Strange sounds that go a Bump in the night.

Photo by Leon Rohrwild on Unsplash

I always remember many years ago in Georgia a peer I worked with had an interesting story. We had been talking for several weeks about Sasquatch up in the north Georgia mountains where I would explore and try to make contact with them.

Shortly after that conversation he had outside wall knocks in the middle of the night in rural Clayton County, he first just thought it was a plank, second time no so sure, because he was able to rush outside to see nothing. The third time he did catch a glimpse of a large brown figure moving toward the woods. Sasquatch maybe, interesting they have an ability to be invisible at times and they may have knocked the first two times and just stand around while my friend just looked around and saw nothing. Wall knocks are quite common in the Sasquatch world, and I have heard several other examples, in my years of research. Why does Sasquatch do it, well for various reasons I believe, mostly for fun, they watch you race out of your house and look silly? But other times I believe it is a warning, like maybe mind your own business or stay out of my home territory.

The next two recent stories are from our present home in Oregon. The first one about two weeks ago. I was watching TV at night at the far end of the house and Rainbow was in the other side writing in her office. Suddenly there was a huge shaking of the house and booming sound on Rainbow’s side, I didn’t hear it, but Rainbow was shaken up. She delayed telling me so I would not rush out of the house to check it out, she (being an empath) felt it was of paranormal in origin. I checked the house out in the light of day. There was no damage to the roof or the exterior walls. Was it a warning?

The next story was last night or early morning – suddenly woken up from a night of deep sleep to hear a crashing sound – like glass without breakage, Rainbow also woke and heard something sliding and falling, but not glass. In the morning we both looked around and nothing out of place. Rainbow did have a sense something was messy with our stuff and after the things fell they/it quickly picked them up and they vanished -gone. I guess just another 2020 bump in the night

Sleep tight – a sudden wake – is mostly no fun.