How Did Mars Lose Its Atmosphere? Via

Though it doesn’t look like a nice place to
live now, Mars may have had an atmosphere
more like ours on Earth! But how did it lose it?

One way a planet can lose its atmosphere is
through a process called ‘sputtering.’ In this
process, atoms are knocked away from the
atmosphere due to impacts from energetic
particles. Learn more in this video!

Shadow Operations: The Mars Project- via

I have no personal comment to make
at this time, as to the veracity of the
claims made in this TruTV program, which
was aired last week about an alleged secret
NASA Mars Mission over the past several
decades, using teleportation technology to
travel to Mars and to build a base there.

It includes many other hair-raising claims

and the piece is quite entertaining.

And if the claims are true, then of course,
this is totally game-changing stuff. I do
not endorse these claims at this time.