Dreamtime and the Alien/Bigfoot Connection: Part 2- Is it all True Series #274

KewauneesBookcoverIn Part 1, I talked about Dream-time as a sacred era where ancestral totemic spirit beings created this Earth. “The Dreaming” is a path to lay down patterns and spiritual beliefs for the Aboriginal people of Australia.
In ancient times there were spirit brothers and another race; we here in North America call this race Bigfoot, in Euro-Asia, they are called Yeti, and Australian white man’s Yawi but the Aboriginals call them Dulligan. The Dulligan also came from the disaster planet. They were like middlemen between the alien planetary helpers and us, the human beings. In Australia, the Aboriginal men would go into the hills and receive teachings from the Dulligan. The Dulligan also taught the other planetary helpers the ways of the Earth. These other planetary helpers did their work on Earth in silent mode. Only the Dulligan people knew of their existence; at times the Dulligan were the alien beings outer face to the Earth world, and I believe that even today the Dulligan and the Aliens are in close connection (as written by Kewaunee Lapseritis). The Dulligan are our teachers, and they have been teaching us for hundreds of years, in a subtle way.

As noted above, the Aboriginal men collected knowledge from the Dulligan, while the women’s spiritual purpose was to restore the Earth’s Crystal Grid. Crystals are things that energize from heaven down to Earth. The full moon ceremonies are very powerful to restore the fragile energy grid structure of the Earth, a structure that for over the last thousand years has been weakening. We are in a crucial twelve-year period that if the women of the world can realign the energy grid, the world could be saved from what looks like an extinction event, which, sad to say, would be caused by our white Northern European man culture.

Sleep tight – Hope is not lost; Earth women and the full moon could save us all.