Quote of the Week from Stephen Hawking -12/04/10

It is no good getting furious if you get stuck. What I do is keep thinking about the problem but work on something else. Sometimes it is years before I see the way forward. In the case of information loss and black holes, it was 29 years.
Stephen Hawking

Quantum Entanglement: Have “they” come to teach us? Is it all True Series #147

I have read many different definitions of quantum entanglement. And many of these definitions I am not afraid to tell you I didn’t have a clue as to their meaning. So here is one I can partially get my arms around. QE= A quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have at all times to be described and conceived with reference to each other, each instantaneously tracking changes to the other, however large the spatial separation of the objects.

So in answer to the question: Have they (IDEs) come to teach us the concept of QE? I say yes. They introduced QE back in the 1930’s to three brainy guys named Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen. The QE concept pushed these exceptional minds to the limits of their brainpower.

At any point in time if two objects share a quantum connection (an entanglement), one of these objects can pull the other through space and time even if it is a million light years away. Wormholes may run on this QE principle – the quantum vehicle of cross-universe travel.

I will make a prediction: in the near future you will see and/or hear about things, creatures or objects, showing up in places that they should not have been. Like the group of kangaroos running across a highway near O’Hare airport in Chicago, in which two Chicago cops witnessed the event in 1973, but no kangaroos were ever found. These phantom creatures have been appearing in the US since about 1899. Why is this happening? I believe they, (IDE) inter-dimensional entities, couldn’t stop it any more, and that there is a fundamental shift in the cosmos coming soon. And they (IDEs) themselves will not be able to stay hidden; a few humans, then a few more humans, and finally many humans will see them. It will be a sight to see, a little like shadows in the fog. These figures will remind you of those fairytales of the past.

I am coming to the conclusion that truly understanding QE is a game-changing mind event and a door opener to one of our last frontiers – the quantum mind.

Sleep tight, if you heard strange noises outside it’s only your quantum Kangaroos caught in the entanglement of your mind.


CONSCIOUSLY CREATE UNITY July 17 & 18 Newsletter from Generessa Rose

Dear Friends,

If you have attended one of my presentations or watched my DVD
*Getting Personal with the Matrix of Everything,* you would have
learned that my shamanic journeys into the quantum realm prove that
the Matrix of Everything is conscious and is continually being
impregnated with your intentions, expectations & assumptions.

In my experience, this Matrix is an enthusiastic partner in
manifesting your intentions – – Creation LOVES to serve you! During
my shamanic journeys, it was also clear why and how the unified
consciousness and intention of multiple people is so powerful. The
more people who collaborate, coordinate and send the SAME INTENTION
into the Matrix of Everything, the greater is the impact upon the
Matrix and the greater is the power to set things into motion and
create what is intended.

July 17 & 18 offer us an event to use the power of our collective
consciousness: the Conscious Convergence, sponsored by the Global
Consciousness Project. It has been organized with the intention of
creating unity and global peace.

The Mission Statement from Conscious Convergence states: The Conscious
Convergence mission is to bring people together with the shared
intention of cultivating a critical mass of harmonious energy that
supports inner and outer reconciliation. We come together in the
spirit of unity to heal wounds that separate us, to reconcile
conflicts that divide us, to inspire ideas and actions that express
our oneness, and to join together in heart and mind to welcome the
birth of our new world.

The Shared Intention Agreement states: I, as a sovereign being, join
together with All That Is to call forth the presence of balance and
unity within me and in our world. I am the conscious presence of
harmony and reconciliation, and I am grateful for the wholeness I
bring forth in this and every moment. And so it is.

For both your personal world and the global world, you have an
opportunity to support the transcendence of old destructive paradigms
and to BOOST THE POWER and effectiveness of our shared intentions.

What to do? This weekend, join together, in groups or remotely, and
ride a wave of intention, consciousness & energy to personally and
globally create UNITY, HARMONY and PEACE. ENVISION and celebrate the
life and world you want!

Is it worth taking some time to do this on your weekend?

Be peace. Be harmony. Be grateful. Be joy. Be the love you are.

In unity and with gratitude,

Generessa Rose


Sister Wolf and Little Grandmother present…


Hooper Colorado

Friday Sep. 3 2010

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Event includes and welcomes:

~Native American Drumming & Dancing

~Sage blessing by sister Judy Messoline

~Healings and Prayer with Sister Wolf & Little Grandmother plus guests

~Story telling with Sister Wolf

~Vendors and Crafts

For more information on event contact:



Saturday/Sunday sep.4/5 2010

UFO Event

Check UFOWATCHTOWER.COM for information

Rv & Camp site available for events

A Man in Black and the Georgia Mystery celebrates 30 years- Is it all True Series # 128

I lived in Georgia for over 14 years and I frequently visited the Georgia Guidestones about 100 miles northeast of Atlanta near the small town of Elberton, Georgia. Many call these guide- stones America’s Stonehenge. The nearly 20 foot tall slabs were honed from Elberton area, which has blue/ green granite quarries.

First, how did these slabs get to this farm field? The stories vary; I will tell you what I have heard and the more official version. In 1980 a man with, I believe, the alias name of R.C. Christian, came to a small bank in Elberton, talked with the bank agent named Wyatt Martin. R.C., opened an account in the bank with instructions to Wyatt to how the money would be distributed to various contractors who would work on the project. I understand RC met with Wyatt two or three times during the project. R.C. also met with the stoneworkers who would construct his “Age of Reason” monument.
The four vertical slabs had R.C.’s rules of reason such as:
1. Rule the world with tempered reason.
2. Avoid petty laws and useless officials
3. Prize love, truth, and beauty
4. Don’t be a cancer on the earth
5. Leave room for nature
6. Seek harmony with all
7. Call for the limit the population to 500 million people.
I can’t say I disagree with any of the above. Of course people will take this into many directions such as satanic and totalitarian. And others will say its just common sense.

These rules are written in eight different languages and the capstones are written in ancient languages such as Egyptians hieroglyphics, Cuneiform, Sanskrit and Old Greek.
The stones themselves are a cosmic clock using the sun and stars to track time. As I have visited these pillars, I felt a low level vibration from the ground, like its message is being resourced from Mother Earth.

It’s very peaceful to sit by the stone-crop-circles in the middle of a cornfield. On one of my trips to the Guidestones I went into Elberton and talked to the locals about the pillars of stone. One old guy told me that the banker who dealt with the mysterious man named K.C., the banker was caught off guard with the appearance Mr. K.C. He was all dressed in black with white pasty skin and talked a bit mechanical.

So now to my theory, one of my past interests in the UFO field was those crazy guys called men in black and there were even a few female types. But as some know and I believe these MIBs are not human. In my over one thousand interviews with people that had UFO encounters, 1 out of 5 also had a man or women in black contact. But something happened in 1980, MIB contact seemed to stop, that was also the year the Guidestones were built. Could the construction of this monument be the last message of warning from the MIBs before they moving on to another world? This is a interesting concept but speculative, but one thing I do know I would not want to be the person or persons who has been vandalizing the Guidestones because from the contactee information I have gathered over the years the MIBs could really mess with you if you cross them.

So happy 30th – Age of Reason Stones
Sleep tight for the four pillars are still there guiding our journey

Bio-energetic Psychology- its connection to the infinite – Dr. Damaris Drewry speaks: Is it all True Series # 127

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening and participating at a lecture at Gary the Dowser’s group in Las Lunas NM, side note – Gary’s group and their events are a lot of good-times. The guest speaker was Dr. Damaris Drewry who has a PhD. in psychology. She has a quite impressive grasp on the world of Energy Psychology. She took us through several amazing exercises:

1. There was one exercise with the magic ping-pong ball. The group got into a large circle and two people in the group held a the ping-pong ball device between them without touching each other and as the balance of the 25 or so people held hands the ball went crazy with sound and light. But as soon as a person broke the chain all light and sound stopped. This exercise clearly demonstrated that all living things are made up of energy/vibration, and it will flow between a large group of people.
2. Again in a circle (Toning Circle) we shook our bodies and shouted out loud sounds, to relax and adjust our body’s life vibration, — it felt great afterwards.
3. The doctor also had a wonderfully strong toned voice. She moved around making unusual medium and high pitch sounds to clear the room and find the center of the room’s resonance.
4.Darmaris also worked on a few individuals with a blast of sound directly into their backs to realign and normalize both their physical and emotional states- See Nudge theory.

The doctor used the term “ Nudge Theory” to align and heal the body. This non-invasive sound vibration can heal the body and do it quickly and peacefully. This could be thought as a re-wire of your energy field.

The doctor said intent can change DNA. Vibration and sound are the vehicle that intent travels on. Intent is a quantum energy frequency, which creates and changes all stuff.

Damaris also spoke of the ability of healing Mother Earth, with sound, as she calls it “Grid Singing,” which means standing on the intersection of two different grids- ley-lines and singing love and peace at these earth points helps clear and support Mother Earth.

So Dr. Drewry is demonstrating more of that right brain stuff I have enjoyed talking about and showing its importance in the human universe. The right brain drives one’s ability to communicate with the infinite, including the infinite beings that stand next to you in that higher vibratory level just waiting for us to break out of our dimension.

Sleep tight, your right brain is working hard to make you lighter and a more vibrating cosmic being.


Also here is Damaris’s site www,beyondtalktherapy.com

Richard Bartlett the Quantum Show to Contact“ Is it all True Series ? #122

Members of the group, Albuquerque UFO/Paranormal Forum, and myself had ventured into the strange world of Richard Bartlett on January 29, 2010. I have said in other postings that by getting deeply into your right brain you can achieve mind-to-mind contact with inter-dimensional beings, including your more normal grays, reptilians, and those other others. My belief of this right brain journey to contact is stronger then ever.

During Richards first few minutes, he convinced me that he was a non-human entity. His mind was in a solid state of right brainism. It was a state of nirvana. He moved among his audience and dropped-down (as he calls it). As he and his assistants randomly took some of his audience into an area of consciousness they have only dreamed of before. They literally tipped over and remained comfortably lying on their backs, emerged totally in the right brain.

Richard plays in the quantum world of the Zero Point Field. Richard taps into this most powerful universal force, an energy that carries all history and knowledge from the beginning of all times and beyond. I believe most inter-dimensional beings have been working in this quantum energy field for hundreds of thousands of years. Most of Richards strange behavior in his show is for distraction. A distraction designed to catch the left-brain and keep it from interfering with the right brains move out into field. This Zero Point Field is the connecting force that links and networks all human and non-human bio- entities together.

Richard demonstrated the healing abilities of dropping down and modulating emotional and physical ailments. Some people would lie motionless for 15 minutes or more as their soul/minds floated in the Matrix of the Energetics. I had learned to drop-down several weeks before my Richard encounter. A close friend had gone to a 4-day Bartlett course to the Land of Oz. She taught me how to feel that special, strange, bewildering state of presence. The first time tipped-over I laid on my bed laughing, just laughing and not knowing why, it felt wonderful. Putting yourself or someone else into the Zero Point Field is going into a field where everything is possible, it is where dreams come from and reality is made.

When I go and do my Vortex Photography, the more my left-brain is on pause, the more right brain can be used to perceive the strange entities and image them. They, the forest people, seem to sense my altered state and come out from hiding from their higher dimensions places, and say “hi” to us humans.

In the future I will use Matrix Energetics, tapping, and other Quantum techniques to enable me to look through the veils of my left-brain.

Sleep-tight – Your right –brain is waiting to be unchained and see the truth.

Richard crazy man