MJ-7 January Meeting and a new name and a new beginning– Is it all True Series ? #120

The semi-secret UFO paranormal group called MJ-7 is joining forces with other New Mexico groups to form “Albuquerque UFO/Paranormal Forum”. This will be a larger group whose on-going mission will be to seek the truth in the areas of UFOs and other paranormal realms. The hope is also to grow the group into a real UFO research resource in the Southwest.

The purpose of using Albuquerque, as part of the new name was to elevate Albuquerque to the status of a first rate UFO/Paranormal study community, a status that was lacking in the past.

Some potential projects/events for 2010 that were discussed at the meeting are as follows:

1. Flying over Dulce to take close aerial photos of some anomalies and analyzing the results to better understand this strange area and its phenomena.
2. Taking a trip to Oregon to research Bigfoot and Alien habitats in lava tubes, and also doing Vortex photography.
3. Looking into doing a TV show/talk show devoted to all strange things.
4. Start major planning for a blockbuster underground base conference in Albuquerque, probably in 2011.
5. One of the members, an abductee consultant, is working on a high profile study on the history of the Roswell event.
6. Another member is taking an accredited course at UNM on UFOs (a first in the nation as far as I know).
7. There was a lively discussion about “Jump Rooms,” instant travel ports between two points in the universe. The group could look into one here locally that is said to go from Sandia Labs to Los Alamos Lab in a fraction of a second.

This could be an exciting year for the group, as new ideas, new knowledge and new journeys enter into discussions at their robust gatherings, which are free and open to the public. The wise seven Owls of the original group will always be at the core of this fascinating Cabal (a good cabal, of course – a little secret school)

The next meeting under the new banner will be March 6th 2010, 1:00 to 2:30 pm at the Manzano Multi-Generational Center south of I-40 and Eubank in Albuquerque.

Come one, come all – Listen, learn, and share.


Seven Wise Truthseekers

The Seven Wise-ones

Where is Ufology going in 2010? -Part 1 -Is it all True Series #113

With all this talk about some type of disclosure in 2010, the reality is that UFO/Alien disclosure talk has been going around for as long as I can remember over the past 44 years. Like most prophecies in our infinite universe, eventually they all come true, but most happen hundreds of years after the fact. I will say though through my vortex photography, I believe we are edging closer towards a revelation.

As some would say the veil is thinning or opening up a bit. My photography is showing a variety of shapes, forms and sizes of different beings. The good news is it appears that only one of the Inter- Dimensional Beings (IDBs) was bent on aggressive behavior. The other 9 beings seemed to be fine with my photo work and our presence.

And if a disclosure doesn’t come, how should we (the researchers) proceed? Well, we need to step out of the box so far that we can no longer see it (the box) with the most powerful telescope ever made. This is a concept that few have realized; Strieber, Vallee, and Sagan are the few who have gotten it. We have failed in our quest to understand these IDBs. Our left-brain is quite useless in this journey; actually this linear side is a total hindrance to grasp the complex concept.

Our right brain is our only chance; it uses no words just whole concepts through symbolisms. Think of crop circles, they communicate to us via our right brain plane. To go where neither man nor woman has gone, we need to shutdown the left-brain, (please don’t do this while you are driving). The creative part of our brain is always open to new and amazing information.

In my 40 years of research on abductions, many abductees speak of being shown symbols and pictograms – they create mind impressions through our “right-side portal” which have been known to change the abductee’s whole mindset.

Hard-wired linear scientists will never get the understanding of the IDB concept, for it doesn’t fit into their left-brain paradigm. An artist or a musician will probably be the first of us to really make communication with these otherworldly beings. Also this could be the reason why very young children see wee people, elves, fairies and elementals. For children around the age of 1 thru 4 years old, their left-brains are not yet dominating their minds and they can freely move back and forth between them.

So maybe us left-brainers should go into a child-like state to make real contact.

Sleep Tight – happy right braining.



Can you see them -Three IDBs– use your right-brain

11:11 plus -.11% – Whats it all about Elfie ? -Is it all True Series #110

I am re-posting this Post from Jan 26, 08 — Note on 11/18/09 — The Dow Jones stock averages closed for the day down 11.11 which was a -.11%– something may happen soon . If you are an 1111 person — please email me with your thoughts on this – mike@truthseekerforum.com
Also the chances of this happening 11.11 -.11% is astronomical .
This is urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several times a day now, I am drawn to a digital clock, a street address or a computer and see 11:11 or 1:11. At times it feels strange, like something is almost forcing my head towards the numbers. A close friend of mine said she had this obsession with these “ones” in a series (as she called it). At the time it wasn’t on my radar, but within 30 days, they were coming fast and furious. So not knowing anything different I did a Google search like any sane person would do.

And Wow — this is a worldwide phenomena that thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing this strange event over and over again. There are many theories that attempt to explain it. Like the 1,111 Spirit Guardians, also known as Midwayers. They say the Midwayers have been assisting people for centuries but they are also tricksters, ringing doorbells, turning on microwaves, TVs and radios to the amazement of the human witnesses, and their trademark 11:11 or 1:11 is the sign that they are here to help, you just have to ask. Some people say they pray for the needy when they see the numbers. Most believe the people around these phenomena have some type of positive action to perform.

Another theory is called the String Theory. This theory explains the basis of the 11 parallel universes, which is our reality.

Also 11:11 is the bridge to our vitality and oneness, the pathway to the beyond, an entirely different spiral of evolution. The 11:11 is encoded in our internal cellular memory banks.

And lastly the 11:11 may be a key, which trigger the things we have forgotten, the real magic of manifestation.

Now as for my personal theory–as you know there has been recent sightings of Motherships around the country, most notably in Stephenville, TX. Witnesses have seen symbols on the side of some of these ships. 11:11 could be a specific number like a bus route number. The 11:11 could flash across the ship signaling their flock to come aboard, “We are ready to go home”.
I will be waiting at the top of the stairs — to welcome you aboard. It won’t be long now my friends.

Enjoy– life is short.



Do you feel IT???

Mr J – Speaks Part 4

As I walked out back to the place where I first saw the unknown being I took my thoughts back to the night that I saw him.
I remembered how he turned and looked at me as I saw the expression of surprise on his face. Oh how I wish that I did not react to my statelessness when I saw what looked like a Caveman standing there looking back at me. How I wish that I would of just sat down and welcomed whatever it was into my space with open arms and signs of peace. But of coarse the shock and misunderstanding took over my emotions and fear set in as I ran to the safety of the porch.

As I ponder on what could of happened with myself and my new found friend I can only wonder how may others have reacted in ways of violence toward what I saw that night in the dark… How many times have I been standing close to wild Bears and the 4 legged of the Northern bush of Canada where I grew up with understanding and no fear. Why was it that the unknown that I saw automatically kicked the fear into action as me feet carried we away from perhaps my greatest adventure of my entire life.

I stood back at that place where the creature looked up at me and I placed rocks on the ground spelling the word ” Hi “. My hope is that he will see them and form something that I can identify being from him as we enter into a form of communication…

Same like I do with humans and ones that I love. I sent him my good thoughts and told him that I was safe and a good protector of secrets. Within my mind I sent my good thoughts into the wind to mingle with his imagination of thought and intuitions.

That night I had a Dream that was very real and easy for me to understand as my main focus in this life is working with people with regards to their dreams and understandings of what it is that is being spoken in dreamtime. I also have the gift to be able to open up the dreams that have fallen asleep within people and recall them to their memory. So what I am getting at is that I am a professional when it come to dreamtime and how it works.

Within my dream I saw something come close to me and speak to me with no verbal words yet I knew within my heart and mind what was being said. A message from the creature that stood in front of me within my dreamtime was what I would call a Sasquatch from the description that I recall from drawings within the books from back in my school days as a child.

The unheard words spoken within expression of thoughts were awesome because with them came great peace. He looked at me with a soft loving look in his eyes and expressed that all was well ,and he too was safe. Even the shy slightly tilted body motion was a easy read of someone that was shy with a slight way of hiding within self of body.

My dreamtime with him was short yet very powerful and I come to understand the nature of the spirit that rests within him. I am sure my story and encounter is strange to some and at the same time a great conformation to others that are aware of their Dreamtime that has become a reality within their life.

For Dreams are great teachings to what is going on within ourselves as our human body is at rest while our Spirit is wide awake within us. With Dreams come answers that speak to our heart and minds for the purpose of manifesting the truth that rests within us.

I will now venture down to the place where the friendship first began and try and see what I understand to be just the beginning of a learning experience of a life time.

Mr. J

UFO Religions and their Founders: Part 4 of 4—Is it all True Series #74

I believe that the source of most of these UFO religions is the one and only Madame Helena Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society – the Golden Dawn. She was born to Russian aristocratic parents in 1891. From a very early age, this lady with the charismatic personality and powerful psychic abilities, traveled the world to learn more about life from various occult organizations. (Note: I am using occult as not necessarily a negative concept. All religions by definition are occults.)

During her world travels she met a group called the Masters or Secret Masters and they made her their earthbound representative. She claimed they provided her with amazing wisdom and knowledge. She spoke of planes and sub-planes or dimensions and sub-dimensions of existence.

She was the founder of theosophy and the mother of the New Age thought. Remember she lived in the early part of the 20th century when non-ghost dimensional beings were unheard of in those days. The Madame was many different things to many different people. It is written that to the New Agers she was the channeler, to the shrinks she had multiple personalities, to the Christians she was possessed by bad spirits, and to others she was just a crazy con woman.

She wrote five powerful books and claimed they were auto-written in a trans-state from these Masters (of the Universe). Blavatsky said that her writings were not attributable to her, but rather that they were the writing of her Masters, her dimensional beings. She wrote of things, which seem impossible to know, in her time since there was no TV, Internet or vast databases. Had she tapped into that Cosmic Library I spoke about before (See posting Cosmic Library Card from 09/06/08). She was one of the first contactees with a higher dimensional power or so she claims. Her books are a complex enlightening read, well worth the time. Her/their books provide a sneak peek into another time and another world. She was the pioneer in the virgin business of alien beings and UFOs of the coming 21st century.

Sleep tight and dream Big, enjoy these sub-planes of our existence. Those secret Masters will assist in your journey.




Our Cosmic President, the Ritualist -the power of words-plus his Astro-chart -Is it all True Series #69

So the day after he was sworn in as our 44th president, he made the Chief Justice do it again for good measure, since the Chief Justice screwed-up the original oath of office on inauguration day. But my understanding is it would have been just fine according to constitutional law. But Obama being a ritualist, as I believe he is, the sequence of those spoken words meant everything to him and his future success. You would think he was a closet Mason, Templar or a Cabalist. The exact sequence of words can be powerful magic. Words can move millions of people as Obama’s words have done. Being an amazing public speaker is just one trait coming from his astrological chart.

Here are some aspects of our president’s chart. Officially he was born August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, HI at 7:24 pm. Of course some have debated that right up to the last moment before his swearing in. But I think the chart fits the man. This date, time and location makes him a Leo, the sign of the King, and his leadership stands strong and firm. Please understand I am not an expert on all aspects of his chart, but this is what I see. It is one of the most intense charts I have ever seen, with many squares and fixed signs. This is a very complex man, lots of stuff going on. Neptune squared shows spirituality, creating illusion and mystically inclined. Uranus in Leo is a potentially explosive trait or emotional power when needed. Moon in Gemini means emotional on a mental level, but not a drama queen. Venus in Cancer shows his love of family, nurturing and caring. Mars in Virgo means he has great attention to detail and sees the Big Picture. As a Leo he has a healthy balanced ego although his Aquarius ascendant could pull it occasionally to one side or the other.

This chart pushes him to perfection; it commands him to fix the big issues around him. This is a perfect chart for the man who has a super-sized plate of challenges before him. If his chart is half true, the cosmos have given us an exceptional leader in a world on the edge.

It makes you think, has the need created the man or has he just been sent here to satisfy his chart?

Enjoy – this is going to be one hell of a year – for America’s redemption.


Out of the Shadow and into the Light- The Man and his enlightened Pigeon – Is it all True Series #57

It has always been my belief that major human inventions and discoveries were stimulated by alien contact. For the most part, this contact was unknown to the receivers (the humans). With that in mind lets spend a few minutes talking about one of the greatest intellectual of the last 200 years.

Dr. Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in the Austrian empire. According to legend, he was born precisely at midnight during an electrical storm. He is known for his major contributions in the field of electricity and magnetism. His work with the AC motor and power distribution systems brought on the second Industrial Revolution. For his 1894 demonstration of wireless communication, the Supreme Court credited Tesla with being the inventor of the radio in 1943. Tesla also contributed to the establishment of early robotics, remote control, computer science, ballistics, nuclear physics and X-rays.

He obtained over 300 patents worldwide and many more of his discoveries went un-patented. As time went on Nikola became known as a bit of a mad scientist. He started working on the transmission of electrical energy without wires, a system he said would provide free energy worldwide, to the dismay of big industry who were hoping to reap huge profits from AC power and its delivery. Tesla would theorize that electricity and magnetism had the power to warp space and time and that humans could control this power. He spoke of anti-gravity machines, teleportation, and even time travel. And his thought photography was out of this world, taking a picture of one’s thoughts.

The Tesla Flying machine concept was a sort of ion-propelled aircraft. It was a plane without wings, run entirely by electro-magnetic maybe a (flying saucer?). And then there was his Teslascope, an invention to communicate with other planets. He had hinted to the world that he had picked up signals from others planets. Was this true or just the rant of a madman?

Next there was this very beautiful female white pigeon with light gray tips on its wings that seemed to follow him everywhere. He loved this pigeon, a soul mate to him in his late years. One day the white pigeon flew through his window for the last time, and Tesla knew her end was near. She told him that his time was also near, and it was. This bird or whatever it was may have assisted him on his amazing journey that promoted and fueled human progress.

Enjoy the You Tube video below— a tribute to this amazing man.


1984 An Alternate Reality Part 5 By Mary Muñoz © October 5, 2008

Several weeks went by before my next sighting of this illusive person. I had all but given up on ever seeing him again. I didn’t even have a plan or an idea on what to do if I did. I quit carrying the camera around with me, because he it appeared that he didn’t want me to get a picture of him. All of which was proven weeks before when I had tried.
Day 3: While I was waiting
My next encounter occurred weeks later while I was sitting in the car waiting for an art class. Since I lived thirty miles from school I would go to one class and then wait for the next. Some of those times I could wait up to a three hours and since I was student I didn’t have too many funds, so I would sit out in the car usually drawing or doing homework. Once in a blue moon I might go to the student’s hall but that only occurred if I had extra cash.
This day I had decided to hang out in the car and draw. I peered up from my drawing and started to stare out into space. What I was thinking about at that moment in time I don’t remember, but I do remember what caught my attention. At some point I noticed a figure about fifty or sixty feet away walking up the sidewalk. At first it didn’t hit me but then I realized it was the stranger. This illusive soul was headed from the Political Science Building to the Art Building, where my next class just happened to be. Uncertain what to do next I flung the door of the car opened and decided to follow on foot. I had to know something substantial about this guy and I was just given the opportunity.
I am now five feet from the bottom steps. He was just past a hands reach. Then it hit me the door was opening, but wait! He wasn’t holding onto it, it was opening all on its own, and he never lifted either arm. He just walked through it and some invisible force was keeping it opened for him. It was unreal! The doors are interesting in that they are huge, made of glass, and steel, so it took a lot of energy to hold them open like they were. “What the hell!” I thought to myself as my pace slowed down. At this point there was a part of me, who just wanted to end the chase and give up, but curiosity again would kill the cat and I had to know who this guy was. With that I picked up my pace again, ran up some steps, opened the door, and jumped into an empty lobby. What made it worse was it was eerily quiet; I was the only one in there. He had just disappeared. I knew things were not right, the lobby was huge, and I wasn’t that far behind. He should have been there.
Then I heard it, the elevator. The doors were closing and it was going somewhere. I ran to see what floor it was on. I watch it pass the second and land on the third. Instantly I bolted to the stairs. There wasn’t enough time to wait for the elevator. It took a few minutes to get to the third floor and I was out of breath when I did. One student, who happened to be in a lab adjacent from the stairs, looked at me as if he was waiting for me to drop right then and there. I get my breath back and begin to walk around the upper floor of the building.
The building was a square within squares. There were classrooms on the outside of it, a hallway that wrapped around it, and then more classrooms in the middle. Some of the rooms were occupied with doors shut while others were occupied with doors opened. The third floor was unique in that the rooms in the center of the building were the art labs for classes like photography. The outside classrooms varied on what their purpose was. Truthfully I had yet to have a class on that floor, so I didn’t really know what was up there.
I was on the east side of the building when I had left the stairs, so I decided it would be best to just walk around the hallway and see if I could locate him in a classroom. Unless he went down another stairwell on the west he should be there. I begin walking toward the north. Several of the rooms were empty, but one on back corner was occupied and the door just happened to be opened. The instructor was talking at that moment to the class. When I came upon it he turned to face the chalk board writing something on it. I slow my pace down observing everyone trying not to stand out, but see if I can find possibly get a glimpse of those attending the class.
Seeing the illusive soul wasn’t hard. He was in the very back corner in plain view of the doorway; almost like he positioned himself there purposely. There was not a single student around him. He was sitting there looking down at the book on his desk. My stomach is turning now. What was I to do? I couldn’t just go in the classroom and ask him whom he was. I might get myself in some serious trouble. Then again I didn’t have the nerves to do that anyway, so it didn’t matter. And why would I if I did? I couldn’t even talk to him on the stairwell and that would have been the perfect opportunity. There was always the possibility to hang out for an hour and see if I could follow him again, but that would be considered stalking…and yeah, I was to a point. So what to do?
I had decided that I would go home after classes and let my dad know what had happened. And I did later that night. The conversation would put into motion the need of a person who had access to the student records. We knew the classroom, the time of the class, and all we needed was the name of the professor and the name of the student. Then that person would access the records so that we could find out who this person was and if he indeed was just another human soul who happened to have an uncanny way of showing up in places at odd times. So my next goal was to locate that person, get them to keep it under wraps, so we could learn who we were dealing with. I will hold off on that till next week’s entry.

Whitley Streiber 2012 -War for the Souls–Part 6

Whitley World Now !!!!! Fish with no water— “us” We need to do it another way. We must change. we will figure it out. Junk DNA – a coming use or we don’t understand what is going on with this junk stuff. Hopi people with an on going relationship with ET’s.

Next the child at the conference — 7 year old. amazing a Whitley vivid memory. 2012 a Day of Importance — WE WILL BE WAITING AND WATCHING.

MWiz ..Enjoy it is so very short — our time.