Triggers and the Aftereffects– Is it all True Series #402

Out of the blue, triggers can sneak up on anybody. These are a few of my accounts where images and words literally debilitated my state of mind. One of the more alarming experiences that I can remember, happened around 2012.

My daughter asked me if I wanted to see a really good movie called, “Life of Pi”. I said sure and she went ahead and rented it for the evening. After dinner, we sat down and started watching the movie. After about 20 minutes or more into the movie, something snapped in me and I immediately jumped up and yelled at my daughter, “How dare you get this movie! You knew exactly what you were doing!”

I stomped off and my daughter was at a loss for words. She came into my bedroom and asked me what was wrong and I told her the movie was very upsetting for me and that I didn’t want to watch it. She was upset at me for yelling at her and I was just basically a frazzled mess. She left my bedroom and I tried to get some work done on my computer but to no avail.

That evening I cried for what seemed like hours and eventually fell asleep. The next morning, I felt like a freight train had run over me and my head felt like it was ten times larger than normal. My daughter felt responsible but I told her it had nothing to do with her; I apologized for my behavior and tried to make light of what happened. But I was depressed and totally out of it for a couple of weeks afterwards. To this day, I can’t even see images of that movie.

Another incident happened just recently with Michael. We were watching Utopia, a British TV series that was about mind control and vaccines. It was really good up until I saw a young infant around 1 or a little older with a bunny rabbit in front of him. I sensed what was going to happen and jumped up from my seat and went upstairs. After a bit I came back down and asked Michael if the bunny rabbit was harmed and he said yes. I told him, I couldn’t watch the show anymore because it reminded me of my childhood when I went to a Catholic school. A few of the adults used rabbits and kittens to get their point across that we should not tell our parents what they were doing with us. The military was connected and I think they were the ones scaring us but I have no proof.

My meltdowns seem to happen with animals either killing each other or getting hurt themselves.

This is one area that I may never find the answers to because I don’t think I have it in me to see what the memories are about. I think there are deeper areas here that I haven’t even touched. Some things I guess are just better left alone.

911, a Massive Mind Control Operation-Is it all True Series #374

911 of 1

Nearly 14 years ago I was sitting with the FBI in Salt Lake City doing a criminal investigation of a possible bomb under expressway during the 2002 Olympic Games. I am a bit of a psychic of sorts and I happened to mention to them (now my FBI buddies) that I felt that something was about to happen, something to do with airplanes. Of course they just looked at me with a blank stare and I decided to shut-up, because they were probably the wrong group to play psychic with.

The next day, I had off to spend time with my kids, who were visiting my home in Park City Utah. The date was September 11th, and from that day on, the world would never be the same. I woke up to one of my daughters screaming about a plane crashing into Twin Towers in New York. As soon as I got to the TV, I knew my premonition was correct and I would probably be questioned by the FBI and of course I was. Luckily, I was a known person to the gentlemen and I have an honest face.

The reason I titled this article, “Massive Mind Control,” is because it was the media who started the ball rolling, announcing it was Bin Laden and gang as the second plane crashed into the tower. No way could anyone at that early of a time, truly have known who did it, if they hadn’t known the coming event. The next three weeks the government/ media flashed continuous pictures of the bad guys and the planes hitting the building with pictures of people jumping to their death out of the towers. A total mind f**k.

The % of the American population that truly believes that this was an inside job with the Bin Laden as a distraction, is still running about 15%, but it is growing very slowly toward a tipping point which will shake the world to its core.

My plea to the skeptics, is to please go to the websites of the professionals who can provide you with a substantial amount of solid evidence of the real sobering truth on what really happened on 911. These websites can also demonstrate, why we cannot allow this crime against all the world to go unpunished or it will be repeated over and again each time getting bigger and bigger.

Here are the websites that will change your mind. These websites represent thousands of professionals that have some firsthand knowledge of the real truth that must be told. These professionals hold pieces of the 911 puzzle. Here are some of the websites but not all:

• firefightersfor911 the;
• (medical professionals);
• (military officials);
• (Politicians);
• New Zealand);
• police for;

The big one with over two thousand engineers and architects who build similar, Twin tower type buildings – say Absolutely NO to the official government version-

Sleep tight – this truth will not be suppressed for much longer – the Truth-seekers will have their say and all mankind will win.

Cabals and their Overlords–Is it all True Series # 353

cabal 2

Nearly every major country in our world has an underground body, a shadow government, a dark organization or a Cabal, that points us into the right directions, to satisfy the agendas of our Overlords. If a country does not have a shadow government or dark group, it is controlled by another country’s Cabal. No country on earth is free of a Cabal’s control.

Cabals by definition are individuals, groups, companies or governments that conspire to control and hold power over a group of people, for the strict benefit of the Cabal and its Overlords. This control can be done quite openly or very covertly. Most of their operations are of the covert nature. If it was an open operation, the victims would be revolting.

A few examples of Cabals are the world banking cabal, centered in Zurich and London; here they have total control of world currencies and precious metals. Their manipulation of these assets cost its victims billions annually. The Agriculture Cabal, controls food production worldwide, this Cabal is made up of powerful companies that control seed production and fertilizer production– such as Monsanto and Potash. Next is energy control – the Oil Cabal, BP, Exxon- Mobil, and Shell. The Religious Cabal, the Catholic Church and the Muslim faith, both conspiring to steal souls and present them to the Overlords. These are just a few examples there are many more.

All of these sinister Cabals, were created by the beings controlling our over-all mission, our human mission on earth, to produce the human emotional energy for them (the beings) Archons or whatever you want to call them, this human energy they need us to produce so they can survive.

The first step towards stopping them, is to help humankind realize, what is really going on, for the reason that reality is not what it seems. This will be a tough road to hoe, for their mind- control methods are far advanced. Just look at how the News Cabal covered up the 911 event, so that 95% of all Americans believe the official line of the ones that truly did the highest crime against all mankind and got away with it.

Sleep Tight, for those 5 % will not give up and from them the truth will grow.

Archons, : Among Us But Not For Us- Part 2 – Is it all True Series # 340

archonsPlease read Part 1 of this series, posted about 10 days ago. These Gray/Reptilian groups, who eat our emotions, have been among us, through surrogates and mind-controlled humans. These surrogates are humans in high-powered places, among the very elite of our societies. The best way to gain control over a culture is to do it in a stealth fashion, because it is so much easier to manipulate and accomplish your agenda. And this is what the Archons have done for thousands of years.

They move about in the old secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones and the Vatican Elites and there are many other groups that harbor the ones who do the will of the Archons. There are also rogue cells in government agencies such as the US- FBI, CIA, DIA, ATF, DOD, DOE and many others from other western Christian countries. But I must mention that there some good guys in those groups as well who are resisting and fighting the Archons and their surrogates. Now from the corporate world there are the psychopaths, the leaders of some of our companies who would sell their mother’s soul to make a buck. They would also pollute and destroy their own planet to advance the Archon’s agenda of creating an environment of as much suffering as possible to feed their enormous appetite. Besides the emotional energy, they have a great interest in human souls and try to capture them as they are released at the point of death. I guess we could call them soul catchers. And the energy from the body is said to be the super nectar of the human existence.

After 40 years of working with abductees, I heard that greys and reptilians were very much against the use of nuclear weapons even though nukes do cause amazing suffering, they also cause death to the human soul, which is the caviar/truffle on their plate.

Part 3 will discuss what we can do to defeat the Archons.

Sleep tight, Hope is not lost – lack of fear, makes us strong.


Bill Cooper – Revisited–Is it all True Series # 332

Cooper 911
On November 5th 2001 Cooper was dead a couple of months after another great mystery occurred, 911, the event that Cooper indirectly predicted, in a world that was slowly going amok. Cooper’s main two themes have been that aliens have been among us for a very long time and that world governments have been trying to control the situation. The world governments are suppressing and not letting the public know the real truth, that we are being occupied and used by several groups of non-humans for their agendas.

To say the very least, Cooper was a very controversial figure, and even his death was a mystery, but I am leaning toward the idea that he was murdered. The question in my mind about his death was, why then? Bill had been speaking in public for years and his stories were very consistent. Did Bill have something new he was going to spring on the public, and maybe did it have something to do with 911? Bill had known of all the main players in 911, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the billions the government had lost in the Black Ops projects, which Rumsfeld announced the day before 911. We all know the group (department) that was investigating the Pentagon’s mystery $ lost was destroyed by a bomb alias (plane striking) the Pentagon. I truly believe Cooper was going to open up a can of truth that our government can’t control nor wanted to try to control.

After my many years in the world of UFOs and Aliens, I do believe Cooper had many things correct and others facts I believe he straight out made up to make his story flow a little better. The thing about Cooper was, I had concerns about his sources of information, and it seemed to me he was always finding it on a copy machine or on someone’s desk. If you consider the seriousness of the subject matter, these documents he claimed to find would have been guarded and considered the highest levels of security clearance.

I do consider Cooper a hero for his courage to push out the truth and make people think and do their research. I have zero doubt that 80% of what Cooper said was solid truth, and this is from my 45 years of personal research.

Sleep Tight and if you get a chance watch Cooper’s big speech on You Tube – the one in his all-white suit.


US Mind Control Weapons in Iraq?—Forbidden Knowledge

Alien Technology ??

This clip ran on China’s CCTV7 national
television network.

It describes ho secretly selected test targets
were used to test these weapons and discusses
the implication of these secret tests on the
targets’ social behavior & health.

Electronic weapons have been banned by the
UN and many countries due to their inhumane
and invasive nature.

Gabe and Greg – Their World and Their Experiences – Is it all True Series #252

Greg Valdez, the son of the late Gabe Valdez, spoke at our September meeting of the NM UFO/ Paranormal Group. Gabe was a man who spent his life seeking the truth, a man after my own heart. Gabe’s police investigator skills made him a precise truth seeker. He investigated cattle mutilations and other strange phenomena including the Dulce, New Mexico underground base. I met Gabe at one of our first UFO meetings; he was a bit standoffish and I didn’t really know how to take him. But as time went on, I realized he had seen and experienced a lot of stuff over his lifetime, and he was very cautious about the information he shared and the people he shared it with. I knew I had gained Gabe’s trust in April 2011 at the Wake Up Now Conference in Albuquerque. Gabe approached me about the Dulce Underground Base and told me he would take me to the vents and entrances to the base. I told him I would think about it and that was the last time we spoke. He died August 7th 2011.
Gabe’s son came to our meeting and did a wonderful job doing a question and answer session about his own experiences and the time he spent exploring with his father. Greg fielded many questions on subjects including Paul Bennewitz, Phil Schneider, Cattle Muts, and UFOs, Dulce Base, Military Helicopters and the famous Gas Buggy event. Greg’s and his father’s bottom line conclusion was that on all of these subjects, government fingerprints were found. But this is not to say there weren’t things that he and his father witnessed that fell into the realm of the paranormal, UFO’s etc.
It looks to me that Greg could be, if he wanted, a great researcher/Truthseeker like his father if he wants to venture out and take the risk. And the risk can be big.
Sleep tight, for the Truthseekers are trying to make this a better place for all.

Something we should never forget- but we are , and the lies and the lies.

More good news on 9/11– PBS documentary from Colorado (1st link)…

Watch 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out on PBS. See more from KBDI.

Why revisit 9/11?
Our world changed that day…
2,744 lives lost in New York… and counting…
1 million lives lost in Afganistan & Iraq… and counting…
6,000 troops lost in the ‘War on Terror’… and counting…
$4.5 Trillion – War on Terror cost to U.S. taxpayers…
precious civil liberties removed by the
Patriot Act
Military Commissions Act
Department of Homeland Security
Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2012).
Today, Americans can be…
subject to search and seizure without a warrant…
detained or imprisoned indefinitely…
without charge…
without evidence…
without a lawyer…
without a trial…
or even tortured…
or assassinated
merely for being accused
of being associated with terrorism.
Ignoring the World Trade Center evidence
is no longer an option.
It’s a public safety issue.
It’s time for the public to
enforce the law because our
public servants have failed to do so.
No proper investigation or formal
announcements of disclosure have
taken place in 11 years.
Instead, we have been given 11 yrs
of tightening, entrapping legislation.
Acts of treason in time of war
can be punishable by death.

The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project? — Great You Tube — via Forbidden

Here is the original video that launched a
thousand books, blogs, television segments –
but as of yet – no blockbuster Hollywood
action movies.

The original proponents of this grandaddy of
all conspiracy theories describe how a 1943
radar invisibility test at the Philadelphia Naval
base created a “time loop” to a 1983 secret
underground base in Montauk, where
experiments in mind control, time travel and
genetic engineering were carried out and
hundreds of young boys were allegedly
tortured in the process.