On September 18th the Wise Owls staged their meeting in Albuquerque – Is it all True Series #154

The Wise Ones (the seven Owls) were the origin group that morphed into the New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum – fun stuff. The September meeting kicked off the 2010/2011 season with speaker Rebecca talking about two quite different subjects, beginning with Marian Apparitions.

She focused primarily on the famous event that happened in Zeitoun Egypt. It was one of the many visions that were seen in 1968, when the Virgin appeared atop the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mary in Zeitoun, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt. The vision was actually shown on Egyptian television and seen by thousands over a two-year period. The apparition was first spotted by two car mechanics that thought it was a nun in a white habit about to jump off the roof. Rebecca showed great pictures of the apparitions there in Zeitoun, and since there was no known photo-shop type software in 1968, these are probably the real thing, or aliens beings were using advanced holographic technology to project the Mary images for a message of peace and love.

Next Rebecca spoke of a UFO/ Helicopter encounter in Ohio. The Coyne case (or “Army helicopter incident”) stands out as perhaps?the most credible (in the “high strangeness” category) of the 1973 wave. Rebecca was part of an Ohio UFO group that did their own investigation of the incident.? An Army Reserve helicopter crew of four men encountered a gray, metallic-looking, cigar-shaped object with unusual lights and maneuvers as they were airborne between Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio. This encounter was considered one of most scientifically valuable reported incidents in US history, because of the highly detailed account from extremely credible group witnesses including several watching from the ground.

Now I would like to make an editorial comment here about the importance of groups like this one, the New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum. I believe they serve a great purpose to society as a whole, as they provide a venue for people to gather safely and talk through their experiences, from a simple spotting of strange lights in the sky, to a terrifying abduction experience. This type of outlet will be needed more as more of the strange starts focusing more into the real. I know this group will soon outgrow their facility, as more people want to join in. If this group would advertise there would be at least a thousand lining up for these meetings in New Mexico alone. Even though these groups don’t have many answers, they do provide some comfort and some hope of making sense of a subject that walks them to the edge of the void.

Sleep Tight – as I was told telepathically in 1987 – “reality is not what it seems.”