Fairy Swarm in Washington State

Fairies, good folk, wee folk, people of peace, and very fair-skinned beings, are all terms used to describe these amazing small beings that are human in appearance with supernatural powers. Some fly, cast spells, and possibly can influence the future. They have been said to shapeshift into normal-looking forest animals such as deer, birds of prey, and squirrels. Their behavior ranges from peaceful, to mischievous and sometimes even evil and devilish. This reportedly devilish behavior came with the invasion of the Christians into the pagan lands throughout Europe. Some pagans worshiped these fairies to the dismay of the new religious sheriffs in town.

In my 40+ years of paranormal study, I have come across some lucky people who have seen them. I feel the chances are actually far greater to see a fairy than a Gray alien being. Now I will tell you this, children under five years old are the ones who will see the fairies the most. Why these children? This is because the very young still have very open minds. As we get older our cultures mold our minds to what fits and what is comfortable. I constantly tell parents to listen to their children; they see what they see and it is very real to them. I say don’t discourage their minds, this is some kind of amazing experience. Let them embrace it and not fear it.

Now let me tell you a modern tale. A friend of mine just came back from a place in northeastern Washington State. He met a nice retired couple who was visiting this same area of the state a year before. Their story goes, they were hiking in a very wooded area and walked in about three miles where the woods were extremely dense. There in the distance was a beautiful clearing; a meadow of sorts and it seemed to have heat waves rising or heavy vapor hanging at the back of this grassy area. Suddenly out of this mirage appeared a swarm of Fairies, but they were bigger than bees, maybe hummingbirds. As the couple walked closer they stated that every hair on their bodies was standing up. Suddenly they saw a foot-high gorgeous fairy staring straight in their eyes. They did not feel fear but rather a very peaceful feeling befalling upon the couple. A swarm of hundreds maybe thousands of fairies began coming out of their vortex to play, and then they were gone just as quickly as they had appeared.

Is it all true? My friend said the retired couple seemed very sincere, and as they told their tale tears came out of their eyes. I guess I will see, for Rainbow and  I  plan to go to this vortex area in the next few years to search for the swarm.

Sleep tight, and may your dreams be filled with beautiful fairies.


Reptilian Influence continued Part 2… Is it all True Series # 416

Now, back to my experience that happened in October.

My time here in Utah has been hard on my body and mental state. I think the large Granite Mountains by where we live are part of the problem. But for the Reptilians, they thrive here especially in the mountains.
My dreams for quite some time have been almost taken over at times which is something unusual for me. The first time I felt I lost control was because of a female Reptilian. She was tall and very plain looking with a tall body and flat chested. She looked male but I knew she was female. She told me she was my handler and that she has been from an early age.

She was uncomfortably possessive and sexually attracted to me which was totally creepy for me. She stated that she doesn’t like that Michael and I are intimate and made it clear I was hers. Her species are morphodites with both male and female organs which I guess accounts for her being aggressive. I was told it was to their advantage to be given both genitalia considering the variable circumstances they encounter.

She showed me a white book with symbols of circles, rectangles, squares and pyramids. She read the book to me pushing each page slightly forward. The symbols turned into a dialect when she angled the pages. The symbols were like cut outs on each page. She had me trace a rectangle with a blue pen. The page moved as I traced it but I wasn’t skilled at it and looked like a kindergartner because I didn’t have her control.

Black out.

Next I found myself in a pool of really warm water and I realized at that moment that the Reptilians like their water warm basically too hot for humans. It was relaxing at first but I was beyond hot and I knew my body temperature had gone way up. I remember feeling hot under the covers and in the dead of winter threw the covers off me.

The information I gathered from the book and female Reptilian was:

1. They can create energy as hot as the sun.
2. They can control and contain this energy and use it for space craft and other uses.
3. They are considered dangerous because they are more technically advanced than other races. She is part of a rogue faction that rebelled against their leaders. This makes them especially dangerous.
4. They are a ruling class of Saurian’s who travel around looking for better suited planets to subjugate but they seem to be more parasitic especially when dealing with dominating other races.

She made it clear she considered me property and that I was enslaved to her race based on government contracts going back way before I was born. I don’t necessarily feel enslaved and I think it’s more a mind game than anything. She told me she was around me when I was being taken to bases and other areas such as Los Alamos, NM as a little girl as well as other underground facilities. She also stated that she keeps others away from me. My feeling on this is that when a human has a contract on them, that particular alien race has carte blanche with them until they either die or the interest wears off. It seems to be more so than not, that only death can break the contract.

This is really the only experience I have had with Reptilians. They don’t seem to come around a lot and to be honest; I have no idea why she came around to start with. The only thing I can think of – it’s this location. The Wasatch Mountains are mysterious and they seem to hold secrets. It’s interesting how Michael and I ended up in a location surrounded by mountains, the Great Salt Lake valley and rolling hills.

Coincidence …?



The Aliens working from the shadows – but very much among us-Is it all True Series # 344

ToddMichaelAs I get a little older and hopefully a little wiser, I come up with these somewhat profound, or at the very least interesting, conclusions about these beings that have lived among for us (humans) our entire existence on this earth. To the best of what I am seeing, feeling, and hearing, there are primarily four groups in control of this planet during the last 100 years. One group is the Greys. They are a group of 4 to 5 feet tall, a paler white than grey, beings. They also created AI bots (in their own image) that are slightly shorter. The bots obey every command of their masters. They have been responsible for most of the millions of abductions humans endured over the last 60+ years.

Next the taller Grey, Reptoid, also called the Archons, are more emotional than the shorter Greys. They are very much directly involved in human policy and political control, living through the minds of our wonderful politicians worldwide.
Next the mean guys, the Reptilians. Some Reptilians are close to 8ft tall and damn ugly and at times, they are extremely brutal in their ways; all other groups give them space. They will take what they want when they want. They can shape shift into anything or anybody. They want you to know they are in your face and you need to deal with it. Not a happy group. The good news is there is some unknown force that keeps them from totally consuming mankind. I can only speculate this force is maybe human love and fearlessness.

Last, the human hybrids, a small group of beings part alien DNA and human created by the Archons and the Greys. Their purpose, I believe, is to create a new smarter, more durable and less emotional race. The next race to occupy the earth, our present humans have lost their way, destroying the earth. This new R ace will occupy Earth with less than 50 million total beings always in prefect balance.
Finally, the four groups will never appear in public, for it is easier to rule from the shadows. Being a direct occupier causes total chaos, something which would slow or stop their profound agenda and time is running out for us all.

Sleep tight – change is coming, it is what the earth wants and deserves

The Youth and the UFO/Paranormal Movement-–Is it all True Series # 333

white sandsI have been studying UFOs and other paranormal subjects for about 50 years now. I have run a few large UFO groups around the country, and I have noticed over the years that the participation of people under the age of 25 has been minimal. I would think that this age group would have some interest in the UFO subject, but maybe not; or maybe interest comes to people as they mature and realize reality is not what it seems.
Well to my surprise I ran into a young man while I was working in Dallas the last few weeks that had a major interest in UFOs and everything paranormal. The young man and I were talking about a work-related matter when he out of the blue mentioned Sacred Geometry, something you don’t hear from young or old these days. So I pursued the subject and to my surprise he had a good understanding of Sacred Geometry, and furthermore, he was into UFOs and the paranormal.

While he was in the service he was stationed at White Sands in New Mexico and he and a group of fellow soldiers saw an amazing display of UFO sightings. They were doing night patrol and a large formation of UFOs danced through the sky for several minutes, an event he has never forgotten that helped motivate him to explore our Universe from a totally different vantage point.

My new friend had an amazingly open mind and was beside himself knowing he was hanging with a mature (although somewhat crazy) adult, who shared his interest in the unknown. Unfortunately we were in a work setting which limited our conversation, but I was happy to share a story or two and hopefully it will further motivate this young man to continue to expand his wisdom of our true reality.

Sleep tight; if you are under 25 come join the reality of the New Humanity.


There isn’t Always Gold at the End of the Rainbow: One Woman’s Abduction Experiences—Is it all True Series #273


The Rainbow I am speaking of is a person here in Albuquerque. She spoke in front of the New Mexico UFO/ Paranormal Forum during their February meeting about her lifetime experiences and abductions in the strange world of alien contact. I would say for most encounters with aliens, you typically do not intend to have one when you wake up on that particular day. It’s more like an “Oh Shit” reaction when you feel them coming.

Rainbow’s abduction experience began at the early age of 5 or 6 years old and continues today. Her memories of these encounters flashed back to her later in life around the age of 40. The flashback of an encounter she had in the west mesa area of Albuquerque opened her memory floodgates. Before 40 she was always very uncomfortable traveling on the west side of Albuquerque. And finally at 40 she knew why. Those encounters started as an innocent ride in a catholic school bus to the west mesa area. But as soon as she and her classmates got off the bus, there were three large alien ships. The children were told to line up in a straight line and wait for further instruction. Large grey aliens were walking among the children to keep order; one approached Rainbow and told her the chosen ones would not be coming back. This for obvious reasons this comment sent fear racing throughout her body. But on that day she was not chosen.

She has had many other experiences over her lifetime, all she perceives to have happened in New Mexico. One particular encounter in Santa Rosa, involved her husband; they were riding horses when they both encountered a tall blonde Nordic being who was standing by a her small alien craft, claiming to be trying to repair it. The being was pleasant, even showing Rainbow the inside of the craft.
One of the interesting themes that move through Alien/UFO community is the alien interest in human children, although I suspect some of these children are actually human/alien hybrids. Note, New Mexico has the highest level of missing children in the United States. I read recently Homeland Security and local law enforcement officers are teaming up and developing a task force to see why this is true.

Sleep-tight – having contact experience is a cutting edge experience, having fear of it is not what you want, a fearless human is a powerful human.

Why Do We Forget Those Other-Worldly Experiences? Is it all True Series # 258

From my many years of experience and research, I have estimated that a minimum of 1 out 4 people you pass on the street have had other-worldly experiences. First let’s define “other-worldly” – I will define it as a meeting with another animated being from another dimension. Examples include, contact with aliens beings (Greys, Reptilians), fairies, elves, wee people, angels and demons, etc.
And note 95% of the 1 in 4 will never remember the encounter, and maybe another 10% of the total will occasionally have quick flashbacks of the event. What is interesting about that is that most these people have multiple encounters over their lifetime and remember none of them.

So why do we forget these “other-worldly” experiences? There are three primary reasons–One, we are in shock/trauma mode, and the human mind shuts down and hides these super-charged emotions. This mode protects our mind from a total collapse, which could lead to a fried brain and even death.

The second reason is we cannot perceive the experience – it is so out of the box that the mind ignores it. These types of experiences are outside of their reasoning capability. The left brain is telling the right side this not possible in my world. That is one of the reasons I have always said most of us can only make true alien contact through our right brain, for this side of the mind is the creative side and is capable of imagining the possibility.

The last reason is the IDBs (interdimensional beings) do not want the attention from the general public and our governments. So they (the beings) do two things to their abductees–they may screen the event to resemble something friendly and very normal, or they completely disturb the minds ability to remember anything of the event, a nearly permanent wipe clean.

Sleep-tight, I mean what I say – reality is not what it seems.


Experience New Mexico — land of much strangeness– a Taos story

One night when we were living temporarily in Taos, NM I was awakened suddenly for no reason–that happens with me a lot anyhow. So not a big deal, really. I’ve thought there were prowlers in the house all my life, but no one is ever there, you-know–well, until 2 years ago when all the strangeness began. At the time our dog was 7 almost 8 months old. I’d made him a little bed on the floor at the foot of our bed. Nothing, I mean nothing, gets past him. He’s a standard-sized poodle, extremely smart and agile. He’s up in a flash at anything he hears and he seemed to hear everything, especially the movement of coyotes roaming the 20-acre property. So, I wake up suddenly and he’s not on our bed, as usual. I call his name. He doesn’t answer. I rustle the cover as I get out of bed, which will always wake him. I see him sitting up on his little bed as straight as board if he’s at attention. He’s leaning against the wall holding his weight up with one shoulder and he is stone cold out. I went over to him. I had to touch him to get him to respond. It was totally weird. When I touched him he straightened up and looked at me as if he’d been away somewhere, then jumped up on our bed. I said to my husband that there was something very strange and not right about his being out like that. But his take on it was that we had a puppy and who knew? Maybe he wore himself out watching for coyotes and was sitting at attention. I don’t believe that, even now. It was too odd as if he’d been, literally, switched off somehow.

Then, a few days later I can’t say precisely whether I was asleep or awake, but I woke to full consciousness on the heels of the sighting. We slept with the windows open. There is no A/C in Taos. Our bedroom had large floor to ceiling windows on either side of the bed. The house was an old adobe with 4 foot walls and natural window seats. It had been updated to accommodate a modern living condition, but remained quaint in appearance. It was 3 a.m. when I looked out the window. I saw these beings standing outside it looking in at me. They were huddled together in a group shoulder to shoulder as if posing for a portrait. They looked absolutely ancient. They had piercing blue eyes surrounded by reddish, thin skin like one would see in very old people. The red made their eyes appear even bluer. The eyes were not huge, but closer to the size of a human’s and round, not slanted. They had faces that looked like very old people, all wrinkled, large upper heads that also had wrinkles, creamy white skin, no hair, slight bodies (thin and frail), a small nose and mouth and appeared to be between 5-6′ tall. There were 4 or 5 of them–I think 5. I can’t remember precisely. But the eyes! They were piercing, simply piercing. They had almost white circles inside the irises too that, again, made them seem bluer. It was as if they were looking into my soul, right inside me. I thought they are curious, taking notes or something. Since I was lying in bed I couldn’t image why they were staring at me. Then, I know I came to full consciousness and they were gone. The rest of that day the feeling of not being alone, the quiet of the country, the huge trees and the hanging humidity from the recent rains we’d experienced was oppressing. I didn’t feel comfortable inside the house afterwards and I couldn’t justify what I’d seen.

Albert Rosales and his very Strange World, # 94

Location. Maine (exact location not given)
Date: 2010 Time: 02:00 a.m.
The witness was visiting his mother and late at night left the house to visit a longtime friend
who also lived in the city. It is only a 10 minute walk. However while walking his next memory
was of having his eyes closed and hearing a calm, relaxing, soothing almost hypnotizing female
voice saying, “Kevin…Kevin..Is ok Kevin we are here to help, it’s ok we are not going to harm
you. We’re going to make you feel better.”
He then opened his eyes and at first there was a blinding light that vanished and he could
now see a room and in the room he saw two ‘Grey’ aliens, very tall. He remembers that the
room was of two different colors , 1 on the top of the wall and on the bottom almost like a trim
around a room, the top color was purple and the bottom color was blue, it was a thin line of
these colors trimming the room as light, as light seemed to emanate from them. He asked the
aliens if they were going to harm him and what were they going to do. They replied telling the
witness, “We are going to help you and fix you”. The witness was sure that his mouth was not
moving as he ‘spoke’ to them. His next recollection was of each Grey on each side of him; he
was then placed against a cold metal object and brought to a hall to the left of the room. The
hall was dark and cloudy or misty like a fog and it must have been about 40 to 50 ft long. Before he got to the next room he saw to the right in the room a huddle circle ‘formation’ of at least 7
to 8 gray humanoids, they were all very tall. There was an ‘exit’ to another room next to them
into a white colored hall. To the left of the groom was a smaller group of about 5 grays.
The room itself was round and dark and also foggy, there was also a dim light across the
room. The walls of the room were indented almost like a V-shape he also noticed an odor in the
air resembling Peroxide or Ammonia. As he was taken into the room he remembers looking at
one of the grays that was so tall that ‘he’ had to bend down and looked directly into the
witness’ eyes. Strangely at this point the witness felt no fear. Suddenly one of the gray
humanoids inserted a small back tube inside the witness’ nose, which made a small noise. The
humanoid had long fingers and had a small mouth which seemed to move up and down ‘like a
fish’ but did not say anything. He remembers screaming after that was done. All the time he
could hear a voice saying, “It’s going to be ok we are here to help”. It was a soft calm voice. He
next remembers being ‘slammed’ down into a metallic table and moved to another area of the
room. At this point the witness became defensive and began kicking the humanoids around
him, one of the creatures fell against a wall and then fell down. The other ‘grays’ then quickly
backed away, his next memory was of being on the side of the road again. He felt confused and
tired. A police officer drove next to him and stared at him in a strange manner but did not stop
to assist. It was now nearly 06:00 a.m., the witness had lost nearly 5 hours of time.
He additionally described the ‘grays’ as at least 7ft to 8ft tall with long fingers, slits for
mouths and small black eyes. They communicated to him and among themselves telepathically.
The witness used to have a ‘crooked’ nose before the event but is now straight. The colors
inside the craft were white, purple and blue.