The Al Bielek Meeting and the Jump Room– Is it all True Series #270

About 5 years ago, I was sitting in the living room across from a guy named Al Bielek. Yes, the Al Bielek, the guy they call the “walking encyclopedia”. And he was that. Al and his stepbrother, Duncan Cameron, were part of the Philadelphia Experiment and the even stranger reality called the Montauk Project. Al would answer any question under the sun and stars, including but limited to, is there or was there life on Mars. Well that question, which I did ask, started us on the journey through and around the world of Jump Rooms.

At that point I had never heard of Jump Rooms, thought it was just crazy talk. But Al was very convincing that the US Military had obtained the technology from off of a crashed alien ship. Our government had reversed engineered the room; it was a room that looked more like an elevator. And like an elevator it took you from point A to point B, but A to B was across million of miles in the matter of minutes. He explained the probes we sent in the past to Mars were sent just to set up a Jump Room on Mars as you need one on both ends of the transport. The US had been working on the project for over 70 years, since any reverse engineering project is a slow tedious process. Also rumored is that some of the original work was done with the help of the Nazis who would come ashore from their subs at Montauk Point and enter Camp Hero.

Camp hero also housed the famous time machine that Al Bielek’s stepbrother Duncan would travel in, so the story goes. One of the most amazing things Al said about the Jump Rooms was that human mind- consciousness ended up being the power behind the Jump Rooms, and the structures called Jump Rooms were places to sort of mediate your way through space. Al also said something like Jump Rooms were targeting locations to send and receive the conscious impulse. Wow—crazy talk (?)

Sleep Tight, your mind will and can transport you; it is a powerful vehicle.

William Lyne between the Alien UFOs and the UFOs from the Pentagon- Is it all True Series #201

At September’s NM UFO /Paranormal Forum, their special guest was William Lyne. William was born in Big Spring, Texas. He has had a Top Secret Clearance in the Air Force Intelligence and in 1975 Lyne rejected a high-powered job with the CIA that was offered to him by Papa Bush. William rejected the offer because he believed the National Security Act of 1947 was an illegal act against America’s sovereignty and human liberty. William has stated flying saucers are man’s greatest invention and should be used and enjoyed by all. Lyne is convinced the many Americans are under a government mind- control program. The rejection of the CIA job and William’s other beliefs left him in a bad place for 18 years, as our Black Ops government made his life very miserable.

William wrote several books two of them were “Space Aliens from the Pentagon” and “Pentagon Aliens.” William Lyne believes all UFO’s are from a manmade origin, total human technology .Of course in the UFO community this would be severely challenged. Lyne said the Nazis, possible as early as the 1920’s, started the ball rolling on disc ships. By the end of the war they had a pretty good working model, but it came too late to affect the outcome of World War II. After the war many of the German scientists were shipped to the US and there they continued to refine their UFO/Disc ships program. Warner Von Braun the “Rocket Nazi” was the leader in the movement in the USA.

William feels the crash in Roswell was an accident during the test phase of a new disc.
Now I believe it’s a little different. I do believe that the Nazis built flying discs with Nazi saucer technology. William also states that Testa Technology was used to develop the ships. And here I agree that Testa was far more advanced and he was a man who I believe may have downloaded some of his most profound information, probably from another realm. And note Testa talked to pigeons.

I believe there is enough room in this world of Ufology for both William Lyne’s viewpoint blended together with UFO Community’s beliefs to form a strong basis that UFOs truly exist.

Sleep Tight, if you see an UFO you have a 50% chance its human and 50% chance its not. And I don’t know which one I am more concerned about.