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SandyPennyMy Life Manifesto
by Sandy Penny, 2-2-2015

I never wanted to compete with others, only with myself. Even as a child, I wanted to create cooperation, not competition. Growing up with nine brothers and sisters was competition enough. I wanted to learn something new every day, and I have. I have always strived to be better at the things I choose to do, to improve processes, to innovate, to organize. I have always endeavored to leave a job better than I found it. I subscribed to the old adage, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well. I intend each day to ask myself if I’m living from love or fear, and to always choose love.

I hope, when I leave this world, that I have had a positive impact on those I’ve known, and that I have done as little harm as is humanly possible. I intend, every day, as Ghandi advised, to be the love I want to see in the world, to treat others with kindness, compassion and respect. I intend to leave every person with whom I interact feeling better than when we met, without attachment and expectations. If one person has been helped by me, if I have lifted anyone’s suffering, made anyone smile, then I have lived a life worth living. And, for myself, I want only to be the highest and best expression my soul intends for my earthly life, knowing that when I leave this world, I feel complete with each and every sacred relationship I forged, and every relationship is sacred.

I commit to using and fulfilling the purpose of each chakra, each energy center within me, to express the colors of the rainbow that is me. I open myself to the golden connection that is my crown chakra, that I may bring more spirit into matter. I connect with the source of all light and open my inner and outer vision that I may see myself, others, my life, and the world clearly and through the love that manifests all creation. I connect with the source of all words and align my voice with the voice of love and joy. I align my mind with the universal consciousness that I may raise my thoughts to higher realms and transcend all negativity of the human consciousness, that I may think in more creative ways, that I may inspire higher thinking through all that I touch, that I may express right thought, right speech and right action for each and every situation I encounter, that I may share wisdom when needed. I clarify and align my feelings and emotions with unconditional love that I may create sacred partnerships throughout my life, knowing that all relationships are sacred and deserve love and compassion. I align and restore my physical body to the perfection in which it was created that I may walk this earth, strong and healthy, and follow my own path on my own journey of spirit flowing into matter and matter returning to spirit, a conduit of love, light, joy and completion.

As I awoke this morning, these thoughts were running through me, and I wanted to write them down, to remind myself that this is my life creed, and that I intend to live it fully, and I am. I am a spark of infinite love emanating from the unlimited stream of love divine. I am a bubbling spring of joy and wisdom to quench the thirst of all who drink it in. As I intend, so shall it be, for intention inspires action, and action creates and manifests. I am creator, manifestor and the artist of my own life.

Divine love, through me, blesses and multiplies all the good I am, all the good I have, and all the good I share. And so it is, and I am grateful.

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Some good stuff from Gail Minogue – for Jan. 2013

A new era for America is beginning. How can you best position yourself to work with all the new changes, especially in your lifestyle? What does your own personal year number tell you about how 2013 will affect you? Where should you consider living? What new areas of employment are on the horizon? Is your house number still working for you in light of these changes? Come and bring your questions!
2) January the No. 1 Month

Well folks, you have done it again! You have lived through another hair-raising experience of 2012 and the world did not end—nor did it come close to ending. Because you have stayed the course and lived to see another day, you get to experience 2013. What can we expect for the first month of this New Year?

Not much!

January is your sleeper month. We have barely recovered from the holidays and the

Father Time Visiting

left over energy of 2012, a 5 year of unexpected change. January is trying to sort out what leftovers of change we can expect and prepare us all for 2013, a No. 6 Universal Year.

During January we want to walk through a new door of our lives. It is a fresh start but one which we must plan for. All resolutions made but not in writing are not worth the paper or mobile device they are not written on. In short, you must write down clearly and precisely what you expect to accomplish by this same time next year. Bobbie Christensen, a prolific writer – check out her helpful books- gives this advice for 2013 planning:

“Create a written list of what you want to accomplish this coming year whether it is paying off debts or taking a real family vacation… that list where you can see it every day.

Next create a list for each of these things with the step-by-step details of what you need to do to accomplish each of these things and post it where you will see those lists every day and be able to check off the things you have accomplished.

Only you can change your life for the better but you have to have a plan or nothing will actually happen.” Think and plan on paper. Carry the piece everywhere—in your wallet, on your dashboard, on your mirror, by your bed and other places you routinely visit.

Wake up slowly in January. Use the first few weeks to get settled in and lay the ground work of your plan. In a one year or a one month, it is the seed planting year or month. Things will begin to move more by the 4th week of the month.

The art of staying young is to have the ability to be able to lower your resistance to starting over. Remember this!
3.) Question and Answer:

Why do we have these “end of the world” episodes and why do people believe them?


Whenever we are in a position to change from one Age to another—such as we are experiencing now, from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age—we are going through gradual but steady changes in energy, thought and pattern. These Ages are long—approximately 2200 to 2400 years. To leave one of these Ages (and each age is different), we must adapt to the New Age. This can take a few hundred years of transitioning. During this time, there is much fear, uncertainty, hope, promise and a great unknowing.

We have just come out of the old Piscean Age. During this age, Fear was the teaching tool. As a group, we are a pretty fearful lot. It was during this Age that many of our existing religions were created i.e. Islam, Christianity. As the Age fades away, so do the religions. Scratch the surface, and you find a great deal of superstition. Fear and superstition sell like hot cakes. Throw in little bits of rumor and ancient texts and you have a proper stew. This time is was the Mayan Calendar. We had Y2K back at the turn of the century. T’was ever thus. Humankind is used to being scared.

Now for the second part, why do people believe them—people are followers. They like to be in a group—hence religious communities, meetup’s, country clubs etc. In some strange way, by believing that everything ends on a certain day relieves them of having to wonder when they will die. It is already decided. Okay, that’s a relief. I think I’ll just go blow this paycheck on that trip to Vegas—besides, I am not going to be here after that date. It sounds crazy and is crazy to thinking people. BUT, many people fall under the spell and if they don’t completely believe it, they might just wonder and think what if?

Fortunately, the Age of Aquarius ushers in the Age of Reason and the practice of thinking. What a concept. We will be persuaded and many times forced to have to think instead of escaping. Many activities we do today, texting, working, TV watching, entertainment, do not allow us to think. We will be instructed to think, to reason and to be responsible for our action. The Piscean Age had a quality of escapism in it. The Aquarian Age doesn’t. Get prepared.
4) View from the Freeway

Move Forward

Happy New Year! May the force be with you and remember as one of my clients told me “Let Go or Be Dragged”.

You will be hearing more and more doomsday stuff for all quarters of the earth. The government is dysfunctional, the system doesn’t work, the people are too greedy, the poor are too poor, the environment is falling off the cliff, the middle class is shrinking and it’s all going to hell in a hand basket. Or is it?

If you can keep in mind that “nothing here in finished” and that we are all still a work in progress, you can understand that we really are making progress, that we are advancing, that we are becoming united—even through antagonistic methods.

America must work with China. China has to work with America and other countries. The Middle East is a hot bed of upheaval and a destruction of an old order. Women are speaking up and demanding better care, more respect and more opportunity. Excessive action in the financial markets, government corruption and waste is being exposed so it can be repaired and replaced. This is unpleasant to watch but it is progressing.

The American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “the years teach much that the days never knew”. So here we are looking at days rather than years. Think in longer terms, become involved in things that matter to you. Join others who are working towards a goal of moving us forward.

No matter how much you may get caught up in the speed of social media, information technology, you will never be able to catch up or stay current without giving up other important areas of your life. 2013 is the year to make a decision that you will be your master of technology rather than its slave. In 2013 you will take time to think and not to continuously escape through work, exercise and entertainment. As much as you meditate, spend at least that amount of time thinking.

2013 will be a year of more responsibility, a year to clean up all debt, community service and to tend your health. It is a No. 6 Universal Year which is all about eating healthy, tending to family, being responsible, accountable and facing all debt square on. This year is about commitments–keeping them. What commitments have you made to yourself? Have you kept them? This is the year that you must now do so. Honor what you have started! If you said you would finish the basement, this is your year to finish it. It is a divorce and marriage year as well so expect to hear and see more of both.

2013 asks you to get out of self-deception, denial and escapism. Overall, the energy is good for a 6 year. With Pluto transiting in Scorpio, it is better for the United States and we should start to see the light of day at home. We will not arrive there for several more years but we do know that we have seen the light. Happy New Year.
5) Trends and Forecasts

There are lots of exciting discoveries on the horizon. Get enthused.

A.) Need a personal assistant? Kiplinger’s is reporting that next-generation smart phones will be yours. Sensors and apps will track everything from your location to your blood pressure—-even mapping out less stressful traffic routes if your blood pressure rises.

B.) By the end of 2013 President Bashar al-Assad will either be in exile or be off the planet. Even the Russians are stepping away from him.

C.) Get ready for the robots. They are coming to a neighborhood near you. Already 1.4 million robots are deployed worldwide—shipments are growing. It is an enormous industry and will replace many workers. It will also create whole new industries for jobs. Think of new types of training. Investigate this area. It is fascinating.

D.) The Daily Mail is reporting (December 10, 2012) “Camouflage Fabric That can Make Soldiers Invisible” Sci-Fi is really here! The US military is backing the development of camouflage fabrics that could one day make their soldiers completely invisible. The so-called ‘Quantum Stealth’ camouflage material is said to render its wearers completly invisible by bending light waves around them. ……It’s development is so secret the Canadian company behind it says it cannot even show the technology in action and offers only mockups of its effect on their website…Both the US and Canadian military have confirmed that it also works against military IR scopes and Thermal Optics”

E.) “A Retailer for Free Stuff”—(Fast Company – December 4. 2012) “Yerdle, a new website where you can list things to give away—hopes to change how we view consumerism and make it easier to give unwanted purchases a second life. Yerdle isn’t aiming to be a Craigslist or Freecycle clone. It is trying to create a whole new model of sharing—one that resembles a traditional retail experience and one that other retailers might actually want to get involved in. Co-founder Adam Werback says the idea for Yerdle first came to him after a trip to India where he met women setting up “savings circles”. They’d save up money to buy things that they could share amongst themselves. Speaking of sharing, see also Relay Riders—where you can share your car (at a price that you set per hour or per day) and where the company seems to have worked out some of the issues of liability insurance.

F.) NYSE Deal Shows Future of Finance – (USA Today-December 24, 2012)

20 years ago the NY Stock Exchange and its young rival NASDAQ accounted for 97% of the total US stock trading volume. Due to rapid development of computer technology, dozens of alternative trading venues have sprouted up increasing competition for volume and driving down the exchanges’ profits. It is ultimately pushing the NYSE—one of the most enduring symbols of American capitalism—towards increasing irrelevancy.

For more trends and forecasts—join us on January 27th from 2 – 5 pm in Laguna Hills.
7) Ponder This

Worth Thinking About

“You cannot write the next chapter of your life until you STOP RE-READING the last one.”

Author Unknown

“I am now ready, willing and able to experience change, challenge, opportunity and growth with courage, confidence, faith and ease. I have everything I need and more knowing I am loved, supported and connected to the Sacred, Eternal and Divine with each breath I take.”

Yogi Bhajan via Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa

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October 2012 Knowledge Newsletter by Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,

Many people ask me what is their life purpose and what they should be doing in life. In response, I ask them “What do they like to do?” “What are they passionate about?” They can often tell me what they don’t like, which is a good start, but are usually unable to tell me what they do like. Below are some possible ways to find your passion.

Finding Your Passion and Life Purpose

To begin with let us define the term passion. A passion is something you feel strongly about such as doing something creative like writing, art, theater, or music, supporting a cause you believe in, having a desire to help or heal others, wishing to travel, loving someone or something deeply and so on. A passion is different from a craving for food, alcohol or sex which is usually more temporary.

Our life purpose can be the same as our passion but this is not always the case. Our life purpose is the creative gifts, accumulated knowledge, healing abilities, and wisdom we come to share with others for the benefit of our soul and theirs. All learning from all lifetimes is cumulative on the soul so we never really forget anything. The conscious mind just doesn’t remember all our past lives.

Unfortunately, many people do not make a living fulfilling their passion or their life purpose. They have jobs that pay the bills but about which, they do not feel passionate. The result is that they go home feeling frustrated, unacknowledged and unfulfilled. While they may remain in these jobs because of health insurance, seniority or other perks, these jobs do not make them happy. Often they took the job because they needed the money and that was what was available at the time. Even years later, they may stay in the job because they still need the money, don’t know what else they could do, or are too afraid to try something new.

Frequently the careers or the business we find ourselves in are not a reflection of our true passion. We may be in the family business because it was expected we would carry on in our father’s footsteps whether we wanted to or not. We may be in that business because it was the path of least resistance. We may have graduated with a degree in a certain subject only to find out we no longer want to pursue that career path. We may have chosen it when we were young because our parents encouraged us to choose a career where we could earn a living or thought we liked it at the time.

Some people do not follow their passion because they cannot earn money from it. It is not always necessary to make a living from your passion. It is nice when that happens but one should not forgo their passion just because it is not profitable. The joy that comes from singing for example, is still beneficial whether you are paid to do it or if there is an audience.

Some people are concerned that they don’t know what their passion or purpose is. The best way to discover your passion is to ask yourself “What do you like to do?” Ask yourself when you do any type of activity whether you really enjoyed it, whether you were doing it because it was expected of you, because everyone else was doing it and you didn’t want to make a fuss, or because it is what you always do.

Most of us are creatures of habit but habits do not serve us well as they keep us living on autopilot. When we do things habitually we fail to ask ourselves if we are really enjoy the them, could someone else do it better, is the activity or task really necessary, could we stop doing it, how long have we been doing it, why did we start doing it in the first place, and was this activity expected of us by others or ourselves?

The only way to find your passion is to firstly eliminate from your life what you don’t like doing to make space for new activities you do enjoy. Then try new things and access how you feel about doing them. Ask yourself after each activity “Did you really enjoy doing that?” You may want to give it a rating between one and ten with ten being that you really loved it. This way you can craft a life that includes doing what you really love to do rather than what you tell yourself you have to do.

Like your passion, your life purpose will be something you do well without any practice as you have already done it many times before in previous lives. It will give you joy and fulfillment. To discover what it is, ask yourself “What gives you joy? What are you good at? What do your friends tell you that you are good at? They may be able to sense things about you of which you are unaware.

When we fulfill our life purpose, which is always to serve others in some way, we get what I like to call karmic bonus points that get stored on your soul record so that when you need a miracle, you have these points available to you. They are like having money in the bank for a rainy day.

It might be wise to sit down and look at the activities you do daily or weekly and ask yourself the above questions for each one. You will likely discover that not all the things you do are really necessary. Maybe others can do them better than you or you can leave them out entirely and the world would not come to an end.

By clearing your schedule of some of these tasks, you will find you have time to discover your true passion or follow it, if you already know what it is. Please do not make excuses to yourself by telling yourself that no one else could do what you do as well as you or that no one would be willing to do these tasks if you don’t, as these are just excuses to avoid change and make yourself feel needed.

Try stopping doing some of your regular tasks and see what happens. Someone else may step up to the plate and if they don’t, maybe the task was not as necessary as you thought. If it really needs to be done and you don’t want to do it, you can hire someone or do an exchange with someone who enjoys doing that job. You can just declare to your partner and/or family that you will no longer be doing it and see what happens. Most likely they will think you are having a bad day but if you don’t make dinner and they are hungry, I am sure they will figure something out.

Following your passion is a way to honor yourself whether others like or agree with your passion. You deserve to be happy and if following your bliss gives you pleasure, you are justified in doing so. If you can’t do it all the time, then make sure you make time in your busy schedule to spend at least several hours a week pursuing it.

Some people never express their passion or fulfill their life purpose for a variety of reasons. For example, if your passion is some form of creativity and that is not part of your day job, you may not feel justified or be able to give up the security of a paycheck to follow your bliss. You may tell yourself you have no time to do what you love or that it just isn’t that important.

You may feel inhibited or vulnerable about sharing your passion with others for fear of ridicule or lack of acceptance as most people want approval and acceptance from family and friends. Since other people are unlikely to feel as strongly about your desires as you do, they may look upon your passion logically and judge it unnecessary or silly. So following your bliss may involve taking a risk and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Only you know how you feel inside so it is important for you to make the decision to follow your passion in spite of what others say. When we follow our passion we feel wonderful inside. It brings us joy as well as a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that we had the courage to override our logical mind and listen to our heart’s desires. Sometimes we have to make a choice of quality over quantity in our lives. In the end, the joy you get from fulfilling your passion will out weight other considerations.

So what are your heart’s desires? What would you really like to be doing? If you could fulfill your passion, what would it look like? Imagine it in as much detail as possible and ask for your wish to come true. God hears all our thoughts and requests. If you are clear about your intentions and seriously want that perfect job or passion to manifest in your life, then it will. It is the law of attraction at work. Life is too short to not do what we are passionate about. As we become more soul conscious, it is important for our spiritual growth that we fulfill it our purpose and passions.

Our life purpose and our day job may not be the same but it would be great if it was. I am fortunate in that my desire to help others coincides with my life purpose. If you purpose is to help people, you may be in that job to encounter people you need to help and not only for the paycheck, so think outside the box.

If you need assistance to discover your life purpose or passion, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone, and Skype readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

Our Cherished Worldview and Why It Holds Us Back- Is It all True Series #186

It holds us back from being, that is, being the new human. A primarily right-brained being, a gentler, questioning being, a being capable of massive amounts of love. Just the amount of unconditional love from one of these new humans will counter 1,000 negative beings of the old model type. So if my math is correct, we need only about seven million of these new humans to change the other 7 billion people that inhabit the earth. So this means one tenth of 1% of the world population can change it all.

I believe the timeframe for this change will be less than 6 months. Our cherished worldview will be shattered. The reign of human tyranny will end. Human beings will finally understand that working with the natural world is the only way we will survive. Just truly recognizing that fact will forever change us. Our report card will be graded on how many species of living things are not dying off.

The catalyst of this new being will be the appearance of our far future self. This will trigger a chain reaction in our inner mind, the reaction is just waiting for the signal and it is coming sooner than most think. The precursor may be symbols, tuning us for the change such as 1111 and powerful visuals such as Crop Circles.

And please don’t think of our future selves as a God or Gods, even though we can do it all; we are all creators. The New Human will harness the total force of the quantum field and use it to shape and form everything around him. The New human being will regain their past place in the Galactic Community – as the kind ones with the full emotional bodies. The tide of Human transformation is upon us. Take a very deep breath and mentally prepare for the journey. Our present worldview is the chains that keep us from being who we were meant to be – a fearless living creature whose only purpose is to create unconditional LOVE.

Sleep Tight, with no fear our new self is nearly here.



Release date: March 7th 2011, Albuquerque, NM
Event dates: April 29, 30, & May 1, 2011
Location: Albuquerque, NM, Santa Ana Star Casino, Bosque Convention Ctr.
Contact Info: Nancy Wallace, 505-966-5017,

Albuquerque Wakes Up in a Big Way
The Wake Up Now! Conference engages cosmic truths, UFOs, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and re-evolution, while supporting new educational options for children. It is now obvious that our children are changing dramatically and that our educational system is struggling to meet their needs and achieving minimal success. This is a Wake Up Call.
So, what do cosmic truths, UFOs, conspiracies and the paranormal have to do with our children? Our minds are expanding. Our world is changing. Our level of input from TV, computers and other sources keeps growing exponentially. Our kids need to be prepared to handle the onslaught of information and the challenges of the future while maintaining a sense of order, balance and joy.
The primary purpose of the Wake Up Now! Conference being held at the Santa Ana Casino’s Bosque Conference Center, April 29 through May 1, is to bring new and emerging information to the public through highly regarded speakers who represent decades of experience and research on the linked subjects of Cosmic Truths, UFOs, Conspiracy Theories, the Paranormal, & Re-evolution. Re-evolution is defined as the changes in the human population being seen firsthand through earth’s youth. Changes in consciousness and mental function are being reported in children and adults. Humanity is clearly perched on the precipice of something big.
The funds raised through this conference benefit the building fund for The School of Now, a project of A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc, a 501C3 not for profit corporation. The School of Now is a radically new support and education system designed for the children now arriving into our human family.
A Child’s Miracle Mind, Inc. was founded by Nancy Wallace who says, “We draw upon new and advanced approaches, to consistently explore knowledge, remedies, and relief to aid and assist parents and children who have been labeled ADHD, ADD and/or problem children.” It is the organization’s goal to heighten school performance and personal growth. The organization uses alternative methods, tests and techniques, along with nutritional changes, emotional counseling and intuitive counseling to address the challenges.