The Events of a Century have lined up for a Perfect Storm – and another Super Event

Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash

So here we go – so here goes America – Democracy is a wonderful way to govern people because, in theory, they are governing themselves but its downfall, is that it is fragile and relies upon people doing the right thing and making sound decisions, based on truths. And the truth is hard to come by these days.

With that said, let me continue – we as you all know by now are suffering a 100-year Pandemic, a President that has pushed our Constitution to its limits, racial civil unrest as intense as any time in American history, natural climate disasters like never before, and last but not least a national election like no other in American History, that could tear us apart like the Civil War.

 And we have foreign enemies that know very well know how to use propaganda to further weaken our country. We are in a weakened state, no doubt in my mind. Our enemies have never had a better chance to physically attack and seriously damage our democracy. 

So here is what I think, there is another Super event coming  —  when is it coming? at our lowest point of total stress – which I believe is the time frame of now through after the election until someone concedes it and victory for them is agreed upon on a national level.  

The Super event is a terrorist like attack from one or two countries in the form of an EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse on a nationwide level, which will freeze/destroy all things electronic and the repair will take months even years, totally destroying our economy and our democracy as we know it.  I know this is grim and I sincerely hope I am totally wrong, but thinking about it long and hard I believe its probably a (50-50) chance of happening, because our enemies know this opportunity won’t again happen in their lifetimes – they must strike soon. 

Sleep tight — in a few days, I will give some suggestions on how to have a chance to survive.  And many people will survive. 


2012: The December Surprise Is it all True Series # 262

To all of you who will be disappointed when we all wake up on the morning of December 22nd and are none the worse, I have something for you to think about. First, I wish we would all be taken by a huge alien mother ship to a safe place for say 300 years. This would give the human race time and a place to stay and avoid extinction. I believe after 300 years or so humans could start over and live on New Earth. It would be different here, slower, less bad stuff and more peaceful. A time that has not existed for thousands of years, and maybe this time we could learn from our past major mistakes.

We are headed toward a not so wonderful period of time here on Earth. And I hate to tell you there is no way to avoid it. For over 35 years, I have been a student of meteorology and climatology. When I was in college in 1970 majoring in Climatology, my mentoring professor made a bold statement to me about something that was coming, something he had found in ice coreings from the Arctic region of the world. He never spoke much more about it, but he looked extremely concerned and troubled.

So what is this surprise? It is something I had hoped would never ever happen. The permafrost is melting. Air temperature fluctuations on earth can tip this delicate threshold into a triggering event of instantaneous increase in global temperatures. It can turn into an unstoppable freight train of massive extinction within a reasonably short time frame.

Methane release, once it starts, puts the heating climate engine into high gear and there is no stopping it; man has no fix. This post is done- sleep tight—- there is always hope, until that lady sings .