Moon Dust + Blue Fly = C Stone

Cliff StoneC Stone equals Clifford Stone who presented at the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum for our April meeting. Cliff is a special UFO investigator because for most his life he has been in the thick of the phenomenon. Beside his our personal ET experiences, he spent 22 years with an elite military group to recover UFO, ET bodies and anything else of strategic importance. After he left the military, he started his hard research, using a fearless approach to the subject matter.

Clifford was motivated to bring the truth forth by the passing of Paul Benerwitz, who (Paul) basically gave his life to get the truth out about ET visitation and government involvement.

Clifford’s research confirms that our government recovery program helped Corporate America and the Military Industrial Complex make advances both good and bad for the world. Clifford believes that the information about ET and other inter-dimensional beings should not be kept secret; he did feel that 95% of the truth could be release without de-stabilizing the world, but 5% should be kept secret for now.

Cliff presented page after page of government documentation backing up his truths. He spoke of the time the ETs were quite interested in direct contact with the White House as 68 UFOs hovered around it on July 26/27 1952. He noted all the secrecy around the UFO conspiracy has a higher clearance than the making of the H-bomb known as the Manhattan Project, actually the UFO truth is the highest clearance of any subject matter, in the history of the USA.

Clifford talked about how some of the bodies looked from the crash sites, pale skin, no noses, no lips, big black, small eyes. There were several different species involved in the crashes.

Cliff didn’t seem to want to talk much about his contact with the living beings that were basically captured after the crashes. These experiences seem to be too strange and maybe too painful to express and convey in human terms. The human mind seems to want to shutdown to avoid reliving the experience.

Sleep Tight, thanks Clifford for sharing truth about your life’s journey. Note Moon Dust = the recovery team for a non-human alien craft, Blue Fly = the act of recovery of a non-human alien craft.


Giant Wings of Those Giant Birds: Part 2 -Is it all True Series #253

Big-winged bird sightings have been with us for hundreds of years, but interestingly enough there have been thousands more UFO photos. The reason is that most of these birds are night flyers (with no lights).
Besides my personal experiences in Part 1 posted on September 29th , many other people around the world have had amazing sometimes very scary “Big Bird” experiences, unlike the friendly yellow one on PBS.

In April of 2004 a man in southern Mexico sighted a bird with an 80 meter wingspan, which is the same as a DC-9. The man had worked for an airline so he was a very good judge as far as a comparison to an aircraft.
In Guatemala a few hundred years ago there were stories of children being taken as they were playing or working in the fields. The villagers started putting large baskets on their children’s heads to keep them from being taken. That helped for a while but finally the villagers had to find the large nests usually in caves and seal it off with large rocks to entomb the birds and end the threat.

In the middle 1800’s in the Chilean desert, miners spotted huge birds covered with gray feathers, with heads similar to lobster with large glowing eyes. In the 1970’s in Argentina miners there unearthed large remains of a flying
creature, which has never been identified to this day.

In New Mexico there has been a persistent story about a super large Stingray-looking creature flying between the Gallup area and the Four Corners area. If you have ever seen a Stingray in the water, it looks the same flying in the sky with its beautiful waving wings, big and very black, truly an unbelievable sight. I have personally heard of at least 5 sightings in the last 10 years. The witnesses were very shaken as they told their story.

Sleep tight – one more interesting posting will be coming your way about these truly amazing, scary and beautiful big-winged creatures.

Time Travel – will anyone who reads this have the opportunity to do it and survive ?-Is it all true series # 197

I personally enjoy thinking about the subject of time travel, but actually wanting to do it is another matter.
Many years ago while doing meditation on Mt. Shasta, I was introduced to the amazing world of Montauk, and as many of you may know, its main theme is around the time travel subject. Now in Montauk, rumor has it hundreds, maybe thousands of homeless folks were sent into oblivion never to return, although it may be postulated that these homeless travelers didn’t want to come back and liked what they found in the future, so they are now hanging out in a better place. We can only hope that is the case for these souls.
So are seers and prophets, in their minds, time traveling? Yes and No. Yes, some may be seeing the future but no, because it would be the future of that moment and therefore an unrealistic future. This future point is constantly changing by the quantum forces that are always in play. So by the time the future comes, the future has changed.
That is why the prophets actually are a force for future change. By viewing the future, they change it immediately and if they tell others, the quantum particles they project changes the future even further. And soon the future looks nothing like the first view from the seer. It’s like the Akashic Records, it’s the cosmic memory of everything, past, present and future (it’s all the possibilities). If you meditate and hook-up with the quantum memory cloud, it would be very confusing. I am sure you have had a dream that moves in all directions and makes very little sense. That’s the Akashic records projecting off all the thoughts in the universe. The trick is to develop a filtering system to focus on one point in your mind and then take a right-brain snap-shot and capture something you can deal with and understand.
Remote-viewing is another way to tap into the universal memory bank. It’s a method that I believe works well for present and past events, but again the future is truly a moving target. You know it’s great to know everyone’s mind can influence the future. Of course there are good minds and bad minds and the mixing of these two worlds give us the future.
Now back to these probably unfortunate homeless folks who were forced to make a strange journey into the future. I feel that very few survived the journey. For their minds could not perceive the future and their minds and their physical bodies have perished during the journey. There are presently only two groups on the planet that could time travel. One group would be a Deep Abductee, a person who has had some multiple encounters with non-humans and had the genes to survive these encounters. The second group is the Hybrids. The Hybrid group carries genetic material that makes them the perfect time traveler, for their mind carries the memories of their non-human ancestors, so they can perceive and deal with extreme visual conditions and not shut down.
Sleep Tight – You can make a safe trip as a dream-traveler.