get so begin new plans at the New Moon and the days following it. Go to to find out what are the Noon Moons for the year and plan accordingly. Adjust for your time zone. You will have better results with your ideas and plans. If you missed the New Moon in any given month, wait until the next New Moon to launch your plans. Try NOT to have surgery around a Full Moon. The moon has a great effect on fluids. Tides go in and out according to the Moon. Fluids expand at the Full Moon so avoid complications and plan accordingly.

The Loopy Void-of-Course Moon

Since the Moon changes signs approximately every 2 and ½ days, the period when a Moon is changing from one sign to

Moon Shadows

the next is called “Void-of-Course”. This period should be avoided for important meetings, plans etc. It can last a few seconds or a few days. American Presidents who were sworn into office during a void-of-course moon, have had only one term. President Carter a recent example. Al Gore’s 2000 nomination came in a Void-of-Course Moon. “Decision making in such periods turns out later to be unrealistic. Creativity diverges into unpleasant directions, improvisations, false starts, error. Business moves fail to generate profits, or meet unexpected difficulties. If you buy any object, it usually fails of its intended use.” By Debbi Kempton-Smith, “Secrets from a Stargazer’s Notebook.”

Note: President Obama was sworn in during a Void-of-Course Moon. Remember, though, he had to take the oath of office twice. Perhaps, this was done in light of this information on the Void of Course Moon. It is not unreasonable to have our presidents and those who are “captains of industry” follow astrological patterns. JP Morgan, the successful industrialist, had an astrologer on staff and met regularly. Ronald Reagan used one quite often. It was disguised as an interest of Nancy’s but it was Reagan who was using the astrologer long before his presidency.

3) View from the Freeway

The world is being turned upside down and a lot of junk is falling out of the pockets. We are witness to history. Look at all the exposure to the corruption of the last 240 years. We are beginning to understand the importance of experiencing this period. Certainly when America started out, she did not intend to be caught up in surveillance cameras.

We must return to the origins of this country and that is what we are doing. Why were we formed? What is its purpose? Is this a punishment? Where did we fall off the turnip truck? Did we really intend to consume 75% of the world’s anti-depression drugs? Did we really intend to have at least 1/3 of our citizens grossly overweight? Did we really at one time help build our neighbor’s house, borrow sugar and flour instead of driving to the store? Do we even talk to our neighbors?

Build Your Work Around Your Life

As the world is turned upside down, greed, corruption, entitlements and bad behavior in general are falling out. Our own self-deceptions are staring us in the face and we must face them. There is no place to hide any more. Even Swiss bank accounts are no longer safe. This is only going to get more intense as we progress along a transit that has not visited the planet and especially the United States since the early 1770’s. It is not cute but you will thank it after it has left—about 2024. I have been beating on this drum for the last three years and I will keep beating it. Get your priorities in order. What do you truly value? Build your work around your life—NOT vice versa. Most people build their lives around their work—reverse this process so you can be more at peace with your life.

You will have to get real, be your own therapist and build new trophies. Nobody cares about your old trophies

Time to Start Over

anyway. Staying young is always the ability to lower your resistance to starting over. Make a decision you want to live–or not. If it is a “yes”, then do what you need to do to thrive during these times of strengthening and help America grow up.

Revisiting the Roaring 20’s

Currently, 2011 and 2012 are similar to the end of the 20’s. I find it very fitting to have an HBO show called “Boardwalk Empire”—it takes place during the roaring 20’s. Ken Burns has another PBS special this month on “Prohibition”. We are unconsciously dealing with very similar conditions. The challenging 30’s followed this period and we had to clean up the mess. We will revisit some of the same things from the 30’s. More and more people are losing their houses, banks are terrified and people are just starting to protest—note the small group camped out in New York City. I just finished working in Chicago and spoke to several people who lost their homes or are in the process of losing them. One woman had lived in her home for 30 years, refinanced the house, could not keep up the payments and lost it two weeks ago. She now rents a room in a large house.

None of this is unusual.

There is an old Chinese expression “Beware of the wrath of the patient person”.

4) Trends

All industrialized countries of the world will feel the contraction of this period. Expect more world protests and finally the beginning of the protests at home in the United States.

More crackdowns, privacy trespass, tracking devices by the governments in the name of security.

Citizens are now awake and beginning to run out of money. As more and more exposure of the corruption in the government and corporations is presented through social media, more of the citizens will unite. This is a several years’ project. Expect the heating up to intensify around 2015.

The Guardian newspaper has documented the significant role which poverty and opportunity deprivation played in the British riots.

According to the World Health Organization three-quarters of medical devices given by rich countries to developing nations remain unused. The lack of electricity, spare parts and trained operators often means that technology developed in richer countries is totally unsuited to working in the developing world. Different technology is needed such as solar-powered hearing aids and stethoscopes that can connect to a mobile phone allowing doctors to monitor hard to reach patients. (BBC News-September 13, 2011.) There is a huge trend in technology for the poor.

Standard Bank Group, Africa’s largest bank by assets, has launched services for trade settlements in Chinese Yuan in 16 African countries. They estimate that at least 40% of China’s trade with Africa will be settled in Yuan by 2015. (China Daily—9/2/2011) China’s currency will be one of the world’s important currencies within approximately two years.

Science Daily is reporting that neurosurgery researchers at UC Davis Health System have used a new, leading-edge stem cell therapy to promote the growth of bone tissue following the removal of cervical discs—the cushion between the bones in the neck—to relieve chronic, debilitating pain. (Science Daily—September 6, 2011)

More exciting breakthroughs in Science are rapidly appearing. Expect a quickening between discovery and application. BBC also reported on a gene find that could lead to a drug for chronic pain—including neuropathic pain which occurs when nerves are damaged.

5) Ponder This

It is very important to recognize these times and these invisible transits for what they are, an opportunity to correct

Wake Up

ourselves and the various countries of the world. It looks like a giant confusion with uncertainty everywhere. Companies are going bankrupt, individuals are going bankrupt and there seems to be a general lack of direction for the human race. Not only are we experiencing the transition to a New Age—the Age of Aquarius, but we are also experiencing a heavy Plutonian transit and a one thousand year cycle of the change in worldwide gender power. The beginning of the 2000’s is in its infancy but it will gradually bring back the female into equality and leadership.

Dissolving the Old System

The financial systems are dissolving and the economic theories are not working. This is a much deeper condition than a “theory”. Throughout the next 13 years, we will have more and more exposure to what was wrong with entitlements, lobbyists, and the general mix of abusive behaviors. Promises have been made that cannot be kept and segments of the public will scream loudly.

In order for us all to go to the better part of our true nature, destruction of the old deceptions must go. The role of the United States is huge during these transits. It was always intended to answer to a higher calling of a larger world service. The soul of America cannot be satisfied with self-accomplishment alone. She was the pioneer on the planet to measure out freedom and cooperation. She has won her freedom and has learned assimilation better than any nation but she is to promote collaboration and assimilation on the world stage. Ultimately, there will be the United States of the World . For more information on America’s purpose, I suggest “America’s Invisible Guidance” by Corinne Heline.

Do not despair with what you see and experience. Housecleaning is going on and it is necessary as we got really messy during the last 240 years. We will be fine but first we must clean up the place.