The David Icke Show Part III– Is it all True Series# 108

As the Icke show is ending let me share some of his final thoughts for the day. During this entire event Icke emphasized that only energy is the building blocks of our universe. We play in our world of holograms and our reptilian handlers will use them more and more to manipulate us humans.

David speaks that China is the blueprint for the future of the rest of the world. It is the laboratory where the methods of control are refined. China is a prison without the bars. The Reptilian Cabal feels it has the divine right to rule, since it feels they were part of our creation (the reptilian brain). It’s that property thing I guess.

Icke reveals that the headquarters of the controlling bloodlines are in Old Europe in the City of London. These bloodlines live in a low vibratory field so that means if you (us humans) can hold a high vibration the reptilians cannot harm us. Tapping into the esthetic field (the zero point) is where higher vibration can be found. David told an interesting story about tapping into field. Someone from Utah who lived near Salt Lake City and who had developed some type of “Free Energy device” would consistently tap this zero point field, but never during Mormon church services, for their praying draw much of this energy vibration away from his equipment.

Next David talked about three important and somewhat profound books two of books about the coming (maybe already here) new world order- 1984 – George Orwell and The Brave New World by Aldrous Huxley. Both men came from the Fabian Society – an infamous group noted for its social movements and maybe the One World Movement. And Orwell and Huxley were probably sounding the warning to future generations. And the other book was Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan about the evolution of Man with reptilian and more.

David closed the show with positive hope and a path to keep us free; we must override the lizard brain, for it is the barrier to our godliness. Do right brain thinking- no more fear. Stop conforming stand up to the controlling system- take responsibility back. Icke continues- raise your vibration- use the power of intent. Watch your life signs, we are here to break the spell. Infinite love is the only truth everything else is an illusion. Know thyself – open your consciousness and follow your intuition.

Sleep Tight – and always “ keep your Eyes wide Open- not wide shut. “


icke 015

Not a Good Look for Mr. Icke. Santa Fe 2009


Espantosa Lake in Dimmit County got its name in the late 1600’s when a Spanish expedition spent a scary night along its banks during “una tempetad espantosa” (a horrific/scary storm). Like all other names given to rivers, creeks and lakes by Spanish explorers, the name stuck and 300 plus years later it is still known “El Espantosa” or Espantosa Lake. Many have been the stories this writer has collected of fishermen or late night “picnikers” using the lake-side park as a lovers’ lane, reporting strange and scary experiences at the Espantosa. La Llorona (wailing woman), Lechuza (witch-evil bird), ghosts of people who died at the lake and even a headless rider have been reported. There are also the many hidden treasure stories and the sounds of stampedes, heavy clanking wagons and the yells of muleteers racing and splashing into or out of the lake. There was also one fisherman who told of seeing a strange light swimming under the surface of the water near his fishing boat. Finally, Zeke Romero reported how the fish in his pond next to the lake all disappeared overnight without leaving any carcasses or traces of ever having been in the pond. In his case, however, he discovered another rancher had a similar experience at a pond on his ranch some distance away from the Espantosa. Neither property owner ever got a scientific or acceptable explanation as to how and why all the fish had disappeared.
Now comes this interesting story when on June 23, 1834, Jean Louis Berlandier camped at the Camino Real crossing of the Nueces River in Zavala County near the old road by the detention center. Last time I visited the site slightly over three years ago with former County Commissioner David Lopez, the old steel bridge was still standing but slowly falling apart due to lack of use and maintenance. Because a bridge had to be constructed for crossing the high banks of the Nueces, the group spent an extra day along the river banks. The group resumed its march on the 25th continuing on the Camino Real heading toward the Rio Grande crossing near present-day El Indio. Before leaving the Nueces River crossing Berlandier recorded having found a message carved on a large tree. It stated, “the first colony of the Villa de Dolores crossed (here) on 28th of February 1834”. The message was in reference to the families gathered by John Charles Beales for the founding of the township of Dolores in present Kinney County. The township failed but land speculator Beales returned to the Nueces to claim the Aguirre Mexican land grant. However, that is a different story not to be told here and now, maybe later.
But back to the diary of Berlandier’s travels in Texas. On June 25th he and his group marched from the Nueces River pass Espantosa Lake and camped along the banks of Peña Creek in Dimmit County. His entry for that day is most interesting as he noted that many travelers on the Camino Real de los Tejas were afraid of camping along the Esptanosa. As recorded by Berlandier, a large mammal (mamifero) lived in/on the lake and was known to emerge at night and attack anybody camping along the banks of the lake. Among the victims was a group of Lipan Apaches who had camped by the lake. He also stated that in 1813 “two couriers” who had camped at the lake were attacked by the monster and they managed to kill it. The remains were left on site and Berlandier recorded that he searched for the bones but was not able to find any traces of the monster’s remains.
Before speculating on what Berlandier might have been writing about it is best to give the reader his credentials as a highly respected scientist, naturalist and botanist. Jean Louis Berlandier was born about 1805 on the France-Switzerland border area. He attended the academy in Geneva and earned a degree in botany. In 1826 he traveled to Mexico to gather and identify plants not recorded by the scientific community. In 1827 he joined the Mexico-U.S. Border Commission headed by General Manuel Mier y Teran. The Commission was to set the boundary between Texas and Louisiana but Berlandier took advantage of the trip to investigate, name and collect the unnamed and unrecorded flora of central Mexico, Northeast Mexico and Texas along the various Caminos Real. Thus included in his diaries are interesting descriptions of the cities, towns and villages he visited in Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamauilipas and Texas. The diary of his travels from San Antonio to the Uvalde Canyon with José Francisco Ruiz and a group of Comanches is an invaluable insight into the life and culture of the Native Americans. However, being a college educated European with a different world view and value system, Berlandier’s description of the residents of the township in Texas and along the lower Rio Grande is far from favorable. Nonetheless, the published and unpublished work of Jean Louis Berlandier is one of the greatest literary and scientific contributions in Texas, the middle to lower Rio Grande area and Northeast Mexico.
So what man-eating mammal at Espantosa Lake was Berlandier writing about in 1834? Even though he always referred to alligators as caymans, he did know the reptile and frequently reported their habitats wherever he encountered them. So we can rule out the alligator. Because he wrote it was a mammal (mamifero), could the so-called monster have been a jabalina, feral pig or bear? We do not know. All we have is Berlandier’s statement that a large, monstrous mammal lived in/on Espantosa Lake and emerged at night to attack anybody camping along its banks. Like the contemporary stories of Big Foot, Nessy at Loch Ness, Chessie at Lake Champlain or the swamp man of the Louisiana bayous, Berlandier was not able to find the skeleton or remains of the “monster of Espantosa Lake”. It should also be noted that it is only in Berlandier’s 1834 diary that we find a reference to said monster. No other diary keeper traversing the area from the late 1500’s to the present period has ever made a similar claim. Ghosts, wagons, buried treasures, stampeding horses, La Llorona, Lechuzas, Gritonas, UFOs reported at the lake; yes. A man-eating mammal at the Espantosa; no!
Berlandier’s massive writings, studies and publications can be found by those interested in reading the material itself. Thus under his name, I recomend you search for (1) Caza del oso y cibola en el noreste de Tejas, 1844, (2) Luis Berlandier y Rafael Chovel, Diario de viaje de la Comision de Limites, 1850, (3) Espedicion cientifica del general Teran a Tejas, 1840 and 1857. Reprints of most books were published in Mexico City in the 1940’s. Book number one above was translated and published by John Ewer in 1980 as The Indians of Texas in 1830. Also in 1980, the Texas State Historical Association published a translation of Berlandier’s diary in two volumes as Journey to Mexico During the years 1826 to 1834. Whereas this two volume translation features the water colors of the flora Berlandier discovered, recorded and named, Ewer’s book published by Smithsonian features watercolors of the Native Americans of Texas in 1828 through 1834. All publications are worth reading with or without the illustrations. I also recommend you read the first editions in Spanish to avoid translation errors.

End ………………. End ………………. End ………………. End ……….end

Noory Speaks — William Henry – Illuminati and Stargates Part 5

Masses submit to authority. Must follow any path to write like William Henry. — Listen to “Spring Hill Jack ” – interesting stuff. God gave special skin to Nimrod giving super powers. Nimrod a class of individuals , Hill of Tara — very sacred place. Babalon tower must be re-build to be destroyed for Christ to return. Saddam’s soul keeps coming back. History repeats it’s self until we get it right.

The Trauma of the Encounter—Is it all True Series #99

I read an article on the Internet via the Associated Press. It was a curious story of an interesting man, who was facing one of the greatest challenges a human can face, amnesia. He was found in a park in Seattle sleeping under a tree and a bit dazed. After hanging out for a few days in the park, he had asked for help from a bus driver. The bus driver called the police. They flashed his picture over the Web and the information started flowing in. He is of German descent, had been an English teacher in China, had a degree in culinary arts, and was also a translator who spoke several languages, just to name a few of his skills and talents.

To the psychology folks this person is probably suffering from dissociative fugue, which is by definition–sudden, unexpected travel away from home, along with the inability to recall the past, sometimes even with assumption of a new identity.

So what is the cause of this disorder? It seems to be related to high stress and high trauma beyond the capacity of what a particular individual can handle. So John Doe (he likes to be called) was a teacher in a foreign Eastern culture for several years. I believe a different culture or culture shock can trigger these episodes. Now I have interviewed and consulted hundreds of individuals who have witnessed the culture shock of a lifetime, a very close encounter with an alien being. I have always wondered why is so much of an experiencer’s memory lost after their encounter. Does the human mind have this amazing defense mechanism, to keep us from going mad? Or do the aliens use a flash device (like Men in Black) to erase their memory, protecting us and them or both from the trauma.

Did John Doe have a close encounter with the beings that night and then they gently placed him in a beautiful park for him to sleep it off? Did John Doe’s abductors forget where they picked him up? Normally abductees are returned to the safety of their bed. So when they (the humans) wake up in their homes this re-triggers the memory system quickly and only the alien experience is lost. I believe 97% of abductees never know they were abducted.

From my years of conversations with otherwise normal humans I strongly believe about 15% of the US population has experienced an inter-dimensional encounter. You may say this is impossible. This means one out of nearly six people have had a dissociative disorder sometime in their life, related to an otherworld-type encounter.

Well sleep tight. They normally put you back in your warm bed and not in a park, although summer time in Seattle is quite pleasant.


The Park- Discovery Park


Friends are having gathering Sat at 8pm to pray for a healing for me Priscilla wolf/Sister Wolf –surgery neck and spine on 9-9-09 prayers are requested for 8pm Sat 8-29 09 pass this on the more the stronger the spirit will help me thru this. remember a healer cannot heal themselves , god bless everyone.

I want to share the most beautiful vision I had a few weeks ago a Bald eagle landed on my balcony and we got to stare at each others eyes. I also want to thank Marlene for starting this prayer circle for me. for those that heard me talk about my Indian Angel girl I call her Hedi…here is a art work of her ,she appeared in August, once again , next to my bed on the wood floor praying- with four white candles on front and side of her with a white circle around them she seemed to be praying for everyone this time, it was a second vision. would be so nice if by any chance a miracle would happen and I would be healed without surgery, please ask others to pray for me thank you, remember the date 8-29-09 8PM this Sat

Noory Speaks — William Henry – Illuminati and Stargates Part 3

Illuminati – light up the soul from with-in. Secret teachings of Jesus — did the Cathars have this power/ ability? Able to return to the stars. God games on earth between the crazed religions. Religions must be unified for us to all step out of the mud into the stars.

No question –we are working on worm-holes — black projects, they are 25 years ahead of ” Best Buys” Humble Telescope = Gate to God . Tower of Babalon – destroyed , rebuilt and destroyed again — Is a God coming ???

Mr J – Speaks Part 1

I am born Native American as well as some Irish as well I work as a spiritual teacher… So basically I have seen just about everything in both worlds yet nothing like this has ever crossed my path… When I saw it that night it sparked something inside me and I wanted to see more so I started brushing the land where I placed the food ( bait ) and of coarse I took photo’s of its foot prints… This thing has some intelligence also because I watched the wind in reference to how he approached the food and he like most animals that have the awareness to stock their prey used the wind to locate everything beyond his meal… Also he covered his tracks somewhat by not walking on the soft sand as much as the hard surface… This speaks of his connection to Mother Earth in ways of understanding things that most would simply overlook… When I would place the food on the ground he would eat it on the spot but when I placed it on a dish he would take the bait under the brush of a tree and eat it their where he would be more hidden… Basically if it were a wild pig or a bear they would just eat it no matter where it was with no concern for onlookers so this thing is very smart…

More next Thursday.


The last Photos from our Washington Adventure,Is it all True Series #90

This will be the last of the series of postings on my 2009 Washington trip. Although my exploring into the inter-dimensional world has just began, I have spent about 40 years chasing UFOs and the related alien types who command these strange amazing crafts. I have talked to about 5,000 human types about their paranormal experiences and their good, bad and ugly relationships with these non-human beings. These non-human/ part human entities I now believe/know are all inter-dimensional travelers, moving back and forth between here and many theres. I guess it took 40 + years for me to realize this simple beautiful fact. But it is like starting over, with a new beginning and no end in sight. This has always been about the journey; the learning is what it is all about. The true purpose of our life here is to chase the wisdom of the unknown.

I am going to share two more photos from the trip, two of my favorites. The first one is a small face in the middle of the woods. This one is unlike most of the other photos because I did see the face first with my eyes, took the shot and then enlarged it. It is an animal face with a human feel to it, sort of has a teddy bear look to it. It had a little bit of smile with a concern in its eyes. It could look in and through a human. So I did not stare very long, I wanted to keep my soul.

The next photo shows a possible Sasquatch on a fence rail. I say possible because at the distance of about 300 ft and because the photo enlargement misses the fine detail, which could have made a definitive conclusion to the identity of the figure. Kewaunee feels the figure could have been a juvenile, about 5 ft tall.

I did also get a small infant-type looking BF laying on the ground but the original did not show well after I downloaded it to my PC, and it would have been even worse if I uploaded to my website.

I hope in the near future I get more looks and pictures into the many dimensions that surround us all. This is where the next true frontier lies. For our past, present and our future can be found in these Gateways.

Sleep very tight – the Gates await.


Small face in the woods
Sasquatch on a fence rail ?

Brent Raynes Speaks – On Sister Wolf's Journey

Hi Everyone!

What happens when an Apache medicine woman, storyteller, artist and author travels from her home in New Mexico and visits folks in Tennessee? Joan and I had an absolutely wonderful time with Sister Wolf from June 6th to the 14th. There was never a dull moment! We did all sorts of fun and exciting things together during her visit. We took her to the Tennessee Fitness Spa at Natural Bridge, just a few miles from our home here in Waynesboro. On the evening of Monday the 8th, Priscilla gave a wonderful talk at the Spa. People from all over the U.S. come to the Spa and her talk was certainly well attended, including one lady from Grand Junction, Colorado, not so far from Priscilla’s old stomping grounds, the San Luis Valley! (It’s a small world) Everywhere Priscilla went she captivated people! None more so than Tom Hendrix, the author of IF THE LEGENDS FADE (see photo attached of Tom and Priscilla). Priscilla was also quite captivated with Tom too. She was quite impressed with him and his immense, awesome and sacred Stone Wall and Prayer Circle, located just off of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway three miles over the stateline into Alabama.

On Tuesday evening, the 9th, Joan and I and some of our friends helped Priscilla celebrate her 65th birthday at Applebees in Florence, Alabama. An extraordinarily wonderful time was had by all, as you can no doubt judge from the picture attached.

Another highlight of Priscilla’s visit came with our trip to Nashville Wednesday evening, the 10th, to meet famous country western singer and stuntman Johnny Sands, who I did an interview for Alternate Perceptions magazine ( with about his 1976 UFO/alien encounter outside Las Vegas. Noted ufologist and publisher Tim Beckley had put us in touch, as they both recently were filmed for an upcoming episode of UFO HUNTERS. Johnny, it turned out, is also of Cherokee ancestry and from Cherokee, North Carolina, and he spoke passionately and with deep conviction of the plight and struggles of the Native Americans, in addition to the passion and conviction he spoke with regarding UFOs. We were impressed with Johnny. (Tim spoke highly of him)

Saturday afternoon, the 13th, Eddie Middleton, MUFON state director and host of Nightsearch Radio had organized a presentation in Memphis for Priscilla. We came and Priscilla did yet another dynamite presentation! The audience was riveted to their seats. A professional video photographer who filmed Priscilla’s talk was so impressed with her talk that he wants to visit her in a few months and video tape her in Chaco Canyon telling her wonderful stories. She said that Joan and I could also come out and go with her when they do this (as we had earlier been talking about going there and Sedona too).

We also had a good deal of company come and spend time visiting with Priscilla during her stay at our home. Everyone was enchanted with her! Our daughter Chandra loved talking with her as well, and one evening Priscilla even wanted to go and visit her at her home. Check out the picture attached of Priscilla giving our little grandson Conner drumming lessons, while Chandra looks on.

On the way to the airport Sunday (the 14th) we tried to stay positive and upbeat. It was hard to say good-bye. We had had a great deal of fun. At one point, we brainstormed about a name for a new book we were collaborating on, which Priscilla talked about doing some artwork for. The future was looking bright and with promise, and so it made our good-bye at the airport alittle easier to take.

After all, it’s not the end of a journey, but the beginning of yet another.


Check out Brent Raynes website —