Quantum Potential + Tesla’s Death Ray = the UFO challenge. Part 2 Is is all True Series ? #118


Please read part one of the series posted 01/16/10. After Edison stole alternating current from Tesla. Tesla started working with Herman Hertz and they discovered a new form of energy coming from something called Scalar Waves. They produced Scalar Transmitters, which is said could produce limitless wireless energy to run anything electrical in the world; this is a so-called ‘free energy device’.

My question is did Tesla and Hertz rediscover the energy source of the Atlantian times? Note scalar wave/ particles pass though all things without being detected.

In the 80’s it was rumored that the Russians had activated 100 Scalar weapons as a threat to the rest of the world. We are still here, so the threat was just a muscle flex by the Russians. They probably came to their senses once they figured out by using these unpredictable devices it could result in the end of the world, as we know it including mother Russia.

Also, it is said this plasma beam weapon can be “bottled” to be placed and detonated underground along a known earthquake fault-line causing a major earthquake to be triggered. Now looking at the Haiti disaster 2 weeks ago, and I am not saying that this type weapon caused the Haiti quake, but an earthquake could be produced near any large population center near major fault lines, and this would produce maximum death and destruction. The results would be equal or greater to a very large nuclear bomb. A Scalar “Bottle weapon” could be brought into a target area without detection. A nation like Haiti could be used as demonstration venue for a rogue terrorist nation/ group, to meet their mad agenda.

Now in the Haiti case this was pure nature (Gaia) powerful and deadly event. Although I read an interesting comment from Susan Hough (seismologist at the USGS) who stated regarding the quakes in Haiti and Northern California, “What’s notable of the recent events is that both struck close to where people live.” So let’s watch for any other similar quakes in areas of dense population centers and poor infrastructure, which again causes maximum destruction.

Another story has stated that the Russian and Americans in the late 70’s and early 80’s were testing the new Scalar type and nuclear weapons. And the question is, was this research/testing responsible for a sudden slowing down of the earth’s rotation 1984? Although the general public did not notice it, scientists did notice. The significance here is that the slowing of the earth’s rotation shows the enormous power of these weapons and possibility of this technology could end our existence, if it is miss used.

This is UFO/Alien tech., which somehow we obtained, so are we too primitive to control it?

Sleep tight, life is short, so enjoy the beauty and life on our amazing– GAIA

Why quantum potential weapons (Scalar Waves) are keeping the bad guys (bad aliens) away. Part 1 Is is all True Series ? #117

Over the last 30 years I have heard bits and pieces of information about an amazing old / new weapons system and a force/ energy of unlimited potential for the good and the very bad. This strange story started with a magical wizard called Nicola Tesla, probably the most intelligent human-like genius ever. See my (11/08/08) posting for more on Tesla. After studying Tesla for many years, I truly have thought he was taught/ downloaded all his wisdom from a higher realm. I don’t believe he even knew it was happening, his genius just flowed out.

Tesla died in 1943 under mysterious circumstances maybe at the hands of his own technology. Tesla was able to collect and focus quantum energy from the Zero Point Field into powerful plasma beam. It seems like he and the Nazis were working independently and concurrently on using the zero point – Tesla for good and the Nazis for bad. It is said as time has passed since the 40’s this energy developed into vehicles that have the potential to make the end game happen. It cannot only be a destructive beam weapon, but if blasted into earth, earthquakes can and maybe have happened. It could be dialed down to produce strange effects on human brain waves causing hallucinations and pushing humans into a mind control mode and massive weather modification can be produced. Tesla developed, on a small scale, a powerful shield, which nothing could penetrate. So, maybe some parts of our world are protected by Tesla technology from a possible invasion, Star-Wars defense system anyone.

Many would say, I included, that this quantum technology is science fiction, but a recent event has given me pause. The reason I am writing this posting is because at the 2010 International Electronic Show in Las Vegas, they unveiled a new plasma TV which ran on wireless Tesla electricity. Never did I think in my lifetime that that this technology would be allowed to happen, a new paradigm is about to start. So hold on to your hat. This quantum/scalar wave technology may very much be reality.

I also believe that the Aliens, who gave us this technology, will regard the trade.

Sleep tight a new paradigm awaits you tomorrow.



The Man — TESLA

Shaman our Cosmic 4- Legged Friend –Is it all True Series# 109

Well, Friday the 13th was very tragic for us. Our companion of 14 years has moved on to his next adventure. We have walked and hiked thousands of wonderful miles together. In his younger days, he was always there with his eager smile and telepathing to us “So what is next my human friends.” Even in his last days he mustered up enough energy to do a quick 3+-mile walk. He was with us in Atlanta, Tucson, Park City and Albuquerque.

So my friend where will you go in your cosmic portal? Will you go to another world where dogs are in total charge (sort of like here), or will your spirit/soul enter another being of the 2-legged variety? Whatever it is you will be the very best, for you never let us down, you brighten up our world every step of the way.

I feel strongly there should be a Cosmic Law your four- legged friends should never die before you. That is a little selfish, but I would add that the four-legged friend would go automatically to a loving home. It’s very tough to let a close friend go, though he did leave in total peace, my heart truly hurts as I sit and write this.

Thank the universe that I believe there is no death. It, death, is a total illusion. The Cosmic energy of all living beings can’t be destroyed or altered and it goes on forever. The place I feel I may meet my friend again is in dream time or even maybe the next time I photograph a vortex – his smiling face will appear and I will smile back. Boy are we going to miss you, but we will never regard a minute of those 14 wonderful years together.

Shaman was much more than our friend he was our spirit keeper. To you always my BIG HIKER Boy, BIG Swimmer Boy and true Adventurer BOY, — Happy trails to you until we meet AGAIN.

Love Always and Forever from us.


Santa Fe 122606 Tania and Big Snow 020

Rauni Kilde Speaks- part 1

Interesting stuff from an interesting person . Reminds me of a female David Icke . Worth the time to watch — Mind Control Weapon — Synthetic Telepathy.


Will the Dimensional Beings Show Us There is an Afterlife?— Is it all True Series #101

During my life I have known three people who have had a sudden transition into another dimensional world. They were all very close to me. Their transition was quick and violent, 2 motorcycle accidents and a car encounter with a huge tree. I used the term transition and not passing, dying, or killed. Transition truly describes the process, being a change of state to a light dimension. A very sudden shift from an earth life state to a higher realm is a real challenge for the remaining energy body to form into energy orb. Sometimes, as I have heard the transition, is not complete and the energy doesn’t form into the orb, its stays permanently or temporarily as a ghost-type apparition, caught between the two worlds.

During my many years of research including interviews with contactees, I was told some of the alien beings roam the earth to collect and consolidate fragments of human energy bodies and pull them into a higher dimension. They (aliens) are not always successful and some of these poor souls remain wandering the earth forever. This is especially true of people who died as a result of a nuclear blast; their energy bodies are shattered into billions of minute atoms. This type of event is called soul splitting and that is why nuclear weapons should be banned from the earth forever. These weapons do more than just kill tissue; they also destroy the soul pod. This is one reason I believe there was a 10 fold increase of UFO activity shortly after the first atomic bomb was tested in New Mexico in 1945. The alien beings knew we had made a huge mistake in the creation of the hell weapon on earth.

Now moving on to these inter-dimensional beings and the possibility of them helping us to re-connect with our family members who have transitioned. From past contactee interviews I believe it (re-connection) is being done now in some rare cases. And I believe in the future this process will be more open to the general population of the earth.

During my recent vortex/ portal photography I have seen some interesting beings passing in and out of these areas, and these areas are entryways to a vast inter-dimensional realm where earth energy bodies reside. The question will always be are we really ready for this type of visit; will our mental health survive the trip?

As I boarded a plane to go back home from a memorial service for my dear brother-in law, I remembered a conversation I had with his brother. After the violent accident the brother was driving by the area where the accident had just occurred a few hours before, and there stood his brother staring at him with a look of strange approval. I truly hope he (my brother-in-law) was able to consolidate his energy body so his transition was complete and I will be looking for him during my continued research into inter-dimensional vortexes.

Happy trails to you Dr.D, until we meet again.


Noory Speaks — William Henry – Illuminati and Stargates Part 5

Masses submit to authority. Must follow any path to write like William Henry. — Listen to “Spring Hill Jack ” – interesting stuff. God gave special skin to Nimrod giving super powers. Nimrod a class of individuals , Hill of Tara — very sacred place. Babalon tower must be re-build to be destroyed for Christ to return. Saddam’s soul keeps coming back. History repeats it’s self until we get it right.

Noory Speaks — William Henry – StarWalkers VIII.

Door/Passage/Portal – Afterlife is discussed– interesting caller – her dead husband appears to her — Young and handsome. Work at the dream- level with the dead. How can we get thru the portal at death ? Mediate — saying YES, LOVE, and VICTORY — Love is a power frequency — the Galaxie center to focus on.

Our First Small Step Towards Contact–Is it all True Series #94

Well, on the 11th of July a party of three went on a road/ hiking trip about 35 miles from Albuquerque. Their mission was to start the relationship building process with the inter-dimensional being called Sasquatch.

After the 45-minute road trip the fun started—we hiked into a mountainous area, which tested both our physical and mental abilities. We all discovered how out of shape we really were. Using the dowsed map of the area provided by my buddy Kewaunee, we located an area between a known Sasquatch hot spot and a vortex area. This particular area was on the side a forested hill with a fortress-looking rock formation.

Next we each meditated at different time frames. Our separate meditations were done so as to not confuse the cosmic airwaves. My personal meditation was very peaceful, but nothing eventful. The other male in the party had a similar, pleasant experience but no contact. Now our female team member had a vision of a craft and some beings including two Sasquatch. She claims to have never seen anything look like this in any of her past meditations, so maybe this was our small step.

Next we needed to find secure places for our offerings to the Sasquatch. Our offerings consisted of organic apples, chocolate, fresh garden rosemary and garlic. We put the apples and the chocolate on a high rock shelf on a wooden bark plate. The rosemary was placed on a lower rock shelf and the garlic was hung in the branches of an old dead tree in the fortress area, sort of like a Christmas tree effect.

As we were talking in the fortress area I happened to look up and witnessed a huge flying creature of sorts gliding overhead, it was quick and I was the only person to see it. The thick forest canopy limited the time of the sighting.

This was an extremely beautiful area. It looked and felt enchanted, where anything could happen and probably has. I took about 75 random forest pictures; most looked normal but there were a few (possible vortex hits) which catch some strange images. I will share a few in the coming weeks. Please let me know (with a comment) if you see something unusual. I also got this great Hummingbird shot- see below.

In a few weeks we will go back to the enchanted forest and see if our offerings were accepted. And maybe our small step will lead to greater things.

Sleep tight, your dreams won’t bite.



The Hummer