Khat Hansen Speaks – be True to Yourself and the Universe around You and contact will come.

Our individual journeys take us into many unexpected situations where we encounter a wide variety of people-some quite like ourselves and some very different. We cannot anticipate these meetings, but we can make the most of them when they take place. When we are courteous as a matter of course and open-minded in our assessment of the individuals whose lives briefly touch our own, we are more apt to stumble upon surprising gems of wisdom that open our eyes to new worlds of possibility. Every person we meet can affect us profoundly, just as every situation we find ourselves in can teach us something new.

To fully embrace this fact, it is essential that we acknowledge that everyone is valuable in their own way and capable of expanding our horizons. Since we never know when we will happen upon those individuals who will unveil truths before us, we should extend to all people the same generous level of kindness, care, compassion, and understanding. When we assume everyone we meet is special and treat them as such, we can develop a strong rapport quickly. By making an effort to adopt a positive attitude toward others at all times, we ensure that our emotions do not blind us to wisdom that may be lurking in difficult or distressing situations. We are accordingly receptive to knowledge that comes to us in the form of examples, advice, and direct teaching.These brief relationships ultimately have the potential to enrich our lives in a very concrete way. But the wisdom we gain is proportional to the attention we pay to the world around us. The responsibility is on us to maintain a state of awareness that allows us to recognize when we are in the presence of someone consciously or unconsciously in possession of knowledge that will change us significantly. When we are cognizant of the potential for unexpected enlightenment, we make a habit of turning strangers into friends, thus ensuring that we are never without a font of wisdom from which to draw.

Forgive …are you able to?
We have heard the saying many times that, “It’s easier to forgive than to forget,” but the truth is that unless you are capable of forgetting you never really forgive. Forgiveness is the act of excusing someone for their offense but unless you are also willing to forget their transgression you aren’t truly forgiving them. Refusing to forget a wrong action against you results in a lingering grudge between you and the other person.Although you may have told them that you have forgiven them, the memory of their actions remains with you and creates a prejudice towards them that results in a lack of trust in the future. True forgiveness involves both forgiving and forgetting and this can be achieved by understanding your own feelings as well as those of the person who wronged you, expressing your feelings in a rational matter, realizing that your relationship is more important than being right and finally accepting your partner’s apology.You may have been wronged in a situation and your feelings of anger may be completely justified but it’s important to truly understand your feelings in order to forgive and forget. It is imperative that you realize that the actions of the other person may have hurt you or made you angry but that reacting in a hostile manner as a result of these feelings is not beneficial to your relationship.While your feelings of hurt of anger may be justified, taking the time to work through these emotions before offering forgiveness will help you to forget your partner’s words or actions. If you rush to offer forgiveness before you have had the opportunity to vent your own frustrations it will be difficult for you to forget your partner’s wrongdoing.You also need to understand the feelings of the person who offended you. It is also important to speak to your partner about why they committed the offense against you. It is not fair to them to make assumptions about why they acted the way they did. Giving them the chance to express their side of the situation will give you a better understand of why they acted the way they did. You may learn that everything was a misunderstanding or that you were not hurt intentionally.Allowing the other person a chance to offer their take on the situation will enable you to see their motives. Understanding your own emotions as well as your partner’s will help you to really forgive and forget.Dealing with your own emotions in a calm and rational manner is also crucial to forgiving and forgetting. Your partner may be wrong and you may be completely justified in your feelings of anger but it’s important that you not act strictly on emotion in this situation.Acting and speaking out of anger can elevate the tension in the situation and deter the forgiveness process. Give yourself a little time to manage your own feelings and collect your thoughts so that when you approach your partner you are able to speak about your feelings in a rational manner. It’s best to wait until both you and your partner are ready to speak about the conflict in a calm and rational manner.If you are truly interested in forgiving and forgetting when you have been wronged, wait until both parties have calmed down to ensure that neither one speaks out of anger and destroys the chance for true forgiveness.A crucial aspect of forgiving and forgetting is valuing your relationship more than you value being right in an argument. While you may be completely right in a situation, being right is not worth destroying the relationship over. If you are able to put your love for your partner ahead of the vindication of being right you will be more willing to forgive and forget. Also, forgiving and forgetting will allow your relationship to continue to flourish because working through conflicts makes a relationship stronger.Finally you can never really forgive and forget unless you are truly willing to accept your partner’s apology. Harboring feelings that the apology isn’t genuine will damage the relationship because you will never forget their offending action.Listen sincerely to your partner’s apology and have faith in them that there apology is heartfelt and genuine. Then let them know that you accept their apology and are willing to not let this situation interfere with your future interactions.True forgiveness involves not only excusing the transgression but also effectively forgetting it as well. You can not truly forgive someone if you don’t also agree to forget the offense. Refusing to forget indicates a lack of trust in your partner to not repeat the offense.While deciding to forgive and forget is a personal matter a few suggestions for doing so are to understand your feelings as well as the feelings of your partner, taking the time to rationalize your emotions before you act on them, valuing your relationship enough to truly forgive and accepting your partner’s apology with an open heart.
Unto thine ownself be true~
Get in touch with who you really are. Discover yourself. Get in synch and enjoy it. Be honest and sincere with yourself. What do you really want? Why do you want it?Be yourself. Be real. Be true to yourself. Don’t try to be something that you’re not. Forget everything else, just be yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Do your own thing.This is about coming to terms with yourself. You are what you are;No explanations or apologies.Don’t be afraid to say what you think or do what you want to do.Don’t try to argue with or convince anybody.It is what it is. Be at peace. You may have different views, but that does not mean that one person is right and the other is wrong.Treat yourself right.Spoil yourself sometimes, but not all the time.Give yourself what you deserve.Be true to yourself, don’t cheat yourself.Don’t break your own rules or violate your principles.Be true to yourself and and act according to your beliefs.And always stay true to yourself

Quotes of the Week from Daniel Robins–01/23/10

The edge

Les confins sont les parties d’un territoire situé à son extrémité, à sa frontière. The borders are the parts of a territory to its end at its borders.

Ils sont la limite entre le connu et l’inconnu, entre le visible est l’invisible. They are the boundary between the known and unknown, between the visible is invisible.

Les confins ne sont pas une barrière absolue, infranchissable, The borders are not an absolute barrier impassable

mais simplement la ligne imaginaire de partage entre nos vérités but simply an imaginary line between sharing our truths

d’aujourd’hui et celles de demain. today and tomorrow.

Daniel Robin

11:11 plus -.11% – Whats it all about Elfie ? -Is it all True Series #110

I am re-posting this Post from Jan 26, 08 — Note on 11/18/09 — The Dow Jones stock averages closed for the day down 11.11 which was a -.11%– something may happen soon . If you are an 1111 person — please email me with your thoughts on this –
Also the chances of this happening 11.11 -.11% is astronomical .
This is urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several times a day now, I am drawn to a digital clock, a street address or a computer and see 11:11 or 1:11. At times it feels strange, like something is almost forcing my head towards the numbers. A close friend of mine said she had this obsession with these “ones” in a series (as she called it). At the time it wasn’t on my radar, but within 30 days, they were coming fast and furious. So not knowing anything different I did a Google search like any sane person would do.

And Wow — this is a worldwide phenomena that thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing this strange event over and over again. There are many theories that attempt to explain it. Like the 1,111 Spirit Guardians, also known as Midwayers. They say the Midwayers have been assisting people for centuries but they are also tricksters, ringing doorbells, turning on microwaves, TVs and radios to the amazement of the human witnesses, and their trademark 11:11 or 1:11 is the sign that they are here to help, you just have to ask. Some people say they pray for the needy when they see the numbers. Most believe the people around these phenomena have some type of positive action to perform.

Another theory is called the String Theory. This theory explains the basis of the 11 parallel universes, which is our reality.

Also 11:11 is the bridge to our vitality and oneness, the pathway to the beyond, an entirely different spiral of evolution. The 11:11 is encoded in our internal cellular memory banks.

And lastly the 11:11 may be a key, which trigger the things we have forgotten, the real magic of manifestation.

Now as for my personal theory–as you know there has been recent sightings of Motherships around the country, most notably in Stephenville, TX. Witnesses have seen symbols on the side of some of these ships. 11:11 could be a specific number like a bus route number. The 11:11 could flash across the ship signaling their flock to come aboard, “We are ready to go home”.
I will be waiting at the top of the stairs — to welcome you aboard. It won’t be long now my friends.

Enjoy– life is short.



Do you feel IT???

Shaman our Cosmic 4- Legged Friend –Is it all True Series# 109

Well, Friday the 13th was very tragic for us. Our companion of 14 years has moved on to his next adventure. We have walked and hiked thousands of wonderful miles together. In his younger days, he was always there with his eager smile and telepathing to us “So what is next my human friends.” Even in his last days he mustered up enough energy to do a quick 3+-mile walk. He was with us in Atlanta, Tucson, Park City and Albuquerque.

So my friend where will you go in your cosmic portal? Will you go to another world where dogs are in total charge (sort of like here), or will your spirit/soul enter another being of the 2-legged variety? Whatever it is you will be the very best, for you never let us down, you brighten up our world every step of the way.

I feel strongly there should be a Cosmic Law your four- legged friends should never die before you. That is a little selfish, but I would add that the four-legged friend would go automatically to a loving home. It’s very tough to let a close friend go, though he did leave in total peace, my heart truly hurts as I sit and write this.

Thank the universe that I believe there is no death. It, death, is a total illusion. The Cosmic energy of all living beings can’t be destroyed or altered and it goes on forever. The place I feel I may meet my friend again is in dream time or even maybe the next time I photograph a vortex – his smiling face will appear and I will smile back. Boy are we going to miss you, but we will never regard a minute of those 14 wonderful years together.

Shaman was much more than our friend he was our spirit keeper. To you always my BIG HIKER Boy, BIG Swimmer Boy and true Adventurer BOY, — Happy trails to you until we meet AGAIN.

Love Always and Forever from us.


Santa Fe 122606 Tania and Big Snow 020

Priscilla Wolf Speaks.-update

Update news all is the same with me, but otherwise, raining here alot and getting cold. time for the firewood to burn in my fireplace. State fair here in Albuquerque ends Sunday I will go to celebrate my grandsons 5th birthday Gray Wolf … on the October 6th I will be in Presbyterian hospital main one off Central and I-25.. for neck surgery, I did talk to several people who had the surgery and are ok, just don’t drive they say… ok not much I can do for the pain, its been my closest friend fr three months now. we went to the UFO watchtower BBQ of friends nice to go to Colorado once again and walk bare footed on the land that I was born at… that was labor day weekend… news… Christopher O’Brien new book The tricksters…. Coast to coast Am September 27th 09 11PM to 3Am 3 whole hours of Chris with George Noory. Chris is well known for San Luis valley UFO investigator and book author, amazing great person, he does write a little about me too!
Joe Fex will be in Memphis Tennessee Halloween October-09 at Eddie Middleton UFO Mufon in Tennessee.
Priscilla wolf with Brad Steiger October 23-09 on skin walkers & ghost stories the Jeff Rense program. I known Brad since 1964… great author in the UFO world. and beyond…. from Priscilla Wolf in New mexico have a great day…
forgot to add I’m on my first chapter of my new book I should have it done by 2010.. “On the other side of me” by Priscilla wolf a Bio and has over 500 pictures added to it.. most of it will be photos and my success in life .. stay special love Priscilla


Friends are having gathering Sat at 8pm to pray for a healing for me Priscilla wolf/Sister Wolf –surgery neck and spine on 9-9-09 prayers are requested for 8pm Sat 8-29 09 pass this on the more the stronger the spirit will help me thru this. remember a healer cannot heal themselves , god bless everyone.

I want to share the most beautiful vision I had a few weeks ago a Bald eagle landed on my balcony and we got to stare at each others eyes. I also want to thank Marlene for starting this prayer circle for me. for those that heard me talk about my Indian Angel girl I call her Hedi…here is a art work of her ,she appeared in August, once again , next to my bed on the wood floor praying- with four white candles on front and side of her with a white circle around them she seemed to be praying for everyone this time, it was a second vision. would be so nice if by any chance a miracle would happen and I would be healed without surgery, please ask others to pray for me thank you, remember the date 8-29-09 8PM this Sat

Health to You — Orgone Energy — Real Magic- forgotten

From Dr.Mercola website —

Dr. Mercola”s Comments

The story of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his discovery of orgone is part of the censored science of the 20th century that has been expunged from textbooks, and about which conventional media refuses to accurately report.

Dr. Reich’s Discovery of Orgone

In 1940, Dr. Reich, an Austrian immigrant, made the scientific discovery of a previously unknown energy existing in the atmosphere, in space, and within all living organisms.

He called it orgone, which is synonymous with “life energy.”

He observed that the orgone energy charge in the human biosystem was expressed in emotion, sexuality, and could be measured bioelectrically. Through a number of experiments, he showed that a person’s overall vitality and aliveness was a function of human and atmospheric orgone charges and pulsations, and that physical vitality could be increased by sitting inside a so-called orgone accumulator.

He also discovered that the orgone charge of your tissues is a fundamental part of your immune system. People were able to significantly boost their immune function by sitting in Dr. Reich’s orgone accumulator for approximately 30 minutes a day for several days.

The results were so incredible, in fact, that Dr. Theodore Wolfe, a pioneer in psychosomatic medicine, referred to the orgone accumulator as “the most important single discovery in the history of medicine, bar none.”

Although orgone energy is near impossible to define or explain, the following properties of orgone were deduced by Dr. Reich:


It is mass free, i.e. orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight.

It is present everywhere; it fills all space. It is present in differing degrees or concentrations or “charges”, but nowhere is it absent. It even exists in a vacuum.

It is the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. (It is the medium in which light moves and electromagnetic and gravitational fields exert force.)

It is in constant motion, which can be observed under appropriate conditions. There are at least two characteristic types of motion: a pulsation or alternating expansion and contraction, and a flow, normally along a curving path.

It contradicts the law of entropy as orgone energy is attracted to concentrations of orgone energy. Unlike heat or electricity, which always show a direction from higher to lower potential, orgone energy flows from lower orgonotic potential to higher.

In addition to the orgone accumulator, Dr. Reich also developed other devices such as small motors that ran on orgone pulled from the ambient air, and devices that could create rain during drought by affecting atmospheric orgone!

The Persecution of Medical and Scientific Genius

His work did not garner him worldwide acclaim as one might expect from such a remarkable discovery, however.

His work was methodically criticized and grossly misrepresented in popular magazine articles. Eventually, the medical community encouraged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to seek and obtain a court injunction to stop Dr. Reich from researching, writing, and speaking about orgone.

Ultimately, he was charged with contempt of court for the technical violation of an obscure cosmetic labeling law, which sent him and an associate, Dr. Silvert, to prison.

His books and research were ordered banned from interstate commerce and were burned.

Victims of elaborate smear campaigns by the medical community and pharmaceutical interests, Dr. Reich died in prison in 1957 while Dr. Silvert committed suicide shortly after his release.
Such has been the fate of many a brilliant, innovative doctor and scientist who dared turn established medical conventions on its ear…

Here’s a sampling of innovators who have been persecuted, prosecuted or simply ridiculed into a corner of medicine commonly referred to as “quackery” for their amazing discoveries:

* Gaston Naessens – Dr. Naessens created a cancer treatment based on the theory that cancer is caused by a friendly microorganism called somatids “little bodies”) — which are present in all cells — that becomes unfriendly.

His formula, 714X, provides nitrogen to the cancer cells, thus causing this microorganism to cease excreting their toxic compounds, and mobilize your immune system to kill the cancer cells. He was subsequently put on trial for his cancer discoveries.
* Raymond Rife – Rife created a machine that uses resonance to kill viruses and cancer cells.
* Stanislaw Burzynski– Dr. Burzynski, founder of the Houston-based Burzynski Institute, treats cancer patients with substances called antineoplastons. He was indicted by a grand jury in 1995 for his use of antineoplastons– his second trial that year. He was acquitted.
* Ryke Geerd Hamer – Dr. Hamer’s “German New Medicine” (GNM), operates under the premise that every disease, including cancer, originates from an unexpected shock experience, and that all disease can be cured by resolving these underlying emotional traumas.

Dr. Hamer has spent time in prison for refusing to disavow his medical findings and stop treating his patients with his unorthodox techniques, and is currently living in exile, seeking asylum from persecution.

The Re-Emergence of Orgone Energy

Fortunately most of Dr. Reich’s books did survive and have been republished. (All of his book titles are available at

Since the 1960’s, an entirely new generation of scientists and doctors have investigated his work. Many have reproduced his experiments and applied them clinically, confirming that Dr. Reich’s findings are indeed sound.

A few simple experiments showing orgone (life energy) readings are detailed on the website, including one measuring the life energy inherent in bio-organic apples versus commercially-grown apples.

Using a modern version of Reich’s Life Energy Meter, you can see the difference in the energy readings between the apples. The organic apple clearly registers as having more potent life force than the apple grown with pesticides.

Finding Out the Truth is Up to You!

The story of Dr. Reich is yet another testament to the largely invisible hold that conventional medicine and Big Pharma has over the entire arena of science and medicine. Anyone who dares to challenge or unbalance the status quo typically must endure the trials of character assassination, if not physical intimidation or incarceration.

Fortunately, the internet now offers avenues of expression and sharing of information previously unheard of, which is exactly why I’m so passionate about it.
If you would like to continue your own research on orgone energy and its potential implications for your health, the orgone lab website is a great place to start.

Sunday, May 10, 2009: Happy Mothers Day to Mothers throughout the world!– From Doc DK

Mothers can be very special people in the lives of their loved ones. Many mothers are incredibly and truly unique as they face challenges and obstacles raising their children; challenges and obstacles which the majority of mothers never experience, especially in developed countries. The Hallmark card sappy and candy-striped emotive statements do an injustice to these very special mothers.

Bearing children is no more special nor sacrosanct than the risks a young soldier takes going off to battle. In fact, the specter of possible limb loss, mental illness and death are far more dangerous and deserving of our respect than that given to mothers birthing and raising healthy children. It is simply genetic fate that females alone possess the reproductive organs for developing fetuses. And bear in mind as well: No child requests to be born – This is solely the act of the contributing egg and sperm donors.

There are literally tens of thousands of mothers around the world who struggle daily to feed, hydrate and protect their children from malnutrition, disease and death. Many of these mothers are caught in the midst of civil wars which they did not engender. They encounter never ending obstacles which American mothers with healthy children cannot even begin to fathom. There are also thousands of unsung mothers who daily display a love and unending 24/7 care for their children with neurologic, physical, mental and emotional abnormalities. These are the True Mothers of the world.

To assume the tremendous work, vigilance and emotional stress of caring for disabled children is a hallmark of true motherly love; these are the women who deserve our utmost respect, recognition and help. Many years ago I volunteered to help provide medical care for children with cerebral palsy. I met some of the most remarkable, courageous and unselfish mothers and fathers I have ever known. Their steadfast love and daily care of their children was not only profoundly impressive but heartbreaking at the same time.

Let us all take five minutes or so of silence today in recognition of these very special mothers and if so inclined to offer up prayers for them as well. Consider doing something really unique on Mothers Day this and every year by volunteering or donating money to organizations who help these afflicted children and their parents.

May God Bless them and also each and every one of us.

Dr. Dennis M. Kilgore

The Rock Giants by Storyteller – Priscilla Garduno Wolf

In my book “Wolf and White Eagle Indian Tales.”
Thousands of years ago, many giants walked the earth.
Many were seen all over the world at that time.
Grandmother-Little Woman-would say story’s passed down from her people,
that the black planet had came close to the earth –
thousands years ago and gas that filled the air killed all big animals and the giant people.
As time passed they became extinct .
A family of three were left in the valley close to the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, in Colorado.
The father, mother and son survived for a while.
They were very sad, every where they went they seen no one.
Let’s travel to the South they said to each other.
The air was getting harder to breathe.
As they got to the small town of Tres Piedas, New Mexico.
They laid down to rest and never got up.
They turned into three rocks.
Grandmother said: the three rocks are the last family of giants.
Called in Spanish- Tres Piedas.
So now days you see where many rock giants are sleeping or standing.
in my book photo below the story is of two Giants frozen in time, as Rock Mountains on the Chama Trail in New Mexico….