Reptilian Influence — Is it all True Series #415

Part One

In October of last year I had a very unusual dream that seemed to encompass both this world and the ethereal realm. Most of my blog posts have been about the Greys and a few including the Nordics and Insectoids. This dream/memory I am going to share with you is one of the few Reptilian experiences that I can remember. The fact that it happened here in Utah doesn’t surprise me since there is a huge community living underground here extending through the Salt Lake valley and towards Dugway Proving Grounds.

But to put things in better perspective, let me go back and relay an experience I had in Salt Lake City, 9 or 10 years ago to set the stage. I was at a big convention center for a conference centered around a product that I sold called Nu Skin. The company is based in Provo, Utah and I came out to see firsthand their complete line of products besides the typical pep rallies. I must admit that I did find at the time a very weird energy at the conference and I found some of the people strange for a lack of a better word. Some of them just didn’t fit the typical profile of the entrepreneurial types walking around like myself.

Around the afternoon of the first day, I decided to go outside and walk around since I was tired of sitting and listening to the multitude of speakers lined up. Plus the large crowd was exhausting to navigate through and I’m not a crowd kind of gal. I started to walk towards the large Mormon temple and crossed the street by a big underground car garage. It had a strange energy to it but I thought, well, this is a new city that I’ve never been to before so maybe it was more me than the underground garage. As I was walking I saw a young man in a security guard uniform walk quickly towards me. He told me I needed to go immediately and to walk away from the underground parking garage. I saw a black SUV pull up around the same time he came over and impatiently told me I needed to leave. At first I thought he was being rude and I coldly asked him directions to shops and restaurants and he pointed towards another street. He left in a hurry and I crossed the street and started walking towards the direction he pointed to.

I know now that the SUV I saw could have been my down fall. I am sure at this point that there were Reptilians riding inside and that Security Guard … saved my life.


To be continued ……..

Thomas Costello of Dulce Underground Base— Man of much mystery– Is it all True Series ? #407

Many years ago, I heard about Mr. Costello while reading the wild and crazy Dulce papers. The Dulce papers are amazing stuff based around the premise that the aliens have underground bases in various locations around the world, including one of the most famous ones called the Dulce in far northern New Mexico.

Thomas Costello is most likely a factitious name of a security guard who saw some interesting things as he guarded the underground facility in the Dulce area. He claims Dulce is an underground hub of alien being activity in the western US.

I would probably agree with that statement because of my conversations with construction workers who worked on building tunnels going in various directions out from Sandia Labs, Kirkland AFB and from Los Alamo’s National Lab. These workers have also seen glimpses of strange beings moving about in these tunnel systems.
Thomas has said that Dulce was started in the late 30’s by Army Engineers; I have personally heard that the starting dates were more like the late 40’s because of our atomic bomb activity, and the alien interest in our genie in the bottle release. and the destruction of thousands of human souls. I also believe we had to agree on an underground accommodations for the aliens “or else.”

Costello also talks about tunnels from New Mexico connecting to Mt. Shasta where it is rumored that the mountain is the home or was the home of an Elder/Reptilian race. This statement also seems to hold water, for I have had personal communication through meditation on Mt. Shasta several years ago, with some alien group.

Thomas also talks heavily about Reptilian activity in and around Salt Lake City and possible Mormon connection. Although I agree there is some pretty strange stuff going on in Utah, I worked with Mormons in the Salt Lake area for several years and never felt they (Mormons) had direct involvement with any alien groups. There is a strange mix of activity some normal military and other alien at the Dugway Proving ground and military base.

I have recently had more confirmations from people writing to me about the Dulce Underground existence, some living in Dulce and talking about a consist parade for ships (alien) and airplanes flying into the Archuleta Mountain and Mesa, just north of Dulce.

If Thomas Costello is real or not, he sure told an interesting story of what might be. And I can confirm not all his conversations are sheer folly.

Sleep tight, one path of conspiracy is truth.


Introducing, the Reptilian … Amaden– Is it all True Series # 383


Here is the first of a series of drawings that I am sharing with all of you. Please note that if you wish to use this drawing, ask for my permission first.

This drawing is of a reptilian named Amaden. He came to my attention the first of the year and tried to keep some of the other contacts away from me. I didn’t understand why I hadn’t heard from Loekey or Debryon in quite awhile. This particular visitor decided he wanted all my attention but I wasn’t necessarily cooperating with him. I didn’t know what the problem was but I also wasn’t open to a new contact from anyone. Loekey and Debryon felt like a handful. I have also had another being come to me but I will tell you all more about him in due time.

Understand that I am open to these beings but that does not mean I let them take over my life or allow them to control any aspect of my psyche. This drawing is my interpretation of what Amaden looks like with artistic privilege thrown in. He is actually red through out his body but I put multiple colors in to help give him more definition when copied in black and white.

This will be the first in a series of 7 drawings I have done of each being. Comments are welcome or if anyone has seen something similar, please let me know.

AKA-Rick-pays-a-visit-to-the NM UFO Paranormal forum-Is it all true series-350


Richard Claudell is ex-military, ex-Sandia Labs, ex- Mufon director and more. Since the young age of two, Rick has experienced the journey through a path shared with not so human beings. Growing up in Lower Michigan it seemed like a UFO encounter was not an unusual occurrence, Rick had them throughout his earlier years.

Early on these encounters with beings were a family affair, not that his family, sister, father and mother were freely sharing the information. In those days, the sigma was a powerful reason to keep quiet. Rick, now in his 70’s, is opening up and sharing with his family and our audience. Now his children and some of his grandchildren share in his history of encounters. Mary and Hannah, Rick’s daughter and grand-daughter, have had a rich life dealing and, in some cases, embracing their paranormal experiences.

When Rick was 5 years old he was taken on board a relatively small ship (20 feet across), but once inside it was huge, brilliant white walls and many other humans. On his journey, he was submerged in a liquid gel, which was scary because he was told he had to breathe it to survive the trip. He was taken to a beautiful domed city probably off planet.

Rick had/has friends in the know in the UFO community. Rick made a couple of interesting points. One was about a crash, possibly shot down UFO craft, which the military modified an aircraft to carry the remains of the UFO on the top of a B-17. Also, while in the military, he spoke of watching a film showing a variety of UFOs sighting of all shapes and forms.

Rick talked about frequency, and the important frequency of 31.6 MH, a frequency the UFOs used to hone in on the planet. It was a way for humans to track their comings and goings.

So AKA Rick –thanks for sharing and I know you know much more, but I understand if you keep it close for now. But truth needs to be shared.

Sleep tight, but keep your eyes wide-open and don’t miss the wonders around you.


The Aliens working from the shadows – but very much among us-Is it all True Series # 344

ToddMichaelAs I get a little older and hopefully a little wiser, I come up with these somewhat profound, or at the very least interesting, conclusions about these beings that have lived among for us (humans) our entire existence on this earth. To the best of what I am seeing, feeling, and hearing, there are primarily four groups in control of this planet during the last 100 years. One group is the Greys. They are a group of 4 to 5 feet tall, a paler white than grey, beings. They also created AI bots (in their own image) that are slightly shorter. The bots obey every command of their masters. They have been responsible for most of the millions of abductions humans endured over the last 60+ years.

Next the taller Grey, Reptoid, also called the Archons, are more emotional than the shorter Greys. They are very much directly involved in human policy and political control, living through the minds of our wonderful politicians worldwide.
Next the mean guys, the Reptilians. Some Reptilians are close to 8ft tall and damn ugly and at times, they are extremely brutal in their ways; all other groups give them space. They will take what they want when they want. They can shape shift into anything or anybody. They want you to know they are in your face and you need to deal with it. Not a happy group. The good news is there is some unknown force that keeps them from totally consuming mankind. I can only speculate this force is maybe human love and fearlessness.

Last, the human hybrids, a small group of beings part alien DNA and human created by the Archons and the Greys. Their purpose, I believe, is to create a new smarter, more durable and less emotional race. The next race to occupy the earth, our present humans have lost their way, destroying the earth. This new R ace will occupy Earth with less than 50 million total beings always in prefect balance.
Finally, the four groups will never appear in public, for it is easier to rule from the shadows. Being a direct occupier causes total chaos, something which would slow or stop their profound agenda and time is running out for us all.

Sleep tight – change is coming, it is what the earth wants and deserves

Archons Part 3: How to Defeat Them-Is it all True Series # 342

archonsPlease read Part 1 and Part 2 of this Archon saga (use the search bar on the website). The Archons, as I have stated before, are a cunning and ruthless group with little or no emotional investment in anything they do, especially to mankind. They have been here for probably thousands of years. Their overall influence has varied as their power over the earth has changed and other non-human groups have come and gone during Archon’s occupation of our home.

First wave to defeat them is to have millions realize they exist and the fact they are sucking our emotional energy. This drain on humanity is so powerful that in time we could very well be a Zombie-type civilization. Just to know they exist gives us a bit of power, a quantum power that can start turning the tide against the energy vamps.

Next we must be fearless and not fearful, for fear is the nectar they crave. Being fearless will diminish their food source, and slowly starve them out.

And finally peace and love produce stability, calm and tranquility. Stop world conflicts and the cycle will be broken. The Archons will retreat and we will gain our sanity back. Humans will return from the invisible bondage we have been under for thousands of years. Most of the human race has not been aware of the tremendous weight that has been on our shoulders. A weight that has kept most of us in a stupor about our true nature and our lost ability to become the Universal being that our creator intended us to be. We are creators, we are manifestors and we are God-like as our creator.Made in his own image and more. And the Archons took all this away.

Sleep Tight, now we know, and we can start taking back our reality.


Beyond Fear of the Allies- Reptilians -Is it all True Series #274

RepOne of my all-time favorite books is Beyond Fear by Don Miguel Ruiz; I try to read it every six months for a total mind cleanse. Miguel is a bringer of the knowledge of the Toltec culture. He talks about beings called Allies. Allies, in Miguel’s world, are beings that I would call Reptilians. These Allies form a spectrum from benevolent to malevolent, sometimes even possessing human beings bodies. This Allies group has been present alongside humans from the beginning of our creation. And note some of the human cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians, have called these Allies, gods.

The Allies lack a normal human-type brain, so they can’t create emotions, and they need emotions to sustain their lives. So that is where we humans come in, we create their food–emotional sustenance. The emotional substance they like the best with is fear; the more fear humans create, the more food for the Allies to live and flourish. The Allies control over us is in our dreamtime, which note in the Toltec thinking is 24 hours a day. So we are their cows, giving food, to some extent, around the clock.

Now the trick for humans is to awaken to this fear/ food arrangement, stop projecting fear and turn to love. By projecting love, it would force the Allies to use our love emotion or they would perish. They would have to evolve to become a more loving group, and not creating drama and deadly wars. According to the Toltecs, this destructive influence led the ancient people of Mu and the Monkey nation (Americas) to destroy Atlantis with a massive Nuclear War.

If the Allies perish, most of our negative drama in the world would end. Peace and prosperity would reign.

Sleep tight – I vote to end the fear-based reign of the Allies, it’s time for humans to be totally free, and be God .

Experience New Mexico — land of much strangeness– a Taos story

One night when we were living temporarily in Taos, NM I was awakened suddenly for no reason–that happens with me a lot anyhow. So not a big deal, really. I’ve thought there were prowlers in the house all my life, but no one is ever there, you-know–well, until 2 years ago when all the strangeness began. At the time our dog was 7 almost 8 months old. I’d made him a little bed on the floor at the foot of our bed. Nothing, I mean nothing, gets past him. He’s a standard-sized poodle, extremely smart and agile. He’s up in a flash at anything he hears and he seemed to hear everything, especially the movement of coyotes roaming the 20-acre property. So, I wake up suddenly and he’s not on our bed, as usual. I call his name. He doesn’t answer. I rustle the cover as I get out of bed, which will always wake him. I see him sitting up on his little bed as straight as board if he’s at attention. He’s leaning against the wall holding his weight up with one shoulder and he is stone cold out. I went over to him. I had to touch him to get him to respond. It was totally weird. When I touched him he straightened up and looked at me as if he’d been away somewhere, then jumped up on our bed. I said to my husband that there was something very strange and not right about his being out like that. But his take on it was that we had a puppy and who knew? Maybe he wore himself out watching for coyotes and was sitting at attention. I don’t believe that, even now. It was too odd as if he’d been, literally, switched off somehow.

Then, a few days later I can’t say precisely whether I was asleep or awake, but I woke to full consciousness on the heels of the sighting. We slept with the windows open. There is no A/C in Taos. Our bedroom had large floor to ceiling windows on either side of the bed. The house was an old adobe with 4 foot walls and natural window seats. It had been updated to accommodate a modern living condition, but remained quaint in appearance. It was 3 a.m. when I looked out the window. I saw these beings standing outside it looking in at me. They were huddled together in a group shoulder to shoulder as if posing for a portrait. They looked absolutely ancient. They had piercing blue eyes surrounded by reddish, thin skin like one would see in very old people. The red made their eyes appear even bluer. The eyes were not huge, but closer to the size of a human’s and round, not slanted. They had faces that looked like very old people, all wrinkled, large upper heads that also had wrinkles, creamy white skin, no hair, slight bodies (thin and frail), a small nose and mouth and appeared to be between 5-6′ tall. There were 4 or 5 of them–I think 5. I can’t remember precisely. But the eyes! They were piercing, simply piercing. They had almost white circles inside the irises too that, again, made them seem bluer. It was as if they were looking into my soul, right inside me. I thought they are curious, taking notes or something. Since I was lying in bed I couldn’t image why they were staring at me. Then, I know I came to full consciousness and they were gone. The rest of that day the feeling of not being alone, the quiet of the country, the huge trees and the hanging humidity from the recent rains we’d experienced was oppressing. I didn’t feel comfortable inside the house afterwards and I couldn’t justify what I’d seen.

ForbiddenKnowledgeTV— Do the reptilians walk among us?

It appears that urban legends about reptilians among us won’t go away, no matter how absurd they seem! Perhaps it is because beneath the neocortex of each one of us, at the core of our noodle, lies what’s called the reptilian brain, which is believed to be responsible for instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality and ritual displays.

Regardless, this cleverly-made clip discusses the prominence of reptilian characters in ancient myths from traditions around the globe and it also traces the modern era of the development of reptoid mythology, to the early 1930s writings of G. Warren Shufelt of Los Angeles, CA. He claimed to have discovered subterranean labyrinths beneath an underground city built by an advanced race of “Lizard People” some 5,000 years ago.

According to a series of stories published in the Los Angeles Times in 1933, it was alleged that some of these tunnels ran for 20 miles from under Santa Monica Bay and that man-made gold was found in these chambers and passageways.

Despite hard evidence of their existence today, this pervasive belief that humanoid reptiles are controlling the human race ranked the 10th most Popular Conspiracy Theory by writer, Vicki Santillano, in a 2009 article she wrote for