Whitley Speaks- Marrs and Henry 2 of 4-"what is It " = Truth, the Ultimate Truth ?

The vibratory rate of the Universe is increasing– holy spirit , Mana , dew , eats or just “what is it” as the ancients would say. Amazing wave of energy coming over the planet — 2012 . Pineal gland ( Philosopher Stone) – the power maker – stimulate it and it all opens up- DMT for a tune-up.Are we being dumbed down by drugs ? 2012 super increase of sunspots means — super quakes? The substance will fall — the white powder — Mono-atomic Gold- “The Eats”.

12-21-11-11-2012 MWiz.

Special Media Annoucement- Kathleen Jones Show — for 04/09/09

My friend Kewaunee is Host of this one – great -Bigfoot Special Announcement and going forward Etc — enjoy (This segment is about white buffalo and some Bigfoot stuff )



Kathleen Jones Show —
Next Thursday – April 9th @ 7:00 pm , Every Thursday going forward


The Dulce Conference- after-thought and future impact–Is it all True Series #78

I attended this (possibly) once in a lifetime conference of strange happenings in the sleepy little town of Dulce, New Mexico. At first we had to turn people away as the crowd swelled to over 100 +. The Best Western management started to freak out as the bar/lounge started to explode with excitement and a little anger, as the crowd exceeded room capacity. Finally the former public safety director and speaker Holt Verde helped the conference find a more suitable venue next door at the new grocery store. So we stopped the event and physically moved everything across the street. Now in a more comfortable setting, the event continued. Speaker after speaker, some of whom were Jicarilla Apaches, told amazing stories of strange events in the area over the last 50 years and kept the audience in a deep state of attention.

Before the event started we all had a wake-up call at about 6:00 am in the morning as three or four large unidentified helicopters buzzed the town and scared the residents. The guests in town didn’t think much of it and thought it was maybe a normal event. But after we got up and heard the townspeople complain and talk about the noisy encounter, we knew this was not normal. Maybe someone was being warned. Could this have been official army or a paramilitary group, telling the town’s residents to keep quiet and not attend the conference? The residents were visibly shaken, but they still came with their stories of abductions, Bigfoot, UFOs, little people and their infamous underground base. They even poked a little fun at Norio, the conference’s organizer, telling us that during Norio’s visit 19 years ago, they planted disinformation as a trickster would. We all laughed, even Norio.

In the next few weeks I will take each speaker and condense and present to you the guts of this profound event that I was honored to attend. Side note: the conference made the front page of the Albuquerque Journal.

Sleep tight and dream long.


P.S. Dulce is a beautiful physical (and metaphysical) place, with wonderful caring people.

Norio - concerned look - as the crowd is restless

Norio- Concerned look as the crowd becomes restless.

Mysteries of dowsing the ancient way by priscilla wolf‏

It was in 1954 when our well went dry in Sanford, Colorado- San Luis valley, Colorado
My grandparents had a small farm in that area
, Grandmother believed in planting flowers for every healing she did or every miracle that came her way.
So we had five acres of flowers that bloomed every year and every year we planted more.
Thanks to the great spirit and earth she claimed.
we have to give back for what we take from the earth.
We had horses and some other animals- goats, chickens, rabbits, and lambs.
It was summer and many wells had gone dry.
Grandfather hired a well digger Company and they checked and found no water, as they were packing to leave,
I will never forget! grandmother came out and talked to grandfather in Spanish as she pointed to the north of the dried up well, there she said; about six feet down there’s a vain of water. I noticed the men looked at her real weird, the owner said Antonio, we are sure there’s no water on your land.
Check there grandfather said; they did and water came out all over the small ditch.
Only six feet they dug- after that we had water always running free, we built a pond for frogs and fish. (we put in there. )
Grandmother was a healer, a seer on water,
she glowed when she was close to the water,
she would say the Star people blessed the people with the mirror into the water.
Water was used by Indian people as a mirror.
I have recently met dowser Gary from Las Lunas, NM.
Im very interested in this because Grandmother used water for remote viewing.
seeing the future -Grandmother passed away 1972
I always believed the San Luis Valley< Colorado was a blessed place- sacred grounds of the Indains. also called the bloodless Valley. My cousin Mike Garcia Navajo was a dowser. certain tree branches were used for dowsing. also Trees are able to photograph who ever leans against them, check my photo below -I can see this myself will send photo separate