Proof of God?—- You Have It Inside You!- By William Pillow

Maybe God does not want you to know the secrets of the “spirit world.” Have you considered that? Then you would know more than souls do! So what is a “soul”? They are what prove that God is real! Of course, you may have heard them mentioned in hymns or scripture readings. But neither you nor anyone else knows anything more about souls today.

Two thousand years ago, Greek philosophers like Plato and Socrates discussed and wrote about souls. Early church fathers taught about them. But the emerging Roman Catholic Church threatened teachers to stop them from “such heresy.” Maybe that is why you never read or hear about souls except in hymns and scriptures.
Today, however, you have read and heard about strange happenings called near-death experiences. Some people who survive sudden cardiac arrest claim they watched doctors resuscitate them from the ceiling above. Some even tell about “visiting Heaven.” Moreover, a few of you have had a feeling of dread that your loved one or close friend had a bad accident or even died. Once you learned the facts, you found that the accident or death occurred at the exact day and time you had that weird feeling. Also, specially trained psychologists now detect and treat emotionally traumatic memories in recently born infants. These are from negative experiences the fetus had in the womb. But how could such memories be formed with immature brains?
These three happenings—and many others—are called “behavioral phenomena.” “Phenomena” are defined as “facts or situations that are observed to exist or happen, especially ones whose cause or explanation is in question.” Sound familiar? You probably have read or heard about many such “phenomena” or, as they are now called, “behavioral phenomena.”
Maybe you also remember that scientists still can’t explain our “waking” consciousness”. It obviously exists but apparently not from our brains! Actually, the psychologists who work with infants’ traumatic memories from before birth now know that such memories are neither “conscious” nor from their brains. The best report of this is found in psychoanalyst David Chamberlain’s influential book Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby From Conception to Birth. Researchers in this field have applied different terms to the womb source of these memories, including “fetal consciousness” and “transcendent source of consciousness” (TSC). The psychologist using TSC has a revealing disclaimer as a footnote in her book: “The term ‘soul’ is not used because it is not sufficiently academic.” Chamberlain explained why the term “soul” or “soul consciousness” seems a better choice.
Another discipline supports this. Critical care and resuscitation specialist Sam Parnia’s 2013 book Erasing Death: The Science That is Rewriting the Boundaries Between Life and Death is a ground-breaking progress report on improving the outcome of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for cardiac arrest and strengthening the chances of patient recovery.

Parnia’s book claims, “If the mind—consciousness (or soul)—can continue to exist and function when the brain does not function after death, then it raises the possibility that it may be a separate undiscovered scientific entity that is not produced through the brain’s usual electrical and chemical processes. Since 2000, some researchers, including me, have started to focus more on the cognitive experiences that people have during a cardiac arrest and hence death. This is no longer ambiguous and vague. Today it is becoming much more difficult to define or understand death without considering a person’s consciousness or soul.”
So Parnia asks, “Does consciousness, the self, or the soul become lost, in the true sense of the word, immediately after death? The answer,” he says, “ that is coming out more and more seems to suggest that it doesn’t. Consciousness or the soul, while down and thus invisible to the outside world, is not lost forever as an entity.”
God-given souls join each of us in the womb, unite with our “waking consciousness,” and survive our mortal death to return to Heaven. They subsequently may reincarnate with a new human body, as was a common belief in Jesus’ time—before the Roman Catholic Church suppressed its teaching.

My most recent book is “The Real You Is Immortal: Whether You Like It or Not!” WFP/Indiana

William Pillow

Noory Speaks — William Henry – StarWalkers VIII.

Door/Passage/Portal – Afterlife is discussed– interesting caller – her dead husband appears to her — Young and handsome. Work at the dream- level with the dead. How can we get thru the portal at death ? Mediate — saying YES, LOVE, and VICTORY — Love is a power frequency — the Galaxie center to focus on.

Mistake or Menacing Maneuver?–Is it all True Series #75

Word on the street is that one of America’s premier pharmaceutical companies recently made a terrible and very frightening mistake by mixing common human seasonal viruses and the all-too-famous H5N1 virus, also known as the avian flu virus. This is the kind of virus that the world has been dreading for years; the virus that could kill us all, but seems to have issues similar to Ebola. Like Ebola, H5N1 has not developed a successful vector that would enable it to spread rapidly. It is super deadly but has a slow and ineffective transmission; humans can literally walk away from it.

And thanks to a few ferrets that gave their lives so us humans could live. The lab techs thought they were injecting the ferrets with common human virus, but the ferrets quickly died and the screw-up was discovered. The bird virus was alive and very deadly. Normally with few exceptions viruses in vaccines are dead; our bodies build up immunity to the dead viral genetic material. Question: where was this company’s bio-security department? This should never have happened.

So if this co-mingled mixture was released to the public in the form of next year’s flu shot, as they say “Katy, bar the door”. This hybrid mixture would have created the perfect deadly storm. This mixing process could have lead to a process called reassortment which then could have created a world pandemic of biblical portions. The pharmaceutical company stated the cause was human error only. Since this incident happened across different countries borders it is hard to put all the pieces together.

If for some reason a group of human or non-human beings wanted to thin the human herd here on earth, this would be the way, to build a stronger race, and eliminate the weak. Also viruses can carry junk DNA to manipulate the survivors of the pandemic.

This could and would create a brand new world on earth, good or bad- I know not.
So at least for now, let us all thank our little friends the ferrets for their personal sacrifice.
And save the status quo.

And always sleep tight, and dream far, life is quite short here on this earth.



May Death not become you – trust not the Pharma

Sister Wolf not feeling well – in prayer

hello well I ended in the hospital yesterday (03/05/09) after my heart Doctor check up…. not getting enough oxygen in my brain and heart… I go back in the 11 of March, head aches getting worse. I will be put on oxygen to help me out, well folks those of you that know me I exercise a lot, but I feel so tired all the time. I’m very active keep me in prayer, only a miracle will help me pass this time, but I have been living on miracles me and the heart Doctor talked about my two death experience and how they brought me back to life, how it makes a person nervous, and how the Spirit carry’s your body after that…because it was gods will you had to die but medical ways bring you back to life. I’m tired only lord knows. but I will keep going no matter what. until the day. all of you have played a role in my life and brought great happiness to me, all I can say I lived my dreams kept my promises and I have been human and spiritual..I have shared what little I have and gave all the love I was send here to share, I have done a few Cancer fund raisers to help out a little, I seen the joy on those faces I helped. there’s plans in the near future to do one more to help me with bills, first time- I will ask for help, but I’m not the type to have asked for much in my life and only god knows its been a rough road from the beginning to my end. Grandfather use to have a saying, we all are born with a ( hard ships) if not in the beginning then it will come in the end.) we never leave this world without it.. its the first time any Doctor cried for me, I have shared my gifts of my Apache ways…with him -and told him there’s more to life then we see, and its so beautiful! with you all- I have had that special moment god gave us. was it your sharing, your music, your books, your smile, laughter, a dinner, a gift, a hug, a prayer, you all treated me right that moment. many of you are very well known, once my Apache Grandmother told me Little Butterfly –Polomita you have so many dreams for a little poor Indian girl- how will you shine as a star with the well known, I use to say because God has promised me a star in the heaven sky. I came to make a difference.and I knew with my gift I could create… thought form,,,, I will be in and out of hospital and get more Doctor care. my heart Dr knows I have the right to die will, but he said he will try his best to help me around a little bit longer.. just letting you know my health has taken a dive down. but you know Iam happy and loved and I have some great Angels looking after me. This past year I lost many well loved friends and they didn’t even let me know they were sick, I promised my self that I would be different because I had to say thank you…. love you all pray for me. more as my health approves or ends. I will be in Dulce, NM UFO event with Norio and others, and I will be selling my books, art and jewelry and other donated items. check it out March 28-29 09

Whitley Speaks — Electro-Smog, a Mind Control part 2.

The new phone technology , and the new Bio-physics is coming on the scene . Electric- magnetic effects on our body– public health is going down ,down. Ridding the environment of electro-smog is hard very hard. Worry/Stress+ Chemicals+Electro-smog = Bad News for Bio-life.
Whitley as a little boy was exposed to abusive testing between 4 thru 7 years old.– nearly died from stress.

Abductions and DMT – all a state of mind? Is it all True Series #47

I have been researching the abduction phenomena for about 40 years now and have interviewed well over a thousand abductees. There have been many threads and patterns connecting groups of abductees together. The individuals in the common groups have no common knowledge of each other. In the case of families some of them didn’t know that others in their family have had similar experiences. I am constantly looking for these connections, the key to understanding the phenomena.

I consider myself to be a very open–minded individual, which is quite necessary in this endeavor or you will collapse under the weight of the strangeness. Then came a book called DMT: The Spirit Molecule, by Rick Strassman.

DMT or Dimethlytryptamine is a very potent psychedelic drug found in many plants and in small amounts in the human body although its natural function in humans is presently unknown. DMT-containing plants are used by South American Shamans in a drink called ayahuasca and is used in ritual ceremonies. DMT experiences can include time dilation, visual and auditory illusions and other mind-defying experiences. Also erotic imagery and sexual content can also be present.

Rick Strassman (a psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico) conducted a study in the early 90’s where volunteers were injected with high doses of DMT. They experienced or perceived they experienced being with alien entities, in an otherworldly setting. Also the levels of DMT in the brain seem to promote the visual effects of natural dreaming, maybe near-death experiences, and out of body experiences.

Some, but not all, of Strassman’s subjects had a contact with an Insectoid or Reptilian being during their DMT trip. This aspect of the trip proved to be quite traumatic at times with a wide range of emotions and feelings, such as being probed, tested, manipulated, loved and even raped.

The above experiences are some of the main elements of the typical abduction scenario. Strassman speculates that DMT is produced through and maybe stored in the pineal gland. Could groups of humans have a greater ability/ trait to produce this substance and therefore create abduction experiences, opening a gateway to another world, where these other beings wait for us to visit. Or do they (our visitors) stimulate our pineal glands to cross the veil into their world.

I believe the earliest Egyptians priests may have known the power of DMT and the pineal gland for they were known to smash the skulls of slaves and extract live / fresh pineal glands for immediate consumption so they could visit their Gods.

So is this a connection?

Food for thought, as they say.



A drink– into another World.

Out of body( ND) with a Light Entity —Is it all True Series #26

During my many years as a manager, I had to put up with encounters with various vendors trying to sell my company something. Occasionally a few would bring an interesting story or two (also check out my posting “Lady In Black” Dec. 7th, 2007). So one day Peter shows up, a salesman from a large trucking company. Despite the fact that this was our first time meeting and he was supposed to be there on business, Peter immediately starts talking about some of his personal experiences, so there were strange vibes in the air. Peter starts by telling me he had two near-death experiences, both in the hospital. Also Peter at this time told me he had been diagnosed with leukemia and at times had been extremely ill.

Now, his first out-of body (ND) experience happened after exploratory surgery to find the cause of terrible prolonged stomach pain. As he laid on the table in the OR, he noticed people were cutting on his stomach and he was awake and told me, “it was an odd scene”, then suddenly he rose into the air, leaving a duplicate body on the table as the hospital staff continued to work on him. As he continued to rise, has whole body turned toward the ceiling and this intense light figure appeared. It looked like a spiral column of light with two slits of brighter light towards the top of the column (maybe eyes)?

Peter called this thing his light entity (LtE). This entity telepathically asked Peter if given a choice, does he choose to stay here or move on to the beyond. Even though LtE’s presence felt wonderful and had a very calming effect, Peter decided to stay on happy earth. So back into his body and good to go, he recovered nicely. About three years later, Peter was back in the hospital with complications from the leukemia, blood clots around the heart. So again he has a near-death experience, this time the LtE welcomed him to the place “beyond”, but Peter said “please no not now, I have a small child and my wife is pregnant, please a little more time”. LtE said, “This could be your last opportunity so make the best of it.” (I guess you can do a little negotiating). So again he gets through the surgery and returns to his family. But from that day on he longed to go to the beyond. His leukemia went into total remission, to the doctors’ surprise. Sidebar: Peter’s brother (a MD) worked for the CIA in Frederick, MD at Fort Detrick Cancer Research Center (which may or may not have a meaning here) .Peter would also periodically see a small light ball floating in his house, and it was calming and peaceful.

The last thing the Light Entity told Peter was that Truth is the most important concept in the Universe, hence this website



Fly Body – FLY.