Whitley Streiber 2012 – War for the Souls–Part 4.

More Whitley,, The Mayas got their amazing knowledge from another group of beings , maybe ETs?
But the Mayas used this Math and Astronomy to track the stars and their impact on the future of all mankind. Next this amazing event ( a disaster ) 15000 years ago , an meteor or something similar, hit with a hard hit and caused a huge flood effecting in some way most of North America and raising the sea worldwide 20 to 30 feet. Next War for the Souls . We have a Soul , it is central to Whitley 2012 book. Moral question -answered by our life here on earth.This is only a natural world not a super -natural world, somethings we understand and somethings we don’t, this will never change for the more we learn – truly less we know. For learning one thing opens up 3 more questions, with a wealth of knowledge hanging to those questions, our infinite universe.
Enjoy– life is very, very short — go for it, but do the right thing.

Whitley Streiber 2012 – War for the Souls–Part 3.

Whitley’s book – the “Coming Super-Storm” the changes that he and Art Bell discussed are happening now,20 to 30 years ahead of their time. NASA last year predicted the next solar Max in 2011or 2012 . In his 2012 book — its about two parallel universes. On the same day Whitley released his book– in the New Scientist Magazine – they were saying to — Yes to parallel universes. Are Gateways going to open as we get close to 2012 ,,, maybe. The Mayans and the Egyptians civilizations knew the coming secrets of our future.

Enjoy — time is short,

Whitley Streiber 2012 – War for the Souls–Part 2.

Roswell truths Whitley discovered through close friends. Truman knew material from Roswell not of this world. Majestic – the book — the Group. Gut instinct and fact. “Grays and our Children” Children IQ on the rise over the last 20 years.Our species preparing for something – the crisis is coming, but we will be here, in the end. His books are cross- over books — Fiction/nonfiction , keep the facts safe beyond the curtain, for those prepared to listen. His Path to 2012- his book.

Lady in Black -a Personal experience-Is it all True? < The Series part 12

Now I want to share with you a personal experience I had about 13 years ago,
in Atlanta, GA, on January 3, 1995. I was a manager at a plastics company overseeing the logistics department. I had a great secretary named Debbie, she kept me honest and preserved my privacy when it came to probing sales people, like transportation trucking reps. But this day was going to be different; I was chilling out in my office after an intense upper management meeting. Suddenly there was a new voice outside my office door, a voice I had never heard before. This new person was talking to Debbie and they both seemed to be enjoying the conversation. I moved across my office to do a little filing duty (which I hated to do). Now I could see our new visitor. She was a bit strange in some way, but a bit of a beauty. She had very white smooth porcelain skin, long jet-black hair and other pleasant features. I guess I caught her eye and she gave me a sexy smile. Shortly after Debbie came into my office explaining maybe we could use her company to ship products into Cleveland. We had three other carriers going to Cleveland already so I was puzzled why Debbie was pushing this.

So I reluctantly agreed to speak with her. Up close there was a strange robotic way about this woman. She talked briefly about her company (almost in an uninterested way). Then suddenly she blurted, “my brother recently was on a business trip and staying in a hotel in Nashville and he was getting ready for bed and two Gray beings walked through the wall. They sat on the bed with him and quickly said that 3 weeks from that day there would be a huge earthquake (7+) in Kobe Japan and over five thousand would die. Her brother, Ed, couldn’t speak, the beings said nothing more and walked back through the wall. Her brother had been upset for over a week and was very anxious and waiting for the next two weeks to pass.

And on January 17, 1995 a 7.2 earthquake killed 6,400 people with $100 billion in damage in Kobe, Japan. It had happened, a real prophecy had come true. I was in shock. I quickly ransacked my desk to find the business card of the lady in black. I had to talk to her. But to my surprise or not to my surprise, she never existed at the company. I called three times and talked to three different people, no Bonnie Thomas.
So my calls to the Cosmos, “Lady in Black” please call, I am waiting for your next prophecy.

I believe…

MWiz — Enjoy life is short.


Kobe Japan 1995- Jan.