White House stays consistent with the Past Alien Denial – but indirectly told a small Truth.Is it all True Series #210 ?

Over 12,000 humans signed a petition for the truth from the White House to come clean on the truth about UFOs and ET types. But to no ones surprise they said no Extra – Terrestrials are here, hanging with us. You know that is probably truth. I am starting to fully believe no one or no thing is presently traveling cross the super distances between stars. These strange races of non-humans and hybrids have always been part of our world. They spend time between our dimension and other dimensions and easily travel between them. So at the beginning of November they, the White House, told us this little but important truth that our visitors are real maybe really our distant creators. But they are for sure old natives of this Planet.

So, why would the people in charge be afraid of telling the truth about our Terrestrial other Family members? The reason is they are totally Terrestrial and very much before us, in the global time-line. This would be a layered problem for all the institutions of the world. They would be far less important and their ability to control the masses would be completely gone. I read the other day from some pretty important research that the Greys have been occupying the area north of Dulce, New Mexico for 25,000 years or more in an underground facility, and this is probably only one of many around the world.

Of course if the entire world knew the truth about these otherworldly beings, what could we do? Most likely, we cannot directly communicate with them because their electromagnetic energy field is too powerful and overwhelms our neuro-system causing massive confusion and maybe death. So is it better to wait and see, even through they have been manipulating our minds and bodies for thousands of years. We are basically helpless and our institutions cannot help us as the Greys still abduct thousands yearly for the sinister agendas. A side comment, alien abductions have dropped off during the last 10 years, but I believe they are just re-tooling for the next phase of their on-going experiment, at the expense of humanity.

Sleep- tight and listen for the subtle truths because even in the White House there are people who want to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The Secrets of Dulce and more were discussed at the NM UFO /Paranormal Forum #204

The New Mexico UFO Paranormal Forum hosted an excellent speaker for their October meeting. Howard Eliason has a PhD in Education and Curriculum Development from the University of Pennsylvania and was a college professor at Miami Dade College.

Howard did research for five years in the Dulce area. His main focus was on the strangeness that has been part of the area for many years. His research partner was the late Gabe Valdez, also a researcher and state patrolman. They first looked at the Gas-buggy Project in the 60’s. The government version of a nuclear detonation to free-up natural gas reserves didn’t sit well with either Gabe or Howard. Howard states that the explosion could very well have been an attack by the US on an underground alien base located in Mount Archuleta. This atomic blast would have not only destroyed property and lives but the electromagnetic pulse it creates would have destroyed the alien base’s communication system.

Howard and Gabe found a great deal of symbols and drawings on the Archuleta Mesa and the Archuleta Mountain, and some of the drawings had reptilian characteristics. These symbols could have been used to warn or welcome air travelers (hundreds of thousands of years ago) into this area.

Howard also showed us numerous excellent photos of UFOs and strange pictures of life forms in the Dulce area.

One of Howard’s stories I thought was most fascinating was the egg stone. A woman in the Dulce area found an egg-shaped crystal on her property. This stone had some amazing properties. It would change colors and shapes through communication with people in its presence. The problem was the rock may have been trying to communicate with people and possibly brainwash them into doing something sinister, but at the very least it made them feel uncomfortable in its presence. Eventually the woman buried the stone in her yard to protect it from being stolen. These egg-crystals have been found on other Indian reservations around the country.

Thanks again, Howard, for the excellent presentation. You opened a little more of the secret box they call Dulce.

Sleep tight – The mysteries of our universe will be waiting for you in the morning, and these mysteries are infinite, layer upon layer.


Hybrids in NM? An Exclusive From Esperanza – Is it all True Series #202

Michael’s had a fabulous half-off sale on their canvases. I set out that morning to the nearest store.

When I arrived I headed directly to the art and canvas area that lies at the back of the store. It’s a rather crowded section. People pass in front and behind you. The employee entrance/exit to storage is right there and there’s a lot of noise. Framing is directly behind the canvases. It’s a very busy place and even more so during a sale. I knew what I wanted having scanned them the previous week. I pulled the square cloth bound frames from the upper rack. The first was huge, but the other two were more manageable. The rack was so high I had to wrestle them off the wall, put my tiny purse over my shoulder, my sunglasses in my cleavage, the two smaller ones under my arm while sliding the huge one along two aisles over toward the paint section, another crowed area. I checked out their sale stuff, talked to a woman who advised me on paint quality and told me about how unique her twin boys were. Apparently, they were born from two sperm and two eggs–very unique, yet a typical conversation for me to be involved in—a total stranger telling me intimate details. I attract all types of people in public places who tell me the most intimate things. I am, at heart, a people-engager. She left, I choose the gesso and paint while worrying over the money I was spending to complete the project. Having decided to buy paint, I had to leave the canvases standing on the aisle and run to the front of the store for a hand basked to hold everything. I began the job of lifting and rearranging all the things I had on me so I could attempt the difficult job of picking up the canvases to get it all to check-out some distance away. Usually, I’d ask a passerby to assist me. But, oddly, the entire area had become completely deserted, after only a minute before having been filled with people. No one to ask! O.K.

As I struggled to arrange the canvases and basket, I heard a man’s voice from behind me. “Do you need some help?” I began speaking before I turned and looked up. When I did, I saw a woman standing behind him. I said, “Yes, I do, thank you.” with my usual openness. Then, I looked at his face. It was only a second I looked at him. He was around 6 feet tall, had a shock of salt and pepper hair, wore long khakis and a T-shirt. His eyes were very blue and almost turquoise. They were shiny like marbles, bright and clear with something that hit me as a crystal appearance. They were not overly large. However, something in them was different. I thought maybe he’s German. But then, I calculated his body. It was a bit off, too. He was straight up and down like a pencil. Not skinny but he didn’t have hips. Not like a thin man without hips and a flat butt, but somehow not usual. I looked into his eyes at a glance and quickly turned back to the canvases. I picked-up the two smaller ones. I felt suddenly strange and avoided looking back at him. This is not like me. My nature is to observe everything, look at faces, note eye color and talk to anyone, as I mentioned earlier with the mom of the twins. I talk to total strangers almost anywhere. I’ve been told that I’m very approachable and open, therefore easy to engage in conversation. People trust me. I like to laugh. And here, in this situation, I found myself literally avoiding him, his face and speaking a word. I just started walking down the main aisle not looking back to see if he’d even picked up the canvas. I’d NEVER do that. My personality is too detail oriented for that. I can’t understand why, even now. It was just not like me. I felt almost as though I was in a vacuum. Somehow I felt as though I was being prevented from being myself. The woman behind him said nothing. She stood silent the entire time. Whether she was following us or not, I didn’t know. I never looked back–not once during that long trek to the registers.

As I approached the front of the store, without turning, I said, “I would like to deposit the canvases at the front registers and continue shopping.” I led the way toward a vacant register. He silently followed me there. The registers are split away from the product aisles by a long horizontal lane separating them from the exit and the rest of the store. I didn’t turn around, I just said, “I’ll put my canvas here.” and because he had the larger of them his had to be set down first. He didn’t really get it until I stood there, not speaking, waiting for him to put his canvas down. I never looked up at him. I spoke to the woman at the next register explaining what I was doing. She nodded and went back to her work. I turned toward him, again not looking at his face, instead looking to the side toward the wall and said, “Thank you for your help.” I felt very uneasy. I didn’t smile. I didn’t say an extraneous word to that point. There was this odd silence/calm about him and the woman who stood waiting behind the register aisle. They looked like they could be twins in their stature. The exception? She had light brown hair, similar dress, but female somehow and both were very pale skinned. He turned his back to me and began walking away. I felt like an auto matron or something. I was completely out of character.

All the time I felt I could not engage him in conversation, even though he had in no way made me feel otherwise by his behavior. He was helping me for God’s sake! It was his eyes, the odd silence he had about him and the aisles being deserted that fed my apprehension in speaking–something in those eyes.

As he walked away, I suddenly got a grip on myself and attempted to pull myself out of what felt like a semi-sedated state. I had to say something more to him. He’d walked all the way to the front of the store for me. All I’d done was be silent and almost unfriendly. Not at all me, NOT AT ALL. So, I simply opened my mouth to speak to him but then closed without a word deciding against speaking. Instead of continuing to walk ahead of me, he turned around and looked at me in anticipation of my speaking. He may have said something to me like, “yes?” as well. I can’t remember. I was too stunned at this point to think. He couldn’t have known I was going to speak. I didn’t make a sound in opening my mouth and when I didn’t say anything more, I was looking into his face. I just stood there. Instead of speaking, I broke contact and walked past him. He turned back around as well and walked out of the area behind me.

The woman who’d been waiting for him stood holding something in her hand. I knew I should say something to her too, but I was at a total loss as to what! Me? At a loss to speak? Never! So, I said, “Thank you for lending me your”…I couldn’t think of a word…your husband, your boyfriend, your brother? I said your “man”. That’s not something I’ve ever said to another woman. I’m fairly articulate. I simply felt so confused. Her response was a nod and “you’re welcome” nothing more.

After my tongue-tied mumble, I almost ran up the aisle to get as far away from them as I could before turning back around to check them out standing together. When I turned back she was showing him the item she’d been holding. This was even more suspicious. Besides my uncontrollable behavior and his obvious ability to know I was going to speak to him without seeing or hearing me do so, they were standing together as if they were one person. They stood very close almost shoulder touching shoulder examining the object she held. You couldn’t have driven a toothpick between them. Their heads were almost touching as they leaned in to one another and although I thought they must be discussing the item she held, I didn’t see them doing it. In fact, no mouths were moving. It was strange and a little creepy. She turned it over and over as I stood there watching them. I felt like a voyeur. I was actually spying on them. I had to determine who they were.

I don’t know why I couldn’t make myself go up to them and examine them more closely. I don’t know why I didn’t behave as I would normally during such a helpful store scenario. What would I usually do? I’d stop and chat with them, say thanks so much to them both together, tell them how nice it is to have people around who are willing to help others. But no, I almost ran away, propelled by an unknown force that I still can’t understand. It was so weird that when I arrived home I was also compelled to tell my husband every detail of the experience, repeatedly. I still can’t understand why I acted as I did, certainly not myself. The effect of being near them and looking into his eyes was so unusual that I now believe I it was not “who they were” but “what they were” that I was trying to determine when I was watching them interact. I believe now that they were not completely human.


Dabbling in the Grotesque- Is it all True Series ? #192

The story goes that the British have been creating human-animal hybrids, maybe a 150 and probably more. This is an interesting posting after the one I did last week on Whitley’s new book, called Hybrids. Even though the British Hybrids were just embryos, it shows Whitley’s book is just a few steps ahead of what we now know. But I will tell you, we have produced advanced Hybrids (Animal/ Human) here in America in sophisticated underground base laboratories for several years now. But that is a dangerous story to tell.

So let’s go back to the British Report–they created a hybridization program called 2008 Human Fertilization Embryology. The purpose was to develop these Hybrid embryos to use their stem cells to find cures for human diseases. The problem here is that 98% of stem cell cures have come from adult stem cells, not a creation in a test tube. So why are we doing this? The answer is they can, it may be just that simple; scientists love to experiment.

The problem here is that mixing species of such diversity can produce some very strange and unwanted results. And if they are successful they will always push forward, testing the limits, and there would be high probability that this unnatural union could create a deadly microbe. And this process could be extremely quick, so quick whole segments of the population could be wiped out in a few weeks.

So what is next for the Hybrid creation world? Science will not stop; it’s a race to create the perfect Bio-bot. To do everything man doesn’t want to do, clean toilets, mining, fighting wars and more. The perfect soldier may be just around the corner, the killer with no emotions. This may be the point in which mankind must draw the line in the sand, before our technology ends human life as we know it.

Sleep tight – The Bio-bot is coming shortly to a Best Buy near you.

The World of Hybrids: A Whitley Strieber View -Is it all True Series #191

I have been reading the new book from Whitney Strieber called “Hybrids.” I still have about 70 pages left. I must say that up to this point it is riveting, and I have not been able to say that about the past several Whitley books. As you probably know, Whitley stopped calling his books non-fiction years ago because of threats he and his family received from unknown sources. So now his books are written under the fiction banner, and life has been a whole lot better. But many of us know there is truth weaved into the fabric of these books, and this one is skillfully done.

As many in the New Age movement believe, these aliens who are visiting our world are good Space Brothers here to help save our society. In this book Whitley has a very different view of the creations of the Space Brothers or the beings we call Hybrids. As the human emotional genes were slowly eliminated so was the compassion and the concept that human life is sacred. So in Whitley’s book, the Hybrids have gone on a rampage skinning humans and wearing their flesh to attack, torment and kill more unsuspecting humans. Like I have always said there are non-humans creatures among us that live off our emotional bodies. Normally they push our buttons that create fear, sexual pleasure, misery and death. So our emotions are intensified and their needs are satisfied But in my theory, it is human against human or human on human. While in Whitley’s theory it’s Hybrid alien against human. The emotional release in the Whitley book is high intensity, to a chilling degree. Not for the faint-hearted.

Will the two hero Hybrids in the book save mankind from the next generation of Hybrids? Or will the Hybrids consume the very last Human emotional generator on earth. Could this be the “Alien Harvest: The Final Edition”? Whitley has a winner here; it is one of those time will tell stories. I believe like humans there are good and bad non-human beings. And with contact maybe around the corner, caution to the contactees if you want to keep your skin on.

Sleep Tight – Whitley’s book is just fiction…or so he says with a little wink.


Hybrids of an Alien Type – Have they survived? Is it all True Series #190

I have been studying the hybrid alien theory for much of my life. I believe the earliest hybrids started appearing around 1958. They were extremely weak and fragile; many were carried as twins in a human womb, an Alien/Hybrid with a normal human fetus. I would only think these beings thought this pairing would strengthen their lot. But apparently most died at birth, and this group I call Phase I. So in the middle 60’s Phase II of the inter-breeding program started. This time the hybrid twin was removed before birth, normally four months before the due date. This is generally known in the medical community as the missing twin syndrome or vanishing twin. I believe the vast majority of these were not fetal resorption, like we are being told. After removal at 5 months they were placed on a special diet of a highly nutritional liquid. Also human mother-types were bought into nursery facilities to nurture these preemies. They talked to them, held them, rocked them and maybe nursed them. The abducted mothers are sometimes told these were their children. Once the hybrids are about 4 to 6 months old, they were put into circulation through unknowing adoption agencies around the world, but I believe the majority these adoptions were here in the United States. This group of hybrids did a lot better than the Phase I group.

As Phase II hybrids grew-up, physically they were doing quite well but emotionally they were a disaster; they never fit into the mainstream. Many in their teens committed suicide and others were sent to mental institution for treatment, while many others fell into the seedier side of society into drugs and prostitution. And finally many just vanished.

So Phase II ended in the 80’s and then Phase III started late 80’s and into early 2000. In Phase III they used a higher percentage of Human DNA and less alien. Emotionally, this group did quite well being nearly normal in society. They were highly intelligent, but in the early 2000’s they started dying because their immune system could not adjust to the huge environmental changes. The Alien DNA is very fragile and cannot adapt to change like the pure human can. Maybe in some ways we humans are a superior being. So I figure in early 2000, the group of beings that were doing this breeding program packed it up and left, never to return. They have moved on to another galaxy, solar system and planet looking for the right mix, to improve their lot.

Sleep Tight, as you move between many different realities, not remembering one from the other, and that is unfortunate.