The Religions of the UFOs and their Founders Part 1-Is it all True Series #70

I am going to do several postings on people who were inspired by something or someone to venture far from the mainstream and present radical views on the possibilities of the existence of aliens and their flying machines. These people developed very loyal cult following or mini religious-type movements.

Daniel William Fry was born in July 1908 in Vernon Township, Minnesota. Both of his parents died early in his life, and his grandmother raised him in California. As a young man, he was interested in chemistry and other sciences and settled on working with explosives, which helped him pursue a career in the new field of rocketry. He got a job with Aerojet, testing rockets at White Sands, New Mexico.

In July 1949, Daniels strange encounter began. On an extremely hot 4th of July day, too hot to stay in his base quarters, he decided to cool off in the surrounding high desert area. Daniel claims he saw a small “oblate spheroid” (saucer shape), which was remotely controlled by a mothership over 900 miles above the earth. Daniel was then invited on board by an Alien named A-lawn? (Alan), and Daniel was quickly shuttled between Mew Mexico and New York City in a mere 30 minutes. Daniel had many other trips, and his Alien being pilot gave Daniel a vast array of unknown human history and new sciences. With this knowledge Daniel formed a group (9 original members) called “Understanding”. It eventually grew to 60 units with international status. The group spread their knowledge through lectures, meetings, and through their newsletters. Their mission was to prepare the people of the earth for coming meetings with others from space, thus the Understanding.

So was this a cult/religion? Daniel always denied this, although there were rituals and a special prayer by Alice Bailey (Queen of Galactic channeling) to open each meeting. I have read articles about people praising his honesty, strange wisdom and authenticity. So did an alien named A-lawn give Daniel the ride of his life or did his work and dreams of rockets simply fuel his imagination?

Side note: Daniel would attend a yearly meeting at Giant Rock hosted by George Van Tassel. Next week- more on George.

Sleep very tight and dream well. Earth is just a brief stop on your infinite adventure.



Can we ” Understand ” ?

Norio's Bold Move in Dulce Part 1 -Is it all True Series #66

Coming off of my last weeks Prophecy Posting, let me throw out another prediction for this year- this new Dulce underground base conference in March 2009 could turn the UFO/ Conspiracy world on its head. Norio Hayakawa is spearheading the organizing of this event. On a previous trip in 1990 to Dulce, New Mexico, Norio and a Japanese film crew had an encounter with the not-so-happy local authorities. The sheriffs office held the group for several hours, a sort of minor kidnapping/detaining of this group of foreign citizens from Japan (Although, Norio was an American citizen).

Rumor has it that under the little town of Dulce, there is an underground base, a U.S./alien biological laboratory.

Norio is very much skeptical of the underground base theory in the Dulce area, but he says there is a great deal UFO and paranormal activity in the Dulce area. This paranormal activity of course includes cattle mutilations, which goes back to the 1970’s.

So I believe this is a bold move on Norios part. There will be the local native population, which keep to themselves and are not very open to people outside of their tribal groups. Next the conference will have to deal with the local authorities (tribal police), whom are very autonomist in way they handle civil liberties. Then there is the paramilitary group including private police (Wackenhut) and maybe the FBI (they have official federal juristration on the native reservations). All the above groups could make this a very interesting conference. This is the first time anyone has had the stones to do an event in the backyard of this infamous phenomenon.

The question is, will the world gain more knowledge about this phenomenon or will the same old Dulce paper information be presented. It will be up to the local people to shed more light on the subject. So Norio’s challenge is to motivate them to open up and tell the true story about their experiences.

The name of the conference is The Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction? Will the facts be brought to the surface or will fiction continue to rule in Dulce. And there is more to come and 78 days until this amazing encounter.



Norio- his poker face

George Knapp Speaks with Joseph Farrell Part 6 – SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Neutral point between Moon and the earth is critical. Moon more massive then thought. Did we need alternate fuels to get there and the public didn’t know? Dr Curt Davis remember him. Roswell crash not ET, maybe from here- Nazis? Roswell crash and Nazis a relationship. Germans first in Semi-conductors. Cover story, for a cover story , for a cover story. Fiber -optics maybe Nazi-tech not ET.

Obama's Transition Team Under the Hood at NASA–Is it all True Series #63

Lori Garver is her name, and she is looking under the hood at NASA for president elect Obama. So what will she find? First, a nervous group of people hoping their jobs are preserved during this time of financial turmoil. Next, she will find an out of control administrator named Mike Griffin, who is promoting a project called Constellation, which could have costs over-rides in the billions. The word on the street is the New Moon rocket program is under performing and well over budget, and Constellation is the next-generation to the Moon project. The Apollo project was over 30 years ago. Then came the Shuttle Program, an earth orbital project that lost its public excitement over the last 10 years, not to mention the lives of several astronauts. And of course we have in this strange mix a contractor (the military industrial complex) looking for billions of more contracts. Mr Griffin has put out the word to his contractors to chill-out with the transition team to preserve their future grace with him. The excitement is building.

So what could be under that damn hood, something or just nothing? Some fairly intelligent people actually say we have never gone to the moon and that it was all done on a Hollywood-type stage in the California desert, but this posting is not to debate that. But I do believe Obama knows something is wrong in NASA-ville. So lets looks at America’s manned space travel timeline- 1958: US first satellite into orbit; 1961: Alan Shepard, first American in Space; 1962: John Glenn, first American in orbit; 1969: Moon landing for Armstrong and Aldrin. So 11 years from first satellite to the Moon landing there were some amazing accomplishments, but then during the next 39 years we have been just floating around the earth, what is going on here?

Have our Alien buddies stopped our progress; I say YES. We have been trapped on this planet. Look, at the minimum, considering the first 11 years of progress in the manned space program, we should have, at the very least, landed a man on Mars and had a permanent base there by now, or I will boldly say we never went to the Moon period.

NASA is a place of Dreams, space travel to the moon and beyond. Obama knows or he will know the truth. Lori Garver said, “There is going to be a change.”

There is something very interesting about Obama .More to come.



Out of the Shadow and into the Light- The Man and his enlightened Pigeon – Is it all True Series #57

It has always been my belief that major human inventions and discoveries were stimulated by alien contact. For the most part, this contact was unknown to the receivers (the humans). With that in mind lets spend a few minutes talking about one of the greatest intellectual of the last 200 years.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in the Austrian empire. According to legend, he was born precisely at midnight during an electrical storm. He is known for his major contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism. His work with the AC motor and power distribution systems brought on the second Industrial Revolution. For his 1894 demonstration of wireless communication, the Supreme Court credited Tesla with being the inventor of the radio in 1943. Tesla also contributed to the establishment of early robotics, remote control, computer science, ballistics, nuclear physics and X-rays.

He obtained over 300 patents worldwide and many more of his discoveries went un-patented. As time went on Nikola became known as a bit of a mad scientist. He started working on the transmission of electrical energy without wires, a system he said would provide free energy worldwide, to the dismay of big industry who were hoping to reap huge profits from AC power and its delivery. Tesla would theorize that electricity and magnetism had the power to warp space and time and that humans could control this power. He spoke of anti-gravity machines, teleportation, and even time travel. And his thought photography was out of this world, taking a picture of one’s thoughts.

The Tesla Flying machine concept was a sort of ion-propelled aircraft. It was a plane without wings, run entirely by electro-magnetic maybe a (flying saucer?). And then there was his Teslascope, an invention to communicate with other planets. He had hinted to the world that he had picked up signals from others planets. Was this true or just the rant of a madman?

Next there was this very beautiful female white pigeon with light gray tips on its wings that seemed to follow him everywhere. He loved this pigeon, a soul mate to him in his late years. One day the white pigeon flew through his window for the last time, and Tesla knew her end was near. She told him that his time was also near, and it was. This bird or whatever it was may have assisted him on his amazing journey that promoted and fueled human progress.

Enjoy the You Tube video below— a tribute to this amazing man.


LHC the Wonder or Doomsday Machine, will they save us.— Is it all True Series #52

The Collider is a mystery vehicle that only the world’s leading scientists understand. The large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest high-energy particle accelerator complex in the known world. There actually is probably another one in or near Dulce NM.

Twenty years and 10 billion dollars in the making, this wonder of the universe lies underneath the France-Switzerland border in Cern near Geneva Switzerland. Eight thousand scientists and 85 countries have worked on this super-project.

Is it a safe project? Most say yes, but a few will say that the LHC will create a big black hole and consume us all. The thought of doomsday particle physics has always been part of our culture. Two examples are Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons “ and Doug Preston’s book “Blasphemy”.

Protons along with other particles are shot around this tunnel/tube at 99.9999% the speed of light and then smash into each other creating more exotic matter and maybe a little anti-matter (the bad stuff). So on September 10th the Collider fired up with its first particle shooting through tube. The next day on the infamous September 11th the LHC system is totally shutdown due to a transformer failure. But on September 18th, it was back on track. Then the 19th brought an electrical failure causing a large leak of helium. Now we need to wait for 2 months or so before it will rock again.

Starting to sound a little bit fishy. It is hard to believe after 20 years of building, preparing, and testing- only 2 working days? What’s up Doc?

Orange Orbs / lights have been seen floating near the Collider location under the Alps. Are these Orbs/UFOs telling us something like, “Don’t fool with Mother Universe”? Remember it is well documented that many nuclear missile silos were deactivated on several occasions in the 70’s and 80’s here and around the world.

Chances are that humans are not ready to handle dark matter, anti-matter and crazy black holes. I personally think most aliens don’t care about the human race, but they do care for the beautiful blue earth and its wonderful other peaceful creatures. My educated guess is that the Hadron Collider will never truly get going again. Who knows, with the way things are going, we may only have a few months left. The alien beings may just be delaying action to try to save their planet-earth.



Whitley Speaks -God Particle- Opening our Door.

The Super Poo-per Collider it may release paticles which go back and forth in time, maybe a time-traveler may come back , a time machine. So a space/time traveler maybe manipulating us to open the door into our world. “Great Interview” == WATCH IT and read my take on the subject in my” Is it true series” this Saturday.

DMT and the Cosmic Library Card- Is it all True Series #48

Last week I did a posting on DMT, a chemical substance that affects the mind, pushing its limits to the max, and thus providing an ability to be with alien beings. I reviewed this concept with my daughter who is working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology. She presented the view, much like Strassman was speculating, that it could be possible that DMT’s effect on the brain could produce hallucinations that are similar to any substance-induced hallucinations, and that it wouldn’t be unusual for these research participants to experience similar types of visions. Many psychedelic drugs have been shown to evoke similar creatures, so she doubts that this is evidence that points towards actual alien being activity. While my daughter has always been skeptical, she does admit that there are certainly things that cannot currently be explained and that defy scientific reasoning, and states that if people can believe in god, miracles, prophecies, etc, then they should be open to the possibility of other paranormal and extra-terrestrial activities. It is great to have your child think a little like yourself, but in this case maybe the apple fell a little bit further from the tree.

Now let’s talk about the Akashic records and the possible connection with DMT. The Akashic records are the records containing all knowledge of human experience and the massive history of all the Cosmos from the beginning of all time. Others simply call it the universal computer, cosmic mind, or the mind of God. Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) was said to be able to tap into this amazing knowledge. Others claim ancient cultures such as the Atlantians and the ancient Egyptians could draw on this vast knowledge depot to develop amazing technological wonders and see forward and back throughout all dimensional time. Also called the Hall of Record, this knowledge library, may be stored in all our human cells, but how do we access it?

Something important to note in the Strassman experiment is most of the volunteers who were injected with high levels of DMT went to the same place or the same gateway. This gateway I believe may have been the doorway to the Akashic records.

But at the doorway there is a gatekeeper (The Cosmic Librarian) who will only let you in if you possess the key or the “Cosmic library card” – called “Intention”, which is the clear, vision/ thought of your purpose, needs and wants. If your intention is crystal clear you will be allowed to tap into all universal knowledge and all our dreams will be created and met using the Mind of the universe.

It is all within us. DMT within our pineal gland may bring you to the gate and our intention brings us the solutions. It is a true state in our mind that we can all tap into.

By the way, my other daughter is going to school to become a special librarian, go figure.



Enter the Cosmic Library