Paranormal Awareness

Sometimes I listen to paranormal shows and I often wonder what their impact on people is. What are the do’s and don’ts of living in a haunted house? What are the signs that there is a problem and when should a person get professional help? It’s not easy living in a haunted home or for that matter experiencing the paranormal on a daily basis. It usually happens when we least expect it which in a warped way, is the paranormal’s way of showing us; it has a dark sense of humor.

When I was in my early teens, I realized that there were some things I had to learn to do to survive even the slightest hint of anything paranormal. I didn’t have any tools so I did what I could to feel safe. I realized even back then that there were people like me who were experiencing the paranormal but that there wasn’t a specific rule of thumb to go by. Maybe it’s time I wrote about my version of this rule of thumb so to speak and how it helped me get through some dark and tough times. This is obviously based on my experiences so I hope in some manner, large or small the advice I give will help those in search for answers.

Closets                                                              From childhood on up to this very day, closets still scare the bejeezus out of me. If a child or young adult tells their parents there is a problem in the closet, in most cases, they won’t be believed. This happened to me and it was really more about my parents didn’t want to deal with something that could possibly be a problem. The door would be shut and if it opened, there was a rational explanation. A closed door that doesn’t usually open on its own isn’t normal. Sounds from a closet are not normal. Things being messed with in a closet isn’t normal. Something coming out of a closet definitely isn’t normal. If any of these things I spoke of are part of a conversation you have with your kids or family members, there’s a problem. The real question is, why would a parent discount what a scared child or young adult tells them?

I believed my daughter when she told me something was in her closet watching her and what was worse, she then proceeded to tell me a voice told her to go to the closet. When she told me this, I immediately knew something was up. I mean, that is not a regular conversation I would usually have with my four years old. First and foremost, believe what your kids and family members are telling you. Secondly, it’s important to go and open the door, look around in the closet and state you are aware it’s there. Claim the closet as part of your house and smudge the inside of it with sage. I would also light either, frankincense and myrrh or dragonsblood incense in the bedroom. I would call my daughters guardian angels into the room and ask them to watch over her. I would also place a piece of tiger eye or serenite in the closet. I also do this for myself.

Antiques                                                                                                                                                                                   I’m a sucker for antiques and in some ways, they can be my downfall. There are two things you can do if you want to bring a piece of the past home with you, first, ask the history of the piece, where it came from and who owned it before it came up for sale. Secondly, ask the salesperson if anything strange has happened around it. If you get bad vibes meaning heart racing, headache, stomach tightening or goose-bumps from being around the piece, that’s usually a sign you should not buy it. Remember if something is attached to a piece of furniture, art or lamp, you will feel it. It’s harder for the darkness to hide when the room temperature changes. Beware of cold spots.

Haunted Rooms                                                        In a prior post I wrote about a house I lived in, in my early twenties. The room was one of the most haunted spaces I even to this day have come across. Usually haunted rooms or locations occur when a death, natural or unnatural has occurred. This means that perhaps violence and or negative emotions were absorbed into that room. Sometimes spirits like to occupy a space even if they did not live or experience anything there, it just depends on the circumstances. For example, a little boy spirit would peer in my daughter’s room from an outside window when she was young. He didn’t have anything to do with the house but was more attracted to her and her playing in her room. He wanted her to invite him in; I made it clear there would be no uninvited spirit playmates in the house.

Clearing a haunted room isn’t that easy. As a homeowner, it’s important to state it’s your house and that includes those spaces that are apart of your house that is compromised. I have always had an altar in my bedroom anywhere I’ve lived. It’s the one thing that I think people should do in their homes. Once I get my altar set up, I then make it clear that my guardian angels and spirit guides are invited in besides friendly contacts but all others with negative intentions, have to leave. If they don’t like it, I ask my guardian angels to take care of it. The important thing here is to know without a shadow of a doubt that your guardian angels will take care of it. If you doubt this, you take away their ability to get rid of unwanted spirits and you actually empower the unwanted spirit with the fear of uncertainty. Your convictions as a live human and your beliefs are put to the test when you have to get rid of unwanted spirits. They have to know that you have dominion in this reality. If they are mean, it may take some time but when I’ve had my fill of activity, I’m steadfast and stick to my guns in order to get them out.

Attachments                                                                                                                                                                           Spirits have their own agendas and sometimes figuring out what their agendas are can be like going down a rabbit hole. It’s important to look at yourself as a whole individual with a protective bubble around you. The one-way spirits can attach themselves to people is when they are depressed and unprotected. Think of all the people who take medication for depression, it’s a real problem and a part of this problem is dark energy taking advantage of the low points in people’s emotional lives.

Here’s something that might help, first off, it’s important to have daily goals even habitual routines that are reminders to keep our shields of protection up. All this shield is, is asking your spirit guides or guardian angels or whoever to protect you. Imagine wings around you all day or a wonderful array of lights engulfing you. However, you can imagine your shield around you because it is the most important part of keeping the darkness at bay. Imagining it, feeling it and relaxing in its protection is what makes it real. It’s a daily ritual of asking that reminds us that at certain times within a day, we can become vulnerable. This is when we need help the most.

Dark Shadows                                                                                                                                                                   Every so often in the various houses I’ve lived in, I have seen dark shadows. I don’t always see them as something apart of the house because I have seen them outside as well. I think they are beings from other dimensions who are fascinated with our energy. I think our vibrations of emotional highs and lows attract the attention of these creatures. Whatever appearance you see them it doesn’t really matter because they all seem to show themselves in whatever image gets the worst scare out of you. I’ve seen black blobs, shadows of men in military uniforms, tall and short figures of people and the list goes on. Whenever I see them, I say out loud, “I see you!” This has always worked in making them leave because for some reason they don’t like for the people to know they are watching them. I can’t say in all cases that if you let them know you see them that they will leave but at least it puts you on an even keel with whatever is looking at you. Awareness is key here.

Paralysis                                                                                                                                                                                This is a weird one here because I have woken up on my stomach totally paralyzed except for my eyes looking around. I have had a strange dark figure try to pull me off the bed a few times with me paralyzed except for my eyes and a difficult time speaking or should I say screaming! If I focus on my vocal cords and really try to get them to work, I usually can make a sound squeak out and then I can get it louder from there. I think on this one if you can stay focused on your body and not what’s going on around you it helps. It’s important to try to get your mind over matter and focus on what works so that you can go to that inner place within you that is your source of power. This is what I call the sanctuary of the soul where God presides. In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than this place within a person and if we can learn to focus on it, we usually can free ourselves. I know I did it in Egypt when I woke up paralyzed. The Medicine men and women I studied with showed me how to focus during times of distress.

You have to calm down your breathing, almost feeling your heartbeat, feeling it within your chest beating in a more relaxed manner. Secondly know that you are working from your mind and that what the mind tells the body to do, it does. Its part of the reality of this dimension, our mind is the pilot of our body. Focus on your inner sanctuary where your essence is most comfortable and at home. Between the two, mind and essence, focus on easing yourself from the confines of the paralysis. As it was told to me, all humans need to get used to going within themselves instead of focusing outside themselves. By going within, we make it harder for paralysis and mind control to happen. There’s a vast Universe within us that we never venture into, maybe it’s time you did.

Hope these examples help you. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of things for 50 years. Not much surprises me but there are those exceptions. I’ll talk about those in my next post.

e it harder for paralysis and mind control to happen. There’s a vast Universe within us that we never venture into, maybe it’s time you did.

Hope these examples help you. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of things for 50 years. Not much surprises me but there are those exceptions. I’ll talk about those in my next post.


The New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum has a Sharing Session- Is it all True Series #173

The February Meeting of one of New Mexico’s favorite UFO/ Paranormal groups used their meeting time to share valuable information about all things cosmic. The talented group from all parts of the country brought their very interesting diversity to the meeting.

So briefly, one newcomer talked about two powerful UFO sightings in Northern New Mexico, one an extremely bright light and the other which looked like a florescent propane tank. Another man who was a city planner for a large community started getting channeled information from several dimensional groups and his life was changed forever. He was told first to move to Canada and then to Albuquerque, and he is waiting there for further instructions.

Then there was the military meteorologist who had extensive conversations with physicists from the Rand Corp. about the existence of UFOs. And as weather spotter he had seen many UFOs and anomalies on the weather radar. There was the woman who did vortex photography and photographed 30+ UFOs in the sky over the Sandia Mountains, ships that were exactly the same as the now famous ones over New York City seen late last year.

Another lady talked about the many vortexes on the Belen Mesa and how through them and recent powerful solar flares changes are happening at all levels of this dimension. One of the senior members of the group talked about two UFO Hot Spots he had visited – Puerto Rico and Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and the strange anomalies he had witnessed.

Another participant talked about her running away from home at 2 years old and being found down the street playing in a garden. And she said there was a strange cosmic feeling to the whole event. And finally there was discussion about an excellent new book by a member of the group called “Reflections of a UFO Investigator.” A 622 page book covering a lifetime of tight investigative work on UFOs, strange beings, abductions, the cover-up conspiracy and much more.

Sleep Tight – If you like it or not change is coming, so be fearless and embrace it, but always, always listen to your heart-mind.


The World of Vortexes—Everglades USA, Is it all True Series #135

I traveled to South Florida a few weeks ago for a good time birthday with my family. I also had some time to explore the outer-edges of the Everglades known for their strange wildlife, strange humans and even stranger vortex creatures. Before I left for this adventure I had my good friend and colleague Kewaunee dowse a map of an area west of Ft. Lauderdale, an area known as the gateway to the Glades.

On the map he located a vortex/portal area where at the time of dowsing he sensed two Bigfoot hanging out in the portal. But Mr. K clearly stated that the two BF scenario was at the time of the drowsing and that could always change in ten minutes. It took about one hour to locate the vortex; unfortunately it was in the middle of a very swampy, alligator-infested area. Hoping to get back home in one piece, I decided to shoot photos in the vortex perimeter area, which still looked quite promising. This area had dense vegetation growth with some openings that these portal beings like to hide it. As in many other vortex photos these beings love to peer around objects, bushes, trees, and rocks. They are a curious lot. Many of them are smiling and giving off a pleasant non-threatening vibe.

I probably took about 300 photos and got 5 very interesting ones. I have numbered them
1 through 5 on the posting with a brief description of each.

No.1 small skull with big eyeholes, probably nothing unusual but it was surrounded by strange white/tan stuff I had never seen before.

No.2 head shot of a blue/green reptile being– I guess sort of smiling

No.3 in the center of photo a dark head of an unknown creature

No.4 very small heads of gray types, or as I call them mini-ostrich heads.

No.5 in the center a typical gray type – big eyes – head shot.

A comment- in photos 2 through 5 if you are able to put the shot into a photo-software, and than lighten them up, they are easier to see. The original photos on the camera are clearer and easy to make out.

Remember our human eye can only see a fraction of the visible wavelengths in our universe and the digital camera seems to do better. I have photographed some amazing stuff in and around portal/vortexes in the past. I would have never thought it was possible. It is amazing what an open mind can produce.

Sleep tight, tomorrow the portals will be awaiting your arrival.


Our First Small Step Towards Contact–Is it all True Series #94

Well, on the 11th of July a party of three went on a road/ hiking trip about 35 miles from Albuquerque. Their mission was to start the relationship building process with the inter-dimensional being called Sasquatch.

After the 45-minute road trip the fun started—we hiked into a mountainous area, which tested both our physical and mental abilities. We all discovered how out of shape we really were. Using the dowsed map of the area provided by my buddy Kewaunee, we located an area between a known Sasquatch hot spot and a vortex area. This particular area was on the side a forested hill with a fortress-looking rock formation.

Next we each meditated at different time frames. Our separate meditations were done so as to not confuse the cosmic airwaves. My personal meditation was very peaceful, but nothing eventful. The other male in the party had a similar, pleasant experience but no contact. Now our female team member had a vision of a craft and some beings including two Sasquatch. She claims to have never seen anything look like this in any of her past meditations, so maybe this was our small step.

Next we needed to find secure places for our offerings to the Sasquatch. Our offerings consisted of organic apples, chocolate, fresh garden rosemary and garlic. We put the apples and the chocolate on a high rock shelf on a wooden bark plate. The rosemary was placed on a lower rock shelf and the garlic was hung in the branches of an old dead tree in the fortress area, sort of like a Christmas tree effect.

As we were talking in the fortress area I happened to look up and witnessed a huge flying creature of sorts gliding overhead, it was quick and I was the only person to see it. The thick forest canopy limited the time of the sighting.

This was an extremely beautiful area. It looked and felt enchanted, where anything could happen and probably has. I took about 75 random forest pictures; most looked normal but there were a few (possible vortex hits) which catch some strange images. I will share a few in the coming weeks. Please let me know (with a comment) if you see something unusual. I also got this great Hummingbird shot- see below.

In a few weeks we will go back to the enchanted forest and see if our offerings were accepted. And maybe our small step will lead to greater things.

Sleep tight, your dreams won’t bite.



The Hummer

Noory Speaks — William Henry – StarWalkers IV.

We start with suffering and misery. The individual quest for enlightenment. Bio- dimensional world, is the major search for our Bio-spiritual DNA. The transformation to our light body. Second coming to the end times. Could the rapture equal Star-walkers. Tap into the energy portals, light, tone,awakening of the heart.Portals connections to other beings and places. God is a weaver. Contact movie – Carl Sagan references to the Bible .

Sasquatch Encounter Is the time now? Is it all True Series #84

By the time you read this, I will be deep in the woods of Washington State hoping for an eyeball-to-eyeball smile with a Sasquatch person. I have gone on several wonderful mini- expeditions in search of the multi-dimensional being . the lovable Bigfoot. My partner (in crime) on these trips is the quite famous (and infamous) Kewaunee Lapersitis. See two past postings, one on March 17, 2007 and another July 12, 2008 to get further background on these adventures. I am also going to be ready for a nature close encounter like the one I had with Mr. Kewaunee as we hiked up Mt. Rainier and a large bird landed on Mr. Ks arm, and they communicated with each other (see posting dated May 12, 2007). One of my strangest wishes would be to see the Fairy Swarm, which I am told exists in the area we are going to visit; see posting dated September 13th 2008.

What are the other amazing possibilities for this trip? Maybe we will see UFOs and vortexes holding thousands, possibly millions, of strange time events and many interesting multi-dimensional beings, a place where they come and go. These portals are points on earth that lie in an interior area surrounded by high and low levels of electromagnetic activity. Whatever is to come on this trip, I will leave with profound memories, as I always do. Kewaunee will dowse these locations, and if the past is any indication of the future, this could truly be amazing.

I will be posting the details of my trip in the coming weeks.

Sleep tight, dream long enjoy life- explore the edges.



The Dulce Conference- after-thought and future impact–Is it all True Series #78

I attended this (possibly) once in a lifetime conference of strange happenings in the sleepy little town of Dulce, New Mexico. At first we had to turn people away as the crowd swelled to over 100 +. The Best Western management started to freak out as the bar/lounge started to explode with excitement and a little anger, as the crowd exceeded room capacity. Finally the former public safety director and speaker Holt Verde helped the conference find a more suitable venue next door at the new grocery store. So we stopped the event and physically moved everything across the street. Now in a more comfortable setting, the event continued. Speaker after speaker, some of whom were Jicarilla Apaches, told amazing stories of strange events in the area over the last 50 years and kept the audience in a deep state of attention.

Before the event started we all had a wake-up call at about 6:00 am in the morning as three or four large unidentified helicopters buzzed the town and scared the residents. The guests in town didn’t think much of it and thought it was maybe a normal event. But after we got up and heard the townspeople complain and talk about the noisy encounter, we knew this was not normal. Maybe someone was being warned. Could this have been official army or a paramilitary group, telling the town’s residents to keep quiet and not attend the conference? The residents were visibly shaken, but they still came with their stories of abductions, Bigfoot, UFOs, little people and their infamous underground base. They even poked a little fun at Norio, the conference’s organizer, telling us that during Norio’s visit 19 years ago, they planted disinformation as a trickster would. We all laughed, even Norio.

In the next few weeks I will take each speaker and condense and present to you the guts of this profound event that I was honored to attend. Side note: the conference made the front page of the Albuquerque Journal.

Sleep tight and dream long.


P.S. Dulce is a beautiful physical (and metaphysical) place, with wonderful caring people.

Norio - concerned look - as the crowd is restless

Norio- Concerned look as the crowd becomes restless.

Priscilla Garduno Wolf—-Spanish & Apache– 2/10/09

I’m a self- professed storyteller, in Spanish and English- Artist and A-author. I also work with energy healing’s.
I was raised with my Apache Grandmother and Spanish grandfather who was from Spain. We lived in Southern Colorado. My family came from Northern New Mexico.
both grandparents were healers- also on my side of my father, the Garduno’s; they were well known at their time on earth as healers and people with mystic powers. So much of my gifts are inherited. I grew up where all was normal and we live in two worlds. Whichever one is real to you is where you live at.
I learned to heal myself and to learn English by lip reading, thought form, soul travel, live in two worlds & walk in two worlds. Dream visions, Lucid dreaming- I remember my past to age 10 months old— at four years old, my life changed- it was my first sighting of a UFO it was 1948- in the day. In San Luis Valley, Colorado at my grandparents farm. I had been playing with my dolls when I noticed from my bedroom window- a object over our field in the air. ( No sound) And a little gray man with a rod checking the ground. The outfit looked astronaut like and the rod -Egyptian like. He turned around and faced me ( about half block away) East toward the ( Pinon Hills)
and he lifted the rod toward me and a flash of light went straight to my head, scaring me, and it vanished, into the space craft. I remember running toward the kitchen to where my family was at. and screamed I had seen the devil, being raised Catholic all unknown to me was evil. Grandmother said I had seen a star person and he had blessed me. ( a Thunder Being)…. My grandfather came in and heard me talking all upset he took me by the hand toward the field where he had seen it to, and there was a round burned area for many years nothing ever grew there nor would our horses or sheep go close to that area. Grandfather explained it was the Thunder beings, or the Star people, that had been around for thousands of years. a few days later I was able to see the dead and speak to them.

To Be Or Not To Be a Conspiracy? By Mary Muñoz © February 8, 2009

Over the months I have written various situations that family, friends, or even I have experienced. I have always slid through the subject of conspiracy theories and the idea of a dark side working against us. I have played on my situation not telling all; leaving just enough out to make one wonder. I do that for a reason.
Imagine being part of, yet separate from, something so out of this world that to share it could bring great pain and destruction upon ones soul or a soul of one you love. Fear is something that can bind one to eternal torment on this plane of existence. Leaving them to always wonder why it has to be as it is?
I once saw a psychic that told me, “Why do you keep saying here we go again?” I was amazed at the response I had received, because those were the exact words that I had been stating for months, if not years. I would try to exclude myself from the phenomena, but no matter how hard I tried it would come back to me face to face. And in the same breath I wanted to share what was happening, but the warnings were quite clear. “Don’t do it!”
I have friends who have shared their point in case with the phenomena and each one has had a significant loss due to their participation. And that loss hasn’t always been upon them, but upon the ones they love. So with that, “Do I believe there is a conspiracy out there?” I believe that there is so much more than we can begin to understand. The more we see the more complex it gets. I am not out trying to solve the question of the century, “Do UFO’s and ET’s exist?” No I am trying to understand why they exist in my reality. Is it a genetic link? Is it even more complex? Or was it just a fluke of nature?
So if I venture further into my writings I will begin to share a new way of observing something that I don’t fully understand, yet I seem to be a part of on a daily or weekly basis, and depending on the time of the year, because really there is no pattern to this situation, for it comes and goes, like the wind. I will not assume that any have to do with any conspiracy theories or dark force realities, because I think we all know they do at some level. I will just continue to share how I view the things I see, how I am learning to understand that which I don’t know, and the tools I am using to find my answers to my own dilemmas; in a more enlightened way.