Priscilla Wolf Speaks.-update

Update news all is the same with me, but otherwise, raining here alot and getting cold. time for the firewood to burn in my fireplace. State fair here in Albuquerque ends Sunday I will go to celebrate my grandsons 5th birthday Gray Wolf … on the October 6th I will be in Presbyterian hospital main one off Central and I-25.. for neck surgery, I did talk to several people who had the surgery and are ok, just don’t drive they say… ok not much I can do for the pain, its been my closest friend fr three months now. we went to the UFO watchtower BBQ of friends nice to go to Colorado once again and walk bare footed on the land that I was born at… that was labor day weekend… news… Christopher O’Brien new book The tricksters…. Coast to coast Am September 27th 09 11PM to 3Am 3 whole hours of Chris with George Noory. Chris is well known for San Luis valley UFO investigator and book author, amazing great person, he does write a little about me too!
Joe Fex will be in Memphis Tennessee Halloween October-09 at Eddie Middleton UFO Mufon in Tennessee.
Priscilla wolf with Brad Steiger October 23-09 on skin walkers & ghost stories the Jeff Rense program. I known Brad since 1964… great author in the UFO world. and beyond…. from Priscilla Wolf in New mexico have a great day…
forgot to add I’m on my first chapter of my new book I should have it done by 2010.. “On the other side of me” by Priscilla wolf a Bio and has over 500 pictures added to it.. most of it will be photos and my success in life .. stay special love Priscilla

Mr J – Speaks Part 5

Within my life there are many things that bring me much joy but the greatest of all pleasures are the Feathers that I find that come as a gift from my friends that travel within the Wind. For myself a Feather comes for many reasons and with them come answers to many questions that dwell within me. Basically Feathers for me have always been my greatest blessing.

This morning I had good thoughts to revisit the place where I placed the rocks together that within my mind are a communication to my new found friend. As I started walking down towards my greeting place I looked down and saw my gift in form of a Feather with it came a moment and thought of the greatness of peace. I soon was standing looking down at my rock formation that spoke the word ” Hi “.

To my surprise as well as happiness I saw another gift that was staring back up at me with a understanding within that gave me great joy and answers. A nice brand new Feather sat quiet rite a top of my formation of red rocks. Some may ponder with their own thoughts of how the Feather got there but as I looked at where it was resting it made it hard to imagine that it could of arrived to that exact spot all on its own. The large bolder of a rock that I had place the bait in the first place would be a hard tuck for any bird to get under as the Feather shed from its body and hugged the ground in that spot.

Within my mind I gave thanks and saw this to be a great find of communication from what I had saw that night in a reflection of fear and excitement. This has opened up my mind to start thinking of how the creature that I believe is a Sasquatch knew just how much that Feather would speak to my spirit within.

This adventure is far from over as I relate to all that red this as to what I believe is going on here in the desert of my home is the beautiful Sedona.


Mr. J

Mr J – Speaks Part 4

As I walked out back to the place where I first saw the unknown being I took my thoughts back to the night that I saw him.
I remembered how he turned and looked at me as I saw the expression of surprise on his face. Oh how I wish that I did not react to my statelessness when I saw what looked like a Caveman standing there looking back at me. How I wish that I would of just sat down and welcomed whatever it was into my space with open arms and signs of peace. But of coarse the shock and misunderstanding took over my emotions and fear set in as I ran to the safety of the porch.

As I ponder on what could of happened with myself and my new found friend I can only wonder how may others have reacted in ways of violence toward what I saw that night in the dark… How many times have I been standing close to wild Bears and the 4 legged of the Northern bush of Canada where I grew up with understanding and no fear. Why was it that the unknown that I saw automatically kicked the fear into action as me feet carried we away from perhaps my greatest adventure of my entire life.

I stood back at that place where the creature looked up at me and I placed rocks on the ground spelling the word ” Hi “. My hope is that he will see them and form something that I can identify being from him as we enter into a form of communication…

Same like I do with humans and ones that I love. I sent him my good thoughts and told him that I was safe and a good protector of secrets. Within my mind I sent my good thoughts into the wind to mingle with his imagination of thought and intuitions.

That night I had a Dream that was very real and easy for me to understand as my main focus in this life is working with people with regards to their dreams and understandings of what it is that is being spoken in dreamtime. I also have the gift to be able to open up the dreams that have fallen asleep within people and recall them to their memory. So what I am getting at is that I am a professional when it come to dreamtime and how it works.

Within my dream I saw something come close to me and speak to me with no verbal words yet I knew within my heart and mind what was being said. A message from the creature that stood in front of me within my dreamtime was what I would call a Sasquatch from the description that I recall from drawings within the books from back in my school days as a child.

The unheard words spoken within expression of thoughts were awesome because with them came great peace. He looked at me with a soft loving look in his eyes and expressed that all was well ,and he too was safe. Even the shy slightly tilted body motion was a easy read of someone that was shy with a slight way of hiding within self of body.

My dreamtime with him was short yet very powerful and I come to understand the nature of the spirit that rests within him. I am sure my story and encounter is strange to some and at the same time a great conformation to others that are aware of their Dreamtime that has become a reality within their life.

For Dreams are great teachings to what is going on within ourselves as our human body is at rest while our Spirit is wide awake within us. With Dreams come answers that speak to our heart and minds for the purpose of manifesting the truth that rests within us.

I will now venture down to the place where the friendship first began and try and see what I understand to be just the beginning of a learning experience of a life time.

Mr. J

Mr J – Speaks Part 3

When I shined my light of him and he acknowledged that the light was coming from behind him is when he looked up… The cars lights that shined on the bolder that I was baiting behind never bothered him at all so I know he knew the difference of the two lights and where they were coming from. The interesting thing is how he looked up and turned towards me to look. When a animal turns to look at potential danger they move their shoulders along with their head in one motion but a human simply moves their neck in the direction of sight. Well this thing was bent over on all fours and jut stood up and looked over like a human would do but a 4 legged would of had to back up from behind the bush in order to get the angle to see me. Once day break came I went to the bush and examined the height of the bush where his tail bone was bent over and as it looked to me he would of stood to me my height or a bit taller and I stand 6 foot.

I recall the noise of his eating habits also and he would not be sitting dining with the Queen type thing but was rather in a hurry to gobble the food down and be on his way perhaps. I could hear sighs of relief and satisfaction as he exhaled from eating with each breath.

I also teach Tracking and understand footprints as if they were just laid as they each speak a story in great detail. So I am no stranger to the wild is what I am getting at and I have my own personal thoughts to what I have seen but I am no expert in the field of invented life.

Mr. J

Mr J – Speaks Part 2

This morning I am taking my neighbors up into the red rock hills to preform a Ceremony with them as the let go and bury the ashes of their dog under the ground with Mother Earth… The mother is still a little shook up and the time has not been rite for me to talk to her about this matter… She took her little dog out for a pee about 10-11 the other night and the dog was like 5 feet from her when something darted from the bush and snatched the dog breaking its neck in a instance… They found the untouched body the next day in the field next to their house… I did ask her what the thing looked like and she was unclear and still shaken up but after the Ceremony when I get her to release the spirit and fear is when her thoughts will become clear and I will be able to let her go back into her thoughts and recall what she really did see and hear… Rite now the fear is too strong and is blocking her thoughts with everything that everyone is telling her… She thinks it now was a Bobcat but when I talked to her the very next day and asked her she showed me size by way of hand signal and that was no Bobcat… But time will tell…

Now I stopped baiting this thing about 5 months ago because with putting table scraps out in the desert it comes with a price… Every other creature out there get a whiff of it and starts to draw closer to the house and with them came snakes… So I put it on hold for a time and space… Also the traffic in the winter is much slower than in summer and even the Coyotes stay to the hills more now that that winter… The creature would not always be the first one to the bait and that also made me think that he was watching at the same time that i was ready with my camera and flashlight… If I had one on those night camera’s that you strap to a tree i could of put this to rest a long time ago but I do have photos of its footprints…

Let me know what your thoughts are on this adventure…

Mr. Jthe-print.JPG

The Print —

Mr J – Speaks Part 1

I am born Native American as well as some Irish as well I work as a spiritual teacher… So basically I have seen just about everything in both worlds yet nothing like this has ever crossed my path… When I saw it that night it sparked something inside me and I wanted to see more so I started brushing the land where I placed the food ( bait ) and of coarse I took photo’s of its foot prints… This thing has some intelligence also because I watched the wind in reference to how he approached the food and he like most animals that have the awareness to stock their prey used the wind to locate everything beyond his meal… Also he covered his tracks somewhat by not walking on the soft sand as much as the hard surface… This speaks of his connection to Mother Earth in ways of understanding things that most would simply overlook… When I would place the food on the ground he would eat it on the spot but when I placed it on a dish he would take the bait under the brush of a tree and eat it their where he would be more hidden… Basically if it were a wild pig or a bear they would just eat it no matter where it was with no concern for onlookers so this thing is very smart…

More next Thursday.


Part two Story of a demon, devil, or was it a skin walker?- Sister Wolf

It was in 1949 when we lived in Sargent a small farm area of San Luis Valley, Colorado.
Do you remember? Tony asked his sister Maria, when dad got beat up by the devil.
I had forgot I was to small to remember.
One night dad came in all drunk as always fighting with mom.
get out mom hollered at him go sleep in the barn or shed.
he stumbled out and he was screaming bad words outside.
when they heard him screaming help me please, Im getting beat up.
they looked out side all they could see was a black shadow of another man beating up dad, Tony said.
they were able to get my dad toward the house and the shadow vanished.
he was all scratched up and beaten up real bad. he claimed the devil beat him up. he was so scared.
he said; it was half human and half animal had claws like the devil!
they called his father who lived in Nevada, a medicine man who prayed over him for ten months, dad didn’t drink,
as soon as his father left he started to drink again.
so I guess the devil didn’t scare him that bad.
his father said it was a demon soul taker…

Sister Wolf

Satan,Devil, Shape Shifter, or the Claw Man by priscilla wolf- Part One

When people have problems as drinking, drugs, abusers and a real bad life of crime they attract evil spirits,demons.
Demons that battle for the human soul. I was just a child when I first heard of the Devils claw, a demon that had attacked a Man that my Grandfather knew in Toas, NM. A man, I will call Manuel, and his beautiful wife Penny, and her parents who were old and could not defend their daughter from a abusive husband. One night the beating got worse, Manuel laughed and told her get out and run to your parents! I’m not scared of the devil! or your father!but that night was different standing at the window was a demon who was seeking a soul. Penny left crying and to her parents house. Manuel was all proud of himself as he looked at himself and said I’m in power! But the demon was outside planning his visit to Manuel. Soon there after Manuel heard a loud knock on the door. who in the hell are you? he screamed! he got up from his chair walked up to the door to open it, to his surprise there stood his father in law. This skinny old man was there asking him to step outside. This made Manuel very angry and upset! he stepped outside and punched the old man knocking him down, but suddenly as he thought he had the best of the old man. The old man turned into a Demon Beast. As he attacked him scratching his face with a claw of a animal. His face was bleeding and he was getting beat up real bad. Manuel asked him to stop but the demon beat him up more. until there was not much life left in him. Manuel was able to crawl away and walked to his father in laws home the poor family were scared to open the door and when they did they were shocked to see Manuel bleeding all over and was beaten up real bad he was half crazy telling them to forgive him and that the devil beat him up.I was told he became a changed man and he had no soul.

Part two of my visit to Tennessee, Sister Wolf

part two of my visit to Tennessee, Monday I was at the Tennessee health spa, one woman asked why her mother who passed away was saying spirits of her past ones were present. I worked with elders and dying Patients and everybody sees their loved ones or pets.Tuesday I celebrated my birthday in Florence, Alabama at Apple bees. several teenage boys and girl joined us with other people. very interesting young people who have experienced UFOs, one boy was a healer about age 18. one boy had experienced a triangle UFO over Tennessee. in 2007. met two alien contacts, had to be the best birthday party with members of a group in that area. meeting Tom Hendrix was the high light of my trip. another high light was Actor, Western singer Cherokee Johnny Sands from Nashville Tennessee. check his website I’m also part of his web site. I met a new friend. Johnny had a experience with a UFO encounter in Las Vegas Nevada. photos enclosed. My Memphis event was great small gathering of 20 or 25. the 13th of June 09 Eddie Middleton ,Mufon state director and radio host of night search- met some great interesting people very open to UFOs, abductions, 2012 , and many had questions ,I did a two hour presentation .. time went to fast…. another book for Brent Raynes and Priscilla Wolf. will let everyone know once out ” Weavers of Dream Time- Mysteries of time and Space” also Eddie Middleton had a DVD for sale of Priscilla Wolf for those who missed the event. I want to thank those who shared great storys, Nancy and Mike Myhan, Xavier Frye, Beverly Pie, Linda Geralds, Melody Johnson, and many others I will keep sharing their beautiful encounter storys. until next time have a great day….

Johnny and Sister Wolf


Johnny’s encounter

Priscilla wolf my trip to Tennessee. part one….‏

Arrived in Nashville Tennessee June 6th, Brent and Joan Raynes were there to meet me. We went to the Museum in Nashville,The Parthenon, Greek parthenon what was amazing a week before or so, I send Brent a Email of my Dream- travel in a craft to a place that was so beautiful. When we got there and entered it was like my dream- part of it- I had been there Soul traveled- in My dream Craft that looked like a UFO. After that we went to visit Sandy Nicolas, a UFO contactee. who has written a book, we ate at his home, beautiful Mansion. I was very tired as we headed home to his home town.

rested and the week was full of events, gatherings and outings. Most interesting visit was to meet Yuchi Tom Hendrix and his wall. Tom built a rock wall that has taken him over 30 years to built in memory of his Indian great-great (Te-Lah-nay) grandmother. his book “If the Legends Fade” he also has a DVD, we took pictures and we walked the Rock path . What was amazing the place there has a circle place of power, like a horse shoe. Its the woman’s womb.

I walked in it, no picture can be taken of it, respect, I felt such a powerful force- pulling me down. Without knowing the story behind it. I heard Tom’s story and asked him why I felt this force? what was amazing also he has a gift altar -I didn’t have gift to give so I gave a Apache tear drop- black rock from my medicine bag, after our walk we once again talked to Brother Tom. and he showed us the rock his Grandmother had on her walk home form Oklahoma Indian nation to Alabama. five year walk home. The black rock he showed me- was just like the black rock- I put at his altar. coincidence or not?

We took pictures of us togather. So he can show of all Indian people that go there from New Mexico and Arizona and other places to visit this sacred place. it was a special place I will never forget. We visit Indain Mounds, never seen one before. The Tennessee Health Spa, for the wealthy was amazing beautiful visited the Nature bridge, and prayed while I was there it was used my the natives at one time as a sacred place for prayer . I took many pictures remined me of the Apache story the Alge people who came with fear.

Monday June 8th 09 at 6 am I woke up to see a beautiful white butterfly in my bedroom flying real close to me. A thank you from the spiritual world. also a ghost of a woman or spirit by the door.

I did my first event on Wed- June 10th at the Tennessee health spa. I heard a frog singing its song on the river next to the place- I did my talk and storytelling. That night, I dreamed that old frog singing to me in a man’s voice.” Aren’t you happy life is for the living! and the living just ain’t right” what a beautiful dream. second part next

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