A Bump in the Night – From Diane Camillo Experiences

Woke up at 2 to a very loud boom, like a those sonic boom sounds or a gas explosion sound. Went walking around the house to ck to make sure I did not have a pipe break or the heater or such. Felt a very strange energy, I usually do not find that the apparitions or energies in my home bother me but this time it felt a little “creepy”. Chloe starts barking at the front door, I look out the kitchen window to see if someone there and nothing, but I felt something, I look at the door and a very long tall image, similar to the image that appeared the 7th of January is now inside my front door. The image by the cabinet was about 36 inches this guy is about floor to ceiling, I feel nervous. I run to get my camera, and I come back, I am still facing this, he is not moving, I try shooting photo’s and have a feeling that while I am facing him someone is behind me. The hair behind my neck is standing straight up and Chloe is in a very passive stance almost cowering. as I turn with my camera ready to shoot what is behind me I catch this ugly strange image in the camera, I take the picture but all that comes out is a red colored blob — no definition. I take several more picture and I feel as if there is a lot of movement in my house, like maybe 3 or 4 others. I open the patio door to see if I see anything-apparition wise, nothing, I came back in, all the beings are gone. I get the camera download the pictures and they are way off, I would send but you would not be able to tell what the pictures are at all. too much in person explanation needed. the energy from the other “being was very RED”.

I actually would say this has been my least favorite encounter, I hope they do not come back. I did not like how I felt. My other encounters felt kind of exciting and interesting, I really feel uneasy about this one.

I welcome feedback!

January 2011 Knowledge Newsletter By Sharon Cheney

Dear Friends,
I want to wish everyone a very happy New Year and all the best for the coming year. I pray that the coming year brings you inner peace and the fulfillment of all your desires.

Signs of Higher Consciousness

I am sure you are aware that the transition to oneness consciousness or 5th dimensional reality is taking place at an alarming speed. While this shift to higher consciousness is what we have all been waiting for for the past 25 years, most people find the changes somewhat unnerving or confusing. They often don’t understand what is happening and think they are the only ones experiencing these changes. To bring greater clarity, I will provide what can be expected as we go through these transformational times.

When we shift to a higher consciousness, it affects all aspects of our lives. Not only have I been experiencing this myself, but from speaking with many people, have received confirmation that this is occurring to others everywhere. So here are some of the changes you can expect:

We will feel an increased concern for others and for the planet and all living beings upon it. There will be an increased desire to “go green” as much as possible as we understand that the planet is a living being and that we have a dynamic relationship with her. With this increased understanding, we will become more responsible and not to waste resources by recycling and using less energy. Although there is talk in the media about water and food shortages in the future, there will be enough for everyone if we use less so that everyone can survive.

The shift may bring a change in how and what you eat. Some people may decide to become vegetarian or vegan while others may prefer to eat only organic. It is important to tune into your body on an hourly basis to see what your body wants to eat and drink rather than eating out of habit or old patterning.

Our choice of entertainment will change. We may no longer desire to watch movies or TV programs with violent content. The popularity of such programs in the past allowed the public to vicariously fulfill their own inner violent desires. As we become more peaceful within, we will no longer need a source to express our violent tendencies. We will prefer TV programs or movies that are more loving, informative or have a moral message. We may prefer to listen to uplifting music, spend more time in nature, partake in creative activities and enjoy quality time with friends and loved ones.

While it is nice to be informed, the news for the most part it is negative and fear focused. Fear sells which is why it is so popular. Also watching the news before you go to sleep can cause people to have bad dreams in which they relive the fearful situations shown on TV. I personally have not watched or listened to the news for years and am still able to remain informed. With the ready availability of the Internet you can choose which topics and viewpoints you would prefer.

With the shift to higher consciousness there is a tendency towards less materialism. More people are living self-sustainable lifestyles. Even if self-sustainability is not your thing, buying only what you really need is a new trend. Too many people spend their free time in shopping malls putting themselves in debt instead of looking for more fulfilling pastimes.

Take a moment and think about where you spend your recreational time. Is it at shopping malls, in nature, spending quality time with family or friends or doing things that bring you fulfillment? Many people feel stressed by life and are starting to make conscious choices about how they want to spend their time, energy and resources.

Part of the shift is finding that you are spending more time alone. Some people do not like to be alone and feel lonely while others relish solitary times. Spending time alone in contemplation can be very profitable as it allows you time to reflect on your life, what direction you would like your life to go in, any changes you would like to make, and so on. When we spend time alone it allows us an opportunity to focus our energy on our own needs, wants and feelings. Relationships, while very enjoyable are time consuming and make demands upon us. Everyone should make time in their day for quiet time alone rather than needing to fill up any free time watching TV, playing video games or distracting yourself with outer activities and other people’s needs.

If you find yourself spending more time alone, this may be due to the fact that some old acquaintances have drifted out of your life. This usually occurs not because there was some disagreement but because of the Law of Attraction. If you are moving forward on your spiritual path and your friends and family have not chosen that direction, you will find that you have less in common and the bonds that held you together have loosen. So don’t feel bad when friends that you have known for many years don’t feel like the right fit any more. They are not rejecting you. This is an affirmation that you are growing spiritually. You will notice that just as people go out of your life, new friends will come into your life to replace them. Nature abhors a vacuum. You will find that the people entering your life will align better with your new interests and who you are becoming.

I feel it would be wise to take time to look through your life and see who you enjoy spending time with and what activities bring you pleasure. Do you enjoy the time you spend with others or are you there only because you are expected to be? Do you do things out of habit or because you thoroughly enjoy them?

Your interests will change and you may find yourself having a desire to join groups whose interests have a more spiritual leaning. You may prefer reading spiritual or self-empowering literature or attend classes that enlighten you. You will desire to spend more time in meditation and in nature because being in nature is relaxing. Trees and water give off calming energy which is why people like to go to the country or be by an ocean or lake during vacation. Pay attention to how you like to spend your time.

Manifesting is occurring much faster these days so be sure to be clear on what you would like to manifest or else you will create unconscious messes in your life and then will feel like a victim. The reason manifesting is speeding up is because in a higher energy field things occur much quicker. To confirm this to yourself, ask for something you want and see how long it takes to manifest.

Along with higher consciousness comes an increase in psychic abilities. This is a natural occurrence and proof that we are surrounded by higher energy. The higher the energy, the more information it contains and the easier it becomes to access this information. So trusting your intuition is a must. Whether you are aware of it or not, we are being guided at all times by spirits who have a greater viewpoint and therefore know what is best for us. Of course we can refuse their guidance but my suggestion is that you try to listen and give whatever guidance you are receiving a chance.

Going with the flow and saying yes to whatever shows up in your life may be a better strategy than trying to control events out of fear. If you are a fearful person, your attention will be focused on all the bad things that can happen and this will only increase your fear. If you take time to notice that life is unfolding as it is meant to be, even if it is not necessarily as you expected or wanted it to be, you will realize that everything is proceeding according to the divine plan.

Your interest in holistic medicine will increase as you realize you are responsible for creating the state of your health through your thoughts and actions. When you understand and are willing to take responsibility for creating your health or lack thereof, you will also discover that you can improve your health by thinking and acting more positively. Whatever YOU created can only be changed by YOU as you create our reality. In realizing this fact, you will no longer desire to give away your power to medical personnel and expect them to heal you. You will understand that YOU hold the power to heal yourself. This is not to say you should never go to a doctor. It is understanding that the doctor did not create your condition and can only treat the symptoms that you created.

You may experience a desire to do some form of creativity. Too often we don’t find the time to do creative work. All forms of creativity leave us feeling relaxed because when we are creative we allow positive energy to flow through us. The form of creativity does not matter nor is the product we produce. All that matters are pleasurable feelings we experience.

You may feel a need to get more involved supporting causes you believe in. Too often we leave it up to others to help the less fortunate or those who have no voice like animals. In doing so, we miss out on the enjoyment and pleasure we receive from giving and helping others. So get involved and do your part.

You will notice that your relationships are changing. For some people this may result in break-ups while others may attract new relationships. Relationships always provide mirrors for us and reflect where we are on our path of growth. So pay attention to who is in your life right now. Ask what the people in your life are reflecting back to you about yourself. It could be something positive you do not acknowledge in yourself or something you consider a negative trait which you refuse to admit you possess. Relationships, while painful at times, are always wonderful learning tools. When you ask yourself how your relationships can serve you rather than being disappointed when your expectations are not met, you can facilitate your spiritual growth. Everyone is in your life for a reason. There really are no mistakes.

You may want to keep a journal of your changing feelings and beliefs including who and what opportunities and challenges are showing up. This will provide your own personal record of the shifts you are undergoing and your interactions with the world around you.

I have provided much for your consideration. If you need my help with any of the changes you are experiencing, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and webcam readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance.
Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti

Note: This Hathor message contains instructions for a potent energy meditation called The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti. You can use this meditation for great personal benefit whenever you wish. However, the instructions for this energetic process are being released at this time for those who choose to participate in a Hathor World Activation Meditation that will take place on October 31st 2010. A group will be gathered in Seattle, Washington at this time, to engage the meditation. This information is for those who are unable to attend the full workshop, but would like to participate in the meditation with others from around the world.

Through the meditation we are about to convey, you can access higher levels of creativity, innate within you, and gain access to what we refer to as your Higher Mind—which is simply an aspect of your consciousness that extends beyond the constraints of your awareness as it is currently experienced within the constraints of time and space. This Higher Mind—this interdimensional aspect of your consciousness—is a potential source of immense inspiration, wisdom, insight and creativity.

The Crystal Palace Within refers to the pineal gland because part of its structure is crystalline in nature. These small calcite crystals have piezoelectric properties that can respond to the higher realms of light. By activating these crystalline potentials within your pineal gland you open a portal to your Higher Mind, which can bring to you, and humanity, an influx of creativity, insight and solutions to personal and collective problems.

The mediation has three phases.

First Phase

The first phase involves activating the heart chakra and entering into a heartfelt resonance with the Earth. This link through your heart connects you to Earth’s wisdom and the process of ascent that your planet is evolving through. This is done through your feeling nature, specifically through sending appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth herself.

This is a very important aspect to this particular meditation because Earth’s energy is vaster than yours. It can help stabilize you in this process, and it links you into the progression of ascent that your planet is passing through.

In this phase of the meditation you place the focus of your attention in your heart chakra, located in the center of your chest and feel appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth for life itself. Depending upon your level of development some of you will simply rest in this feeling of appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth.

Others of you may actually feel these energies flowing from you into the Earth.

Other persons with advanced interdimensional abilities may find themselves floating in space, sending their appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth from this vantage point and/or from a highly expanded state of being. So there are vast numbers of ways to experience this.

This phase is also an energetic transformation of a collective thought form held by humanity. This thought form is the belief that Earth can be used, even abused, for mankind’s own purposes without regard for its affects on other life forms.

This thought form must be removed and transformed if humanity is to survive the passage that is now upon you, and so when you undertake this simple act of sending appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth, you are simultaneously linking into the ascent of Earth and contributing to the transformation of this highly destructive thought form: that you have dominion and power over the Earth.

In the New Earth, stewardship will be the keynote, along with an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and an honoring of Earth herself.

Second Phase

After you have dwelled within this vibratory field of appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth for at least five minutes, you shift your attention from your heart center to the pineal gland in the center of your head and listen to the Pineal Gland Attunement.

This particular sound meditation is a little over five minutes long, and was specifically created to assist you in activating unused potentials within the crystalline structure of your own pineal gland.

The sounds you will hear are analogs to fluctuations in the light realms. They fine-tune the receptivity and subtle perceptual abilities of this gland. It is very much like switching on an antennae and then tuning it to the higher realms of light and to what we have referred to earlier as your Higher Mind.

For the entire duration of this sound meditation, this Attunement, your awareness is simply in the center of your head, in the area of your pineal gland. There is nothing to do other than to keep your attention in this area. When your mind wanders, you bring it back to the pineal gland.

Let the sounds resonate and activate this area of your brain. Again, depending upon your level of awareness, some of you may simply experience subtle, undefined shifts in this area. Others may experience complex geometries of light. Others may experience themselves outside themselves observing actual fluctuations of energy within the pineal gland. There are many other possible perceptual perspectives as well.

The important thing in this phase is to “not try” to make anything happen. Just allow it to unfold. After this phase of the meditation is complete you move to the third and final stage, which we refer to as Opening the Halls of Amenti.

Third Phase

We are using the term, Halls of Amenti, in two ways. The first refers to an etheric storehouse of information that lies beneath the Sphinx in Cairo, Egypt. The second use of the term means to enter into a high vibrational state of mind through which you make contact with your own Higher Mind. This second view is the one to hold while engaging this particular meditation.

This phase of the meditation gives you direct access to your Higher Mind and its vast potentials. Unlike the other two phases of the meditation, in this phase your awareness is in multiple places simultaneously.

We will present these in order. Some persons will be able to hold only one point at any given moment. Others will be able to hold more than one point of awareness simultaneously. Simply hold as many points as you are capable of. If you continue to use this method you will eventually develop the ability to hold multiple points of awareness simultaneously, and this ability (to hold multiple perspectives at the same time) is a powerful training method for developing interdimensional awareness.

The first and primary point of focus is to an area we refer to as the BA point. This is not where your Celestial Soul or Higher Self if located; this is simply an energetic entry point. The BA refers to your Celestial Soul, or in some ways of viewing it, your Higher Self. If you were to physically raise your hands above your head, where your fingers touch would be the BA point. (Please do note that in this meditation, you are not actually holding your hands above your head. This is simply for reference only.)

In this final phase of the meditation your awareness is at the BA point and you send appreciation, or gratitude to this aspect of yourself that is outside of time and space. Specifically you are sending appreciation, or gratitude for the influx of wisdom, insight, creativity and inspiration, as well as possible solutions to problems you may be facing.

This is a very important part of this phase. The harmonic—the vibrational signature—of appreciation, or gratitude activates the BA, your Celestial Soul or Higher Self. Through this action you are opening a portal to your Higher Mind, and you are also bringing to an end another limiting negative thought form that has plagued humanity for eons.

This thought form is nothing less than the belief that you are separate from your own divinity—that somehow you are less than and do not deserve to receive the gifts of your own godhead.

This thought form was introduced to control you through your religions. It is a highly limiting and damaging thought form, for it denies you access to your higher wisdom, your spiritual vision, your ability to discern truth from falsehood and your abilities to change your reality, as you desire.

We cannot emphasize enough how insidious this limiting thought form is, nor can we emphasize enough how significant an action it is for you to hold this new thought form (that there is no separation from you and your own Celestial Soul, Higher Self or Divinity) in place while you send your appreciation, or gratitude to your BA.

You are not asking, pleading, begging or praying to your Celestial Soul, to your Higher Self or to a god. You are simply opening a conduit to another part of your own being. As you continue in this phase you will feel a response from your Celestial Soul—a movement from the BA point down into the pineal gland.

This is the descent of energy from your Higher Mind along with insights and empowerments into that aspect of your being you know as your body and mind. These empowerments are in the form of spiritual light patterns, which you may or may not consciously be aware of.

As you allow the descent of energy from the BA point to continue, your second point of focus includes the pineal gland, allowing the downward movement of energy from the Celestial Soul into the crystalline structure of the pineal gland itself.

If you are capable, simultaneously bring into your awareness a third point, your heart chakra in the center of your chest, so that the influx moves from the Celestial Soul into the pineal gland and into the heart center. At this moment, send appreciation, or gratitude to your Celestial Soul, to your BA, for the revelation of your own Higher Mind.

Finally for those of you who are more advanced, place your awareness at a fourth point, which is in the very center of the Earth itself, so that the influx of your Higher Mind flows from the Celestial Soul into your pineal gland, into your heart chakra and down into the center of the Earth.

Don’t concern yourself with how many points of reference you can hold; holding the first point, which is the BA point, is enough to begin with.

As we said earlier, if you continue with this meditation, you will eventually be able to hold more points of awareness simultaneously. The purpose of this meditation is to activate unused potentials and abilities within your interdimensional nature, and to give you access to your own Higher Mind, which you can then use to infuse your life with new insights, new understanding, new forms of inspiration, and new creative solutions to problems you may be facing (either individually or collectively).

Due to the fact that you are connected to all life, as you open yourself to the potentials of your own Higher Mind, you help your fellow humans to also accomplish this as well.

We are presenting this meditation at this time for those of you who wish to join us when we do the planetary activation on Sunday, October 31st of this year, 2010.

We ask that you go through this process many times before the actual event, so that you are quite familiar with it and have mastered it to some degree.

On October 31st at 3 pm Pacific Daylight Savings, those of us who are gathered for the event in Seattle will enter into this meditation. You are invited to join us wherever you may be in the world. Through a common vibrational state (appreciation, or gratitude) we shall transcend time and space together. We shall enliven the Crystal Palace Within, and we shall Open the Halls of Amenti for the benefit of your selves, and for the benefit of humanity.


In summary, this meditation that we call The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti, takes approximately 15 minutes. The first five minutes are spent sending appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth, with the understanding that you are also amplifying a thought form and adding it into the planetary grid—a counterweight to the destructive thought form that humanity has dominion and power over the Earth. You are replacing this insidious thought form with a new one—humans are both co-creators with Earth and stewards of life.

After you have spent at least five minutes in this vibrational field of appreciation, or gratitude to the Earth, you move into the second phase, which takes a little over five minutes. This involves listening to the Pineal Gland Attunement, letting the sound do the work for you, simply keeping your awareness in the center of your head.

In the third phase, which will take five minutes, your awareness moves to the BA point, above the head. During this phase you send appreciation, or gratitude to your Celestial Soul, your Higher Self, opening a conduit to your own Higher Mind, understanding that through this action you are not only opening the connection to a higher aspect of yourself, but you are also simultaneously transforming a negative thought form held by humanity.

This thought form is that you are less than your own godhead, and that you do not deserve direct access, but require an intermediary. From our perspective, you require no person, no entity or organization to be an intermediary between you and your own Higher Self, your own Godhead, your own Divinity.

During this phase you allow an influx of energy to move down from your Higher Mind, which is accessed through your Celestial Soul, your Higher Self, into the pineal gland. If you are capable of holding more points of focus, allow this influx to move into your heart chakra in the center of your chest and finally into the center of the Earth.

The timing of this meditation is both propitious and portentous. You are at a critical passage in Earth’s ascent. You are not powerless in the midst of the growing chaos that is around you—far from it. You have powers and abilities within you that await your command.

The Hathors via Tom Kenyon.
Baja, Mexico
August 29, 2010