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Climate Change Could Shut Down A Vital Ocean Current, Study Finds

Ivan Bandura

Its collapse would trigger severe and potentially irreversible consequences around the world.


By Chris D’Angelo

Human-driven planetary warming threatens to collapse a system of currents in the Atlantic Ocean that regulate and impact weather across the globe, a new scientific study has found.

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC, a section of the Gulf Stream, transports warm water from the tropics northward and cold water from the North Atlantic to the south.ADVERTISEMENT

This natural redistribution of heat has long worked to stabilize regional climate and weather conditions; however, scientists have been warning that the system is slowing down. A 2019 United Nations report concluded that while the current is “very likely” to weaken this century, a total breakdown was unlikely. 

But the new study, published Thursday in the journal Nature Climate Change, indicates the situation could be far direr than previously thought. The current changes may be tied to “an almost complete loss of stability of the AMOC over the course of the last century,” the analysis states. 

“The findings support the assessment that the AMOC decline is not just a fluctuation or a linear response to increasing temperatures but likely means the approaching of a critical threshold beyond which the circulation system could collapse,” Niklas Boers, a researcher at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany and the study’s author, said in a statement

A crippled Atlantic current system could trigger catastrophic, potentially irreversible changes, from rising seas in North America to major disruptions to seasonal monsoon rains in Asia and South America. ADVERTISEMENT

“The mere possibility that the AMOC tipping point is close should be motivation enough for us to take countermeasures,” Levke Caesar, a climate physicist at Ireland’s Maynooth University, told The Washington Post. “The consequences of a collapse would likely be far-reaching.”

But Andreas Schmittner, a climate scientist at Oregon State University, is skeptical of the study’s conclusion. 

“The method used in the paper has been developed and tested in very simple models of dynamical systems, but then it is applied to observations of sea surface temperatures and salinities,” he told HuffPost in an email. “I think their method is brand new and needs to be tested by different investigators and explored more in complex climate models to see if it works with the data they used. I think it is premature to conclude that the AMOC is on the brink of collapse.”

The study comes ahead of a major report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, the leading consortium of researchers studying human-caused temperature rise. The assessment, due out Aug. 9 and authored by more than 200 scientists, will provide an up-to-date understanding of the crisis and its current and future effects around the globe.

There’s no way to pinpoint the level of greenhouse gas emissions that would lock in a total collapse of the AMOC, Boers told The Guardian. “The only thing to do,” he said, “is keep emissions as low as possible. The likelihood of this extremely high-impact event happening increases with every gram of CO2 that we put into the atmosphere.”


Grave Danger to the world

Canada Lytton: Heatwave record village overwhelmingly burned in wildfire – BBC News

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More Danger Falling from the Skies -Is it all True Series # 349

filament diseaseThe assault on humanity continues as new things are added to the arsenal of madness. I have written several posts on the generic chemtrails that how been used to modify the weather , maybe even stem the tide of global warming, which in reality has made it worse., as they had miscalculated the greenhouse effect the heavy metal also creates. This process pretty much negates any positive reflection of solar heat back to space. And this leaves us with barium, cadmium, aluminum and other bad stuff for living things to deal with.

But now there is more, a deeper walk down the path of darkness, an aerial vaccination delivery system, maybe more correctly called a nano gene delivery system. Fibers –filaments are falling from the skies, some too small to see with-out a microscope, and others forming large web-like filaments that covers trees and cars around the country. These are not natural, they can be cultured in a lab, they are or very similar to a strange skin disease called Morgellons, lesions that grow fibers out of them and don’t seem to harm the person or animal but look like hell.

The more frightening element is that some of the filaments that have been recovered contain human red blood cells. If these cells are modified and laced with a deadly microbe or even a straight out toxin, goodbye us, a way mankind could thin their own herd. The first samples of these filament particles in the mountain close to my home in New Mexico – Land of” strange” Enchantment .

There is another source theory of these filaments, one strangely could be a new way an alien being race could modify our DNA, hopefully for the better. If we inhaled these tiny filaments they would embed in our lungs and drop off their cargo, (DNA replacement strands or add-on particles) carried in a human blood envelope. Once the delivery is made into our bloodstream, the remaining empty filaments turn into a lung irritation and the empty carriers are coughed out of the body. It would be possible that not all the filaments would release their cargo and some of the coughed out particles (like a virus) could be spread to other humans.

Sleep tight, Hey remember – these cargo filaments could make us better, smarter and happier – the New Earth Human.


2015 – Poor Man's Prophecies # Is it all True Series# 341

Prophecy as I always say is for amateurs, but it makes a fun posting and our viewers seem to like it.
So here we go for 2014- How did I score? — The below is from my 2014 predictions and the results –I originally posted the predictions on Jan 05 2014.

And here are the 2014 predictions — and My Results

1. Pope continues on his People’s Pope Agenda until a huge event shakes the Vatican. – True he is continuing his reforms ,, and the people are liking him, but nothing huge shakes up the Vatican , just some of the same issues plaguing the Vatican.– I get a 1/2 pt.
2. Severe drought in the Southeast will redevelop in late spring– No wrong
3. A bad January for US weather will welcome a February Spring – No fairly Bad to Average balance of the Winter

4.There will be unusual large meteorites entering the earth atmosphere- Yes there were several ,, including a Monster in Russia which injured a thousand people

5. There will be a huge unknown explosion in Brazil. No wrong

6. Winter Games will not go well for Putin. — Generally the games went well, But Putin got major Heat from the huge price-tag of the Games – 1/2 pt.
7. Japan will suffer another 7.5 or larger earthquake , further damaging Fukushima. Nope- wrong
8. A very powerful hurricane season will fully make up for the passive 2013 season in the Atlantic basin.- No wrong extremely light season
9. Unexpected temperature drop ( world average) surprise climate change scientists, but its just part of the Change, yes sort of right — cooler than it has been especially Midwest and the Eastern part of the US. — say 1/2 right
10.I finally predict we will make it to see 2015- 100% right , unless something huge hits the fan in the last 10 days of 2014.

Final Score for 2014 3.5 right and 6.5 wrong — or a correct % of 35–well that sucks

Now the new predictions for 2015

1. There will be a huge scandal in the world of American Lottery — The criminals won’t probably surprise you.
2. Hacking on the internet will stop millions from buying products on-line and banking on-line will sharply decline.
3. Warm- wet winter for US ,, following by a very cool spring and hot summer.
4.Three bigger than life movie stars will die within weeks of each other.
5.Because of the decline in Oil prices – Russia’s economy will start to fall apart , and a world-wide recession will start the end of 2015
6. War drums will start sounding — players will be Russia, China, Iran , Israel and of course the US.
7. More large meteors will continue to hit the earth. One will hit close to major world city and kill two thousand people.
8. World knowledge about the damage Fukushima has done to mankind will continue to grow.
9. Chicago Cubs will win the World Series
10. Ebola will start spreading again around the world moving into India and Southeast Asia. Maybe a new and more dangerous strain.

Well sleep tight – I predict you have a 100% chance the sun will rise tomorrow.


Why Personal Contact is Right for 2013 – Is it all True Series # 267

This is our year, 2013, to make our personal contact with some group of interdimensional beings. It’s our year because the earth as we know it is changing rapidly before our eyes and the vast majority doesn’t realize what they see. The future will change in every way. As I have said in past postings the horse is out of the barn with the rest of the animals and the barn just burned to the ground. The bottom line is there is no fixing our climate disaster, we can only prepare.

Once you personally come to grips with that concept, (and please do your own research) you will be ready to make contact. In reality, fear is the only thing that keeps from making contact with these beings.
So if you can come to peace with our not-so-happy future, which probably includes total or near extinction of the human race by or before 2100, then and only then will you be ready for your personal contact with them. You will be at peace and fearless and accepting of what is to come.

I believe they (non humans) have known for many years that man would finally destroy himself, through all the vices humans had at their disposal. I also believe the beings probably could have forced us to stop our destruction several hundred years ago, but earth is a big classroom; we’re here to try to learn how to peacefully co-exist with them and the vehicle we ride through space. As we will all realize shortly, we all failed the class. But the hope will be that we take from this failure some wisdom and on our next adventure, get a little closer to the truth, and do a lot better on New Earth.

If you sit in fearless peace they will come; they are not like angels or demons. They are nothing we have ever perceived. They have always been in our minds and our hearts, waiting for this day. And our lack of fear will allow us to pass into their world, until our New Earth is ready for our return.

Sleep tight – dream hard, the challenges going forward will be great, but our ending / new beginning will be bright.

Climate study confirms what skeptics scoffed at: global warming is real

By Pete Spotts
Staff writer—- Christian Science Monitor

updated 10/22/2011 12:14:57 AM ET
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A new climate study shows that since the mid-1950s, global average temperatures over land have risen by 0.9 degrees Celsius (1.6 degrees Fahrenheit), confirming previous studies that have found a climate that has been warming – in fits and starts – since around 1900.
Most climate scientists attribute warming since the mid-1950, at least to some degree, to carbon dioxide emissions from human activities – burning coal, oil, and to a lesser extent gas, and from land-use changes.
The latest results mirror those from earlier, independent studies by scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, the Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research in Britain, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
These previous efforts, however, came under fire from some climate-change skeptics who said they had detected serious flaws in the analytical methods and temperature records the three groups used.
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The new research, which has yet to be formally published but which appears in four papers posted on, uses new analytical techniques and a much larger set of records than the previous studies did.
How our planet’s infernos affect climate
Indeed, the new approach to analyzing temperatures records allowed the team to make use of partial and older records previous studies had rejected as unusable, explains Richard Muller, a physicist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who coordinated the effort.
In the end, the team’s result shows that the earlier studies “were done carefully and that potential biases identified by climate-change skeptics did not seriously affect” the conclusions these studies reached, said Dr. Muller, who some climate activists have labeled a global-warming skeptic.
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The approach embodied in the main work “is very valuable, but may also need some refinement,” says Kevin Trenberth, a climate scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colo.
Besides confirming the temperature trend, the Berkeley group says it was able to rule out the urban heat-island effect as a significant contributor to global warming.
And it was able to show that even with a large number of critical US recording stations operating inaccurately, those stations still showed long-term trends that were consistent with more reliable stations.
In essence, any given measuring station may be off compared with surrounding stations. But if it’s off by a consistent amount, long-term trends will still show up.
The study also highlighted the regional differences in temperature trends that can lead people to say: What global warming?
Over the past 70 years, the team found that about one-third of the measuring stations in its global sample indicated cooling trends. Two-thirds showed warming trends, with warm regions more than offsetting cool regions in developing a global average.
Money for the new study, dubbed the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, came from five foundations, including one established by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and another from the Charles Koch Charitable Foundation, widely seen as a source of money for conservative organizations and initiatives that have fought efforts to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.
The work makes no attempt to attribute the rising temperatures to any particular cause. Nor does it include ocean temperatures, the subject of a future study.
Still, this confirmation could help move the discussion toward solutions, suggests Caspar Ammann, another climate scientist at NCAR.
With minor differences, trends in all four independent study group’s temperature records match up well from about 1900 on, with the Brekeley and NOAA analyses showing a slightly higher level for the mid 2000s than the NASA and Hadley analyses.
“The rather irrational doubt and claims of a hoax simply don’t make sense, and this work might help restart the discussion about what is next,” Dr. Ammann says.
The team Muller assembled is not built from the usual cast of climate-science suspects, although Judith Curry, who head’s Georgia Tech’s department of earth and atmospheric sciences, is a member of the team.
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Instead, Muller says he drew heavily on scientists from astrophysics and particle physics with expertise in teasing convincing, reproducable evidence from enormous masses of hard-to-analyze data.
Among them: Saul Perlmutter, who earlier this month shared a Nobel Prize in Physics with two other scientists for discovering that the universe is expanding at an increasing pace. The data Dr. Perlmutter and his colleagues used to stun the world of cosmology – results that others later confirmed – were far less abundant and far harder to analyze than temperature records, Muller says.
The team’s independence and its willingness to devise its own analytical methods to provide a reality check on the three other groups’ results sold the Koch foundation on the project, Muller adds.
Beyond the immediate results, the group is trying to make such work more transparent to other scientists than critics say has been the case in recent climate science.
How we’ll eat the same with climate change
The team posted the four papers on the web site in advance of their publication, or even acceptance for publication, in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, the team posted the data and the computer programs used to process and analyze them.
That move has drawn criticism from some climate skeptics who intially supported the group’s efforts, arguing that the team was more interested in publicity than in following proper scientific protocol of submitting to a journal and awaiting the verdict of anonymous reviewers.
But for more than a decade, researchers in physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and other disciplines have routinely posted papers-in-progress on public websites for review by colleagues. It’s a way of getting an initial reality check on research before engaging the formal publication process.
Some researchers say they doubt this approach will work well for climate science, despite criticisms surrounding what some see as the difficulty of getting other researchers’ data or access to the programs they used.
Although the approach can lead to overloaded email inboxes, “I’m quite in favor of these new ways of getting work out and allow a broader set of eyes to provide feedback,” says Ammann at NCAR.
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