To Be Or Not To Be a Conspiracy? By Mary Muñoz © February 8, 2009

Over the months I have written various situations that family, friends, or even I have experienced. I have always slid through the subject of conspiracy theories and the idea of a dark side working against us. I have played on my situation not telling all; leaving just enough out to make one wonder. I do that for a reason.
Imagine being part of, yet separate from, something so out of this world that to share it could bring great pain and destruction upon ones soul or a soul of one you love. Fear is something that can bind one to eternal torment on this plane of existence. Leaving them to always wonder why it has to be as it is?
I once saw a psychic that told me, “Why do you keep saying here we go again?” I was amazed at the response I had received, because those were the exact words that I had been stating for months, if not years. I would try to exclude myself from the phenomena, but no matter how hard I tried it would come back to me face to face. And in the same breath I wanted to share what was happening, but the warnings were quite clear. “Don’t do it!”
I have friends who have shared their point in case with the phenomena and each one has had a significant loss due to their participation. And that loss hasn’t always been upon them, but upon the ones they love. So with that, “Do I believe there is a conspiracy out there?” I believe that there is so much more than we can begin to understand. The more we see the more complex it gets. I am not out trying to solve the question of the century, “Do UFO’s and ET’s exist?” No I am trying to understand why they exist in my reality. Is it a genetic link? Is it even more complex? Or was it just a fluke of nature?
So if I venture further into my writings I will begin to share a new way of observing something that I don’t fully understand, yet I seem to be a part of on a daily or weekly basis, and depending on the time of the year, because really there is no pattern to this situation, for it comes and goes, like the wind. I will not assume that any have to do with any conspiracy theories or dark force realities, because I think we all know they do at some level. I will just continue to share how I view the things I see, how I am learning to understand that which I don’t know, and the tools I am using to find my answers to my own dilemmas; in a more enlightened way.

MJ-7 Stages Another Meeting in Albuquerque- Is it all True Series #67

I got a call from an inside source who was able to infiltrate MJ-7’s January meeting.
This original group of 7 individuals who possess over 200+ years of wisdom in the UFO body of knowledge formed this powerful but thoughtful cabal. This group’s mission is to seek out and hold the truth. They believe truth is a rare commodity in this strange world.
And the only hope for the survival of the human species is finding this truth.

Interesting fact– a funeral director gave the keynote speech, and he talked about the upcoming controversial conference in Dulce, New Mexico at the end of March. This conference may open up the world to the distinct probability that a vast base under the sleepy town of Dulce, NM exists and that the technology at this base is 60+ years advanced. Is this base a center for gene mixing, cloning and using advanced nano-technology on animals, humans and non-human beings? This conference hopes to smoke out the truth about the base.

Several other guests shared their expertise with MJ-7. There was a scientist-type who talked at length about an amazing book by Thomas Horn dealing with the return of the Watchers, Roswell and 2012. He was very convincing, and I believe all persons attending the meeting will be in line at Borders getting the book. Next, there was a medicine woman who talked about her native traditions and UFO’s and Bigfoot. For most Native Americans the UFO/Bigfoot phenomena is just another day, just something a part of their culture. Next the scientist’s wife (who was in the medical field) sincerely talked about her experiences of healing terminally ill patients. She insisted this healing process has been on the increase over the last few years. And then there was the ex-cop sharing his deep knowledge of the cattle mutilation phenomena and his years of investigative reporting on other paranormal events in the four corners area.

MJ-7 continues to attract the best into their network as they collect the puzzle pieces.
Can they put together the puzzle by 2012? MJ-7 is in the hunt.


PS. Enjoy the new day — Jan.20, 2009


The Seven Wise-ones

The Ultimate Experience By Mary Muñoz © November 2, 2008

The greatest remembered experience I would ever have would occur on October 21, 1998. This is when I met for the first time an Extraterrestrial Being and had an actual memory of the encounter. It was also at this time in life when I was beginning to realize that it wasn’t just a fascination in the stars and the universe that encapsulated me, but a direct relationship with someone more evolved. I had always wondered, but could never believe that it could be me; until this day.
I find myself in a room without floors, ceilings, or walls. I am floating in a space of pure white light. And when I state that I am floating I am not floating like say in a scene from, “Mary Poppins”. No this was different. I had or they had control of my movements. I was in a standing position as I glided closer to the one who had taken interest in me.
Within the light, as I glided by, I saw many similar beings that appeared quite human in their build. Some were taller than others, but their appearance was the basically the same. None of them appeared to have any interest in me as I passed by. It was the one that was positioned about twenty-five feet away that did. He looked directly at me and I began to move closer. My eyes were fixed on his.
The beings: they were human in form meaning that they had the basics; two arms, two legs, a torso, neck, head, and a flap, which looked like a head of hair. Now I stated that ‘he’ directed me over. Why I knew it was a ‘he’ I don’t know other than a feeling. There were no physical signs to show any form of gender.
When I was within two or three feet he raised his right arm outward toward me showing the palm of his hand, which told me that he was a friend and not a foe. There was no reason to fear. I grasp onto it as if I was invited to. No words were ever expressed between us. Only expressions of feelings were exhibited within me and I responded to those feelings based on my own beliefs that I carried within.
I now have his hand in mine. It was soft, say as in velour, and the color was unique. He skin tone wasn’t a singular color, but it was an array of greens, yellows, and browns. It worked because the last thing he was not was psychedelic. Everything blended together as though it was meant to be. He was beautiful both inside and out, though I was still confused at his purpose and what this experience was this all about.
I am curious of this individual as I gazed into his eyes, which were shaped more like a human, not the large slanted almond shape that has been represented in the greys. They were smaller and fit his head just right, but they were completely black as one might assume, but they were similar to ours in assessing shape and size to the head itself. And though they were black they expressed love and light; not darkness.
But with my hand in his I peer down to observe; to see, why it was so soft. It appeared that his body was covered with fine hairs, like peach fuzz. Amazed at what I am seeing I was given permission to inspect his arm. He lifts it up slightly while I continue to hold onto his hand allowing me to use my left hand to feel the softness of his skin. It is then I am feeling a curious, joyous laughter within. Like a child watching a fireworks display for the first time; the amazing awe that flowed through my being in the knowledge that I, at this moment, was receiving a privilege, and this was one that only a few might ever know.
But this was only the beginning of my adventure with him. As I glide my left hand up his arm I notice the curve of his shoulder and the length of his neck, neither of which were boney or elongated as in the greys. He had what appeared to be muscular tone to him. I am now touching his face running my finger along the jawbone line. I notice a mouth and what appeared to be an indication of lips similar to us, but not as prominent. He has an indication of a nose, but I didn’t focus on it as much due to something that took my attention away. I move my hand toward the back of his head curious at what looked as if to hair flowing down, but it wasn’t hair. Quickly to the reader; I didn’t notice if he had an ear, because what I now term as, “Flap” caught my full attention.
I am now rubbing my hand up against this piece of flesh that is thick and appeared to consist of what I would relate to as whale blubber; a fatty piece of skin that hung from the top of the head appearing as hair from a distance. I now take my right hand up to my left. My curiosity is elevating. I pick up the flap. It is heavy as I hold it in my hands. I begin to rub around it when it happens. I jump back in fear. For the first time I was in fear, because I did not understand what just happened, as my hands were inspecting this part of his body. But as soon as I jump back in fear calmness flowed through me and I was fine with what I had just felt. He somehow assured me it was okay.
What brought on the fear was when I felt the bottom part of the flap area. There was an opening between the heavy layer of fatty skin. The opening was warm to the touch and yeah, it scared the hell out of me, because I didn’t know what it was. Then I knew, “it was okay to venture into that area.” He gave me permission.
I lift the fingers of my right hand into this slit as my left hand gently holds onto the flap area lifting it slightly. I am now feeling energy pulsate through my entire being. It is then that I feel an empty cavity; where one would think there should be organic material, such as a brain, there is emptiness, but it is not empty by any means. Within the cavity I feel a pulse of extreme energy and then I see it. I see galaxies and worlds. I know with certainty that what I am being shown is the travels of these beings. They are the watchers of the universe. The teachers of old; they are connected to us. They are loving beings who wish no harm upon man and then I find myself sitting in bed. I want to go back, to learn more about my new friends and why they chose me to visit.

The New Sheriffs in Town—Is it all True Series #55

Rumor has it that a new group has formed. The group is calling itself the MJ-7, and it came together about two weeks ago. Its members all reside in New Mexico, the state where the modern of era of UFOs began. (Of course, if he were still alive), Kenneth Arnold may challenge that with his flying saucer sightings in the Washington Cascades in June 1947.)

It is said that the mission of MJ-7 is to seek out the truth and expose disinformation about UFOs and everything that is connected to this phenomena. I personally feel that this strange and powerful subject touches all aspects of our lives. The connection is profound and needs serious investigation, and MJ-7 is up for the challenge. These truth warriors will remain un-named until full disclosure is accomplished.

I did hear that they come from all walks of life, an entrepreneur, a hypnotherapist, a writer, teacher, musician, electrician, artist, funeral director, truck driver and a candlestick maker, (okay, I got a little carried away with the candlestick maker). Their ages range from the late teens to the 60’s. They have a combined 200+ years of amazing experiences in the UFO and related fields. And much of this work was hardcore field research.

They seem to have a bit of the Robin Hood spirit—sort of take back from the global alien handlers and give back the freedoms/information to all man and womankind. Is there a reason why this group has been attracted to each other? Have they met in the past, a past life or maybe even on an alien ship? Maybe they were put together, to pool their energies and knowledge for a higher purpose– Jungian collective consciousness. It is sort of like hooking up a series of computers together to multiply the thinking power.

Lets all wish this new force in the UFO community the very best, for their challenges are huge, but presently our world needs all the hope it can get. I hope to keep up with MJ-7 and report back to you on their adventures and progress.



Seven Wise Owls– to search for the truth

1984 An Alternate Reality Part 5 By Mary Muñoz © October 5, 2008

Several weeks went by before my next sighting of this illusive person. I had all but given up on ever seeing him again. I didn’t even have a plan or an idea on what to do if I did. I quit carrying the camera around with me, because he it appeared that he didn’t want me to get a picture of him. All of which was proven weeks before when I had tried.
Day 3: While I was waiting
My next encounter occurred weeks later while I was sitting in the car waiting for an art class. Since I lived thirty miles from school I would go to one class and then wait for the next. Some of those times I could wait up to a three hours and since I was student I didn’t have too many funds, so I would sit out in the car usually drawing or doing homework. Once in a blue moon I might go to the student’s hall but that only occurred if I had extra cash.
This day I had decided to hang out in the car and draw. I peered up from my drawing and started to stare out into space. What I was thinking about at that moment in time I don’t remember, but I do remember what caught my attention. At some point I noticed a figure about fifty or sixty feet away walking up the sidewalk. At first it didn’t hit me but then I realized it was the stranger. This illusive soul was headed from the Political Science Building to the Art Building, where my next class just happened to be. Uncertain what to do next I flung the door of the car opened and decided to follow on foot. I had to know something substantial about this guy and I was just given the opportunity.
I am now five feet from the bottom steps. He was just past a hands reach. Then it hit me the door was opening, but wait! He wasn’t holding onto it, it was opening all on its own, and he never lifted either arm. He just walked through it and some invisible force was keeping it opened for him. It was unreal! The doors are interesting in that they are huge, made of glass, and steel, so it took a lot of energy to hold them open like they were. “What the hell!” I thought to myself as my pace slowed down. At this point there was a part of me, who just wanted to end the chase and give up, but curiosity again would kill the cat and I had to know who this guy was. With that I picked up my pace again, ran up some steps, opened the door, and jumped into an empty lobby. What made it worse was it was eerily quiet; I was the only one in there. He had just disappeared. I knew things were not right, the lobby was huge, and I wasn’t that far behind. He should have been there.
Then I heard it, the elevator. The doors were closing and it was going somewhere. I ran to see what floor it was on. I watch it pass the second and land on the third. Instantly I bolted to the stairs. There wasn’t enough time to wait for the elevator. It took a few minutes to get to the third floor and I was out of breath when I did. One student, who happened to be in a lab adjacent from the stairs, looked at me as if he was waiting for me to drop right then and there. I get my breath back and begin to walk around the upper floor of the building.
The building was a square within squares. There were classrooms on the outside of it, a hallway that wrapped around it, and then more classrooms in the middle. Some of the rooms were occupied with doors shut while others were occupied with doors opened. The third floor was unique in that the rooms in the center of the building were the art labs for classes like photography. The outside classrooms varied on what their purpose was. Truthfully I had yet to have a class on that floor, so I didn’t really know what was up there.
I was on the east side of the building when I had left the stairs, so I decided it would be best to just walk around the hallway and see if I could locate him in a classroom. Unless he went down another stairwell on the west he should be there. I begin walking toward the north. Several of the rooms were empty, but one on back corner was occupied and the door just happened to be opened. The instructor was talking at that moment to the class. When I came upon it he turned to face the chalk board writing something on it. I slow my pace down observing everyone trying not to stand out, but see if I can find possibly get a glimpse of those attending the class.
Seeing the illusive soul wasn’t hard. He was in the very back corner in plain view of the doorway; almost like he positioned himself there purposely. There was not a single student around him. He was sitting there looking down at the book on his desk. My stomach is turning now. What was I to do? I couldn’t just go in the classroom and ask him whom he was. I might get myself in some serious trouble. Then again I didn’t have the nerves to do that anyway, so it didn’t matter. And why would I if I did? I couldn’t even talk to him on the stairwell and that would have been the perfect opportunity. There was always the possibility to hang out for an hour and see if I could follow him again, but that would be considered stalking…and yeah, I was to a point. So what to do?
I had decided that I would go home after classes and let my dad know what had happened. And I did later that night. The conversation would put into motion the need of a person who had access to the student records. We knew the classroom, the time of the class, and all we needed was the name of the professor and the name of the student. Then that person would access the records so that we could find out who this person was and if he indeed was just another human soul who happened to have an uncanny way of showing up in places at odd times. So my next goal was to locate that person, get them to keep it under wraps, so we could learn who we were dealing with. I will hold off on that till next week’s entry.

Whitley Speaks -God Particle- Opening our Door.

The Super Poo-per Collider it may release paticles which go back and forth in time, maybe a time-traveler may come back , a time machine. So a space/time traveler maybe manipulating us to open the door into our world. “Great Interview” == WATCH IT and read my take on the subject in my” Is it true series” this Saturday.

Abductions and DMT – all a state of mind? Is it all True Series #47

I have been researching the abduction phenomena for about 40 years now and have interviewed well over a thousand abductees. There have been many threads and patterns connecting groups of abductees together. The individuals in the common groups have no common knowledge of each other. In the case of families some of them didn’t know that others in their family have had similar experiences. I am constantly looking for these connections, the key to understanding the phenomena.

I consider myself to be a very open–minded individual, which is quite necessary in this endeavor or you will collapse under the weight of the strangeness. Then came a book called DMT: The Spirit Molecule, by Rick Strassman.

DMT or Dimethlytryptamine is a very potent psychedelic drug found in many plants and in small amounts in the human body although its natural function in humans is presently unknown. DMT-containing plants are used by South American Shamans in a drink called ayahuasca and is used in ritual ceremonies. DMT experiences can include time dilation, visual and auditory illusions and other mind-defying experiences. Also erotic imagery and sexual content can also be present.

Rick Strassman (a psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico) conducted a study in the early 90’s where volunteers were injected with high doses of DMT. They experienced or perceived they experienced being with alien entities, in an otherworldly setting. Also the levels of DMT in the brain seem to promote the visual effects of natural dreaming, maybe near-death experiences, and out of body experiences.

Some, but not all, of Strassman’s subjects had a contact with an Insectoid or Reptilian being during their DMT trip. This aspect of the trip proved to be quite traumatic at times with a wide range of emotions and feelings, such as being probed, tested, manipulated, loved and even raped.

The above experiences are some of the main elements of the typical abduction scenario. Strassman speculates that DMT is produced through and maybe stored in the pineal gland. Could groups of humans have a greater ability/ trait to produce this substance and therefore create abduction experiences, opening a gateway to another world, where these other beings wait for us to visit. Or do they (our visitors) stimulate our pineal glands to cross the veil into their world.

I believe the earliest Egyptians priests may have known the power of DMT and the pineal gland for they were known to smash the skulls of slaves and extract live / fresh pineal glands for immediate consumption so they could visit their Gods.

So is this a connection?

Food for thought, as they say.



A drink– into another World.

Whitley Speaks — Parallel Universe and Uncle Mickey.

Artie Bell interview with Whitley Strieber , Whitley done sighting — 4:53am lying in bed with his wife, looking our window huge drone ship ( no crew compartment). Stand up out of bed – no sign ( the angle dummy) . Lied back down and there it was again moving very slow.

Press- release parallel Universes do exist. – Oxford scientists – by math calculations. They are all around us now. Why has Whitley been taken so often ?? Was it uncle Micky — from Wright Patterson Base ????