New Discussion of Depression in America — Dr. Dennis

Since writing and posting the discussion on depression, Scientific American magazine has published an excellent article reviewing depression. It goes over a lot of material which I presented but it more specifically addresses the DSM criteria for the diagnosis and also discusses the probable increased number of folks diagnosed with depression due to changes in criteria for same.

It further discusses medication in more detail than I presented and also presents a fairly cogent argument that too many Americans are medicated with antidepressants.

Here is the link: Scientific American Magazine article on Depression

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It is well worth reading and I highly recommend it.

Dr. Dennis

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The Coming Trauma – Now and then can EFT be the Cure?-Is it all True Series #28

In last week’s 04/19/08 Posting, I spoke of an amazing event, that is supposed to occur in December 2012, which could reverse an ancient trauma to humankind. Let’s talk about something that can help you now with many concerns in our daily life.

Some of you may know of this amazing technique called EFT (Emotional-Freedom- Techniques). These techniques have been developed from the knowledge of Gary Craig and Roger Callahan.

There have been major successes with these techniques in areas of the world (Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, and some Africa countries) where major atrocities/genocide have occurred including, murder and rape done in front of other family members.

These techniques, for the most part, are simple and take less than a minute to complete. Simply stated, these techniques re-wire the brain by moving the focus between the right and left spheres, clearing the mind set. This forces the mind to free itself from the impact and the emotion of the traumatic event. This method works on addictions, phobias, stress, anxiety, trauma and much more. Here is a list of the steps that have worked well in my life.
1. First visualize the issue, say it out loud and rate it from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning a minimal issue and 10 meaning a severe issue in your life.
2. Using index and middle finger about an inch below your eye, on either side- tap about ten times.
3. Next tap with the same two fingers below your collarbone – again 10 times
4. Now ten taps on the side of the hand (like a karate chop)
5. Next ten taps on the back of the hand
6. Next eye rotations- three times slowly to the right and than three slowly to the left.
7. Hum a tune (any tune) for 10 to 15 seconds
8. Lastly count backwards from 10 to 1

You are finished and well on your way to feeling better about your life and its many issues.

These steps are a very simple but an effective tapping method, and there are many other excellent resources on the subject. One book I recommend is “Energy Psychology Interactive” by David Feinstein Ph.D.

Also enjoy the following You Tube video on EFT.


Chinese CO2 and the urgent need for UFO Disclosure -Is it all True Series #24

I heard something today that was very interesting but extremely disturbing. China’s level of CO2 output has surpassed America’s monster levels as of last year, which is a huge surprise to most in the scientific community who speculated that this wouldn’t happen for another 8 to 10 years. This new information could have an astonishingly negative impact on life on earth’s surface, as we know it. All that gloom and doom projections for 75 to 100 years could happen shortly. The devastating impact from global warming could be felt in your lifetime if you are under 40 years presently. Further studies will shed light on the exact impact of this new information, but I wouldn’t be buying any oceanfront property or islands under 25 feet in elevation. This is some serious stuff. And I am hoping it is not true.

Some 30 years ago I was doing some extensive interviewing of contactees and abductees and on 8 occasions from 8 separate/unrelated people I heard a similar story, “Man was destroying his home, his planet, his beautiful place” and there was about a 40-year window to fix the problem. This information was drawn from the abductee/contactee alien type encounters. There were other details about the effects; one constant one was a water level rise of 30 to 40 feet and ocean upheaval- (still don’t understand that one). But the dates are hauntingly coming true- the 40 years would be up in 2018. We could very well be in a massive struggle for our survival by that date.

So is it time to ask for help from the visitors who have been watching us for hundreds or perhaps thousands of years? Chances are they have been harvesting something from our planet and us. So I feel full disclosure of these visitors/ beings is needed to continue the process and start direct communication with them in hopes that they have some real solutions to our real serious problems and help us save our once beautiful and incredible planet.

Some say we can’t handle it – I say, it doesn’t matter now; time to ease into disclosure has past. Panic and fear are not options. Humans are quite flexible if there are no options. And there are no options. We need powerful technology to stem the tide of our extinction. And these strange beings may very well be our last hope.

So I say let’s reach out to them and acknowledge their presence, we have nothing to lose, but our extinction and that will probably be coming to a town near you, if we don’t act NOW.


Grey Haze over China

Grey Haze over China and our Earth.

From the Desk of Dr. Earp "Little Depressed?"- For your Health Series #2

Are you feeling depressed? Feeling down, tired and fatigued? Well, pardon the pun but don’t feel bad (that is, don’t despair!). Depression is one of the most common maladies affecting persons throughout the world. It is also one of the most highly undiagnosed (i.e., unrecognized) and untreated problems facing all of us.

Depression ranges from very minimal or mild situational depression, such as that stemming from a severe argument with a loved one, the loss of a distant relative or ongoing relationship problems with fellow coworkers to severe, chronic depression with or without suicidal intentions. All of us feel “blue” from time to time but that is not true depression. Also, most folks with depression are helped with 6-8 months of antidepressant therapy plus or minus psychotherapy or counseling. Situational depression and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) are the more common types of depression which are either self-limited or resolve with therapy.
A diagnosis of depression requires that your signs and symptoms be present continuously for at least 2 or more weeks. Review these and see if any hold true for you or someone you know fairly well. Don’t delay diagnosis or treatment as there is always the possibility of worsening making resolution and recovery more difficult.

Your Primary Care Physician may be a good place to start for an evaluation but if this is relegated to a 10 minute visit and a prescription with instructions to return in a month you need to seek better advice and help. Particularly treatment with antidepressants, you need to be monitored closely early on with frequent visits and titration of the medication to a dosage therapeutic for you. Unfortunately, the majority of Family Physicians and Internists are neither trained nor experienced in this; also, precious few have the time to devote to you that you need. Don’t hesitate to see a psychiatrist or a therapist who can refer you to a psychiatrist. Also, read about it as much as you can; insight is sometimes half the battle.

Many theories abound concerning the cause or etiology of depression. While it is borne out in studies and through the use of medications which alter brain chemistry (neurotransmitters), a “chemical imbalance” likely plays a major role in causing depression. Depression is a very real and at times disabling illness. Few persons, including the majority of physicians, who have no personal experience with it have any or little empathy for those affected. However, the phrase has become a politically correct catch-all term to explain depression and de-stigmatize it. Of course, it should never have carried a stigma to begin with.

Unresolved emotions issues, particularly anger and “letting go” of past experiences with significant emotional overlay are frequently at the heart of depression. Just how and when mild depression crosses over to clinically significant and/or chronic depression is not truly known. Sometimes it is helpful to inventory your emotions; don’t label them “bad or good.” Emotions are what they are; they can be helpful or disruptive to your thinking or lifestyle but don’t place a value system on them. They are real and only you are the one to validate them.

Examine in whatever objective manner you can the many emotional and relational aspects of your life and your responses to it. Oftentimes this will reveal one or more anger issues with which you have not effectuated a resolution. Listing these in order of not only importance but magnitude of reaction is helpful to sort through them. Then, one by one, you can start the very slow and sometimes mentally painful process of dealing with them. Give yourself plenty of time, empathy and sympathy. Keep a private journal of your feelings, what you are going through and your reactions to the help and treatment you are receiving. Writing about yourself is very therapeutic in and of itself, particularly when the only reader is you.

While it is very helpful to have loved ones or friends to help you through this oftentimes a therapist and/or psychiatrist is the only means of objectifying the disorder for you and giving you a guiding hand. Do not expect on any level much sympathy or empathy from anyone; it is profoundly difficult for most people, especially those rooted in Western Society, to understand depression as an illness. A broken bone is so much more easily recognized as a form of illness than an aberration of the mind!

Above all else, treat yourself with kindness, empathy and patience. Your physical AND mental health are the most important things about your being.



From the Desk of Dr Earp "Mac Donald Syndrome"- For your Health Series #1

Speeding To An Early Demise

Western societies place such a high premium on speed, multitasking, goal oriented living and accomplishments that we, as Americans, are incurring/suffering from an epidemic of anxiety, panic disorder and depression. Coupled with the national tendency to also suffer from denial we, as a culture, are experiencing increasing rates of occupational and professional burn-out. Ultimately, this will not only make us a more sickly populace but an ever dependent one. It will also harm and make inaccessible the works of great artists, musicians and geniuses who are born each generation but develop incapacitating mental illnesses or addictions causing same; they die before their artistic skills effloresce (or come in to their own). We are our own worst enemy.

Mark Twain, writing in The Keokuk Daily Post, November 29, 1856 astutely observed while riding on a train that the scenery, and hence by reference life, was moving way too fast (the actual speed was in the 40 mph range!). “I jest took a peep out of the winder, and drat my buttons, if I wasn’t astonished at the way that rail road was a gittin over the ground. I tell you, Mr. Editors, it made a rail fence look like a fine tooth comb, and the air actually turned blue in the vicinity. Thinks I if that devil at the other end of the train’s going home tonight, it won’t take him long to get there.” (Snodgrass; He couldn’t appreciate any of the visual rewards of travel; he could not see the terrain, the flora. It, to him, was a blur. He implied this did not bode well for our culture.

Practicing medicine, I witness Hurry Up or Mac Donald’s Syndrome borne out daily. While it is unfortunately an imbued characteristic of the majority of working and nonworking persons, I am most familiar with its manifestations in a medical setting.

Patients (and their families) incorrectly and incredulously think the delivery of medical care is analogous to procuring a hamburger. You simply arrive at the hospital, very ambiguously state your intent or wants, and the entire ER staff will jump right on that. I am not talking about true life-threatening emergencies which comprise a small proportion of the patients seen in an ER on any given day.

To worsen matters to a tremendous degree is the very common patient lack of any detailed knowledge concerning their medical/surgical history, the names and dosages of current medications and any recent medical treatments or hospitalizations. The majority of folks who have a primary care physician generally can’t tell you his/her name or practice name! Yet this information, along with allergies, can literally not only make a major impact on treatment decisions but may, by the patient’s own hand, cause themselves harm. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide an accurate and current medical history. Rare is the knowledgeable patient or one who at least maintains a database (such as writing on paper!) on their person with details of their medical history. Nearly all folks of middle age and beyond presenting for evaluation are on prescription medications and have one or more chronic illnesses. But when asked about this information they again become impatient demanding “a pill or shot so I can get out of here.” [sic]

Oftentimes, the patient and/or their family has an ulterior motive in their need for speed in the ER. Granny-dumping is an example. Bring Grandma to the ER under the premise she is acutely ill when in fact she is not; the family is either incapable or more often unwilling to devote the time and resources to care for their parent. It is a despicable scenario. The associated scenario is that of the elderly patient who was recently hospitalize; the physician strongly suggested skilled nursing care facility placement but the family refused, out of some ill-conceived and misinformed emotional notions of “never letting Momma go to a nursing home.” Well, sometimes things simply are as they are. The care required may be totally beyond what the family can provide and guess who suffers? Momma. So, she is brought to the ER, usually during the night or early morning hours, again under the guise of an acute illness but it ultimately comes out, “We just are at our ropes end. We can’t take it anymore. We want her admitted for three days and then moved to a nursing home.” This is such a common scenario. Even more heartbreaking are the times family members, having brought Momma to the ER, leave and never respond to phone calls and never return. Apparently they are too busy and in too much of a hurry to care for their parent.

Common presentations of the Mac Donald’s Syndrome involve a patient or entire family demanding rapid service because:

1. “I haven’t eaten all day and want food with a drink” (Whose fault is that?)

2. “I was sick yesterday and need a work excuse.” (From the ER?)

3. “I ran out of my medicines a couple of weeks ago.” (Hello!)

4. “I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 hours – I came here because I thought it would be faster.” (You obviously haven’t been here lately or read newspapers!)

5. “I need help with drugs.” (And how many years have you had this addiction? What is today’s emergency?)

6. “I need help with alcohol.” (How long have you been addicted and how many times have you enrolled in detox programs?)

7. “I want a pregnancy test.” (So the patient presents, without insurance or funds, with the complaint of a missed period and early morning nausea and vomiting. The patient can purchase an OTC pregnancy test just as accurate as the urine test used in the ED. However, they would be expected to PAY at the time of purchase in the store for the test. Now, without a thought for hospital, societal and resource cost they will incur charges exceeding $500.00 for something costing less than $10.00; their own fault)

8. “I ran out of my Lortab.” (Did you call your doctor? “No.”)

9. “I was in a car accident and now my neck, back etc. hurt and that guy is gonna pay.” (The patient then expects the hospital and physicians to wait for this presumed financial settlement believing [falsely] that they can put the charges on hold because something wasn’t their fault. They are asking for the service therefore they are responsible for the charges.)

10. “I’ve had [chest pain, a headache, abdominal pain, etc.] for a month or two.” (And what made today so special after waiting all this time?)

11. “I’ve got better things to do with my time than stand around in here and wait for you to treat my wife (or husband).” (Isn’t the health of your loved one paramount in importance; it must be, you brought them to the ER)

If the physician makes the mistake of trying to accommodate or feed into their demands of hurried evaluation and inappropriateness, some of these same people will, at some time in the future, file a malpractice suit against the physician and completely deny they demanded speedy service with its attendant risks. They and their lawyer will make a litany of false allegations and the hope for winning The Malpractice Lottery will go on for the 1-3 years it will take to process the claim. The plaintiffs lawyer may argue that the physician should have imposed his/her control of the patient evaluation. The Hospital Administration will not support the physician, although their unwritten policy, reiterated over and over, is to “move the meat” and “do whatever you can to make our Patient Satisfaction scores high – Just give the patient what they want.”) Although from a strictly business model patients are customers, the nature of diagnosing and treating diseases on individual human beings negates much of this analogy and does not make patient satisfaction scores comprehensively relevant.

Mac Donald’s Syndrome is a serious manifestation of the psychological and behavioral ills which have befallen the denizens of industrialized society. As a matter of fact, those societies, industrialized or not, who adopt our perspectives soon fall victim to this same phenomenon. As individuals and as a society it is imperative we look closely at our behaviors and what modifications are needed to maximize our mental health. Hurry Up Syndrome is merely a sign of the underlying severe anxiety and associated disorders which now afflict so many people. The human brain has not had time, in an evolutionary sense, to adapt and develop appropriate coping mechanisms for the immense profundity of attention required of it. The sheer number of persons requiring psychotherapy and/or anxiolytic medications is immense and growing. We set goals we cannot reasonably accomplish. We set time tables we cannot meet. We demand “multitasking” as a means of accomplishing more in shorter periods of time.

Yet we don’t take time out for ourselves nor our loved ones. By the time we retire our minds and bodies are literally exhausted. We may physically live longer but we do so sustaining more and more maladies, spending our retirements sitting in physician’s offices or lying in hospital beds!

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Don’t be afraid he is part human.

Food for Thought — 2008— Erich J. Knight

HAPPY NEW 2008 — Maybe a Year of New direction for the USA and the World. This maybe the last chance– lets take it.

Erich J. Knight | | IP:

Here’s the current news and links on Terra Preta (TP)soils and closed-loop pyrolysis of Biomass, this integrated virtuous cycle could sequester 100s of Billions of tons of carbon to the soils. If done in the field this solves many of the transport issues.

Terra Preta Soils Technology To Master the Carbon Cycle

This technology represents the most comprehensive, low cost, and productive approach to long term stewardship and sustainability.Terra Preta Soils a process for Carbon Negative Bio fuels, massive Carbon sequestration, 1/3 Lower CH4 & N2O soil emissions, and 3X Fertility Too.
UN Climate Change Conference: Biochar present at the Bali Conference

SCIAM Article May 15 07;

After many years of reviewing solutions to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) I believe this technology can manage Carbon for the greatest collective benefit at the lowest economic price, on vast scales. It just needs to be seen by ethical globally minded companies.

Could you please consider looking for a champion for this orphaned Terra Preta Carbon Soil Technology.

The main hurtle now is to change the current perspective held by the IPCC that the soil carbon cycle is a wash, to one in which soil can be used as a massive and ubiquitous Carbon sink via Charcoal. Below are the first concrete steps in that direction;

S.1884 – The Salazar Harvesting Energy Act of 2007

A Summary of Biochar Provisions in S.1884:

Carbon-Negative Biomass Energy and Soil Quality Initiative

for the 2007 Farm Bill

Tackling Climate Change in the U.S.

Potential Carbon Emissions Reductions from Biomass by 2030by Ralph P. Overend, Ph.D. and Anelia Milbrandt
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Media Partner Logos

The organization 25×25 (see 25x’25 – Home) released it’s (first-ever, 55-page )”Action Plan” ; see; http://www.25××25/documents/IP%20Documents/ActionPlanFinalWEB_04-19-07.pdf
On page 29 , as one of four foci for recommended RD&D, the plan lists: “The development of biochar, animal agriculture residues and other non-fossil fuel based fertilizers, toward the end of integrating energy production with enhanced soil quality and carbon sequestration.”
and on p 32, recommended as part of an expanded database aspect of infrastructure: “Information on the application of carbon as fertilizer and existing carbon credit trading systems.”

I feel 25×25 is now the premier US advocacy organization for all forms of renewable energy, but way out in front on biomass topics.

There are 24 billion tons of carbon controlled by man in his agriculture and waste stream, all that farm & cellulose waste which is now dumped to rot or digested or combusted and ultimately returned to the atmosphere as GHG should be returned to the Soil.

Even with all the big corporations coming to the GHG negotiation table, like Exxon, Alcoa, .etc, we still need to keep watch as they try to influence how carbon management is legislated in the USA. Carbon must have a fair price, that fair price and the changes in the view of how the soil carbon cycle now can be used as a massive sink verses it now being viewed as a wash, will be of particular value to farmers and a global cool breath of fresh air for us all.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call me or visit the TP web site I’ve been drafted to co-administer.

It has been immensely gratifying to see all the major players join the mail list , Cornell folks, T. Beer of Kings Ford Charcoal (Clorox), Novozyne the M-Roots guys(fungus), chemical engineers, Dr. Danny Day of EPRIDA , Dr. Antal of U. of H., Virginia Tech folks and probably many others who’s back round I don’t know have joined.

Also Here is the Latest BIG Terra Preta Soil news;

The Honolulu Advertiser: “The nation’s leading manufacturer of charcoal has licensed a University of Hawai’i process for turning green waste into barbecue briquets.”


ConocoPhillips Establishes $22.5 Million Pyrolysis Program at Iowa State 04/10/07

Glomalin, the recently discovered soil protien, may be the secret to to TP soils productivity;

Terra Preta — Soil and Solutions from the Gods (?)

What are these super rich, fertile and long lasting mystery soils of South America? Here is a little background; their name is “Terra Preta do Indio” (Amazonian Dark Earths or Indian Black Earth). Named for their very dark color, they were discovered by the white guys during the late 1800’s. The theory is that they may have been created by pre- Columbian Indians 500 to 2500 years ago (a very wide range for any theory).
Another theory was that (TP) was naturally formed from some event related to the Andes volcanoes or a formation created by pond or lake sedimentation. All of these theories are conflicting and leave open the possibilities for new discussions.

These soils have an amazingly high organic matter content, with high levels of black carbon-charcoal in the mix (which may be the key). Terra Preta have very short fallow times, 6 months or less, (the fallow time is needed only because of the weed infestation- super fertile soil grows great weeds). Normal soil takes 8 to 10 years to naturally rejuvenate, without negative additives. It has been reported that these soils (TP) can be under continuous cultivation for at least 40 years, unheard of in the normal agricultural world. Terra Preta would be considered organic farming with no soil additives; the need for pesticides would have to be considered for the final classification (organic or conventional).

Now can these Dark Earths be a factor to reducing global warming? Maybe. The earth’s soil contains a large percentage of the carbon reserves in the world, but most soils are unstable and slowly release their carbon into the atmosphere and add to the CO2 and to the problem. But it seems the (TP) soils are very stable and hold the carbon in the soil and don’t release it into the atmosphere (or at least releases it very, very slowly). Can we create more of this (TP) and cover our farmlands with it?

Was TP a wonderful soil management project of the Ancients or a gift from the GODS (friendly Alien beings)? If so, of course this may have cost the indigenous folks a few sacrifices (Blood for Food Program), not much different for our present Blood/Oil for Food program.

Lastly, can we duplicate the process to make this (TP) soil without paying direct tribute to our Alien friends? Blood is not a just tribute in a moral world.

Sleep Tight – your Government is watching over you.


PS- I encourage you to do further study of (TP) on the Web.


The Lush World of (TP)

Deep and Rich….

Hi Fructose Corn Syrup — Human or Alien.

As our site’s Mission Statement said – we would do some postings in the health science field, so here is an interesting one.

In our overweight America the obesity rate has doubled during the last 25 + years. Wow- what is going on? It may very well be these four words, High Fructose Corn Syrup. It was developed in the early 80’s. This super sweet, super cheap product is the golden child of the Ag Industry (Agriculture Corp World). Besides being sweet, it is cheaper than common sugar and can easily mix into many products, extending shelf life, and helping prevent freezer burn. Unfortunately the losers are the consumers and anyone who wants to be fit and healthy. This sugar is in a high percentage of processed foods. It is heavily in soft drinks, baked goods, jelly syrups, fruit drinks, and most desserts. Besides adding huge amounts of sugar and calories to the products, this high sudden shot of fructose, disrupts our metabolism and makes us gain weight. It puts the liver into mission impossible mode and forces it to throw out high levels of fat into the bloodstream (triglycerides), not happy stuff for the heart or the arteries. And to top it off, HFCSs drive our bodies to want more; we become “addicts”. You can’t eat just one Oreo.

Also other studies on diet and women have stated high carbs and high fructose increase colorectal cancer, and pumping kids with fructose drinks can straight out make them sick, besides fat. And when you thought it can’t get worse, overloading the intestines with HFCS can cause cramps, bloating and the famous loose stools. Personally, I used to notice when I ate too much of the stuff all of the glands in my upper body were swollen for several days.

In conclusion, DO NOT EAT the stuff– your body knows; it is screaming STOP. You know we have talked about ALIEN mind control–implants, etc. Maybe now, body-control- it would be a wonderful way for them to sweeten and fatten us up for the slaughter.