The Crystal Necklace — Sandy Penny


by Sandy Penny

A little reminiscence from my New Zealand Journey of the Rainbow

Before I left for New Zealand in 1993, my old friend Margaret gave me a chakra necklace as a traveling gift. Chakras are the energy centers in the body, and this necklace was a quartz crystal pendant with seven stones representing the seven chakras (see photo). The stones went from bottom to top, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I wore the necklace all the time to stay in connection with my friend and to balance the energy of my chakras. It was one of my prized possessions. I seldom wore jewelry, but when I did, it was always a powerful symbol for me. I wore this one all the time.

I had been living at and doing readings at the Crystal Web shop at Takapuna Village for a few weeks. My little apartment was one room and did not have air conditioning. That wasn’t unusual in Aukland, but this was a particularly hot, dry summer. I opened the door to allow the air to circulate better, and took a nap on the couch. I was just about to fall asleep when I felt a presence in the room. I startled awake and found a man standing at my doorway looking into the room. I wasn’t sure what to do, and didn’t know if I was safe, so I asked Spirit if everything was OK. I was told, that yes, everything was fine, but I still felt a little unsure, so I got up and walked to the door and asked if I could help the raggedy dirty man who was silently standing there.

He looked at his feet and shook his head side to side but did not say anything. I asked if he’d like a cup of tea, and he mumbled that he would. I plugged in the electric kettle and prepared the cups and made a simple black tea and offered honey, which was all I had at the moment. He shook his head yes, and I poured the hot water onto the tea bags, added the wonderful New Zealand Manuka honey that I had been gifted by the Maori Tohunga, medicine man. Thinking he might be hungry, I cut up an apple I had bought from the open produce market downstairs.

I took the cups and the apple slices outside, and we sat on the stairs. The man was obviously in some sort of distress, but he was very difficult to understand as he contin
uously looked down and mumbled his words so badly that I could barely make out what he was saying. I patiently asked him some questions and gathered that he had just been released from prison, that he had addiction problems, and that most of all, he was very sad that his wife would not let him see his baby daughter unless he got clean and sober and got a job and began paying child support.

He was in deep distress, and I wasn’t sure how to help him, but I asked Spirit for guidance on what to do. I felt that I should offer to do an energy healing, and so I did. I had him sit in a chair, and I aligned myself with the highest and best good for all concerned. I was inspired to take the necklace off and put it on him while I did the healing. I explained that it would help balance his energy and he seemed happy to allow it. I worked on him for about half an hour, sending energy through my hands to every area of his body that drew my attention. It was intense. When I was finished with the healing, I felt the need to offer that he continue to wear the necklace until he was healed, and that he could bring it back to me when all was well.

I felt sad because once again Spirit was asking me to release something that was important to me. I did not think I would ever see the necklace again, as this man was not likely to be healed anytime soon. But, that was the way of Spirit with me at the time. Material things were secondary to people. My work, my life was with people. And, so I opened my heart and released the necklace to its highest and best purpose, the purpose of healing and balancing this broken man.

About a month later, I had moved away from the Crystal Web, and now lived several miles away at my new friend Maurice’s house. The phone range, and Maurice handed it to me, saying it was Jane from the Crystal Web. I hadn’t spoke with her in a couple of week, so I was happy for the call. She asked if there was any way I could come to the shop right then. She said it was important, but didn’t want to tell me about it unless I was there in person. I asked Maurice if he could drive me there, and always happy to visit the crystals which were his passion, he agreed.

When we arrived at the shop and exchanged hugs, I asked Jan what was so urgent. She pointed out a young man across the store and asked if I knew who he was. I said that I didn’t remember ever seeing him before, and she took me over to introduce me. He was clean-shaven, well dressed and introduced himself as Mark. He looked somehow familiar, but I wasn’t sure why. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out my crystal chakra necklace. “How did you get this?,” I asked. He said, “You gave it to me to wear until I was healed. When you did a healing on me.”

A light of recognition came over me, and I realized that this was the raggedy man I had worked on that day. I couldn’t believe it. He was speaking in strong confident words. He looked me directly in the eyes, and he stood straight and tall. He was a completely different man, and yet, I could see that he was telling the truth.

He told me that after that healing, that he had gone to a shelter that had a rehab program, and that he had gotten clean and sober, and he had found a job. He was working regularly, and that best of wall, he now had visitation rights for his daughter. He and his wife did not get back together, but the important thing for him was his daughter. It was truly miraculous.

He handed me the necklace, and thanked me for that day. He said it changed his life, that no one would even try to listen to him before that. He knew it was hard for me and that I felt afraid when he showed up, but the fact that I helped him anyway made all the difference for him. I tried to get him to keep the necklace, but he said, “No, our deal was that I would return it when I was healed, and I know that I am healed.” I put the necklace on and hugged him and thanked him for returning it. It was a good day in world of healing.
chakra pendant

The Keeper of Time . . .Steve Rother via Sandy Penny

As some of you know I am not a big fan of channeling ,, from my past experiences , but with that said , something feels right about this.

Greetings. I am the Keeper of Time. I am with you this day because you have changed time and all that is in front of you. The new energies are on Earth and they are here working through each and every one of you at this moment. Yes, in some ways you are feeling the same as you did before, but you also have a bit of this anticipation. We hope that you take that anticipation you feel and turn it into something magical, because that is how you create, dear ones. When you look forward to going through that door, it makes it all the more special when you finally walk through it. You are the creators that have created the energy you are walking into. Now own it. Know it. When you walk into that energy that feels terrible and is in total discord to yours, dare to own it and ask, “Why did I create this? What is my lesson in this discord? Where am I in this?” Hold your position here, for you will find many energies starting to change on Earth at this point, probably more so than you have experienced in your lifetime. What is taking place is very simple. The Earth is changing, for it must make space for empowered humans. Each of you now have a new level of your own empowerment, and you are starting to reach into it and use it. That is why Elrah tells you to play, to go out into the world and smile. Have fun pretending to be human, for that is where your smile comes from. It comes from Home. When you see someone or something that reminds you of Home you feel a deep connection, and now that will be happening quite often. It will be very common for you to be walking down the street totally unaware and to pass someone who pulls your energy magnetically over to them. Even if you do not know them, there is a connection. You will start to feel that within your own physical being in new ways.

Ending Contracts

There are new connections that all of you are starting to make, for you have shifted into many of your Plan B contracts. Why are they Plan B? Very simple. The Earth was going to end and that was Plan A. Most of your Plan A contracts are finished, because the world was supposed to end between the years 2000 and 2012. It would have taken roughly 12 years to kill this planet making it look very similar to Mars and Venus, because that is exactly what happened to them. What is taking place now is you are connecting in different ways, building a new energy here on Earth. You have been looking out into the skies for a very long time wondering if there are other beings like yourselves out there. We tell you, dear ones, when you come Home to spirit you are going to find incredible diversity among personalities or energy types. Most of you humans look alike, do you know that? You sound very much alike to all of us, because we have such diversity over here. Your diversity only moves a small amount between you, compared to the rest of the universe. Here is the beautiful part: You have never been alone. When you finally find life similar to your in the universe, they will actually look very much like you do and that is the cosmic joke. You are expecting to find Martians with green bodies and little things growing out of their heads. But they look very much like you do; the connections are strikingly similar, but on a slightly different timeline.

Now here is the fun part. You have built all these incredible telescopes that you have placed upon your highest peaks on Earth in order to observe the universe. You have also put up all these incredible listening devices that bring in the radio waves from the cosmos, and tried to filter them out. You have found varied success in this so far, but your success will not continue on your current path for the simple reason that someone else has found you. Yes, dear ones, you have been discovered! There is a planet – no, they are not calling it Earth. It does not have the name written on it, but they have made up a name in their language that they are calling this planet with the blueness and fog around it. There is water and they believe there might be life on this strange blue planet out there. That is you, for you have been found. It will take quite some time before the technology reaches the point that they can contact you, but you have been connected with and you will start receiving some information as well. You will find out that your own physical bodies are a bit faster than you thought.

We have given you a timeline of 210 years. Yes, we love to put these fun pieces out there because the moment we give you a rule, you break it. It is part of human nature. You take a rule and you say, “Oh, well that is a rule. I will keep that in mind as I go past it.” That is often what you do, and now we are grateful to tell you that you have already shortened that timeline. It will not actually take you 210 years to complete this cycle, for you are currently in the 190 range. Actually, we are not even going to go by the numbers for the very simple reason that you are moving everything forward so quickly. Do you know who you are? Do you re-member that feeling deep within you, that spirit confidence you received just before you entered your game? It is time to pull that out now, for each of your own guides will start talking to you very clearly. What you do with it is entirely yours. There is no right or wrong to it, for that is a very personal connection. However, each of you will be hearing from those that have been on your shoulder, either as your guides or the many connections that are waiting for you on the other side of the veil. You are the greatest angels that have ever lived and there is a huge cheering section up here at Home waiting for you to come Home. When you come Home we are going to party like you have never partied before. If you think dancing at the 12-12-12 was fun, wait until you see our parties – yes, we really know how to throw a party! We know how to celebrate. And celebrate is what we ask you to do, for that is actually what has gotten you through this entire ending of the planet. You celebrated your way Home and you have made it.

So, here you sit. What happens next? How will you use this new energy? We cannot tell you that, dear ones, for it will be different for each and every one of you. You have a very sacred path that has been laid out in front of you. Must you stay with that path? Absolutely not. It is simply one of the many possibilities that lie in front of you. Although it carries the path of least resistance that stretched before you when you came into the game, you will also find that many of the contracts you made are no longer valid. You have simply changed who you are. Therefore, you have changed the connection and the contract as well. That makes this the perfect time to look around and take an inventory of your heart. “What means the most to me in this new energy? How can I step into this new world and create my world…a world that supports me, a world that will bring us all Home in the most beautiful ways.” That is what we charge you with. We tell you that there are some very magical dates right in front of you; we will give you or we have only given two so far. The dates we have already given you have already passed, the 12-12-12 and 12-21-12.You are absolutely correct in saying that December 31st is also a celebratory date, but not because it is the beginning of the end of the year. There is another wave of energy coming in on that date. Anchor it. Bring it through. You have regular waves of energy that will be coming through, but as you step into this it will feel more like a flow than a wave. Time on this side of the portal is expanding, instead of the contracting that you experienced over here. What we tell you is the next date is August 19th. Now do you need to know those dates specifically? Do you need to be in a perfect location, sitting quietly with your legs crossed and your palms touching? No, of course not. Just be aware that your Earth is still changing, adapting to make space for the empowered humans taking their places and owning their power. We could not be happier on this side of the veil.

Graduate Status for the Planet of Free Choice

Earth is the greatest experiment of all time – the planet of free choice has just graduated. I was able to drop my finger for the sixth time and you all moved very rapidly, but not because of my finger. The greatest challenge that we had on this side of the veil watching as all of you stepped into this new world was that we were concerned of segregation. We were concerned that you would separate your different levels of vibration, simply saying that only the highest would walk into the new world and the lowest would diminish from the Earth. Dear ones, that would have been the same mistake you made in Atlantis yet it did not happen. You made the opening large enough for all the bandwidth of humanity to step through at once. That was critical at this point for so many of you are here from the days of Atlantis, such is the Keeper. He is here but he is here making a difference, using the same technology that he did before but this time to spread light instead of fear. Take a look at what you have to offer the new world. You have that opportunity now more than ever before. It is a grand time to be a human on planet Earth, but you are not human. You are spirits pretending to be human and doing a marvelous job at it. We know who you are. We are simply helping you to re-member.

It is with the greatest of honor that we usher you into a new age. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. Welcome Home. I am the Keeper of Time.

Treat each other with respect and nurture one another every chance you get. Play well together. I am the Keeper of Time

Cymatic Frequencies: The Power of Sound Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

October 8, 2012

‘Ancient Knowledge’ is a mind-blowing film series that explores ancient mysteries encoded in the symbols we see all around us.

This segment deals with Consciousness, Sacred Geometry and Cymatics, an alternative healing practice using a distinct form of sound therapy, based on the assumption that human cells, organs and tissues have each a natural resonant frequency which change when perturbed by illness. (Needless to say, this modality is not accepted by modern medicine).

Here is a Full List of the Series and all of the FKTV URLs where the episodes can be viewed:

– Ancient Knowledge Part 1
Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics?and the Illusion of Reality (Rare Footage)

– Ancient Knowledge Part 2
The Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio,?Phi in Nature, DNA and the “Fingerprint of God”

– Ancient Knowledge Part 3
Pyramids, Monuments and Megaliths, Ley Lines?and Earth’s Energy Grid

– Ancient Knowledge Part 4
The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle

– Ancient Knowledge Part 4.5
Scientific & Historical Misconceptions, Suppression and Manipulation of Info

– Ancient Knowledge Part 5
Summary: Magnetic Forces, Sacred Sciences, Anti-Gravity


Uploaded by KilluminatiTheMovie
January 17, 2012

Solving ancient mysteries Part 1. “The Ancients” knew much more than given credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetism, Healing, Unseen Forces etc.

Encoded knowledge is information that is conveyed in signs and symbols and we can find this knowledge all over the world. All these ancient sightings and geometric patterns (Sacred Geometry) symbolize unseen forces at work. We are being lied to by the media. Modern archaeologists don’t know what they’re talking about. “The Ancients” were not stupid or primitive. We just failed to decode this knowledge conveyed in signs, symbols and ancient artwork. This kind of information is kept hidden from the public.

Scientists don’t know what holds the universe together, the answer is sound and unseen forces. Matter is governed by sound frequencies. There is much more to life than we can perceive with our 5 senses. The question then becomes “who or what governs unseen forces?” What is behind the symmetry throughout nature? (Golden Ratio, Phi, Fibonacci Sequence etc.) It simply cant be just coincidence, in my opinion there is an intelligent mind / consciousness behind all this that keeps it all together.

The Power and the Magic of Music — Sounds from the Glen- Is it all True Series # 221

Music can be a powerful magic — frequency arranging waves can truly change the masses. Its been long since it has happened to me. But a lady from Tottenham England has turned the music world upside down. But I would not be writing about this on this Weblog if there was not a little paranormal connection.

The people of the Sidhe — the fairy lore of the British Isles, carried a powerful magic. Their music and their song would draw the humans from miles away. The story goes, listen to just one song and you would be changed forever.
Listen to more than one song and you would never leave their realm and you would be their slaves forever. The Sidhe had voices and lyrics that would rip at the core of your soul. For the ones who got away from the Sidhe, this unique sound would never leave them, it was embedded into the fabric of the mind.

I believe there a people today in the UK including Ireland who carry still this music Magic, and they have the ability to belt it out. Today its control over humans is a bit mellower ,but still a beautiful powerful sound, one person say this way “it was like in a wind tunnel the voice just hitting me , it was truly incredible”.

The Singer I am speaking of is “Adele” winner of 6 Grammys Awards on Feb.12th 2012. Listen to the magic, the music of the Glen and of the Sidhe. Adele I truly believe is a distance product of the Sidhe, and for some reason they ( the Sidhe) have left our realm, but they left something wonderful behind.

Turn your Volume Up and enjoy — as it dances into your soul. ( note there is a little pause, wait it will come strong)

Sleep tight- you will dream — “Rolling in the Deep”

Open Your Cosmic/Soul Door Only with a Lot of Care –Is it all True Series #208 ?

Photo From Diane Camillo

I typically write about the Ouija board on or around the Halloween season, I am a little late this year, but I understand that the second most used Ouija board day is New Years Eve, so I am early for that event. Also, check out my two-part post from July 17th and July 24th 2010 on the “Board”.

What got me to write this post was a movie I saw called the “ Rite “ a movie about exorcism and the Catholic Church. My belief has always been that vast majority of the people that go through this extreme exorcism process probably really need psychological help and not an exorcism. I would guess about 95% fall in that category, but there is the 5% that have an entity trapped in their body, and I guarantee that some let it in through the Ouija board game. I also believe the Catholic Church has created the morphic field through their preaching about a world full of demons. Now I am not saying there are not some bad beings in the world, but I suspect if you left them alone they would not bother us Humans. A sea of dimensional beings surrounds us and most have little or no interest in us. They only seem to react when we go looking for trouble. How I must confess I have taken digital photos of some of these beings – in my vortex photography, but only once have I felt threatened by their presence.

When using the Ouija Board you can open yourself up to allow an entity into your soul/mind and take temporary procession of you. There are only a handful of people in the world who should mess with the Ouija board and they are a small group of powerful shamans, who know how to protect themselves against a Psychic invasion.

We must all remember that we are powerful quantum beings so what we think we create.
So dwelling on demons will create and bring them to us and once they arrive, if fear rules in your mind, they have you. So if you screw-up and create/attract one — be fearless and tell them to go back, they must obey their master – You.

Sleep tight – dream super good thoughts and super good things will happen.


For Seekers Only – Frank Wolak presents at New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum’s March Event – Is it all true Series ? #178

For Seekers Only – Frank Wolak presents at New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum’s March Event

Frank Wolak is a man of diversity; the highlights of his career path are as follows: second Lt. US Army Engineer, West Point Graduate, Master of Science, Nuclear Engineer MIT, oversaw construction of a nuclear reactor in Alaska, and over the last 30 years he has studied and researched the positive side of life and all its possibilities.

Frank discussed the concepts that affect our personal life and all its challenges and the intense positive energy of the Universe and its role in granting the answers to what we desire. He walked us through the 24,500-year cycle and the present movement between the third and the fourth dimensions. If you are a seeker and you take advantage of the opportunity that the Universe will offer, you can move on to the next dimension.

Frank spoke with great knowledge about how we all have free will, how we obtain it and how we need to keep it. The theme I enjoyed the most was that we are all God. You are a creator, and you are a God. Love of everything makes us as I say “Big”, and Fear is humanity’s biggest issue – as I say it makes us very small. We as humans have been in a brainwash mode since we were babies. We have been fed fear to keep us in a sub-potential role here on earth.

Frank spent a good portion of his discussion on the role of the right and left-brains. Frank is saying as we shift in the next year or so, we or some of us will start shifting more into a right brain world, a God consciousness world. The shift to 4th dimension will be an era of no time/space, only energy.

And to the infinite only ask what you agreed to, and you will be satisfied forever. And one last thing: Frank made us do an exercise – make a list from your heart of the things that you desire and give it to the infinite. Put the list in a safe place and forget about it. Wonderful things will happen to you and when you get the list out of that safe place, you will see the infinite spirit has lived up to the agreement it made with you, when you came to hang, here on earth.

Sleep Tight – in the future you will not need to sleep, for energy doesn’t sleep. Oh and one more Frankism – Don’t reject anything that is put in front of you.



This Big Event is getting Closer – jump on Board

Event dates: April 29, 30, & May 1, 2011
Location: Albuquerque, NM, Santa Ana Star Casino, Bosque Convention Ctr.
Contact Info: Nancy Wallace, 505-966-5017,

Albuquerque Wakes Up in a Big Way
The Wake Up Now! Conference engages cosmic truths, UFOs, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and re-evolution, while supporting new educational options for children. It is now obvious that our children are changing dramatically and that our educational system is struggling to meet their needs and achieving minimal success. This is a Wake Up Call.
So, what do cosmic truths, UFOs, conspiracies and the paranormal have to do with our children? Our minds are expanding. Our world is changing. Our level of input from TV, computers and other sources keeps growing exponentially. Our kids need to be prepared to handle the onslaught of information and the challenges of the future while maintaining a sense of order, balance and joy.
The primary purpose of the Wake Up Now! Conference being held at the Santa Ana Casino’s Bosque Conference Center, April 29 through May 1, is to bring new and emerging information to the public through highly regarded speakers who represent decades of experience and research on the linked subjects of Cosmic Truths, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories, the Paranormal, & Re-evolution. Re-evolution is defined as the changes in the human population being seen firsthand through earth’s youth. Changes in consciousness and mental function are being reported in children and adults. Humanity is clearly perched on the precipice of something big.
The funds raised through this conference benefit the building fund for The School of Now, a project of A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc, a 501C3 not for profit corporation. The School of Now is a radically new support and education system designed for the children now arriving into our human family.
A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc. was founded by Nancy Wallace who says, “We draw upon new and advanced approaches, to consistently explore knowledge, remedies, and relief to aid and assist parents and children who have been labeled ADHD, ADD and/or problem children.” It is the organization’s goal to heighten school performance and personal growth. The organization uses alternative methods, tests and techniques, along with nutritional changes, emotional counseling and intuitive counseling to address the challenges.