My Life Manifesto — Sandy Penny

SandyPennyMy Life Manifesto
by Sandy Penny, 2-2-2015

I never wanted to compete with others, only with myself. Even as a child, I wanted to create cooperation, not competition. Growing up with nine brothers and sisters was competition enough. I wanted to learn something new every day, and I have. I have always strived to be better at the things I choose to do, to improve processes, to innovate, to organize. I have always endeavored to leave a job better than I found it. I subscribed to the old adage, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I intend each day to ask myself if I’m living from love or fear, and to always choose love.

I hope, when I leave this world, that I have had a positive impact on those I’ve known, and that I have done as little harm as is humanly possible. I intend, every day, as Ghandi advised, to be the love I want to see in the world, to treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. I intend to leave every person with whom I interact feeling better than when we met, without attachment and expectations. If one person has been helped by me, if I have lifted anyone’s suffering, made anyone smile, then I have lived a life worth living. And, for myself, I want only to be the highest and best expression my soul intends for my earthly life, knowing that when I leave this world, I feel complete with each and every sacred relationship I forged, and every relationship is sacred.

I commit to using and fulfilling the purpose of each chakra, each energy center within me, to express the colors of the rainbow that is me. I open myself to the golden connection that is my crown chakra, that I may bring more spirit into matter. I connect with the source of all light and open my inner and outer vision that I may see myself, others, my life, and the world clearly and through the love that manifests all creation. I connect with the source of all words and align my voice with the voice of love and joy. I align my mind with the universal consciousness that I may raise my thoughts to higher realms and transcend all negativity of the human consciousness, that I may think in more creative ways, that I may inspire higher thinking through all that I touch, that I may express right thought, right speech and right action for each and every situation I encounter, that I may share wisdom when needed. I clarify and align my feelings and emotions with unconditional love that I may create sacred partnerships throughout my life, knowing that all relationships are sacred and deserve love and compassion. I align and restore my physical body to the perfection in which it was created that I may walk this earth, strong and healthy, and follow my own path on my own journey of spirit flowing into matter and matter returning to spirit, a conduit of love, light, joy and completion.

As I awoke this morning, these thoughts were running through me, and I wanted to write them down, to remind myself that this is my life creed, and that I intend to live it fully, and I am. I am a spark of infinite love emanating from the unlimited stream of love divine. I am a bubbling spring of joy and wisdom to quench the thirst of all who drink it in. As I intend, so shall it be, for intention inspires action, and action creates and manifests. I am creator, manifestor and the artist of my own life.

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all the good I am, all the good I have, and all the good I share. And so it is, and I am grateful.

Posted by Sandy Penny at 12:32 PM

Newsletter by Sharon Cheney


Dear Friends,
Few people realize their own power. Surprisingly, most are afraid to be who they truly are or fulfill their life purpose, which is their real reason for being here. Today I would like to address what stands in our way of owning our power as well as suggest ways to fully own our power.

Owning Our Power

Often what stands in the way of owning our power is fear. Believe it or not, owning our power is one of the biggest fears people have. This fear can include an inability to meet their expectations or those of others. They fear people will not accept them if they choose to listen to their intuition especially if it tells them to make big changes in their life like starting a new career, leaving a relationship, giving up the security of a job that pays the bills, moving to a new location and so on. They fear making a mistake. They fear how any changes will impact their family and interfere with their current responsibilities.

They fear change because with change comes the unknown and most people prefer the devil they know to the one they don’t. Change brings uncertainty and takes courage, which some have in more abundance than others. Surprisingly many people associate change with something negative rather than looking at it as a challenge. Most prefer to wait until they have are forced to change rather than make a conscious choice to do so. Interestingly, what is happening today is that many people are getting an inner feeling to do something different and move out of their safety zone but fear often stops them.

There is no need to worry so much about changing because even if you choose to follow your inner guidance, everything is not going to manifest instantly. You can change your life at a speed that is comfortable to you. What is important is to pay attention to what opportunities show up in your life as they may be there to provide incentives, be door openers or give you a chance to prove what you can do. All you need to do is be willing to look into these opportunities. You can also ask for opportunities to come to you that can help you fulfill your life purpose and then pay attention to what shows up.

Another difficulty people have owning their power is that they do not know who they are on a soul level as they do not communicate with their soul or Higher Self. This occurs because either they do not know how to communicate, do not believe they have a soul, or that they have lived previous lives. They fail to understand that their soul keeps a record of all accumulated learning and experiences in an energy form that is indestructible.

Communicating with your soul is essential to understanding who you are, what you are capable of and finding out your life purpose. If you knew you were capable and had done it before, like being a leader for example, perhaps it would be easier for you to be a leader today or speak out for causes that concern you.

If you do not know how to communicate with your soul, it is really quite simple. You must get your mind into a relaxed state. This can be accomplished through deep rhythmic breathing for 4 to 5 minutes until your mind is a blank screen. If you have trouble quieting your mind, practice this before you try to communicate with your Higher Self. If you have trouble to do this on your own, I have a guided meditation CD for sale on my website to help you with this.

Once you have quieted your mind, ask to connect with your soul or Higher Self. When you do this, pay attention to any sensations you may experience that were not present before. Often people feel something in the heart area but this is may or may not occur. You can ask what you need to know about your soul or any other questions you like. The important thing is to trust what you receive, even if the information seems strange to you.

I caution you that you may discover that you were not always a nice guy in every lifetime as we all chose different paths to learning. Any harm you have caused others may need balancing so ask what you can do to fix it. Most importantly ask “What is your life purpose?” and “What talents and learning you have accumulated to date?” This information is essential to your growth as often we don’t believe we are capable of more that we what we can identify with presently, even when we receive intuitive insights that suggest something otherwise.

In owning our power, we need to understand how we create our reality, which is basically through our thoughts and beliefs. We are all responsible for our thoughts as no one else lives inside our heads except us. So there is no point in trying to put the blame on others for how you think. Yes, it is true parents may have influenced your thinking when you were young but as an adult you can change your thoughts at any time. So become aware of any negative thoughts you hold and change them to positive ones.

You determine your reality through your beliefs and will tend to align with others of similar beliefs in order to reinforce your own beliefs. What you believe is important because it will attract certain circumstances into your life because the law of attraction is always at work. If you do not like your life as it is, try changing your beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of and see what happens. If you continue to tell yourself you are a failure, are not capable of more, you will never be fully in touch with your power.

If we fail to speak out against war, abuse, or other concerns because we feel powerless, are lazy, don’t care about others or are not exercising our power, what results is that we let others decide the world in which we live in. In doing so, we also give away our power to others and allow them to make our decisions. We all have something to contribute no matter whether it is large or small, so do your part. Speak up!

I know from my own experience that it is often difficult to believe when someone tells us we are powerful beings. When a reader told me more than 20 years ago what a powerful soul I was, I did not believe her and thought she was nuts. Especially when she told me I create universes all over the cosmos. But the years have proved her to be correct. I know it may be difficult to believe that you are so much more that what you see but it is true. Only time and experience will prove that to you.

I encourage you to follow your intuition as your guides are there to help you follow the plan you created for yourself prior to incarnation. Unfortunately most of us do not remember this plan so listening within is very important. Another way to confirm if you are on the right track is to listen to your feelings as they are often a truer guide that what your head tells you. Pay attention to the resonant feelings you get when someone tells you something because our bodies are capable of recognizing the truth when we hear it.

Powerful souls should not go around on an ego trip. We are given powers and abilities so we can fulfill our purpose to help others that so desperately need our help right now, to move into the 5th dimension. All we need to do is go about doing what you feel guided to do quietly and effectively.

Another thing to consider is if you could create your ideal world, what would it look like? Would it be filled with love and compassion for all or would it consist of fulfilling your ego’s desires for love, fame, money, etc. Remember your thoughts create your reality so be careful what you ask for. There is nothing wrong with having abundance in your life especially if your use your personal resources to help others and not strictly for personal comfort, power or acknowledgement.

You must understand that the universe responds to your thoughts and therefore you need to be clear about what you want. You would be amazed at how many people when asked what they really want, do not know. They only know what they don’t want which is a good start but you must really move beyond that point to creating the reality and life you really want, even if that requires change.

We have to realize we are all powerful creators and it is time for each of us to stand up and own our power. If you are on the planet at this time, you have chosen to be here to fulfill your life purpose, whatever that may be, and not just to make your life comfortable. We tend to be more motivated to change when things are not going well so use any unhappiness you are experiencing as encouragement to make changes.

Last but not least, open your heart to love. Be love and love everyone just as they are. Give up judgment and forgive everyone. Why waste time on being angry or unforgiving when you can just love yourself and everyone else. Loving yourself and others is a true sign of owning our power.

UFOs and the Romantic Connection- Is it all True Series #282

Romantic ConnectionFor over 45 years, I have witnessed some amazing experiences involving inter-dimensional beings and their influence on humans. There is an agenda out there, and I would venture to say that sometimes they can even influence our day-to-day lives. But most of their influence is in an indirect manner. And one of these indirect ways is by matchmaking with powerful means to create cosmic-mates.

To put a male and female together as cosmic mates, or as we call it soul mates, creates powerful energy, which the beings can draw from and they do. This energy can come in the form of emotional, fear-based or non-fear-based and/or sexual energy. Many of these inter-dimensional beings draw on all three forms of energy and we, as humans are truly energy generators.

There are many beings that interact with us over the course of our lifetime. Most of us don’t realize there is an interaction that is happening, but if one pays attention and approaches the happening with no fear, the beings will gladly share with us their agendas. Remember since they probably created us, they all have the right to interact with us.

Many of these soul mates are brought together to amplify the frequency of the earth because raising the earth’s frequency will bring betterment to all that live here. Our relationship with these inter-dimensional beings is truly a give and take. They give us life and the means to live, and we give back our vast range of emotional energy, which they freely collect.

Presently, I believe there is a reconfiguring of human couples going on, for the final push to save the earth. These power energy-couples will create renaissances that will sweep the planet and end the wars that are destroying mankind.

Sleep-tight, we all have a cosmic-mate who will join us in the very near future, be prepared, life is a mental game.


From Sharon Cheney — Love the New Currency

SharonMany people are in transition adjusting to the higher frequency of love on the planet. The frequency of the earth has doubled in the past fifteen years and the cells of our bodies are adjusting to this higher frequency. Love is the new currency for generating health, abundance, wellbeing as well as creating a positive peaceful environment in which to live.

Love – The New Currency

Scientific research has shown that our emotions fuel our thoughts and in turn impact our DNA. When we express positive emotions, our DNA becomes activated which in turn improves our immune system. So loving feelings not only change our biology but the energy around us. As it stands now, only about one third of our DNA is active. We will only find out what we are really capable of once it is activated completely through positive emotions.

The heart, through its pumping action, creates an electro- magnetic field that radiates out about 8 feet from the body in the shape of a torus or donut. Positive feelings change the nature of this field and subsequently contributes to the larger energy field in which we all live.

Recent research has shown that our bodies function with the same principles seen in quantum physics, which say that we are not separate from our environment but are in constant interaction with the energy field that surrounds us. This tells us although we may feel separate from others, we are not. Stephen Hawking, the well-known English physicist, called the planetary energy field the Mind of God. He says it links everything together therefore making us all one and interconnected. In addition, they have discovered that a numeric code links our DNA to ancient alphabets like Hebrew, Arabic and Sanskrit. The message in our DNA says that God is eternal and lives within us. Therefore we are all one with God.

Quantum physicists say our field of consciousness is like a hologram where each part represents the whole. The way we respond to life affects our personal energy field as well as contributing to the collective consciousness. Being heart centered and loving not only changes our DNA, but the larger energy field of the planet thereby creating a better, more peaceful world for us to live in. This makes each of us powerful creators and responsible for what we contribute.

We can improve our health and heal ourselves of life threatening diseases through love. Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research has proven that our thoughts instantly affect the cells of our body. Positive thoughts have a healing affect while negative ones cause stress and disease. It has also been shown that positive thoughts and prayers by others can help us heal more quickly. The more people generating a field of love around us, the more powerful and effective our healing will be.
Dr. Emoto’s research has proven that positive thoughts affect the structure of water. Since our bodies are mostly composed of water, having thoughts of love and gratitude every time you drink water will improve your health. Group meditations have been proven to bring immediate results in cleaning polluted water, bringing peace and healing by shifting the energy field. Positive thoughts and prayer are not beneficial for only the above purposes, they can also affect the weather. That is why prayer and positive thoughts are so important.

Prayer is an excellent means to shift the frequency of the planetary field. The world is reflection of who we are so we must embody peace, love and compassion if we wish to see a better, more peaceful world. So live your life as a living prayer. Changing the world demands we stop limiting ourselves to what others tell us is true and listen to what our hearts tell us is right. Interestingly, energy does not recognize words. It only recognizes positive emotions, so it is not enough to say we love this or that, we must feel that love within our bodies and respond to each person with love.

Today there are many websites asking people worldwide to join together to pray for peace at a specific time, while other sites ask for healing prayers. The more people who participate, the faster change can occur. Whether you prefer to pray or meditate within a group or by yourself, all prayers are heard and have an impact. So please pray that there will be enough food, abundance, clean water and good health for all living beings on the planet.

We all have the power to change the world in which we live because we are all connected to the planet’s energy field. Changes we see on the planet are the same as what occurs inside our bodies as the electromagnetic field we have within us mirrors the one around the planet. The planet’s energy field is also a reflection of the cosmic energy field which is why so many ancient cultures built pyramids and other structures to mirror the constellations they saw in the sky. The universal law As Above So Below is absolutely true.

Love teaches us that we are powerful and all have something to contribute. We should not allow ourselves to be restricted by our beliefs or what others tell us is possible. We understand we create our reality and can change global consciousness just by being loving. To bring change to your immediate world, it is necessary to remain positive all the time. I know this may seem like a tall task but it is possible and the results are well worth the effort. I can guarantee that love will manifest positive changes in your relationships with others, empower you and generally transform your life for the better. It has certainly changed mine.

When we listen with our hearts, we develop more compassion for others and lose this “them and us mentality” and will respond with compassion when we asked for help. Remember we are all connected all the time. When we deny a cry for help from someone else, we deny a cry for help within ourselves. Imagine what our world would look like if we responded from our hearts and not our heads.

We are the architects of our reality, our future and our destiny. Through love, we have the power to change our beliefs of limitation to ones of acceptance and compassion. Being loving allows us to demonstrate our mastery over our physical world rather than believing ourselves to be powerless to bring about change. Of course, this requires we are loving all the time.

Understanding how we can contribute not only empowers us but changes us from being passive observers to becoming active creators. Our understanding of how energy can shift empowers each of us to be able to contribute to making our immediate reality and the world at large a better place. So don’t walk around on auto pilot or follow what others do. Allow love to flow through you and see how quickly it changes your life. Pay attention to how you choose to react to situations. When you are heart centered, you will quickly realize that the trials of everyday life will not upset your equilibrium.

If you need assistance to help to recognize what is keeping you from being a love generator, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone, and Skype readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

Rock the Love—- Channeled by Sandy Penny

Rock the Love . 11-20-2012 . 2:20 am

I was awakened at 2:20 am and asked to get up and write this information down for the coming shift. It was the first night in months that I had gone to bed at a normal time, around 10 pm instead of 4 am. I awoke thinking of my move to my new apartment, and it was difficult to settle my mind down enough to listen to a transmission.

The transmission: I need you to pay attention. That means I need you to pay attention to everything that is happening around you these days, the good and the bad. There are important energy patterns reflecting in the world from the causal plane that are rippling out and creating the new earth energy. The crystals are now at their peak resonance and massive amounts of old programming is being released for transformation. You and all light workers can help, all people with good intentions, all those who want positive changes.

Those of you who are energy transformers, and you know who you are, are now ready to begin processing this energy through your channels into the open group consciousness now.

You may find your head or other parts of your body itching these days. That means old body memories are being released. The act of massaging or gently scratching or brushing your scalp or skin will bring those energies up to the surface so you can consciously transmute and transmit them into the group consciousness.

The energy known as the remover of obstacles, Ganesh, or other images will be showing up everywhere. You may have noticed all the photos of elephants being shared on the internet. That is one of the symbols for this transmutation energy and by focusing on it you will activate that aspect of yourself that is in alignment with the transmuting process.

You are being given a gift, a gift of release from old ideas, old passions that do not serve you, fears, and false human concerns of the physical realm. Open up to this process and allow it to flow through you, and you will be cleansed emotionally, physically and mentally and inspired with a wave of new thoughts, love and joy, emanating from within your core. Already encoded in your DNA is everything needed for this time period.

To faciliate this process, drink lots of water, but before drinking it, hold the container in both hands near your heart and breathe love into it with every breath you take. It only takes a few seconds to infuse your food and water with love before drinking or eating, and this will transmute external energies that affect your body, mind and emotions. Just gently rock and say I love you.

You may also hold your hands, one over your heart and the other over that hand and repeat I love you as you gently rock back and forth to repattern birth programming from old family karma.

If you choose it, you can release so much programming that has run its course through this process of loving it into the shape of your highest expression. As the ego protests the love, just hold it steady and continue to emanate love, understanding that this can be a frightening process for the ego. Change does not always come easily to the ego, and it must feel safe to let go of the old ways and embrace the newborn programming.

Make “I love you” your mantra as you go through your day. When something bothers you, instead of getting caught up in the struggle, return to your mantra, “I love you.” It will transmute many situations from conflict into a crisis of love. All will be resolved.

We can transform the world systems through this love now. Where there is love, law becomes unnecessary because love is the ultimate law of source.

Water is very important right now, drink it, shower in it, soak in it, and all the while, infuse the crystalline structures with love. Every drop of water that contains love transmits that love through other water and nurtures a loving life force in all people whose bodies are made up on mostly water.

If you have crystals, you may be drawn to cleanse them and clear them and display them right now. This is no accident. These living structures can amplify love if you direct them and interract with them and love them. As you look at the crystals you love, imagine all the crystals within this earth, large and small receiving the new programming through love. From the point of love within the heart of you, let love stream forth through all creation, let the plan of love and light shine through.

New technologies for the good of the whole are being inspired through love now. The frequency of love is increasing. It is pulsing, radiating, birthing a new human. As you hold your hands over your heart, rocking gently saying “I love you.” Let friends and relatives come to mind, and continue to say I love you as their images pass in front of you, whether they are alive or dead, and whether you have had issues that need transforming. Continues to rock the love.

For artists, as you look at a blank canvas, just begin repeating I love you, and allow your inspiration to come from love and this art will carry the love frequency into the world. Same for musicians. Love is being transmitted through all creative endeavors now.

The time of transcendence is here. Rise to the occasion, and you will be transformed by your own acts of love. Look for this frequency to lead your actions. When your inner freqency of love responds to those who are emanating their own frequency of love, those are you companions at this time. This is the evolution. Peace, love and joy. Time to celebrate the love that you are.

Posted by Sandy Penny – WritingMuse – Love and Happiness Coach, Build Your Own Website

The Power and the Magic of Music — Sounds from the Glen- Is it all True Series # 221

Music can be a powerful magic — frequency arranging waves can truly change the masses. Its been long since it has happened to me. But a lady from Tottenham England has turned the music world upside down. But I would not be writing about this on this Weblog if there was not a little paranormal connection.

The people of the Sidhe — the fairy lore of the British Isles, carried a powerful magic. Their music and their song would draw the humans from miles away. The story goes, listen to just one song and you would be changed forever.
Listen to more than one song and you would never leave their realm and you would be their slaves forever. The Sidhe had voices and lyrics that would rip at the core of your soul. For the ones who got away from the Sidhe, this unique sound would never leave them, it was embedded into the fabric of the mind.

I believe there a people today in the UK including Ireland who carry still this music Magic, and they have the ability to belt it out. Today its control over humans is a bit mellower ,but still a beautiful powerful sound, one person say this way “it was like in a wind tunnel the voice just hitting me , it was truly incredible”.

The Singer I am speaking of is “Adele” winner of 6 Grammys Awards on Feb.12th 2012. Listen to the magic, the music of the Glen and of the Sidhe. Adele I truly believe is a distance product of the Sidhe, and for some reason they ( the Sidhe) have left our realm, but they left something wonderful behind.

Turn your Volume Up and enjoy — as it dances into your soul. ( note there is a little pause, wait it will come strong)

Sleep tight- you will dream — “Rolling in the Deep”

Seven Guides to Happiness and Peace by Shaman Elizabeth

Every decision based on fear is the wrong decision. Not because of the outcome, but because of its motive.
When we are young, life’s problems seem black and white. But as we grow older, life seems to become more complicated and the answers shrouded in shades of gray. But, as a shaman and spiritual practitioner moving into mid-life, I once again have started to see life as black and white, or rather that everything stems from two primal emotions: love or fear.
The shades of gray, which are reflected as fear, guilt, depression, and indecision can be remedied by acknowledging that as the creator of your dream, you cannot make decisions without bias or projecting your fears. You cannot see beyond your limited perspective without help from a guide who can see outside this dream, beyond your tiny scope, who knows the best outcome, not just for you, but for everyone.
How do you face situations when the answers seem beyond your understanding or ability? How do you go through life feeling comfortable you are on the right path, even when events don’t seem to be going your way?
Here are seven guides for living a happy and peaceful life:
When fearful, call for love. Call on the Spirit who transforms all that is fearful into love. Offer Him your fear and He will take it from you. You will feel the emotional transformation almost immediately, if you are willing to let it go. For a detailed explanation on how to give fear and other unwanted emotions to the Spirit, please read my blog post Meditation Techniques.
When making decisions, ask for divine guidance. Ask for help throughout the day when making decisions. And, then wait for guidance that may come in the form of a gut feeling, heart’s desire, knowing, or you may actually hear the quiet voice speak to you and offer Its guidance on how to handle the situation. The Spirit will help you respond in a loving way.
When you feel guilty, realize that you are responding from fear. Guilt can be immobilizing, infecting so many others aspects of your life. Guilt stems from the fear that you have created a situation that was harmful to others or yourself. It stems from a belief that this dream is real. Can such a temporary moment be real? Can anything that was not created from love be real? There is a message from the Spirit in my book Shaman Stone Soup that answers this well: “Guilt—the universal punishment. For what? What have you done? Illusions of deeds gone wrong, misspoken words, actions that seemed to kill or harm others, all are dreams of injuries to ourselves and others, and yet they are only dreams. The spirit realm, where all the loved ones wait, is a much more accurate portrayal of yourself. Yet even this is incomplete. You are ultimately only love, extending itself for all of eternity.”
Forgive. Remember that your life is a dream created by you. Don’t spend your time blaming others. And like any dream, it’s not real! Let it go. Remember that you and everyone are perfect spirits who have dreamed of imperfection. You are not your body, your actions, your failures. Remember to laugh at your mistakes—they are just a blip on the radar. Forgive every trespass that comes to your mind. Let them all go.
Remember Your Perfectness. You cannot achieve spiritual purity, you’re already a perfect spirit. All you can do is remove the thoughts that keep you from remembering your perfectness. A message from the Spirit in Shaman Stone Soup states: “We are all divine spirits, helping others on conscious and unconscious levels. The past, present, and future exist simultaneously—all lives, all events have already occurred—leaving you with memories of illusions that you pluck from the recesses of your mind. You have reached enlightenment because you have never left it. So, you have the ability to act as an angel, reaching out to others, offering miracles and love, now.”
Surrender. You are like a wave in the ocean, fearful that the ocean will swallow you, and you will be no more. Yet, you have been alive for eternity and always will be. Release your attachment to the dream you have made, and allow your true self, your eternal spirit, to shine through. Don’t fear being part of the ocean. Accept your role in this greatness, and you will realize how mighty you are, instead of how lonely and separated you feel.
Respond with love. Life is about learning to release and forgive everything that is not love. Every temptation to be anxious, guilty, or depressed is identification with fear—an attempt to make this dream real. Love is the recognition that you are an eternal being that can never be destroyed, attacked, or diminished in any way. When you respond with love, you remember your true self.

Newsletter from Generessa Rose, February 14, 2011 Love NOW. . .

Dear Friends,

From my personal experience into many levels and realms of existence,
I know that Love is at the heart of all that is. Love is the spark
that ignites the manifestation of all Creation. Love is seeded into
the core of your very being, always available to nourish your human
self and remind you of The Divine within and beyond.

In the USA, February 14 is a day to remind ourselves to rekindle,
celebrate and express love, so I thought you might like to contemplate
an excerpt of a poem by Gerry Comstock from the Daily Word . . .

Justice is love holding the balance.
Mercy is love being gracious.
Faith is love believing.
Charity is love giving.
Patience is love waiting.
Endurance is love abiding.
Hope is love expecting.
Prayer is love communing.
Sympathy is love tenderly touching.
Comfort is love soothing.
Sympathy is love tenderly touching.
Comfort is love soothing.
Enthusiasm is love burning.
Work is love laboring.
Peace is love resting.
Understanding is love accepting.
Listening is love receiving.
Forgiving is love cleansing.
Teaching is love reaching.
Giving is love circulating.
Receiving is love blessing.

Feeling love and not expressing it is like wrapping a wonderful
present but not giving it. Wherever you are on the planet, let your
love be a circle of blessings as you give it and receive it.

I love you . . .

Generessa Rose

PS As always, I am available for personal sessions and readings
worldwide at:

Copyright 2011 Generessa Rose. All rights reserved. You have
permission to copy and redistribute this article on the condition that
the content remains complete, full credit is given to the author and
that it is distributed without charge. Thank you.

Tina Gibson and her Magical Universe/ Surrendered Life– Is it all True Series #168

Gary Plapp and his Dowsers January meeting had the delightful speaker named Tina Gibson, a 5th and 6th Grade teacher. Tina, a Greg Braden disciple, had an interesting and profound way of communicating. We speak of Crystal/ Indigo children; well maybe she is a Crystal teacher. She spoke in visual sound bites, or I guess packets of wisdom to live by. If you take these packets (short sentences) and filter them through the right brain, it quickly explodes into a thousand words and concepts.

So here we go, life is meant to open our consciousness. A personal painful event is pivotal in being able to surrender to the infinite. Pain and discomfort create opportunity for change in our life. We must be willing to listen to enter a state of surrender. We must learn to be neutral in the presence of distress, for there is blessing in all events. We can show emotions, but don’t let emotions control our lives. Emotions are what separates us from most of the other species in the universe. They are what is “Human”.

Always let go, accept what is, and accept oneself in every way. Guide oneself by your feeling through the heart-mind. The quicker we all realize we are all perfect the quicker we can enjoy life’s journey.

With focused consciousness awaken into the zero-point, which is the part of the universe where personal creation takes place. Change is coming but not to be denied, and we live in a world of all possibilities. Our feeling can show us the way. And use synchronicity as your inner leader to guide you through your changing paths.

And finally, Life is a workshop, live through Life – and always, always take responsibility. Tina presented the above concepts of guidance through wonderful short stories. Thanks Tina.

Sleep tight – and surrender to the night – for the infinite will provide abundance and joy.